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not only a friend

February 19, 2012

Chris IS and always will be my number one bestfriend he always knew when i was upset as i did him we have never had anything bad to say about each other i miss him more and more everyday my heart has grown cold but im learning to love again chris Chris would do anything in this world for anyone anywere from fixin cars cuttin grass watchin kids helping ppl move rearange there cribs he was great and THE MAN LOVED THE KIDS.......when chris would leave for tymes i wrote that man everyday and was so happy to know i was making him smile i wouldve never known he would have been the love of my life till he called me out the blue and said COME HOME i did and didnt look back them was the best days of my lyfe HE [CHRIS VINSON SR.] is and will always be my LOVE.......MUAH MUAH I MISS U BLUE TRU FAMILY IS TATTED AND HAS BEEN FOR 2 YEARS ON MY HEART I LOVE U REST IN PEACE XOXOXOXOXOXO

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