This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Christopher Miller 21 years old , born on January 12, 1998 and passed away on March 27, 2019.Christopher enjoyed the simple things in life, cookies and ice cream ,art,music, a home cooked meal from mommy, the internet. He did not however have a simple mind. He was highly intelligent and loved to learn new things. he was very confident in his ability to know more than everybody! He was advanced in spelling reading math and science! I remember his first report card in junior high he bought home straight A+! He was the apple in every girl eyes,  as he was quite the ladies man! He made friends that adored him everywhere he went and had the best sense of humor! Tall dark and incredibly handsome  he should have been a model! 

He attended Oakland High, Sobrante Park middle school, Envision Academy, K-12 where he made the Deans honor roll, and a number of different school thru out he Bay Area. As all young boys in life he had made his mistake and he had made his victories! Thru it all Christopher had the kindness sweetest heart and the mildest temper! He said he would change his name to Kalifornia when he turned 18. 

He has a huge family that love an adored him very much. He joins his favorite cousin Shaliya Howard in the after life and I know she was happy to see him when he walked thru those pearl gates! He is forever loved by his sister Shiaera and Daesharay, and little brothers Ny'Tahari and Amalachi. His Aunts Chantale and Dawn and Essence! His uncles Rochean, Elijah, and Nahjee. His Grandmothers Angelique and Elizabeth Adams!

Kidney Failure took Chris from this world but not from our hearts! His smile, his Laugh, his jokes, his memory will always be remembered as pure joy in our life's!  We will remember him forever.

Posted by Shiaera Miller on January 12, 2020
Happy 22nd. I think of you daily and miss you even more

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Posted by Shiaera Miller on January 12, 2020
Happy 22nd. I think of you daily and miss you even more
his Life

Habla espanol

That time Chris convinces his Auntie he could speak Spanish! But was really talking a bunch of bs!

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Ebony Love

Shared by Kristima Kelley on April 27, 2019

I could never draw you for you are too perfect.

I could never forget you , to do so would be the loss of life

I could always count on a hug from you to make life feel less cruel

I would always smile filled with a joy when you flashed those pearly whites.

I always knew you are a star , so special the thought of loosening my grasp

I would gasp for air ,  share you with the world? Will they treat you like fine china ,

Or bubble wrap you with every move , will they appoint five trained guardsmen in the five directions to protect Our  Golden Child .

I reached to the heavens and saw from the sky the lights of heaven beam down

I felt the calm while seeing the fear , for this God I do not want , when he spoke

I understood although no verbal language was used . I cried , and I grieved and

I smiled when you looked at me , my love for you my son would not allow me to be silent so I talked in our family language, only sentences completed in our connected minds . You responded , yes mommy  I know , and to your sisters you used your smooth nature to put them at some amount of ease any your brothers will carry your spirit into manhood . Once life has started it will never be undone just like energy that is life  , it is transformed to the next where ever that be , it never dies  . Christopher will live in your hearts forever .  That breeze that dries the tear falling from your face , that bird that keeps singing to get your attention , that giggle you hear when you know your doing something crazy but hilarious  , that  little voice that says mommy don’t cry is hugging you and his gigantic heart smile and wings flap and close around his family singing melodies from heaven , rain down on us 

To my friend , my sister Ebony  ( Kool Aid ) Miller l love you girl my prayers are with you and your family 


Shared by Ebony Miller on April 6, 2019

Everybody loved Chris he was magical in everyway