His Life

Christian Egerton Abisodun Maddy

The late Christian E.A. Maddy was a husband, father, Grandfather and a professional who worked as a Tax Accountant, Machine Operator and also worked in the Medical field.

A singer with a beautiful voice who loved Hymns.  An excellent dancer especially In the Ball Room area.

I was honored to dance with him many times as Mummy would Christie you take him to the dance floor. 

He was a strict disciplinarian, and a man with high moral values. He was sometimes misunderstood as a mean MAN. 

He had several friends including Mr. Sho Cole, Mr. Johnson, Mr. Robert Large. Mr. Donald Smith. These few men were his partying   and drinking buddies.  They enjoyed good drinking, dancing and telling stories about each other. 

Mr. Edwards of Murray Town was one of the Men he loved and respected.  Everyone remembers him for one thing or the other that is why he had so many nick names to mark a specific event. 

He was very handsome with a beautiful smile.   I am sure that was what attracted his loving and super intelligent wife   LAURA MADDY.  He had a great sense of fashion and he was a Well-dressed at all times.

A span of life has ended but no one will forget him.  We all have something to say and laugh about when we think of him now and forever. He definitely was well rounded.

As a great singer FRANK SINATRA once said and I repeat MR MADDY YOU did it your own way.  I am sure Claudius E Edge will attest to that and say “BOISY DE OLOGO YOU DOM CAM”.