This tribute was added by Pete Jordan on September 20, 2020
Well I'm glad we had that one last beer this summer and got to do that a few times during the plague at least. It was always good to get the mid week text from Chris asking how I was doing and when we should go grab another drink somewhere since we couldn't go see any live bands of his that his friends were playing in anymore. Well we at least go to roam around Europe, he showing me Prague (I'd only ever been in Eastern Czeh before) and me showing him Poland and then him showing me around Berlin with his former brother in law. Maybe you can join me now on my solo trips I do when we're allowed to fly internationally again, just in another form, but hey I might need a guardian on my pub hopping nights. As usual it was always Chris that took the photos when we were out so the only ones I have of him are the ones he took of us...
This tribute was added by Duane Helderlein on September 8, 2020
The sport of ice hockey has brought many positive things to my life; the most positive being friendships I have developed along the way. Chris and I became friends after he joined team Chaos as an at-large player one summer. And little did we know at that time that would start a life-long friendship. While teams came and went over the years, Chris and I found ourselves wearing the same team logo. Going forward, it will not be the same without you, stepping on the ice next time, and you not there to share passes in warm-ups, being my wing pair and line-mate, scoring goals and creating assists together, recapping plays in the locker room after the game, and most occasions tipping back a cold brew, sharing stories, and talking about what life has thrown at you. Creating memories. And there are so many years of memories that go beyond ice hockey. Attending concerts and sporting events, skiing and snowboarding, venturing out to new brew pubs, road trips, photography, gardening, home improvement projects, sharing stories about our respective travels, and sprinkled with lots of laughs along the way. Every day I think about you, Chris. Thank you for all of the great times and memories, my friend. You are loved, you are missed, and you will live forever in each heart you touched. Prost!
This tribute was added by Patrick Harris on September 8, 2020
Chris, we are all missing you and I think about you daily. I miss the times we spent at the Lowry Beer Garden catching up on life and sharing stories. I miss the times we spent at my house with you patiently trying to teach me guitar. I miss all the shifts on the ice we had together for years on end playing the game we both loved. Most of all I just miss you, a genuine quality good guy. Know that everyone is a better person to have been in your presence. Look forward to the time our paths once again cross. Until then......
This tribute was added by Linda Scherrer on September 2, 2020
A true Renaissance man. Mastered whatever he set his mind to. A gentle, quiet soul. I was always impressed by his love for his pets. Now Chris will run free with his beloved Miles and Jack and all the others.
Chris, your memory will always be for a blessing.
I'll miss you, honey.
This tribute was added by KARL FENNER on September 1, 2020
AS A RANGER: Chris was a great friend to me, and beloved by all of us on the Denver Rangers hockey team. He will be missed, and dearly so, by all of us. We plan to pay tribute to him this season in a variety of ways. I am committed to NEVER forget Chris Politzki!
This tribute was added by Laura Politzki on August 30, 2020
Your baby sister is missing you, Chris. There is a gigantic hole in all our lives where you once stood. Mom and I are learning so much more about you through all the lives you touched. One thing is clear, this earth has lost one of it's purest, good souls. I love you, Chris, always and forever. Till we meet again, my big bro, go get busy on the other side doing the higher work you were called away to do. Catch up with you soon!

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