my big bro

Shared by Boo Fox on March 17, 2021
Having an older sibling they always become ur first best friend. growing up I would constantly steal chris captain planet and ninja turtles this would drive him up the wall but he dealt with it. through the years there was the constant sibling rivalry and petty fights but at the end of the day I knew my big bro always had my back. the times we would go out for a drink together he would always protect me from the creeps and if I drank too much he would make sure I got home safe and sound. whenever any one put me down or made me feel like I wasn't doing the right thing in life he would always tell me how proud he was of me and that I'm doing amazing. we had countless phone calls of just general chats or deep and meaningful convos and by the end always felt better. when I moved to tangalooma he looked after me made sure I had all that I need and told everyone that's my sister with a huge smile on his face. I will say it again my brother has always been my biggest supporter and my rock and living without him is hard I often wanna pick up the phone and call him vent to him and receive his advice and kind words. I miss you my brother i will always love you with all my heart

My mate Foxy

Shared by Paul Hungerford on March 17, 2021
When Foxy and I became mates at Tangalooma we always had EPIC ping pong battles. We’d play five sets to 21 and even if either of us were up 2-0 we’d always somehow be level at 2-2 and have a decider. This then carried on at our place in Windsor and we would play for the “Stanley Cup”(now known as the Foxy Cup). Even when not playing for points, we would just have a hit and practice shots we normally wouldn’t hit during a game. He would invent new games like ping pong cricket and so on. Always so much fun, very creative and fair but competitive. After playing ping pong we’d sit down and reflect on the game which would always lead on to one of his engaging conversations. He’d tell stories from all parts of his life and he always gave me great advice and knew what to say at the right time and bring a smile to my face.
Footy and cricket was always a great time with Foxy. He’d always come out with the funniest commentary during a game but would also say the same thing as the commentators seconds before they would. It was amazing how many times he did that. He loved his sport. 
So many more stories to tell of our mate. Most of them are not PG rated

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