Posted by sanjuana Ramirez on May 7, 2018
Son just wanted to tell you that I love you,how can I forget about you,my baby ,I love you with all my heart it hurts that you are not here with us but I know that you are in God's hands we all miss you .......your daughter is growing so fast and she always remember you we all think about the good and bad times we had together.....til we meet again soon I love you... always your mother
Posted by Francisco Ramirez on May 7, 2018
Primo first and foremost just wanna let u know I miss u alot ,I love you primo sorry I couldn't be there but u know where I was at,I wish we can go back to the good old days,we lived it up to the fullest que no,that's what I love about you how u were always happy and down for anything,all four of us u and ur brother and me and Alex,I miss everything and wish u could been here when I got out until than primp I'll be praying for you until we meet again ,I'll be chugging for u ,ur never forgotten I love and miss u G stay shining up there in heaven .
Posted by Norma Ramirez on May 7, 2018
Soon it will he 3 long years that you are gone 3 years that we have been missing you..not a day goes by without a tbought of you crossing my mind and a tear rolls down my cheek
I miss you ..i miss getting to know you better getting to share things with you and having you here ...
You were and always will be special to me to your daughter and your mom....
Wanted to tell you that i know you were with me at san juan de los lagos visiting the virgencita ...i felt your precence as soon as i enter the church im Glad you were able to visit the virgen and may your soul find peace ..
I prayed for justice and for the detectives to  find the murderer that took your life ....
Sooner or later chris justice will be serve
Andy sends you lots of kisses to heaven and we pray everyday for you ...
Until we meet again you are

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