Shared by judy danielson on May 10, 2011

     More than once, I thought about you at Hobby Lobby.  What can I get for Christina?  What little something to make her happy and show her that we love her.  Once, as I recall, it was a round 4" little plate showing Paris.  I wanted you to know you had great potential and possibilities.  Another time, you picked out a picture frame you liked.  So, Christina, as often as I go to Hobby Lobby, it will be a continual reminder of bringing a sense of happiness and love to you.  Aunt Judy

Shared by Casey Danielson on May 10, 2011

Christina, the first time I met my in-laws we connected in a way that made me feel welcome-thanks Christina! The time we shared was short although we had good times!! And we will have an awesome time when we meet up again! Looking forward to that time!

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