her Life

A Life Well Lived

Christine was born in Bridge of Allen, Scotland.  She grew up exploring the steams and canals with friends and family near her childhood home in Bonnybridge, Scotland. She played field hockey, was a high jumper and often helped her mom prepare fish her father had caught.

Following her graduation from the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow, she decided to explore other parts of Europe, and found a job working for an extension office of the US Army in Heidelberg, Germany. It was there she met her future husband, Lee Gregory, a Captain in the US Army at the time. Christine realized she had found someone who shared her love of life, sense of adventure and hard work ethic. Their zest for adventure began by traveling through Europe together in a Volkswagen Camper and continued on while in the United States through their 50 years together. Christine would often say, “there is rarely a dull moment in my life”.

After exploring Europe together, they packed up their Volkswagen camper and made the crossing to the US on the Queen Elizabeth II Ocean Liner. Upon landing their only plans were to get married and find someplace to settle. They were married at a small ceremony in Pennsylvania and their first journey was to New Hampshire to visit Lee’s family. On their way through Conway, New Hampshire Christine noticed the beautiful scenery and wildlife and decided it was a place they could call home. They quickly settled in and began their life together in a small house on a quiet road in Conway. For the next 35 years they started a business, raised two boys and partook in many adventures along the way.

Upon retirement, Christine and Lee moved to the Villages, Florida and took many trips to visit their sons in various parts of the world. Her sons meant the world to Christine and she never missed an opportunity to spend time with them. She traveled to visit her son Scott in London while he spent a summer there. She even flew over to Germany to help her son Greg recover from a surgery. Scott and Greg have lived in many places around the world over the years and no matter how far away or how short their stay, Christine always made it a point to visit and help in any way she could. A trait her sons were always incredibly grateful for. Later in life when Christine became a Grandmother, “Gran” as she preferred to be called, she made it a point to visit whenever possible and was always there to help whenever needed. After settling into the Villages, Florida full time, Christine made it a point to get out and meet people and quickly got involved in many activities. She joined a number of clubs, among them was the British club, the lawn bowling league and even the aspiring French Speakers club. Anyone who ever met Christine or knew her would likely say there isn’t a sweeter, kinder person they’ve ever met. Her grace was evident in everything she did. She met a lot of wonderful people during her time in the Villages and their love of Christine is evident in the outpouring of support.

The final six months of her life were spent with family during a beautiful summer in Duluth, Minnesota. She was able to dip her toes in Lake Superior and wade in a creek that she said reminded her of Scotland. She cherished watching her granddaughter ride horses and often covered her eyes when her grandsons would try and perform risky dirt bike tricks for her. In spite of all the pain Parkinson’s brought her, she often graciously said it was one of the best summers of her life. While Parkinson’s took Christine far sooner then she deserved, she lived a life of happiness and adventure. She will be sorely missed by all those who knew her and were touched by her kindness and love.