Posted by Destinee Duncan on April 27, 2019
Because you were my uncle , I knew responsibility and accountability. I learned most of my work ethic from watching you work. I had a protector, someone who was always concerned with my well being. I had someone who understood my wit and sarcasm as a way to deal with some things. A man who didnt judge but definitely gave me constructive criticism. No matter what I know you were in my corner rooting for me to have a beautiful life! You were so wise and so humble. You were my reason to purchase cheesy mugs on fathers day and Christmas. Extra Cherries in my drinks are a must because of you! No one can replicate the mini carnitas tacos you used to make me! Mo money more problems is the anthem forever! My first star wars movie was seen with you and I was able to pass the beauty of that movie to my family! Thank you for loving me like your own. You weren't my dad, but this hurts like you were. Your loss is felt, but I know you are always with me watching me and no longer suffering. I miss your laugh and the way you loved my beautiful auntie. A love like that is once in a lifetime and I'm glad I was able to witness it. I just hope I make you proud! I love you Uncle Chris!
Love your niece Destinee
Posted by Gloria Weber on April 26, 2019
Missing you so much. What a man you were. They don’t make them like you anymore.

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