Christopher Thomas Stronski: Born on a March day.... the 5th 1981 in Underwood Memorial Hospital. I remember it was snowing that day. Chris was a happy child. He was always seen scheming with His cousin Bill and Big brother Ken. You may ask what could a 6 or 7 year old scheme up? How about turning On and turning up His Grand Parents pool propane tanks and creating a pool sized hot tub. Steam pouring off the surface.
How about the time The neighbor Brought home a custom van to test out. Chris thought He would help out good old Mr Kelly giving the van a nice sand rub. The van had to be compounded and waxed to get out the scratches. 

Chris attended college and excelled at Physics. Numbers were His passion. He earned His BS from Rowan University. 

There was also that second passion.
Chris always loved the military. As He entered College He decided to join ROTC. He was no slouch preferring to go through Basic Training as an enlisted soldier. After that He pursued His goal as an officer. He received His commission and went on to support guarding the New Mexico border. In 2008 He led a platoon on a tour of Duty in Iraq. Chris was promoted to 1st Lt. He also received the Bronze Star for High performance and Meritorious Service and leadership.

Chris Loved His Family and was especially fond of His Nieces and nephews. Alexa would frequently keep Him company. Chris loved good comedy and could be heard laughing a hearty laugh at some Seinfeld episode. Chris was quite fond of dogs. He treated His German Shepherds as if they were His children. 

Chris was a troubled Soul and a beautiful Soul. I believe He is with God in Heaven and His Earthly pain is now gone. I trust He is with Grand Parents and Great Grand Parents. His cousin Shannon. Watch over us Christopher. Show us your New found peace and happiness in Heaven. We know you will show us somehow.
God Speed 1st Lt Christopher Thomas Stronski.