Shared by Chelsea Slater on November 14, 2011

 We had so much fun making those cookies :) such good memories grandma and I will cherish them all....

Driving Lessons

Shared by Chelsea Slater on November 14, 2011

On one of my first of many driving lessons that grandma gave to me, I slammed on the breaks really hard and she screamed, after she laughed for a good 10 minutes about my bad driving... I'm going to miss our driving trips together we always went everywhere together...  

Gma at the horse show

Shared by Dixie Walker on November 14, 2011

A couple of years ago we all went to a horse show and Gma came with us. When we were thru performing we came up and set on the bleachers with Gma, I happened to notice an older gentlemen sitting byhimself on the same row. I kept asking gma to scoot down a bit, she wasnt paying an attention to me and kept scooting down. I had scooted her down where she now was sitting next to this old chap and I got up and walked away. Gma was sitting next to him all by herself and of course Tammy and I were cracking up laughing. About the time she noticed what I had done the older mans wife came up and set on the other side of him and it was just the 3 of them, even funnier. Oh boy did I catch hang from Gma she called me a

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