Shared by Shiri Ndang on October 14, 2019
Auntie Ayukegba,
Every time we met, you filled the room with positive energy and endless smiles. You always encouraged me to continue working hard, with emphasis that life was not easy for people who only performed the bare minimum.
The last several years have been tough for you. You fought hard to overcome the sickness but it was God's plan to finally bring you home. I remember our last meal in 2014 at your home in Douala. I am grateful that I was able to see you one last time before your passing.
When I heard that your situation had gotten worse, I prayed for God to touch you with his healing hands with the hopes that you will bounce back and fully recover. I am comforted by the knowledge that you no longer endure pain and will rest peacefully in eternity.
I am also confident that you are now able to watch over myself, your kids and other loved family members.  Until we meet again, thank you for the motherly love, advice and guidance you provided each time we met.
You God son,
Raphael Bate Ayuk-Takem


Shared by Shiri Ndang on October 10, 2019
Oh, my big sister, Cyndarilla,
I started calling you so ever since I watched and admired you play the role of CYNDARILLA in a play at the former Appeal court in Mamfe.
“Because my own mother is dead, that is why you say Cynderilla do this, Cynderilla do this, I won’t do it”. Those were your words in the play that I always still excitedly reside whenever I met you. Who will I call my Cynderilla again?
Even though I was in primary school and you were in college – St. Francis Teachers’ Training College Fiango – I could vividly appreciate your aptitude and efficacy in handling this part in the play and such merits transcended in all your activities in your later life. Praise God.
Then a year later, while we were living in Kumba with my parents, this same sweet big sister came looking for one Mr. PETER AYUKEGBA (then a bachelor and a forest engineer). We the little ones were just so excited to usher you into the home of our uncle Peter nearby, who always sprayed us with a lot of gifts especially as we were regular visitors to a very big juicy mango tree in front of his residence.
Behold, this was to be part of the beginning of a peaceful and successful matrimony that lasted for 52 years until God decided the separation according to his word. Congratulations Sister Christie, as you move into Jesus’ Bosom.
Bro Peter and Children, take heart, for HE KNOWS IT ALL. Rest in Perfect Peace.
                                                                           Nana Abunaw Marie (AGP)                                 Buea

My Darling Sister

Shared by Shiri Ndang on October 10, 2019
My Darling sister, Are you truely gone? Why the haste? I thought we agreed to follow the queue. Why did you have to jump the queue? It was not yet your turn. I know you will ask me "why are you afraid of death? Is it because you do not know what comes after? I know and I believe in the resurrection of the dead". Yes, I know you had prepared for it all your life.
Such beauty, such a generous heart, such loving compassion, such family uniting spirit. You could be honest to a fault. Oh merciful God, we shall miss her.
I still remember vividly your early days in college and how I always looked forward to seeing you. Can I forget the year in Kumba when you had your first stint as a grade three teacher in Saint Theresa's School Fiango or how you used to spoil me when I was in Saint Joseph's College, Sasse? We all grew up and went our different ways; different distractions; different aspirations but whenever we met, that brotherly/sisterly love, gusted forth like an inexhaustible stream in our veins. " Oh my God, my bank account has been burnt", our junior sister cried. There are many others crying the same.
When I visited you in the hospital two days before your demise, I felt anxious and prayed for God's miraculous cure. In His merciful way, He healed you; not as I wanted but His will was done in your life. He preferred that you suffered no more physical pain but come to His heavenly bliss. Journey well my amazing sister. Rest in perfect peace. You will forever remain green in my memory.  
Prof. Ing. EGBEWATT NKONGHO E. ( brother)

The Love of my Grandmother

Shared by Shiri Ndang on October 10, 2019
My Grand mother was so dear to me, she loved me regardless. Grandma always made an effort to be involved in my life, She always knew where i was, how i was doing, who my friends were.
Grandma is loved by so many people. It is blessing to know the woman who is the mother of 4 and grand mother of 9 and wife of Grandpa.
Grandma loved watching TV, her favorite shows include Judge Judy,  Jeremy Kyle and watching Manchester United play. Grandma loved playing Scrabble and rook.
Grandma loved to travel , she made sure nothing stopped her from seeing her children and grandchildren.
I know that you are in a better place now, as blessed as your time on earth was, so will it be in heaven. i will forever miss my Grand Mother.
Love Yannick


Shared by Shiri Ndang on October 10, 2019
Mom, i really do not know where to begin.
It is hard. I remember when you call and I hear « news à la kind ». Then I look forward to some juicy gossip.

Mom I miss you dearly. Not sure how we will cope without you but I am reassured that you are in a better place. I love you and will always do.
Ngore Ndek Rest In Peace... ...........Marie Ayukegba
Shared by Shiri Ndang on October 9, 2019
My dear Sister Mrs. Ayukegba
I am shocked, I must be dreaming about the fact that you left us for good. I sleep at night with tears streaming from my eyes as if it is a dream. Oh! What happened to you? 
I took you from my mother after my marriage in St. Joseph Catholic Church Mamfe town on a Saturday December 1952 and on Monday 29th Decermber I started life’s journey with you to my marital home in Bamenda. I had my first son you were by me, you helped me, hard working quiet timid lamb. My husband and I took you as our first child, now you have left me. I can neither walk nor help myself, I thought I will go ahead and you give me a good burial but God’s ways are wonderful. You have seized my seniority and gone ahead leaving me to mourn you helplessly. I remember you left  me for marriage and I sent you to your marital home like a queen. I am bitterly in tears and miss you dearly. We turn and slept  together in both your house and mine, you have blocked your door for me not to enter. Oh! My sister what have I done to you? You have left your husband with no brother and no sister. Christy, you were his best sister. You have left your children with who, Christy? 
What a departure. I’m not strong enough. Well, God will continue guiding them. My proprietress, safe journey. My regards to Matilda, Namata, Gabriel, Apark and Daddy Besong. Adieu my pretty sister till we meet to part no more in God’s kingdom.
Your sister “Mami” Esther Batey Besong

My Aunty

Shared by Sharon Arrey on October 7, 2019
I thought I saw her face today
In the sparkle of the morning sun.
And then I heard the angel say,
"Her work on earth is done."

I thought I heard her voice today
Then laugh her hearty laugh.
And then I heard the angel say,
"There's peace, little one, at last."

Our beloved Cool Corner

Shared by Shiri Ndang on October 7, 2019
A tribute to a friend and sister!
Cool Corner! Cool Corner!
As we fondly called ourselves in reminiscence of the good times we always had together. 
Life has all sorts of twist and turns, what is predictable is that we are born and we die. Yet it is hard to believe. Hard to believe you have left us behind so soon.
All we have left are the fond memories which we will hold on to dearly.
From when we met in the eighties at a Home Economics Seminar in Bamenda, to the trips we made together, the visits we had with one another, the children we brought up together, the Scrabble/ Rook games we played and the many passions we shared together. 
You went from a friend to a sister. Our families became one, your children became my children and my children became your children. We shared our joys and sorrows, we stood up together and fell together. And now as you move on to the world yonder, I pray that you journey well until we meet again in eternity. 
God’s time is the best, when he calls we must answer. As painful as your demise is, we trust in God that he has called you to rest with him and in peace.
My Sister Christiana, Cool Corner I will miss you as a friend, the children will miss you as a mother, Peter as a husband and the world for your service to humanity. 
Rest in Perfect Peace.
Your friend & Sister 
Hon. Esther Ngala and kids
Yahje Ngala, Mrs.Bongkar Okurakpo & Little Queenie Obenson.

A mother like no other

Shared by Annette Aksdal on October 4, 2019
I still cannot bring myself to acknowledge your passing. i am not sure how i will be able to manage without you. But one day i will tell your story. Love beyond understanding. I love you mommy beyond comprehension. One day i will write again. 
Shared by Elisabeth Anne Obara on October 3, 2019
Mami, mother to many

My mother’s mother

My mother, my grandmother
My grandma, I still remember hear her singing my name on the phone, a simple hello was not for us, She will always sing adudu mamma adudu mama.
My grandma who danced with my brother and I to all kinds of songs including rap, knowing all the moves we showed her.
My grandma who visited me by herself to spend weeks at a time in my tiny apartment.
My grandma who came out to watch me play football as the first person to witness my skills. Where she said shockingly adudu mama u can dribble oo.
My grandma who never hesitated to go anywhere I was going as long as we were hanging out.
My grandma who picked me up in a basket at the airport, before i could call her grandma.
My grandma who loved me so much words can't describe.

Sweet Mother

Shared by Enow Ayukegba on October 3, 2019
My mom was a dancing Queen.She loves to dance and will give her all on the dance floor.Now I know where some of my dance moves came from.

Growing up as a kid was not easy under my mom Bc I was a problem child.Mom gave me tough love, the best she knew.She has been consistent with that love although toughness died as she got older 

That kindness goes beyond her kids and grandchildren.I meet people who tell me stories about how wonderful you are Mom...A true woman of God and I am so much in peace knowing you are by the Lord’s side

I will forever celebrate you and carry my head high as your child.Thank you for the ride, thank you for going above and beyond for me.Thank you for instilling same amount of love in us.Forever Mom...Your Son

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