This memorial website was created in memory of our beloved Mummy, Lady Christiana Obiageli Uzodike. She will be forever in our hearts ♥️
Posted by Kenny Uzodike on June 4, 2021

Words may not be enough to eulogise your kindness to me and my family in reminiscent of my relationship with you and your children.

I could hardly forget the confidence you instilled in us as a family, always to have faith in God.

You were a model of love, compassion and generosity. When the devil struck with a snake on a mission in our flat at Ogbor-hill, Aba almost 20 years ago you interceded strongly with prayers and love just to drive away our fears. You accommodated my children and I for over a month, offered us 3 square meals per day with amazing joy and It really worked.

Aunty, your good and exemplary life on earth was a seed you sowed for your loved ones to harvest. You left like you gently lived. As you migrate to the great beyond, may the almighty God grant you eternal rest Amen.

Adieu! Adieu!!

Nwogu Dorothy
(On behalf of the Jacobs)
Posted by Kenny Uzodike on June 4, 2021
“I will always remember Auntie Christie’s beautiful smile and warm, caring and kind nature. She will be missed by us all, and I cherish the memories of the lovely time we spent staying with her many years ago in Nigeria and how welcoming she was. Rest in peace auntie Christie x x x “

Rachel Anyika
Posted by Kenny Uzodike on June 4, 2021
“I remember going to stay with Auntie Christie when I was a child visiting Nigeria for the first time. Her kindness and generosity, and her effortless grace. She was greatly revered within the family, church and community and cannot be replaced. She will be greatly missed by my dad, who has lost his beloved sister, and by the family. I know he finds great comfort in knowing she is with God now and is at peace.”

Janet Menna
Posted by Kenny Uzodike on June 4, 2021
Auntie Christie was such a warm soul. Her presence made me feel safe and cared for.

She had this natural gravity, intuition and sense of community appreciated by many. I sense a great loss with her passing but she will live on within the hearts of those she touched along her way through her wonderful life.❤”

Frances Anyika
Posted by Kenny Uzodike on June 4, 2021
“Auntie Christie had a beautiful warm smile, a wonderful quiet dignity and a generous spirit.

She was a loving and caring elder sister to my father and rock for the whole family. She will be missed so much and her memory will be cherished by us all.

May she rest in eternal peace.”

Corinne Anyika
Posted by Kenny Uzodike on June 4, 2021

Looloo (As she fondly calls me) anyi ga-efe efe!!! (Meaning we will all be raptured).These words have been resonating in my head since I got the news of your passing.

Auntoi, as I always call you, no matter how old I get, I always felt you would always be here. It was most fulfilling for me to just sit and talk with you, hear your very soothing but strong voice, happily gobble up the goodies from your bottomless handbags (from garden eggs to corn, walnuts, quail eggs, groundnuts), the constant chants of “my sister” between you and my mum.

For a very long time, all you talked about was being ready to be raptured and now it has happened. I am so consoled by the fact that you are in a happier place doing all those things you fantasised about. I will definitely hurt and miss you for a very long time.

Auntoi, I fe pu go wee rapu anyi !
Rest assured, anyi ga-efe efe !!

Rest on until we meet to part no more!!!

Dr Chinelo Ekweremadu
Posted by Kenny Uzodike on June 4, 2021
Aunty Aba,

The most outstanding thing about you was your love for God, uprightness and your dedication to everything that has to do with The Kingdom.

As teenagers, whenever our mother felt that our Christian life needed sharpening, she shipped us off to Aunty Aba's house during the holidays. Those holidays spent in Aba with you became some of the best memories of growing up.

You had indeed shunned the things of this world. However, your generosity with material things was on the other hand, outstanding. One of the most enduring memories of secondary school for me was the day you visited me with Uncle Ben and gave me N40! A full year's worth of pocket money.

Our childhood was full off stories from our Mom on how you raised her and instilled in her your enduring values. Those values were passed on to us and have built character that we are proud of today.

My Aunty Aba, thank you for those values. Thank you for your moral strength. Thank you for your love.

We will pass them on.

We will tell the stories.

Uchechukwu Abiakam
Your Niece
Posted by Kenny Uzodike on June 4, 2021
I Promise!

The beautiful smell of the house in River Layout, the kitchen...good food.. always being sure of roasted bottled cashew nuts and boiled quail eggs when you get called up to her perfect room. The sad gentle eyes and ever welcoming face.

Most of all is the unwavering affection and impenetrable commitment between her and her Mom.

Quite often, us, the kids were a pesky nuisance of sorts to their endlessly interesting conversations with each other..

My childhood was warm because of you, my memories .. warm. The warmth is gone!

Aunty Christy, I promise .. I will love them like you loved her .. I promise!!!

Arinze Abiakam
Posted by Kenny Uzodike on June 4, 2021
My dear sister-in-law,

A blessing indeed, a blessing to utter her first cry on Christmas Day, cradled by a joyful mother. Beginning a long life dedicated to service in Christ.

She was a proper Ibo superwoman. Life gave her severe sorrows and great joys. Throughout she proved equal to the tasks, helped by the Grace of God and wonderful people around her.

Her talents were numerous not least faith, trust, strength, tenacity, graciousness and kindness. Did I forget her beauty? No I never will. Her life based on faith in God and her whole family yet not stinting in giving her very best to church and community.

She always went above and beyond. Perhaps as a child she sang "Jesus wants me for a sunbeam". Well He got a very bright sunbeam.

If you could but see her now in glory, you would be astounded! You will, one day.

Thank you Christie my dear sister in-law for all your help and friendship. I only wish I could have spent more time with you.

We miss you but earth could not hold you longer.

Jeremiah 31v16
" Thus saith the Lord; Refrain thy voice from weeping, and thine eyes from tears; for the work shall be rewarded, saith the Lord".

Elizabeth Anyika
Sister in-Law
Posted by Kenny Uzodike on June 4, 2021

Tall, pretty, elegant, quiet, reserved and gentle Mrs. Christy Uzodike was the epitome of womanhood.

She was a dutiful and loving wife to her late husband, Dr B.C Uzodike and a wonderful caring mother to their five children, Chizoba, Adaobi, Kenechi, Nkiruka and Ifeanyi.

Mama Chizoba, as we addressed her, was not only good to her children but was very nice to all her nieces and nephews in the Uzodike family. The children often attested to her kindness and motherly nature. Her house, being the centre of activity for everybody when we were all home for Christmas or Easter breaks. She tolerated the children romping about in the house and upsetting things. All she was concerned about was that they did not hurt themselves. This was a quality she and her husband exhibited.

Mama Chizoba was a devout Christian but her life almost fall apart when she lost her beloved husband, B.C in 1990. She literally lost interest in things of the world and intensified her devotion to God who sustained her till she was called home.

We pray that the Almighty God will keep and protect the children she left behind. We thank God that they took excellent care of her in her lifetime and pray for God’s blessing upon them.

Christy will be sorely missed by us all and may she have a peaceful repose in the bosom of our Lord Jesus Christ Amen.

Sir Emmanuel and Professor Nkiru Uzodike
Posted by Kenny Uzodike on June 4, 2021


Though gone from our sight, not from our heart!

I have the honour and privilege to pay tribute to an incredible and irreplaceable Lady in our lives, my beloved Sister-in-Law, Christie. Oh Chris, amiable daughter of Zion, daughter of the renowned Traditional Ruler of Aku, His Royal Highness, Late Chief Anyika of Ezinifite, Aguata Local Government Area. Wife of our beloved late Dr. Ben. C. Uzodike, Mother of five amazing children. A piece of beauty and elegance, soft spoken, honest, clothed with admirable simplicity, humility, gentility, and love. Beautiful in the inside as she was on the out. She was a beautiful soul, kind with her words, never with meanness or malice, always generous with grace. My Sister- in- law, Chris, “Oje na nwayo”.

Chris born and raised by her parents grew up receiving solid foundation for life. After her Primary School Education, she proceeded to the most prestigious mission school then, St. Monica's Girls School, Ogbunike. There, Chris sprouted and blossomed. Her talents and leadership qualities were discovered by the school administration and effectively utilized. She was appointed the hostess of the large student’s Refectory in 1954. It was in there, I saw this elegant Hostess, managing the entire students and making sure all had a pleasurable experience.

On completing the two-year programme, Chris proceeded to the higher level of college for another two-years, where she embraced the call to the noble teaching profession. On graduation, she became a teacher, a lover of children. A goldfish has no hiding place. Such a dedicated pretty teacher in a mission school could not go unnoticed. She was easily spotted for marriage to the first son of late Rt. Rev. L.M Uzodike, the then Anglican Bishop on the Niger.

In 1964, Chris married Late Doctor B.C.Uzodike, who later became the MD, Fazal Hospital, Aba. Chris, in subsequent years, had sisters-in-law and as the first, laid such peaceful foundation for mutual co-existence amongst the wives that made them move and behave like blood sisters, in the Bishop's Family - “A virtuous wife who can find, her husband called her blessed”.

Chris and husband became two-in-one, the bone of his bone and the flesh of his flesh. Genuine love flourished. Their esprit the corps could not be quantified. Everything was happily done in love and unison. This truly was a marriage from Heaven!

Soon after the civil war,1970, with their compassionate mind and love, they put up a gigantic house to accommodate other siblings and their families returning from the war areas. This house became the habitation for many, a rallying point for all at Christmas, Easter, festive periods, weekend visits to the Bishop by different families. Some got accommodation to live there till they were able to put up their own houses. Chris and Ben made this sacrifice, which enabled others to grow and flourish. Everyone was received with joy, laughter, open minds, and hands. The house was free for both the young and the old, Papa’s grandchildren running up and down the stairs, doing their hide-and-seek. The living room was the starting and end point for all celebrations at Christmas and other holidays. It takes a kind, sweetheart, selfless, compassionate, and loving woman to harbor this, without complaining or murmuring. She can never be charged for selfishness. She was our family “Mother Theresa”.

Chris, I am consistently amazed at how seemingly, effortlessly, you were able to pull everyone together for years. You made your house a Village Square, a place of joy, play, a meeting place for your husband's siblings and elders, a place of relaxation and fun, a place of bonding and love – Indeed a Unity Palace. I remember myriads of plates spread all over your kitchen to serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner for all. We remember all these with love and say thank you for your huge sacrifice and love.

Chris was very devoted to her Lord and Saviour. She truly exemplified the character and integrity of a true Christian and lived that life to her absolute best. She prayed without ceasing, fasted, clinging to her Bible. Reading and studying her Bible was her Daily Bread. A Christian woman and leader by quiet examples as she remained humble and gentle. We all are living witnesses of her generosity and loving heart for service.

She was a wise woman that built her house on a solid foundation. Her husband, a jolly good fellow, light-hearted, fun-filled Doctor loved, cherished, and dotted her to the admiration and joy of other people. Her usual response was BC!!!!!, This she would gleefully say with a chuckle. She worked tirelessly for her home, doing house chores, cooking, grooming the children, was resilient, committed and always there for the family when needed. Sometimes in life, trials, hurts, pain do occur, but through them all, Chris, rock solid in God came through them all like a Champion.

Oh Chris! your children, sisters, brothers, friends, and extended family are in pain, we are wailing, weeping, missing you terribly and will not be comforted. We are all grieving, but not like those with no hope, for the amazing lady you were and the sweet relationship we all had with you, so precious and memorable.

When the call came, as peaceful as you lived, so very peacefully, you were transitioned into Glory. “Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of his Saints”. Our Sister, it is too hard to say goodbye, we will miss you terribly till the end of time. We will always cherish the times and memories we shared together. We miss you more than words can say. We commit you into Gods’ hands and congratulate you as you receive the glorious welcome, “Well done, thou good and faithful servant” and you will once again hold hands with your love, Ben, B…C!

Adieu, Adieu, Adieu, Beautiful. Abound in union with the Lord and possess the sweet communion which the earth cannot afford. Rest in Peace, Love you Dear Chris.

Posted by Kenny Uzodike on June 4, 2021

My Brother, Chief Dr B.C. Uzodike when he returned from the UK after his qualification as a medical doctor and specialist gynaecologist, wanted a beautiful, tall, soft-spoken light in complexioned lady to marry.

From my boarding secondary school then, I tried my best to introduce at least 12 different girls to him to consider marrying them, he rejected all of them.

Eventually a friend of my dad, introduced his sister-in-law. On beholding her back view: light in complexioned, He said “that is the girl I want to marry”. She was tall, beautiful and walks majestically. He brought her to my school and I immediately accepted and we all went to prepare to marry her traditionally and in the church. At that time her dad was chairman of the Eastern Nigerian Council of Chiefs, he owned Erico ferries with several boats for ferrying cargo and passengers across the River Niger before the Niger bridge was built.

After the betrothal, she lived with our daddy’s best friend’s family, Chief CT Onyekwelu from there she used to commute to the modern school in Onitsha, where she taught.

The traditional wedding was queenly, the church white wedding was equally queenly: the whole of Ezinifitte came in 20 luxurious buses, when it came to wedding gifts time, Christy, looking like an angel in her white wedding gown would appreciate everyone that came to drop presents at her feet:
“Matthias ewo dialu nuo”
“Boniface tialu nioooo.”
I was a bridesmaid at the wedding so also was her pet sister, Josephine.

Christy was the best wife we had in the family at that time and others followed suit.
She made the best meals you can ever imagine. With traditional Nigerian soups she made eight of them with large chunks of dry ASA fish: Oha, bitterleaf, Nsala, ofe akwu, Ogbono ånd ugu, Egusi ånd waterleaf, okro ånd ugu, etc, etc.
She was also full of love and playing with her hubby. In PortHarcourt before the first child arrived, I used to spend all my school holidays with them, she would make her special meals, beckon on her hubby, singing: “I am in the mood for love..........” she would sing and fall into the lounge suit.........and my brother would join her. Her class mate, Mrs Nkili Ogodoazi, of Shell BP, used to say great things about her....

We shall miss her greatly. May her beautiful, sweet and gentle soul continue to rest in perfect peace in the bosom of the Lord, Amen.

Her Excellency Chief Mrs Gladys Ndubuisi Kanu (nee Uzodike)
Posted by Kenny Uzodike on June 4, 2021

Christy was married to my most senior brother late Dr B.C. Uzodike, generally called "BC" by family and friends. She was the second girl to capture one of my eligible brothers and the most charismatic of the lot.

Christy's passing on re-opens old wounds caused by the memories of the halcyon days we all enjoyed when everyone rushed home to Nnewi at month ends to be with our parents late Bishop L.M. and Lady F.M. Uzodike of blessed memories and importantly to enjoy BC's good company and delicacies he and Christy brought from Aba, where BC had a medical practice that attracted patients even from Cameroon.

Christy had a very humble mien and this enabled her to accommodate all the intricacies of doting sisters and brothers and even the public who benefitted from our senior brother's benign nature.

Christy bore the agony of BC’s death and sought solace from the Almighty God. Life could never be the same again. However, her children rallied round her and gave her the love, care and support that helped to uphold her. At the wedding of her son in Port Harcourt, they all took their turn in making her up and when she appeared in the church, she looked even more captivating than she did when she captured my brilliant and charismatic brother years back!

As a sister and even in my old age, I still shed tears, when I recall the “BC” era in our family. Tennyson an English poet wrote that it is better to have loved and lost than not to have loved at all.

Christy, we and others who knew BC shared your grief when he passed on. You lived on and stood by your children as they grew up and settled into their own homes and professions. You passed on peacefully. Christy, “Nwunye BC”, “Nwunye anyi”, sleep on in the bosom of our Lord and Master.

Your sister-in-law
Dr. Grace Nwamalubia Nwogugu
Nee Uzodike
Posted by Kenny Uzodike on June 3, 2021
My grand mother was a strong woman who excelled at being a mother and a wife, she stressed the need for family and having a strong connection with each other.

She lead by example, making sure that her grand children (my siblings and I) had a great time, she bought us ice cream, drinks and also fed us almost every time we visited. She showed care for us even when we where not around by keeping up with our school and our other activities.

She cared for us so much that whenever she would see me spending time with my toys she would take the toys so I can focus on my studies. Even in old age she was still strong and active, moving around the house and checking on my brother and I, she enjoyed spending time with us.

One thing I learned from my grandma is to be peaceful but decisive, firm in my beliefs while being calm and calculated.

I love you grandma, rest in greatness.

Your grandson
Shaun Oarhe.
Posted by Kenny Uzodike on June 3, 2021
Tribute to Grandma,

Grandma, it is so sad to grasp the reality that you are no more.

You were such a loving grandma that it made us wonder how it would have felt if we had other grand parents.

You more than sufficiently made up for everything with your constant care, prayers and advice.

You may have passed on but your loving memories would always live on with us.

You taught us a lot of songs and read the bible to us everyday you were with us.

Thank you for being there for our mummy, aunties, uncle, our daddy, cousins and all of us in the family. Your words of wisdom will remain evergreen in our minds. We are consoled that you are resting with grandpa in heaven.

Rest in perfect peace.

Ella, Gabby and King David Mgbudem.
Posted by Kenny Uzodike on June 3, 2021
Tribute To My Loving Grandma

While in Grandma’s house as a child, I would always wake up not to the sounds of the birds chirping but to the loud voice of grandma calling someone and that's was my cue for breakfast.

At noon , it was the sound of the gates being opened, rushing out, seeing grandma drive in and stepping out of the car with goody bags. She would hug me tightly and say to me “ I ga-aracha ice cream ?” ...... didn’t know what it meant then, but as long as I heard ice cream, my answer was yes!.

Times spent at grandma’s house were often marked by love , lots of food and laughter except for the times when she’d say to me with a stern look on her face “ you’re not eating enough, you need to add some weight, if you don’t finish your food then, no soft drinks for you. She had an entire fridge stocked with soft drinks for us.

I hated garri and soup but grandma wanted me to put on some weight.

Well, grandma I finally did it, I added quite some weight now. Your grand baby is grown now. It’s so sad I wasn’t there to say my last goodbye but thank God you knew the Lord. This is my guarantee that we’d meet again.

“ Brothers and sisters, we do not want you to be uninformed about those who sleep in death, so that you do not grieve like the rest of mankind, who have no hope. For we believe that Jesus died and rose again, and so we believe that God will bring with Jesus those who have fallen asleep in him.”1 Thess 3:13-14.

I love you forever grandma

Your grand baby
Dr Christine .I. Oarhe
Posted by Kenny Uzodike on June 3, 2021
I love You Grandma

My own story with you starts from when I was younger. We would come to Aba to visit and you always made it comfortable for us with fun things like toys, food, drinks.

As a young child visiting you meant having freedom to play and run around the house with your careful eyes watching over us. As I got into high school you were very much interested in who I’ll become and what I wanted to study in school. You would ask with keen interest what I’d love to be in life. That encouraged me to be focused in life and take decisions about my future seriously.

I am so glad I came down these few months to be part of your final days on earth. I enjoyed walking around the compound with you. I remember the times that you would walk into the room while my brother and I were on our computers.

You would sit with us and watch us hangout and that smile never left your face. Another time you came into the room and my brother was sleeping without a duvet. In a twinkle of an eye I saw you covering my brother with a duvet. That showed how much you still cared for us. Taking care of us like we were still your little grand sons, my brother and I usually laugh at this when it comes to our minds.

I would always come to your room to check your vital signs and how you were doing and you would welcome me with a smile. On that last day, I took a walk with you and you felt so strong, you even pulled me back as if I was walking too fast. You were so strong, I never knew it would be your last day on earth. I feel so special that I got to experience that with you. You have always been so gracious.

I miss you and I love you grandma.

Dr. David Oarhe
Your Grandson
Posted by Kenny Uzodike on June 3, 2021
My dear Mother-in-law,

You were the truest, dearest, mother-in-law I could ever ask for. I called you a friend, adviser and also a mother. You constant motherly advice in the first few years of marriage was a gift.

You possessed so much beauty, grace, love and patience.

"Grandma mummy angel" as the children called you, you touched our heart in so many ways, your strength and smile even on dark days was a lesson which made me realise I had with me an angel.

I will forever salute you.

God gave me the best mother-in-law in the world. Your kindness has inspired me in more ways than one and the short time we shared meant so much to me. You constantly reminded me to trust the blood of Jesus to wipe all negativity away.

You are now amongst the angels, flying high above the sky with your love still watching over us.

Your passing has brought sorrow to our hearts but we know your spirit will still be with us. We will never forget you Grandma Uzodike because you meant so much to us.

Our tears that fall here today will remind us of your life. How you shared your love to everyone, Sister, Mother, Mother-in-law, Grandmother and Wife.

May the light of our best memories with you continue to guide us as we continue life on earth until we all meet someday.

Keep resting in God's bosom mummy.

Mrs. Onyinye Uzodike
Daughter in-Law
Posted by Kenny Uzodike on June 3, 2021

It is with a deep sense of sadness and grief that I write this tribute to my mother-in-law (mummy). Mummy, you treated me as a son and your affection for me increased each day you were alive. You were the only parent I had in the past 17 years and your transition to eternal glory has made me a full blown orphan.

Your allowed me to marry your beautiful and adoring daughter which turned out to be my greatest achievement as she diligently moulded me to be the man that I am.

You lived a worthy and model Christian life teaching everyone around you to be prayerful, loving, forgiving, generous, God fearing and run the race for eternal life.
You resourced me under the instrumentality of the Holy Spirit with the Word of God thereby dismantling and breaking down the architecture and apparatus of the enemy of doubt in my life.

You were an exemplary, estimable and perfect mother-in-law in all material particulars and I pray that my son would be blessed with such a mother-in-law as you were to me.

Your memory brings tears to my eyes but I will treasure it and honour it each day with a smile and a good deed.

I take solace in the firm assurance that you are in the paradisal confines of the radiant, glorious, verdant hills of heaven awaiting resurrection with the saints.

You will always be loved, always be missed and your memories will always be cherished and remain dear to all of us in the family.
Sleep on peacefully mummy.

Barr. Emeka Mgbudem
Posted by Kenny Uzodike on June 3, 2021
Tribute to Mummy!

Peaceful & Powerful

You were a mother in law like a mother. Your love and dependence on God was unbreakable.

You possessed so much beauty, love, grace and patience. Your values were godly, and deeply rooted. You used hospitality to change and mould lives. Your humility was exemplary.

You welcomed me as a son, and always treated me as a servant of God. You inspired reverence for God and the priesthood.

You were not a person of many words, but your words were weighty. Your actions spoke louder than words. Your love and affection were pure. You raised children who are stalwarts. Full of the values you represent.

You quietly came into our room that faithful evening of our 27th marriage anniversary and sat beside me affectionately to say goodbye. Moments after you laid down comfortably on your bed and left onto glory with the angelic escort that came to usher you to your heavenly mansion.

Thank you mummy for who you were and all that you did. We shall enjoy the light of your good memories. You were peaceful but powerful. Enjoy His glory until we join you in his presence. Happy New Life!

Rev Christopher Oarhe
Son in-Law
Posted by Kenny Uzodike on June 3, 2021
Mummy, it has been a journey!

As a child, life under you and dad was amazing. Both of you gave us the most wonderful and unforgettable memories anyone could ever ask for. It was just the best of the best.

After the devastation that came with daddy's passing, I remember going through his last will and having a fixed gaze as I read repeatedly with a heavy heart the last two sentences where he said goodbye to you and us and told you to take care of us. l saw you do that and more with a deep sense of commitment and with the highest moral standard.

You were such a loving, selfless, caring, peaceful and in its entirety a devoted woman of God.

You impacted core values into our lives and many others you trained. Because you were confident in the values that you instilled in me, you gave me the power of attorney when I was 21 years old to fully pilot your personal investments and the affairs of our company Fazal Nigeria limited.

The success stories that followed while steering the ship for over 20 years never surprised you. Your mastery in training I must say is second to none.

As your personal physician I know God blessed you with divine health because you never had any systemic illness. Your routine medical checkups was always within normal range like that of a young girl.

Yes, I know sometimes old age comes with some degenerative challenges but in all you were strong. You strolled around and went for church services as usual. You even went for your normal mid-week service two days before your passing. You passed on peacefully and honorably. What a way to be in God's bosom.

Thank you for being the best mum anyone could ask for. You left a legacy worth much more.

Mummy, I will continue to hold tenaciously to the values you taught me as I carry on with my Journey in life.

Thank you so much for all the sacrifices you made for us.

Continue to rest in the Lord's bosom till we meet again.

Your only son
Dr Ifeanyi Uzodike
Posted by Kenny Uzodike on June 3, 2021
Mummy, I still cannot believe that you are gone.

You were beautiful, gentle and humble. You loved God with all your heart and you made sure we all grew up loving God.

You invested a lot of time praying for us. You spared no expense in trying to make sure our relationship with God was strengthened.

You patiently guided me through my youth. I thank God for giving me a mother with such grace, integrity and wisdom.

Mummy, I know you achieved what you desired and prayed for in all those all-night prayer meetings.

You are now with Daddy in the bosom of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Please rest in peace until we meet to part no more.

I love and will miss you..

Your daughter

Posted by Kenny Uzodike on June 3, 2021

As I sit wondering on how to begin to put into words what you mean to me, I am awash with many memories as they come flooding in ..all sorts of memories ....memories of a lifetime!


Such as coming home from boarding school in December, walking into the house and being hit with the smell of cinnamon and nutmeg wafting through the air... which meant you were a baking!

The accompanying music while you baked..jingle bells, white Christmas and a whole cache of Christmas songs announced the approach of what to me was the most wonderful time of the year - Christmas! .. Mummy your cooking skills were second to none and you did make the best cakes!

Happy memories of daily evening chats at the dinner table with us all yapping away discussing our day. You sending us away when you have tried and failed to get a word in to Daddy. Once we accused you of monopolising Daddy’s attention to his utter delight!

The quiet sit downs after dinner with the resident family dogs. We would usually just sit savouring being together as a family, I would never forget. We were a happy family. Our home was filled with love and laughter. You helped make that happen - Thank you.


You and daddy rarely quarrelled. If you did, we the children never heard. There were never harsh words spoken in-front of us neither were there shouting matches. You treated each other with affection, respect and dignity. With wisdom you built a very peaceful home for us all where we could be a family and feel happy and secure... Thank you.


I loved watching you and daddy prepare for an evening out. How he would help pick out your outfit and cajole you into wearing them and reassure you that you were not overdressed. You made a beautiful couple. You were very simple and humble not given to airs and graces.

I remember how like clockwork you would lay your head on his side of the chair and fall asleep to the opening gingle for NTA news at 9pm everyday and he would try to wake you up. Once he winked at me and said “she has never been able to keep her eyes open past 9 pm” as he touched your nose and eyes teasing you to wake up and you won’t budge except to murmur “B.C...!”

Watching you devour a meat dish one day, he looked at me bewildered at the the pure look of enjoyment on your face and said "you never get this look when you give her gold or diamonds....only a meat dish". He always wanted to make you happy and you went above and beyond to make him happy too. A good example to us - thank you!


I remember kneeling by your bed at your insistence as you to taught me how to pray, you teaching me the importance of fasting and encouraging me to go deeper and higher with God . Your eyes always did light up more at my spiritual development news than any academic or career news. You really loved God... your devotion to Him was absolute and inspirational. I learned a lot from you on how to love and serve Him - Thank You.


I remember you hunting for me through all the rooms in the house “Kenechukwu!" you would call out, "you must do your work!" I will as usual be cosseted with a novel or two in the rooms furthest from you hoping you will not find me but find me you did and the chores were done!

I remember watching the washing machine being hoisted up, carted away and locked up and you telling me "Kenechi, no more express wash, dry & wear you will learn to plan your washing better without the washing machine!" You were a disciplinarian and a gifted teacher. Though it is worthy of note that with your grandchildren, it was an entirely different spoilt them rotten!


I remember how kind you were especially to people you felt were less privileged than yourself. You were particular about fairness, justice, truth and integrity. You treated everyone who came into our home the same as us kids and this built us a band of brothers and an extended family who are truly grateful for your goodness to them... Thank you for your example.


On that cold grey morning, you came back home from the hospital, your loud wail at the arrival of Mrs. Obienu made me realise my little brother was gone for ever...

Many years later, your cry as you begged and pleaded with the Men of God present to please pray and wake daddy up to stop him going further into glory I would never forget. I felt your heart shatter into one million pieces... I prayed never to see a day like that ever again.

The first Christmas after Daddy’s death at Nnewi, watching you cry yourself to sleep every night and how we had to sleep together in one room as a family to comfort you and each other, still brings tears to my eyes....even as I write this.


Watching you struggle for years, as grief threatened to overwhelm you as you tried to cope with the loss of Daddy. You tried to find peace and deal with the loneliness. It proved a very difficult task for you.


How you turned to God with all your heart and might to survive daddy’s death. How you left the cares of this world behind completely and focused on the kingdom still challenges me.


Your tireless hot pursuit of Pastors and intercessory prayer groups to pray for us children was legendary. You poured your self out and built prayer altars for us. Thank you mummy. God has stored your precious prayers and will answer them all. You were a wonderful mother and a great inspiration to me.

I cannot believe you are gone...

Your death is very painful but I am greatly comforted because I know your lonely days are over as you are now reunited with Daddy!

Thank you for all your sacrifice, love discipline and encouragement.

I will miss you. Rest in the bosom of the Lord.

You and Daddy are forever in my heart till we meet to part no more.

Thank you for the beautiful memories....

I love you...

Kenechukwu (Kenny) Uzodike
Your Daughter
Posted by Kenny Uzodike on June 3, 2021
Tribute to an Exceptional Mother.


I don't even know how to begin writing this. I can't believe that I won't hear your voice of wisdom and motherly love anymore.

Having you as a mother was a wonderful experience and a great privilege. You lived an exemplary life of humility, simplicity, contentment, love and generosity which you instilled in us your children.

You made God the centre of everything you did. You loved everything about Him. You worshipped him earnestly and ceaselessly. You were never weary in praying and doing good. All your statements began and ended with God.

I still remember vividly the times you used to drag us to Full Gospel Business Men's Fellowship programmes two hours before start to enable us secure front row seats. The organisers would insist that we go to the back row as it was not children's programme but you would argue that there was "a need to catch them young" and we would end up sitting on the second row.
You would always register us for Bible studies before the commencement of every holiday without our knowledge and create attendance register for each of us.

You were a warrior of a mother, strong, determined and unique in a special way. You took care of daddy and guided us effortlessly through tough, dark and challenging times with deep unwavering faith in God.
I deeply appreciate the training and life experiences you and daddy gave my siblings and I that sometimes people wonder if we all attended an elite finishing school.

You always engaged my children with Bible study whenever you visited. You taught them Christian songs and bought them their first bible and Christian song book.

Your wise counsel helped me in my marriage and enabled me to make a home.

You radiated genuine warmth and showed kindness to all who came in contact with you.

You were never bothered about earthly or materials things. You stored up all your possessions in heaven, strived towards righteousness and looked eagerly forward to eternal life.

I am at ease with certainty that you have only transited to heaven to be with daddy and your maker.

You will forever live in my heart. Sleep in peace.

Your daughter
Mrs. Adaobi Mgbudem
Posted by Kenny Uzodike on June 3, 2021

My Mum, who came the Large and wealthy Anyika family as of that time.

Her father Chief N.N. Anyika had several ferries on the River Niger and was of great business and political repute.

Your beauty attracted many and amidst several prominent Suitors you chose to love the first son of an Anglican Bishop because of your deep reverence for God. Earthly things came secondary to your love for God.

My Mum, who had such poise and class then again was crowned with a quiet spirit. I saw you go through tough situations and circumstances with such unwavering faith in the Lord when Dad died. Your never allowed your world to be swallowed by the tenets of Men.

Courage is not about how loud one roars but about the quiet inner strength of a courageous heart that influences her environment positively and impacts into people's lives.

You had a golden heart and a beautiful mind that made different classes of people comfortable around you. Such was your state of heart that supported Dad's giving nature to all around him and your obedience to him to let go of your teaching profession and take care of us the children. Though you struggled with it but yet again you stood by Dad.

Your incredible skill in hospitality is known and told by many. In your quiet nature you were very keen with your investments and succeeded at them.

I write with such mixed feelings cause I really really miss you Mum yet again I know you have gone to be with your Lord the Almighty God and my ever Wonderful Dad Dr Benedict Chukwudi Uzodike as well who you continually missed for thirty-one years.

You demonstrated this by passing away a day after Dad's birthday with full strength after strolling the grounds with your grandson and your farewell visit to our bedroom you went to your bedroom and slept off onto Glory.

It is said memory is golden so I reminisce with loving thoughts of you since your transition and the frequent hugs we shared all those years you were with me and your insisting to be in church for services and in all night prayers relentlessly.

You attended midweek service on Wednesday and passed on Friday 5th of March. You were an epitome of tranquility and peace, this is known by those who love you and again you left this earthly World peacefully.

Your legacy of peace, wisdom, dedication to God and philanthropic heart will forever be a lasting memory in our hearts.

I love you Mum.


Dr Stephanie Chizoba Oarhe

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Posted by Kenny Uzodike on June 4, 2021

Words may not be enough to eulogise your kindness to me and my family in reminiscent of my relationship with you and your children.

I could hardly forget the confidence you instilled in us as a family, always to have faith in God.

You were a model of love, compassion and generosity. When the devil struck with a snake on a mission in our flat at Ogbor-hill, Aba almost 20 years ago you interceded strongly with prayers and love just to drive away our fears. You accommodated my children and I for over a month, offered us 3 square meals per day with amazing joy and It really worked.

Aunty, your good and exemplary life on earth was a seed you sowed for your loved ones to harvest. You left like you gently lived. As you migrate to the great beyond, may the almighty God grant you eternal rest Amen.

Adieu! Adieu!!

Nwogu Dorothy
(On behalf of the Jacobs)
Posted by Kenny Uzodike on June 4, 2021
“I will always remember Auntie Christie’s beautiful smile and warm, caring and kind nature. She will be missed by us all, and I cherish the memories of the lovely time we spent staying with her many years ago in Nigeria and how welcoming she was. Rest in peace auntie Christie x x x “

Rachel Anyika
Posted by Kenny Uzodike on June 4, 2021
“I remember going to stay with Auntie Christie when I was a child visiting Nigeria for the first time. Her kindness and generosity, and her effortless grace. She was greatly revered within the family, church and community and cannot be replaced. She will be greatly missed by my dad, who has lost his beloved sister, and by the family. I know he finds great comfort in knowing she is with God now and is at peace.”

Janet Menna
her Life


Lady Christiana Obiageli Uzodike was born on Christmas Day, 25th December 1937 into the family of His Royal Highness, the then Obi of Ezinifite, the late Chief N.N Anyika and his wife Mrs. Irene Anyika from Aku, Ezinifite in Aguata local government area of Anambra state.

Her father, Chief N.N Anyika, in addition to being the Obi of Ezinifite, was the president of the Eastern Council of Chiefs and the founder of the very successful Erico shipping company which at its height, had about 20 ships in its fleet. The ships ferried people and goods across the River Niger before the construction of the Niger Bridge. Chief N.N Anyika was also a property magnate with an extensive portfolio in Nigeria and abroad in countries such as the United Kingdom.

Christiana was the eldest surviving daughter of the children born to her mother Irene. Her siblings are Mrs. Josephine Abiakam, Mr. Geoffrey Anyika and the now late Jason and Ephraim Anyika of blessed memories. She loved her little sister Josephine and her brother Geoffrey. She also had numerous step-brothers and sisters.

As a little girl, Christiana was a very pretty child and was dotted on by her many brothers and sisters but she cried a lot. It was said that the crying was quite legendary especially on Sundays as her cries announced to all, the readiness of the Anyika children for departure for church. It took several of her brothers taking turns to back her to placate her.

After completing her primary and secondary school, Christiana was advised and accepted to go into the teaching profession. Her father dispatched her brothers to United Kingdom and her to St Monica’s College Ogbunike a renowned finishing school for young women and teachers’ training college. St Monica’s was founded in 1892 by the Church Missionary Society (CMS) under the leadership of Mrs. Edith Ashley Warner.

Upon graduation from St Monica’s Ogbunike, Christiana, accepted a teaching job at St John’s Secondary School Fegge Onitsha. She moved to Onitsha and after a couple of visits home, she took her little sister Josephine to live with her as she thought she was being spoilt rotten by their mother.

As a young lady, Christiana Anyika was a renowned natural beauty. Her Mother Irene pleaded with her to take more care dressing up and to wear more make up etc. but Christiana preferred the natural look. Her natural beauty attracted many suitors. She was also gentle, virtuous, simple, humble, reserved, kind, extremely neat, graceful, career-focused and surprisingly devout in her Christian faith. She was so devout that her Catholic cousin, Reverend Father Francis Ezeabasili, hoped that she might become a nun. The only problem with this was that she was not of the catholic faith.

Her father was completely bewildered by her devoutness. During the school holidays, instead of returning home to her family as expected by her father, she would take off to prayer camps where she would devote her time to fasting and prayer. She would often take her little sister Josephine who said that Christiana fasted so much that the camp organisers would advise her to stop and consider her health and she was once advised to leave the camp as the organisers had received word that her father was very angry and given orders for her to be fetched back home.

Her father, had expected that the next step for Christiana, would be marriage but she turned down suitor after suitor including very popular and nationally renowned statesmen from her father’s well-heeled political and business circles to his despair and embarrassment. 

It was while teaching at St John’s Secondary School Fegge Onitsha that she was introduced to the late Dr Benedict Chukwudi Uzodike. Ben, the first son of the then first black Anglican Bishop on the Niger Diocese, the late Bishop L. M Uzodike, was a qualified Consultant Gynecologist and Obstetrician just recently returned from the United Kingdom. He asked and she said yes!

Apparently, the fact that he was from a godly family played a big part in her decision to accept as Christiana had long been praying for God’s guidance in her decision on a life partner and for Him to place her in a godly family and home.

They were married in 1964 at the All Saints Cathedral Onitsha. The wedding was a glorious affair indeed.
After their honeymoon, the new couple settled in Kano, in Northern Nigeria. It was obvious from the start that the marriage was a good match. Christiana, at the request of her husband and advice of the late Mr. & Mrs. Felix Ebelechukwu Modebelu and her father in-Law, the late Bishop L.M Uzodike, reluctantly agreed to give up her teaching profession and become a homemaker.

Soon thereafter, Christiana became pregnant but the baby, a girl, died within a month of delivery. Her mother Mrs. Irene Anyika heard the sad news while in transit to Kano for the “Omugwo”.

Christiana and Ben moved from Kano to Port Harcourt and Ben established his medical practice - Fazal Hospital Port Harcourt which was a successful practice. While there, to the delight of the couple, they had a baby girl and this time, she lived!

Despite the couple’s joy at their new daughter and Ben’s successful practice, they had to abandon all they had to flee Port Harcourt because of the Nigerian civil war in 1967. They moved around the small towns in Anambra State during the war but finally settled down in Aba, a thriving commercial town in then Imo State (now Abia State) after the war.

Ben began in earnest to build a brand new practice – Fazal Hospital Aba. He worked very hard and Christiana tended the home front and kept house. They made a nice team. As his efforts paid out and the practice grew, their family also grew in time and now comprised of Chizoba, Adaobi, Kenechukwu, Nkiruka, Chukwuemeka and Ifeanyichukwu.

Christiana as a wife, was utterly devoted to her husband whom she loved and fondly called “B.C”. He loved her too and dotted on her very much. They were very close and her children would say you could barely put a piece of paper between them. Her Marriage was much talked about in town as it was apparent that it was a love match and Ben’s good and generous treatment of her was obvious for all to see. He was a rare gem. He was happy too for he demolished her mother Mrs. Irene Anyika’s house and built her a brand new house in appreciation. Together, they worked to provide a loving, peaceful and stable home for their children.

There had been great joy and celebration when Christiana gave birth to a baby boy in 1974. He was aptly named Chukwuemeka Madubuko Uzodike but sadly in 1978, he took ill and died. Ben, Christiana and their kids were devastated. She had lived in the Hospital for many months taking care of him in the hope that he would survive but that was not to be.

Ben and Christiana together with their family mourned and tried to rally but more sad news was on the way….. Christiana’s Father, the indomitable Chief N.N Anyika died in 1980 and her beloved brother Ephraim Anyika followed suit barely a month after their father’s burial. It was a difficult time emotionally for Christiana. She held on to her faith in God to help her through it.

On the other hand, Ben’s medical practice grew from strength to strength and although Christiana was still a home maker, she invested in several business ventures as such as transportation - owning a fleet of cars, whole sale distribution – owning a string of bookshops and also dabbling in her husband’s hobby - speculative stock market dealings under his tutelage. She was very successful in her business ventures.

Christiana also indulged in another of her Husband’s hobbies – travelling. Ben was now the president of the Rotary Club of Aba. She and Ben travelled around the world attending conferences and used this opportunity to see the world. They would spend the entire month of June every year playing tourists without the children (much to their angst). They toured the world visiting interesting tourist sites in far flung countries from India, Brazil to Egypt. She and Ben visited all the continents in the world except for two.

As a mother, Christiana was firm and determined to instill her deeply held values of fairness, integrity, in her children. She was resolute in her determination to teach them about God. She taught them in addition to cooking, how to pray, read the Ibo and English bible and about fasting. She taught them the importance of fairness and justice. Ever the gifted teacher, she used every method and skill in her tool book to get her message across. Once deciding they needed to buck up in learning how to run a home, she sent Ben off to their June travels alone– this time to Japan, she stayed back in Nigeria to teach the children how to practically run a home. She sent her staff back to their homes on summer vacation and announced to her children, that now her beloved husband was out of the way, she would eat whatever they chose to cook…that particular summer could be aptly labelled as the summer of discontent among the children. Her persistence in training the kids earned her Ben’s gratitude in his last will and testament.

Her hospitality skills were outstanding. She welcomed all who came into her home with respect. She treated everyone the same whether you were rich or poor. She fostered an atmosphere of kinship and brotherhood amongst all who lived in her home as she treated everyone kindly and taught her kids to do so too. Her warm, welcoming and open nature suited Ben’s philanthropic personality to a tee as he was easy to love. This ensured that their home in the village was always a hub for many wonderful family strengthening and fun activities.

Ben’s medical practice had become so successful that patients came all the way from other countries such as Cameroon and India to consult him. The traditional rulers in the Aba and its surrounding community decided to confer on him a chieftaincy title – Akanaechekwandu 1 of Abayi - for his outstanding contributions to the community. She became Lolo Akanaechekwandu 1 of Abayi. Ben opened up annexes of Fazal Hospital in the communities surrounding Aba.

Christiana and Ben by now were well integrated into the Aba community. They were members of St Michael’s Cathedral - a thriving Anglican Church in Aba Diocese. They attended church regularly as a family and she belonged to all the requisite groups’ such as Mother’s Union and Harvest group 2. Ben was conferred with a knighthood and they became Sir Dr Benedict and Lady Christiana Uzodike.

In 1988, Christiana deepened an already existing faith in God. She gave her life to Christ and became a born-again Christian. She and the children who already were born again Christians held prayer sessions and prayed earnestly for Ben to become a Christian which he did in 1989.

It was a euphoric time as they both along with their family began a new journey with God. They joined the Full Gospel Business Men Fellowship International (FGBMFI) – a gathering of Christian business men and women and took great joy in taking courses at The Living Word Academy – the teaching arm of Living Word Ministries Aba. They both grew in their faith, replacing Rotary Club conferences with Christian Conferences. All seemed well…

In early 1990, Ben took ill. As the present chairman of the Nigerian Medical Association Aba branch, the doctors rallied to diagnose and treat Ben but there was no improvement. Christiana and the children prayed and fasted desperate to see him get better. As his conditions worsened, she refused help as she personally nursed him and along with the kid and saw to his needs. She constantly prayed for him encouraged him in what seemed like impossible odds she desperately hoped that all will be well but sadly on 29th December 1990, Sir Dr Benedict Chukwudi Uzodike died.

To say that Christiana was devastated is an understatement. She was broken hearted and the children were completely shattered. To know Christiana was to know that Ben’s death changed her forever. She was never the same.

Ben, the rare gem that he was, had left her and the children, well provided for. He had thought of everything and had left a very detailed will behind to ensure she and the kids would be okay – he had said so to them a few days before his death as he charged her to look after their kids in his absence. But to know her was to know that all that he left meant nothing for HE, the most important part of it all was gone! Her best friend, her beloved husband… B.C was no more… he was gone… not gone for a while, but forever….!

She was inconsolable. The world suddenly looked very grim and dim.

To also know Christiana was to know that she loved her sister Mrs. Josephine Chinwe Abiakam very much. They were extremely close and the frequent chants of “my sister” each time they spoke or saw would have you almost believe they invented the very word. Ben said that part of the reason he installed the land telephone was to watch her face light up each day as she chanted “my sister” as they spoke over the telephone.

Mrs. Chinwe Josephine Abiakam proved a sister indeed during the dark and difficult times that Christiana found herself facing after Ben’s death. She was a stalwart in her unflinching support for her sister. She, a Christian too, wept with her and prayed for and with her. She constantly pleaded with her to try to heal and find some measure of peace. She visited her at the drop of a hat as the distance between Enugu and Aba seemed to have been reduced to nothing at all of a sudden. It goes without saying that Christiana could never have survived this dark period without the support from her sister and her husband, Dr A.I Abiakam.

Eventually, Christiana did the only thing she knew how to do and could do, she turned to God. She did this with a singular determination. She became very kingdom focused. She told her children that the best they could do as a family was to ensure that they all ran their Christian races in such a way that ensured that they all will meet again as a family in Heaven where Ben was now… “Let no one be missing on that day" she said.

Christiana joined and became an ardent member of the Christian Pentecostal Mission (CPM) Aba branch. She joined the prayer team and spent many weekends cleaning the church despite the protests from some younger members of the church. She attended every programme including all night prayer meetings. Eventually a prayer team would be planted in her home by the intercessors at CPM. This singular act helped Christiana rally as she devoted her time to prayer and service to the lord.

She also helped run Ben’s medical practice Fazal Hospital along with her kids who had graduated from University. Christiana focused also on solidifying her children’s relationship with God. She encouraged them to attend bible school and serve in any department in their respective churches. Her methods were by no means popular among the children but she would not be deterred.

For example, she decided the kitchen would not be open for any catering services on Wednesdays anymore. Every Wednesdays was now considered a fasting day at their home. Everyone had no choice but to fast. All night prayer meetings were the norm and try as they may, the kids could never beg off an all-night prayer meeting. An excuse that one was tired was met with an answer such as “no worries, you can sleep when we get to church”. She knew fully well that one could not comfortably fall asleep due to the enthusiastic drumming and frequent loud chorus of Halleluiahs and Amens. She was relentless in her bid to ensure that her children were thriving in their respective relationships with God.

As the murderous kidnapping rampage raged on in Aba, Christiana reluctantly moved to Port Harcourt. There, she tried to settle down and find a church. She missed Aba and her church but was reluctant to attend Hilltop International as she did not want the personal attention that she might receive due to her daughter Dr Stephanie Oarhe and her Husband Rev Chris Oarhe. Eventually, she did. She joined Hilltop and attended every programme she could. She attended the faith clinic regularly and was a member of Senior Citizens at Hilltop International Christian Centre. She attended Wednesday bible on 3rd March 2021.

Christiana lived the rest of her life, with her son and daughter close by in Port Harcourt surrounded by her grandchildren. She watched them grow up … but you could tell that she was always lonely and was somewhat ready to go home… to heaven. Twice the Lord had told her during Christian conferences, “not…yet Christiana” and she said okay". I guess God finally said yes and called on her to come home on 5th March 2021. She was ready. She said her goodbyes quietly to her Son in- Law, Pastor Chris Oarhe and her daughter Dr Stephanie Oarhe as She went to her room and quietly as always was her way, laid down and slipped into glory.

Her Children are heart broken by her death and do sorely miss her for she was a great source of inspiration and encouragement to them but they are also consoled by the fact after thirty one years that she is now finally reunited with their Daddy, her “B.C” in heaven.

All that remains they say, is to thank God for giving us a great and wonderful Mother and to say, “Thank you Mummy for staying this long, for your prayers, your discipline and all that you taught us on how to love God with all our hearts and serve Him and how to take care of each other… thank you for all you have done! Thank you! ….. Goodnight! Rest in peace in the bosom of our Lord with our Daddy until we all meet as a family again to part no more… Mummy ….Adieu!!

Adieu Christy, Nwunye B.C Adieu! ….Adieu, Nwanne Josephine Abiakam and Geoffrey Anyika Adieu! Adieu Grandma Adieu! Adieu Aunty Adieu! Adieu! Adieu! Adieu!

Mummy, your lonely days are over…as requested by daddy in his last will and testament, you will be buried beside him at the family home. Rest in Peace .. Adieu!

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