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  • 33 years old
  • Born on January 11, 1984 in Dallas, Texas, United States.
  • Passed away on July 6, 2017 in Apple Valley, California, United States.
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Christina Childress 33 years old, born on January 11, 1984 and passed away on July 6, 2017. We will remember her forever.
Posted by Mika Disatell on 1st April 2018
Christina and I have been friends since 2005. Though that doesn't seem like so long ago, it has in actuality been a very long time. It has been nearly a year for me to come to terms with the loss of her, as she was my person, she was a constant in my life for so many years. Our dogs used to have sleepovers. Our idea of fun was visiting historic places to marvel at the beauty and serenity of places so full of life and history. She taught me to make manicotti, and I made her Wallaby Darneds. She was the Truvy to my Ouiser, the sunshine to my hurricane, the yin to my yang. I feel her loss every day, but in such a way that I think she would be pleased with me. I carry her with me in everything that I do, in every interaction with people who need my help. In the way I dance with and hug my babies, in the way I cuddle any animal I come across -- she's right there with me reminding me to slow down and remember what's really important in life. Her short time on this planet was a tragedy, and not only for her family and those of us fortunate enough to know her well. Also for all the people who would never see the smile that could mend a broken heart, that kindness and empathy for the human condition, the love of animals and children, and the undying dedication to ensuring those she loved knew it every second of every day. She and I were about two years apart in age, but she taught me more about myself, life, friendship, love, and dedication than almost anyone else ever has. Because of that, until my own time here is done, I will work double time in her memory to assure that other people know caring individuals do still exist in this world. After all she's done for me, it's the very least I can do. To sweet beautiful little Piper, your mommy was an angel here on earth and now in heaven. I am happy that you will always have people around to remind you what an amazing and caring person she was, and she loved and wanted you more than anything else this world could have offered her. You made her life complete. To Mr. Gary and Ms. Sandy, nothing I can say can ease the pain of such an egregious loss. Nothing at all could reconcile or negate that sort of pain. However, you both raised an amazing daughter who touched people down to their souls -- even with little effort on her part. She was a complete beautiful enigma. I thank you deeply for creating a human who changed my life in so many fundamental ways and made me want to be a better person. All my love, best wishes, positive thoughts, and prayers to your beautiful family.
Posted by Jessica Caldwell on 9th July 2017
My story of meeting Christina is similar to Lyndsi. When she moved to our town we became instant friends! Christina just had a way about her! She made you feel like you were the most important person & nothing else mattered. She is such a beautiful soul! She taught me how to be a better person and better friend... She also taught me green beans taste way better with ranch dressing. I remember she used to feed her dog chips from her mouth, ha! She loved animals more than anybody I know!! When we were together we were always laughing. I loved to make her laugh because she had the best laugh!! I have so many memories of sleepovers and hanging out. One sleepover at my house turned into a late night/early morning teepee excursion. It had rained that day so it wasn't the smartest decision. Our shoes got so muddy that it was obvious, to my parents, what we had been up to. We were sooooo tired and my parents kept waking us up asking why we were out of toilet paper! We played tennis together in high school with Sandy Childress as our coach! I love tennis because of them. Tournaments could be long but they were never boring with Christina! She just made everything so fun! I will never think about tennis without a thought of her! She has great parents! I am heartbroken for Gary & Sandy❤️ Please know you are in my prayers. I really could go on and on about her... She will be sooooo missed by so many. Everyone who knew her loved her. Although we haven't spoken in so many years I know when we meet again we will pick up where we left off. Rest easy, girl. I love you, Jess
Posted by Noelle Smith on 8th July 2017
I am so sorry for your loss....I wish you all strength is this difficult time...while I didn't know you all very well, I felt the need to send my condolences for her passing. -Noelle
Posted by Micheal Mitchell on 8th July 2017
Your friendship and our relationship will always be remembered. You was a great mom and I'm thankful I knew you. Keep your hands on Piper. Love you
Posted by Lyndsi Lee on 8th July 2017
Christina and I became friends when she moved to Bullard Tx. We instantly became best friends. We spent many weekends riding horses together. My first memories of the internet were with Christina. I remember her mom giving us 1 hour on the chat rooms, it was 10.00 an hour back then lol. In school we would write each other a letter in every class and exchange them in the hall between classes. Her dad worked as a local weather man, I remember him coming in her room at night when he got home from work around midnight to check on her. She said he did that every night. When I had my little girl in 2014 Christina was so excited for me. She mailed me a ton of Pipers baby clothes for my little girl. Even though we hadn't seen each other in decades she was still so loving and giving. I can't believe she is gone. It doesn't seem real. I know she loved Rory and Piper with everything she had. To Gary and Sandy, I am so incredibly sorry that your baby girl was taken from you at such a young age. She was and always will be your baby girl. You did a wonderful job raising her. She was such a good person with a huge heart. To Rory and Piper, never forget how much she loved you both. I'm every picture she posted with you 2 she was always glowing. You both were the loves of her life. I am so sorry she was taken from y'all. I hope you find peace in knowing she is in no more pain and will always be your beautiful angel.
Posted by Lindsey Vorheier on 8th July 2017
I'm still trying to believe it is actually real that you are gone hard to process. You where such an amazing sweet strong woman and an amazing momma. Davina loved you slot everytime we came home from playing with Piper she would non stop talk about you and piper and still dose to this day she asked to go to movies with u all and play. You will be deeply loved and Missed by so many fly high babygirl I know you will always be watching over Piper and family. Davina and I love you
Posted by Patricia Jones on 8th July 2017
Gary and Sandy, We are so sorry to hear this. We have always treasured the time we had with you!! Christina was a part of our everyday life and we enojoyed her every minute. Over the years I've often reflected on our afternoons sitting outside watching the kids play. Christina was always a joy to have over and to watch play and grow. I remember her beautiful smiles!!! She was a very happy little girl. How thankful we are to have been your neighbors but more thankful for your friendship. Bailey and Christina had many fun times together---backyard, the park, water world(forgot it's name??), church, tee ball, birthday parties, etc. We have a gazillion pictures of Christina. If ok I will try to post a few. Hope they comfort you with wonderful memories. Thank You for sharing your precious daughter and life with us!! She was a beautiful young girl with wonderful parents!!!! It appears she remained beautiful inside and out.
Posted by Joshua Mitchell on 8th July 2017
Christina thank you so much for allowing me to be apart of yall life. You given me the opportunity to meet you Piper and your amazing family. I love you so very much darling. ❤️
Posted by Christopher Cox on 8th July 2017
She was the nicest person I have ever met, she was a great friend that I could have fun with. I will miss her with all of my heart. She would always make my day and cheer me up if I was having a terrible day. Christina u will be missed but not forgotten. I love you my friend.
Posted by Avery Daigrepont on 8th July 2017
I'll never ever understand why you were taken at such a young age. Not a day will go by that I won't think of you. All of our memories we shared will forever be cherished. From riding around singing our favorite song at the top of our lungs, our Chilli's lunch dates every Wednesday, getting our nails and tails done, taking a ridiculous amount of selfies until we got the perfect one to post, tiki tubing, cooking manicotti, our house of hotties nights, our movies nights, having a party on the hill, GG's, ANYTHING we did together we had fun no matter what! For those memories I'll always be grateful for! You got to do the one thing in life you always wanted to do and that was become a mom and you made the best one. Piper will remember how awesome her mommy is and how much you love her! I love you Stina and my promise to you is to keep your memory alive. You'll never be forgottten. I'll see you up there. Save a seat right next to you. You'll always be my heart.
Posted by Dena Malone on 8th July 2017
Ohhh my beautiful dear Christina, I have so many great an amazing memories of the first time we met when u guys came and stayed with us in Alpine and continuing for the 1st 3.5 years of pipers life until we moved to Yuma. We had so many great weekends and weeks in the canyon from just laying around and eating pasta bake every hour to our long walks on the back road to the canyon park. We could sit around for hours watching the kids and how much piper loved and mothered Brody as a baby to them playing when he finally became mobile, which poor pipes waited forever lol. It was the 3 muskateers and our Lil humans. And when we had the unfortunate weeks that we weren't together we were always texting or talking. U will never be forgotten my beautiful lady. Rest Easy Now. I love u forlife and beyond
Posted by Lonnie Hudson on 8th July 2017
This is honestly first time ever in my life that I don't understand why God choose to take someone. Take this particular person. This amazing, wonderful, beautiful person. I will always remember her laugh. Loud and contagious! Her unique walk. Happy and chipper. And, that beautiful hair. When she worked at Old Navy, we would take hand fulls of her gorgeous hair and and smell it! Lol. It would always smell so amazing! She thought we were so weird but laughed with us and let us do it! Chrissy...I love you. I will never forget you. I promise.

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