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Happy Birthday Christopher

Shared by Kandy Hager-Hemmings on August 18, 2020
It's a beautiful hot sunny day this August 18th my heart is heavy and even those it sunny and hot I feel dark and cold I miss you so much...  your smile... your jokes... the sound of your phone going off every second I miss seeing you eating a quick sandwich you made over he sink cause your in a rush to meet someone somewhere... I can just picture it in my mind your finishing up your sandwich in one hand phone in the other heading for the door say bye Maw love u see u later.... but your not here once again and we're left to get through the day without you I spent the day in our back yard messaging Nikita all day.... she's still pretty messed up losing you .....we will be meeting a the G Site later on this evening well Happy Birthday Christopher I love u  Saturday is your Annual BIRTHDAY BBQ ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

Birthday Wishes❤️

Shared by Kandy Hager-Hemmings on August 18, 2020
This was written by me last year to be posted for last years birthday but I see today it sitting here wasn't posted so I'm posting it
We had your BBQ Birthday Garthing  yesterday it was nice... The sun came out for us.. Your friends and family were all there... you were in everyone's thoughts... Everyone was suppose to bring a memory.... your Aunty Karen had a mug made up with a family picture of your dad me and you.. What a Nice gift a wonderful special  memory.    My heart is broken seems so empty I miss you so much sweetie words can't explain how much my world is so empty without you here Happy Birthday to you my sweet son I love you


Shared by Trudy Franks on May 25, 2016

'92 was a busy year @ Christopher's grandma & grandpa's house in Sunnybrook with his 2 cousins Danielle & Tara being born in March & July just before his arrival in August. We would all end up @ Sunnybrook many times altogether. In the spare room was a crib so the babies could have a nap while there. Well whenever Christopher arrived Gr Rose would have to change all bedding because Kandy did not want Christopher to lay on the same blankets as his cousins because god forbid he get some germs! It didn't stop with just the crib if the girls were on a blanket Chris would have to have his own & there was no sharing toys, etc., either since Kandy was determined to keep all germs from him! Still brings a smile to me!

Sure do miss you Christopher, love Auntie


Stuck again

Shared by Kandy Hager-Hemmings on May 23, 2016

As most of you know Christopher was known for getting his truck stuck. One pouring rain cold Saturday night Jay and I were out enjoying a night at the neighbours across the street Jen and Tony. I got a text from Christopher saying he needed me to help him.... he was stuck just down the street so out I go to get my vehicle and head over to Christopher down the street I could see his head I get there he hooks the chains and Itry to pull him out didn't even move his truck! So Christopher suggested to use Jay's truck so I went and got the truck.Christopher hooked the chains up to the truck then got into his truck leaned out the window to tell me to go so I floored it and mud spun everywhere including all over Christopher oh I laughed so hard he got out of his truck laughing as well It was raining so hard it was washing the mud off him  pretty quickly!!I love you Christopher. .maw

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