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Shared by Theresa-Claire Cabana on September 15, 2021
When Christian was a young boy, he had the amazing ability to converse with anyone. Adults, his peers, and even younger kids.  Christian loved kids.  He was my right hand man when I was at home with three kids under the age of five, and his father was "working" 18 hrs a day, six days a week.  I know I put a lot on his shoulders, but he was a substitute adult back then when I had no $$$$ or car to get out.  Family was always Sunday dinners with his grand mother and great grand mother, and we always had pig roasts in the summer.  I was and am so proud of all three of my kids.  Theresa-Claire passed at 16, but she was the defender of anyone who was being bullied or picked on, Christian John, whom I will forever be saddened that I have not seen him since the pandemic started for both our health reasons, will be most assured running the heavens moving the "white stuff" for God.  My third child, Billy is as amazing as his siblings.  My heart aches for him but I know his sister and brother will be taking care of us till we are all joined again one day.  CHRISTIAN JOHN WILFRED CABANA, I LOVE YOU ALWAYS, MOM.
Shared by Marge Finocchio on September 14, 2021
Rest in peace Chris!  We all loved you and your family.  Keeping all of your family and friends  in our thoughts and prayers.  ❤⚘❤

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