We have established a scholarship in Chris's name supporting agricultural education for women farmers in Africa.Contributions can be made through: Winrock International, Please contact: Sheri Kabaou at SKabaou@winrock.org or(501)280-3019 to donate.
  • 64 years old
  • Born on July 14, 1947 in Panama City, Florida, United States.
  • Passed away on November 19, 2011 in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico.


This memorial website was created in the Loving memory of  Christopher  R. Dowswell, 64, born on July 14, 1947 and passed away on November 19, 2011.He loved people and life and will be well remembered,deeply missed and never forgotten Please help honor Chris's life with your rememberances,stories,pictures,video clips,audio clips etc...
The family has a established the Chris Dowswell Scholarship Fund through Winrock International. It's Mission is helping African women farmers by providing  scholarships for  local extension agent training of Women in there countries. This is something that was very important to Chris and we are doing very postive things with this fund. 88 scholars to date!
If you would like to DONATE please contact Sheri Kabaou at Winrock international. (501) 280-3019 or SKabaou@winrock.org Thank You  

Posted by Esther Afor Ibrahim on November 20, 2019
How time flies, just like yesterday your thoughts keep flashing in from time to time. You were a lover of children. I remembered vividly you paid for Lisa's nanny fee in Addis Ababa when I travelled with her in 2010 working with SG2000
Nigeria . You were a lovable person. l personally miss your person. Continue to rest in peace Christopher Doswell!
Posted by Jonathan Katende on November 20, 2019
Dear Chris,
It was around this time when the sudden news of your passing on gripped Ugandans. We cant remember enough the moment you had set in SG2000 to improve the livelihoods of the smallholder farmers. The atmosphere you created through your management style is persisting up to today. I pray that God continues to inspire the management team at SAA to stand by your virtues
Posted by Tiff Harris on November 19, 2019
Been thinking about you, Chris, remembering all the good times and 'learning experiences' we shared. You are missed, right around the world. Much love from Nairobi, y un abrazo!!
Posted by Tiff Harris on July 16, 2019
Happy B-day old friend...still think of you often, and how your friendship made my life better. You are and will always be missed. Un Abrazo!
Posted by Steven Dowswell on July 14, 2019
Happy 72nd brother, miss you !
Posted by Davd Dowswell on July 14, 2019
Visiting mom. We talked about your birthday today while I was looking at old photos of you and Richard. We both miss you so. Happy Birthday!
Posted by Davd Dowswell on July 14, 2019
Thought of you today, how hard it is to believe you are gone.
Posted by Christian Ortiz on June 18, 2019
Es difícil saber que ya no estás, te recuerdo y me gustaría escuchar tus consejos, Montse creciendo, es una pena ya no tenerte cerca, vives en nuestros corazones y siempre te agradezco todo lo que hiciste por mí, descansa en paz
Posted by Richard Taylor on June 11, 2019
Keeko, You left us too early old friend. Cannot believe Richard left us and now you are gone. Our 4 years together in Spain, the closeness of the Dowswells and the Taylor families, the memories of our shenanigans in Madrid come flooding back. I wished we could have got together in our old age to share those memories. I will never forget you and I on the bridge of the SS Independence arriving in New York harbor and through the mist seeing the Statue of Liberty come into view, first time seeing our country in 4 years. David and Steven, you have lost two wonderful brothers and my heart breaks for you.
Posted by Tiff Harris on November 21, 2018
Hard to accept it's been 7 years, amigo ... I will always be thankful that you were in my life for so long ... you are greatly missed. Abrazos, Bro.
Posted by Steven Dowswell on November 20, 2018
Thinking about you today and often brother.....
Posted by Matthew McMahon on November 19, 2018
Thinking about you today - and will not be forgotten.
Posted by Davd Dowswell on July 17, 2018
Chris was someone who always wanted to help those less fortunate. Losing him was a loss for us all. Miss you.
Posted by Tiff Harris on July 17, 2018
Happy Birthday once again old friend. I think of you often and how you changed my life in such positive ways. Miss you, pal. Rest in peace.
Posted by Steven Dowswell on July 15, 2018
Miss you, Happy Birthday brother...
Posted by Davd Dowswell on November 19, 2017
Sometimes it's hard to believe your are gone. Every time someone mentions Mexico I think of you. I miss hearing from you.
Posted by Jonathan Katende on November 19, 2017
Dear Chris, You're candle is still burning, with the new strategic plan in place, SAA will strive to achieve what you cherished, ''developing the smallholder farmer of Africa''
Posted by Steven Dowswell on November 19, 2017
Thinking of you during this time of year for family.
Doing good things in Africa in your name, brother.
Posted by Nicole Dowswell on November 19, 2017
Miss you everyday Uncle Chris. Always wishing I can talk to you and get your advice. Love you very much.
Posted by Tiff Harris on November 19, 2017
Hey Buddy...I've been traveling and am just back on line...I think of you often Chris...your's was a singular friendship for me and nothing like it has come along since. Which is my way, I guess, of saying I miss you Pal. God Bless you and keep you. 
Mr. T.
Posted by Ernest Okorley on November 19, 2017
Chris! your memories still linger in our minds. You made an indelible mark of human development in your time. We are grateful for the life you shared with us in Africa. Rest well, knowing that you did your best for humanity.
Posted by Peggy Dowswell on November 19, 2017
Chris, remembering you and missing you. So proud of the legacy you left us!
Posted by Steven Dowswell on July 14, 2017
Happy Birthday brother !
Posted by Jonathan Katende on July 14, 2017
Dear Dowswell,
Your leadership contribution to SAA, more so to SG2000-Uganda which opened a new chapter in SAA working style will always be cherished.
You will always be remembered by SG2000-Uganda family.
Posted by Davd Dowswell on July 14, 2017
Happy 70th Christopher!
Posted by Steven Dowswell on November 20, 2016
Hard to believe it has been 5 years since you left so suddenly. I think of you often and miss you daily. Love you brother....
Posted by Tiff Harris on November 19, 2016
Your light still shines brightly my brother. Rarely a day passes without you in my thoughts and prayers. Rest well, knowing the world is a better place for you having passed through it. Mr. T.
Posted by Vivian Murray on November 19, 2016
It's the five year marker since Chris left this realm. It is the same marker as his father in September and my mother in October as they preceded him so closely. I was raw with grief in 2011 as was Chris' mother who lost a husband, best friend, and a son. Chris wanted to be recognized as my grandson's grandfather although it was his late brother, Richard, who was Gabriel's grandfather. This is only one example of Chris' generous spirit and caring for others. He also had the astute ability to use his words to help change the hardships in this world. I miss them all.
Posted by Bukulu Katendejonathan on July 17, 2016
Dear Chris,
I was among the youngest team of recruits into SAA family in Uganda, Chris loved evidence based reporting and cherished hard work, I will forever miss you for that.
Posted by Steven Dowswell on July 14, 2016
Happy Birthday Brother ! Miss You
Posted by Sani Sagagi on December 13, 2015
I met Chris once, prior to joining SAA in Nigeria. But he left an indelible impression in my mind because of his total empathy & commitment to the upliftment of rural women in Nigeria. I met him together with Mr Masaaki Miyamoto (then ED SAA/SAFE) & Late Prof A.M. Falaki (then Nigeria's SAA Coordinator). They wanted to meet, discuss & find out the best way SAA could offer support for the microenterprises of these women located in Jogana Village, Kano State. The women were producing local food seasoning. I saw the passion with which Chris loved those women & wanted to help them. Unfortunately, things changed before he could actualized his intentions. Till this day, the women always discuss & become animated about Chris whenever I visit them. Adieu.
Posted by Tiff Harris on November 19, 2015
Hard to believe it's been four years already, my brother. I pray you are at peace. You are surely missed, and remain my inspiration.
Posted by Tiff Harris on July 15, 2015
Happy Birthday, old friend...God Bless.
Posted by Davd Dowswell on July 14, 2015
Posted by Nicole Dowswell on July 14, 2015
Happy birthday Uncle Chris.
I still think about you everyday. There are more and more things I wish I could talk to you about, to get your advice and guidance on. Your wisdom is something I will always admire and wish I could have learned even more from. Miss you greatly.
Love you.
Posted by Steven Dowswell on July 14, 2015
Thinking of you today and often,
Posted by Steven Dowswell on November 19, 2014
Thinking of you today and always brother. Miss You !
Posted by Ruth Oniang'o on November 19, 2014
I miss you Chris. I was at the World Food Prize without you. We had our Sasakawa Board meeting without you. Continue resting in PEACE!
Will always have you in my good thoughts.
Posted by Peggy Dowswell on November 19, 2014
Dearest Chris, we miss you so, but we feel your love and generosity with us every day.
Posted by Nicole Dowswell on October 5, 2014
I miss and think of you everyday Uncle Chris. I know for a fact I wouldn't be who I am without you in my life. You always inspired me and continue to inspire me to impact the world in a positive way. You left behind so much greatness and kindness. I could only hope to say the same about my life one day. Love you Uncle Chris.

Posted by Ruth Oniang'o on July 14, 2014
HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHRIS. You will be happy to know we successfully celebrated Norm's birthday Centennary in Uganda from Iuly 7-12 and it went very well. I paid tribute to you there too. I miss you Chris and we all at SAA miss you so much. Continue to rest in Eternal Peace. Ruth
Posted by Davd Dowswell on July 14, 2014
Chris, I wish you were still here to talk to. I miss hearing about what you were doing with your work, your travels and the people met. I know you can't hear me but I miss you.

Posted by Julie Dowswell on July 14, 2014
Remembering you today on your birthday. You are missed greatly by many!
Posted by Steven Dowswell on July 14, 2014
Thinking of you today brother, miss your stories and humor.
Posted by Ruth Oniang'o on November 24, 2013
Oh Chris, we continue to miss you. I was joined by Aki, Deola and David Norman to make a contribution from SAFE and SAA to the Christopher Dowswell Scholarship Fund. We thought of you, we spoke of you and I wish you to know you are missed and endeared dearly.
I miss you so much and yes, one day, we shall meet again. Thank you so much for giving me an opportunity to get so closely associated with SAA/SAFE and with Norm. Cheers and I hope you are happy together.
Always Ruth
Posted by Tiff Harris on November 21, 2013
Hey, Chris...I think of you nearly every day, and often ask myself "what would Chris do?" when confronted with a special challenge. You remain my best friend and most admired colleague. I've been through a bad patch this year, and including you in my prayers has helped immensely. I love you, brother, and know one day I'll see you again.
Posted by Steven Dowswell on November 19, 2013
Liking of you today brother and missing your stories and humor.
never forgotten......
Posted by Julie Dowswell on November 19, 2013
"The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen, nor touched, but are felt in the heart.” Chris, your memory will live on through the many hearts that you touched....
Posted by Don Doering on November 18, 2013
Chris touched my life in a special way - I miss that passionate, gentle and generous man very much. I miss you, Chris.
Posted by Julie Dowswell on July 14, 2013
Thinking of you today on your birthday! The people whose lives you touched still feel your loss. Rest well with peace.

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