Let our memories of CHRISTOPHER be with us forever.
"And Thats Whats Up" as Chris would say.
  • 20 years old
  • Born on February 1, 1991 in Las Vegas, Nevada, United States.
  • Passed away on January 3, 2012 in Las Vegas, Nevada, United States.

This Memorial was create to honor my beloved son CHRISTOPHER WILLIAM WRATH,[AKA BURR] 20 years of age born on February 1, 1991 and passed away on January 3, 2012. He will be remembered as a loving Son,Uncle, Brother, Nephew,Grandson and Friend forever. All my Love to you Christopher, Mommy.

VISITORS: PLEASE sign in and leave a tribute, photo and/or video in the gallery or a story about your memory or memories of Christopher. Thank you so much for visiting. It means so much to me. I would like to thank all of you who have left a memory of how you remember Christopher . I would love it if everyone who visits would please leave a message and a memory of how you remember Christopher. I know how much everyone cares for him, Christopher was called home too soon and only God knows why. Please keep the momories of Christopher alive for his family and friends.

Thank you,

Chris's  Mom, Harry, Wayne, Melissa, Alyssa, Connor,

Angel In Heaven

There's a special angel in Heaven
that is a part of me.
It is not where I wanted him
but where God wanted him to be.

He was here just a moment
like a nighttime shooting star.
And though He is in Heaven
he isn't very far.

He touched the heart of many
like only an Angel can do.
I would've held him every minute
if the end I only knew.

So I send this special message
to the Heaven up above.
Please take care of my Angel  

                   IF LOVE ALONE COULD OF SAVED YOU,
                         YOU NEVER WOULD OF DIED....                                       

Posted by Harry Ferran on January 6, 2019
Hi Chris,
Thinking of you these last few weeks.
Miss ya buddy.
Posted by Aric Isom on January 3, 2019
RIP Chris.  Miss u bro.
Posted by Karl Penn on May 16, 2018
I recently learned of the death of a young girl, 26 years old. she was murdered actually,
It made me think of my nephew Chris. i met Chris when he was a baby, then again when he was about 10, he was a good kid, very respectful, Right away I felt he was fun to be around. he had blond hair and reminded me so much of Charlie Bucket from the movie Willy Wonka that i started calling him Charlie Bucket. I felt a bond with Chris like he was a friend, I remember coming back from a casino with a dollar chip colored gold, I gave it to him and told him "go in there and say I've got a golden coin" (like from the movie, almost... ticket/coin... whatever) like a good sport (or a friend would do) he went along with the crazy antics of his uncle.
Deanne, I hope you find solitude in this message.
Chris didn't die, he simply went back home to heaven where we all come from and eventually end up, whether still berth or 99 years old we ALL end up back home in heaven. We all have a reason for being here on earth, but none of us has the answers for why? When i was young and had to move away from the only home I knew i cried because i wanted all of my friends to move with me, but i knew they couldn't, and years later it dawned on me that people leave friends all of the time and maybe heaven is the place where we all end up, kinda like wanting your friends to go with you when you have to move. So when we have to move on (from life on earth) we ALL eventually end up back home in heaven, (This is why the song one sweet day is so important) Chris will eventually be reunited with everyone he met here on earth, his time here is done, God took him back home, for what ever reason, Chris completed his mission here on earth and couldn't stay, for what ever reason or what ever message he was here to get through to the rest of us, he had to leave because his mission was complete. It was his time to leave. He obviously got his message across to whoever he needed to learn it.
If you knew Chris you will see him again, but only in the afterlife.
Burr is gone and you need to accept it, no matter how hard it is, your mother is also gone, and one day, when you die, you will be reunited.
Heaven is your real home, life on earth is temporary,
I started this message with this post:
I recently learned of the death of a young girl, 26 years old. she was murdered actually.
So what is that message? we may never know.
Posted by DEANNE LECKY on April 20, 2017
Oh God....its been so long since I have visited you here .don't ever think for a sec that I would ever forget you Christopher its just so sad to know your gone forever I will never see you again in my lifetime .I often wonder if you will be waiting at heavens gates for me when my time on earth is complete..I know once I see you again in going to grab you and hold you in my arms but I know I won't let you go ever..its been a ill over 5 years since you have passed away.I am just existing here .I really don't know why in still breathing .I just want you to know if I had been giving a choice to live or let you live that faithful morning it would be you writing a message to me instead of me to you..I don't know how much longer I will be here on earth but everyday here without you is too long..I don't have a clue as to what or where in suposta be or do but I know I don't really want to live in this world feeling the way I do.I pray when its my time and my Angels are taking me to heaven your the first one I see..until that day .take care of your grandma .ask her questions anything you want to know..ask her about the beetle bug she gave me a long time ago when I was just a ill girl..grandma gave me the beetle bug to throw out ..but I had other plans ..lol.just ask grandma what I did with the bug..oh Christopher you will love this one..lol I miss you so much I love you .I promise you your memory I will keep alive..its time to go for now I feel my tears wanting to pour out of my eyes .but I'm gonna stay strong for you.I don't want you to always see me crying..I want you to be ok and fly high way up in the shy with all the Angles..come sit with me sometimes I just want you to be near me again..I love you so much..
Posted by Harry Ferran on February 1, 2017
Happy Birthday Chris. How I wish we could sit down and have a piece of cake together.
Posted by Danielle Ginder on January 4, 2016
Hey Chris...
Just wanted you to know I've been thinking about you all this time. You visited me in my dreams a few times and it was always like our times together in school. You always made me smile and I still do looking back on those memories. You've got a special spot in my heart forever.
Posted by Olive Thurber on December 27, 2015
Dear Christopher, I hope you had a great christmas in heaven... i'm sure you was here on earth looking out for your mother...she misses you dearly ...i know you wish you can take back that horrable day ...if you only knew how much your family hurts from your passing...stay with them and show them you never left them! give them signs your still there with them......I Reamber the many nights I baby sat you when you were a little boy i can still see that smile, you gave one day when your big sister was crying for your mother... because she had to go to work and you went and sat with her on the floor and hugged her and sat on the floor with her and said mommy will be back ...now matter what you showed love i wish i knew you as a boy growing up.... I look at your pictures and say your face never changed....talk to you again....love olive
Posted by DEANNE LECKY on December 26, 2015
i miss you ..Merry Christmas
Posted by DEANNE LECKY on December 26, 2015
i miss you ..Merry Christmas
Posted by DEANNE LECKY on November 22, 2015
hi Baby, its been a while since i have been here...make no mistakes i would sleep here if i could..its just so heartbreaking to see your pic here.you belong here with your family...i wish i could trade places with you..i love you so much Christopher...i miss you more then words can explain..20 years was not nearly enough time for us ...come and visit us..Wayne needs you more then ever..and connor also..Alyssa still remembers you..see baby you left so many great memories here who could ever forget your beautiful face and great personality...mommy
Posted by Pam Alterio on May 30, 2015
Christopher.... You may not remember me as I met you when you were just in elementary school. I remember you as a very polite, handsome young boy who listened to his mommy & loved her dearly. I never had the chance to meet you as a teenager or young adult but from everything I've been told you remained that same boy who loved his mom dearly. Please watch over her, she misses & loves you so very much. Stay close to her, guide & protect her. Let her feel your love surround her all the days of her life. Xoxo. Pam
Posted by DEANNE LECKY on May 29, 2015
Its been a while since I have been to visit you Christopher, I never for one min stop thinking of you..I am still asking why?????????? But never getting the answer...so again I will ask you WHY? WHY WHY WHY.AWW Christopher why?...you had your whole life ahead of you...my heart is so broken.,its forever broken...for the love of God why? Alyssa is growing up to be a beautiful little girl..and Connor is smarter everyday..we miss you baby.,everyone loves you...I hope you found what you left us for.,.
Posted by Aric Isom on December 24, 2014
I love you man
I miss you
Catch myself thinking of u always
I wanna say so much to say but can't get the words out


Posted by DEANNE LECKY on May 30, 2014
missing you so much.. still asking why?????? why? why? i love you so much, it's been over 2 years since you left. i still cant believe your gone forever, it's not fair to everyone you left behind.we all miss you very much..why coulden't you just stay here with us/...i will never let the memories i have of you fade or be forgotton..i promise you!!!!!!..send ANGELS to watch over Alyssa and Connor..Alyssa misses you..she dreams about you...love you always and forever Christopher...Mommy
Posted by Savitsky Linda on April 30, 2014
What can be said about the lives you touched in just a short time you were with us. I know God had a bigger plan for you. Only you knew why you had to go. Your mom was given a great gift to be chosen to carry on your memory. The only song that I had asked to be played at your service never was played and this is the only thing I had to give to you. So this song is for you Christopher  Josh Groban  To where you are
Posted by Donna Defalco on April 30, 2014
Chris you were the cutest kid I have ever seen, your little face stands out in my mind. You were taken too soon, you are an Angel now watching over us all. You will truly be missed and forever in our hearts.......LOVE AUNT DONNA
Posted by Nikkia Dahl Mills on April 30, 2014
You are missed and forever loved baby cousin xoxo
Posted by DEANNE LECKY on April 29, 2014
hello Christopher, I MISS YOU....I found Olive again, she is heartbroken that you have passed away, we all are.ther children are saddened by your passing..they never forgot you, oh God....you are so missed by everyone...I LOVE YOU SO MUCH.. and I am just waiting for my time on earth to be finished...waiting for the day I see you again in heaven.we will make new memories when were together again...I am so ready...I used to be afraid to have my end..but now I am so ready..i know you will be the be the 1st one I see..i love you just always know how much I love you always and forever...mommy
Posted by Harry Ferran on February 1, 2014
Chris...Happy Birthday we miss you. Hope it's good up there and like they say it is. Got to be something good about this, we are still wishing you were here though. Love Harry.
Posted by DEANNE LECKY on February 1, 2014
Christopher, happy birthday baby..I miss you beyond words..I love you..hope you're finding everything you went searching for...you will forever live in my heart..Enjoy you're big day baby...Mommy..xoxoxo
Posted by Harry Ferran on January 3, 2014
Hey Chris it's been two years now and we still miss you the same, maybe more in some ways. Sure wish you were here but I guess thats not meant to be. So I hope things are as good as they say they are in heaven, and you are happy up there. I'll see you again one day. Till then dueces and love Christopher.
Posted by DEANNE LECKY on November 29, 2013
Hi Christopher, we are so thankful to be able to visit you on Thanksgiving we wish you were here with us..Everyone misses so so much...I love you!!! You will forever be in my heart and the memories I have of you will forever make me smile.. Alyssa and Connor are getting big and so smart..Alyssa tells me you come and visit her..she has a big hug from me to you...keep her safe and warm @ night...Mommy...xoxoxoxoxo
Posted by DEANNE LECKY on November 25, 2013
i miss you
Posted by K.t. Penn Published Autho... on November 23, 2013
I first met Chris when he was about 2, another nephew I was happy to meet, I got to know him only briefly but did get a chance to hold him in my arms and like all of my nieces and nephews he accepted me as someone who he seemed to have a connection with.
years later, when he was about 8, I went to Vegas on vacation and met him again, I gave him the nick name Charley Bucket because of his blonde hair and he did sort of look like the kid from the movie Willy Wonka.
I lost touch with my family about 2 years ago and recently getting back in touch, I learned less than a week ago that he died, the night I got the news I got drunk, cried and cursed at God.
I know it in my heart that we all come here to earth for a reason, we are offered the challenge to take on our own life path, shown what our purpose here on earth will be, than we either accept or decline without being judged by God. Christopher accepted his challenge.
we see our entire life path in an instant, are told of our mission and when we will (die) leave earth.
we are born into a human baby, with some memory of heaven which goes away with time (before a year) because we can not know why we are here because if we did we would try to rush the completion of our reason here so we could return home to heaven.
but our reason for being here can only happen if the rest of the chips fall into play, for example: Bill Gates couldn't have started his mission to cure aids without money, he could not have made that type of money without the advancement of the internet, so he could not have jumped into aids research when he was 17 in the 1970's.
how many times have you heard the term de je vu?
how many times have you heard "my life flashed in front of my eyes"?
I bet many because we all know what both of those mean.
let me bring you back to heaven for a moment, we are all shown our life in a flash even before we are born, and people who almost die say they saw their life flash before their eyes.
the reason we have had de je vu is to remind us that we have seen that situation before, de je vu is a tiny memory of when we watched our life happen in heaven even before we were born.
some people die when they are 90, some when they are 20, in retrospect it is the same time, at the end it all was a flash.
there are no clocks in heaven, time is only of this earth.
we are all sent here, each for our own reason and we leave when it is time for us to leave.
Christopher had a very important reason for coming here, the way he died was very powerful, and so was the reason he was born.
it had to be the way it was because the message he left needed to be that powerful, there are kids at the age he was who needed the message he sent, his death sent a message to the people who needed to hear that message, he saved countless lives, those people he saved will effect other people in good ways because they avoided following his path, (he was the fork in the road) one of them may even find a cure to a disease that there is no cure to at this time, so Chris sent the message to that person not to do that drug, and saved their life, he saved someone who will eventually save many more people, that person is very important to the human race because they will figure out a cure to what ever ailment is hindering the human race.
the person Chris saved is very important to the future of humanity, but if Chris never came here to earth all of those people would never had a chance, no matter what. Christopher Wrath was more important to humanity than the person he saved because if he never came here those people wouldn't have had a chance.
knowing what I know I don't cry for Chris, what makes me cry is thinking about how his mother must have taken it.
Chris is a hero Deanne.
love Keith.
Posted by Harry Ferran on March 31, 2013
Hey Chris Happy Easter...you know we all miss you, it's our second without you. The earthbound suffer Chris, but we find joy where we can. Heaven must be great but we all have to wait for our time to come. Your mom and I are going to name a star for you. I'm sure you'll know which one bud. Let your Mom know how much you love her k. For now, Dueces. Love Mom & Harry
Posted by Harry Ferran on February 24, 2013
Hey Chris...just thinking about you. Thought I'd say how much we all miss you. How did you like the ballons ? They went up so fast and so high I think we may know the answer ! Dueces Chris.
Posted by Matt Racicot on December 21, 2012
hey lil cuz i was out at he store and picked up a new video game i just remember when u live with and and if we weren't playing yugioh we'd play video games for hours just wanted to say i was thinking of u cuz rest in paradise lil cuz
Posted by Harry Ferran on December 13, 2012
Hi Chris Why you were called so soon we don't know yet. One day you can tell us. Till then you watch over your family, especially your Mom k. Love Harry
Posted by DEANNE LECKY on December 3, 2012
Its the 11th month you have been in heaven I miss you everyday I want you to know I'm going to be OK I'm trying hard to deal with missing you I hope you're finding everything you left us for When I see you in my mind, you're still my little boy and always will be I hear you tell me not to cry but I cry for you. I Love You Mommy xoxoxo
Posted by Matt Racicot on November 14, 2012
hey lil cuz i think about u alot i even got ur name tattooed on my back in a memorial i have for all the loved ones i've lost but i just remember when u came to stay with my mom in prov we would sit up and play yugioh for hours i haven't played in years but after ur passing i was at walmart and saw some yugioh cards and immedeatly thought of you and i bought some just for ol times sake
Posted by Harry Ferran on November 4, 2012
Hey Chris, your missed everyday, Everyday for your Mom and I, your brother and sister and your friends. Your Mom has such a hard time now, she misses you so. Come to her Chris, help her. We got a little dog named him Burr. Mom heard you say he's cool, RIP Chris or whatever you're up to. Such a loss for all of us huh? But I guess it's got to be Deuces huh. Love Harry
Posted by DEANNE LECKY on November 3, 2012
Christopher today is the 10th Month since your Angels came and took you to live in the place where we will be apart for a while..I think of you every second of every minute of every Day,the pain of you being gone is forever with us..I know your at peace and with all the Angels now...but I want you hear with me..today tomorrow and Always.. I MISS YOU BABY.. and I LOVE YOU....Mommy...xoxoXO
Posted by Harry Ferran on October 3, 2012
Dear Christopher,
I know the Lord is taking good care of you, you earned that for all the good you did while you were here.
Hey when I used to drop you off and pick you up at your friends, we had some good talks huh? Thanks for accepting me as a part of your family Chris. Miss you alot, we all do. Chris, come visit again soon k Love & RIP buddy.
Posted by Carrie Mcgee on July 23, 2012
Hey baby Burr. This is not the way I wanted 2 tell u I miss u or goodbye. I The last time I saw u you were 12 and such a good kid I wished my son would be like you. Your passing was hard on your whole family. I just cant understand such a beautiful, promising, young life cut so short.... Until we meet again, I love u little cuz.xxxxoooo
Posted by DEANNE LECKY on July 9, 2012
Thinking of you everyday....I wish this was a bad dream...we miss you burr...if I had one wish you would be here today,tomorrow and always and forever...please never forget how much your missed...I love you so much.....mommy.xoxoxoxo
Posted by DEANNE LECKY on July 9, 2012
So theirs this boy he kinda stole my heart and he calls me mom..
When ever I think about this quote I think of you...you have my heart and will remain in my heart forever...I hope your finding everything you have been searching for....I wish you could of found it here...you are sadley missed..I love you mommy xoxoxoxo
Posted by DEANNE LECKY on June 12, 2012
hi burr, missing you so much everyday, i promise i will never let the memories of the time we had ever fad away....i love you ,mommy xoxoxoxoxoxo
Posted by Harry Ferran on June 4, 2012
Christopher it's been 6 months since you left us. Your Mom and I miss you so much, especially your Mom. Be wonderful if you could help her through this worst time of her life, I know you will, somehow, someway.....that's whats up!! Eh bud?
Posted by DEANNE LECKY on May 14, 2012
Posted by DEANNE LECKY on April 30, 2012
missing you christopher, everyone misses you!!!!! always in the hearts of everyone who knew you.....Alyssa and Connor are getting bigger everyday...Alyssa is talking up a storm..I see Wayne and Connor from time to time....i love you mommy xoxoxoxox
Posted by DEANNE LECKY on April 20, 2012
christopher I love you....missing you each and everyday......
         xoxoxoxoxoxoxox love mommy..xoxoxoxoxo
Posted by DEANNE LECKY on April 16, 2012
so there's this boy he
                   kinda stole my heart
                  and he calls me mom
Posted by DEANNE LECKY on April 16, 2012
If love alone could of saved you
    christopher, you never would
   of died...i miss you so much
Posted by DEANNE LECKY on April 16, 2012
people say, you don't know what you've got till
               it's gone,the truth is,you knew what you had,
               you just thought you'd never lose it...
Posted by Shannatel Huffsteter on March 16, 2012
I will never forget you Chris. i remember the day you add me on facebook it was the first time we had talked since 5th grade. i was so happy i started to dance and almost tripped over my own feet. when i came to see you a week late it made me happy because you were the same kid i remembered just skinnier and way more talkative. you were still as sweet as you where when we were younger rip
Posted by DEANNE LECKY on March 7, 2012
Posted by DEANNE LECKY on February 14, 2012
You Will Always Be My #1 Valentine. You Are Sadly Missed...
I Love You Christopher
Mommy xoxo

Posted by DEANNE LECKY on February 6, 2012
Hi Christopher, I spoke to Carissa, she misses you real bad. Everyone misses you! Melissa said you went to visit her and Alyssa. She said you were in the livingroom. She loves you! Super Bowl Sunday was yesterday, the Giants won. I bet you already knew who won. I know your @peace and safe now. Are you happy, can you hear me when i talk to you? Sometimes I can feel you here with me..xo mom
Posted by DEANNE LECKY on February 5, 2012
Hello baby, just sitting here thinking about you, wishing I could see you again. Please never forget how much everyone loves and misses you. Are you happy, are you doing everything you ever wanted to do? I bet your kicking butt playing x-box up there! Uh? Ill be back to talk to you soon..k..if you need me I'm right where I told you I'd be..love you so much..never forget. Mommy xoxox
Posted by DEANNE LECKY on February 4, 2012
Today is your 1 month anniversary in Heaven, Christopher you are sadly missed we will never let our memories of you ever fade.you will be in the hearts of everyone who knows you..I love you. Untill we meet again... goodbye Christopher.I will never forget your sweet smile...love and miss you so very much....Mommy..xoxooxoxo

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