Christina's greatest love

Shared on 8th July 2017

Christina loved children and has a beautiful daughter named Piper Elizabeth Childress.  Christina loved the experience of being pregnant and would have probably had more children if circumstances allowed before her passing. 

Her early 20's as a young adult

Shared on 8th July 2017

Christina worked mostly in the service areas within the workforce.  Her first job was working for Penney's in the photography department.  I remember going to pick her up after her evening shift and arrived early.  I had a chance to see her work with customers and she was fantastic, so caring and professional.

Most of her other jobs brought her back to her love of animals and working for a few veterinarians.  That gave her more time with her dogs Sam, Samantha, Cheyene and Shay (all Springer Spaniels).

Shared on 8th July 2017

In her teenage years she was a good student and played sports, some soccer, swimming where she did the butterfly (tough stroke to do, takes a lot of upper body strength) followed by some volley ball and tennis. 

She had always loved animals, I will talk about her dogs in the next chapter but she also loved her big ranch horse named Tony.  When she first learned to ride horses we were living in the hills and forest of northern Arizona.  There was a lady there who rode her own equestrian dressage horses and tried out for the olympics.  She taught Christina to ride and so she learned to sit a good saddle and was beautiful to watch. 

In the beginning

Shared on 7th July 2017

Christina Leigh Childress was a child that was wanted and waited for.  From the beginning she stole our hearts and her grandparents hearts.  We were fortunate to have a great daycare service to help us and everyday she came home with french braided hair.  She was as sweet as could be and she was always fairly quite.  

We invested everything in having one child.  There were more than a few times though that we wished we had given her some brothers and sisters.  She chose her friends later in life to fill those positions...