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Missing you

Shared by janice malone on December 11, 2012

Dearest daughter there are no words to explain how I feel about you & how I miss you so much.  Houses are decorated with beautiful lights & other decorations & I think of you & how much you enjoyed decorating for every holiday.  You were such a wonderful daughter and caring person.  I cannot come to any beginning of closure knowing things I know now about what you were dealing with each day.  My precious child how I wish you had let me know.  You know your family would have been there to help you in whatever manner possible.  I know you are hurting by the way Casey is conducting his life but until he wants to come to those of us who truly love him as you do we just muddle along trying to survive & make any sense of all this situation.  The pain is so deep losing you but we have lost him, too.  I pray that you are surrounded by beauty, loved ones gone before, GOD'S blessings, beautiful music, & heavenly angels. 

Until we meet again my dear daughter you will always be on my mind & forever in my heart.  Mom  

missing you

Shared by janice malone on November 13, 2012

I know many people feel I need to "move on" & just remember the good memories.  I wish I could do that but I can not "get over" losing you.  I feared so many times you would leave us due to your illnesses ~ not the sensless, selfish way you left.  I know you had been dealing with so many hard issues & how I wish you had shared with us & let your family help you & perhaps we would not have had such a tragedy to attempt to deal with regarding your death.  So many un-answered questions---so few answers.  Why did you have to go??? I think of you so much of the day & mourn my loss & what a deep ache I feel in my heart.  Why do people do such immoral things & hurtful things to someone like you??? What would be so upsetting that a weapon would enter an argument????  All resulting in such a waste of a good life & good hearted person.  I know I tell myself that you are in a better place with GOD & deep down I am sure that is true.  But, selfishly I wish you could have stayed.  I was looking forward to spending more time with you & Wendy, finally at last, after years of being so far apart.  Not to be.........WHY??? 

Oh my sweet daughter you are always on my mind & forever in my heart!!!!  I feel you were treated badly & endured so much emotional pain.  Life is so unpredictable this is true.  It is also true that a Mother holds a childs hand for a while but holds them in their heart FOREVER!!!!!!!!!  You will always be our daughter, sister, & "auntie".  What a loss for us of a vital part of our family chain & our hearts are forever broken. 

Until we meet again my sweet daughter--I love & miss you every day. I wish things would have worked out differently.  You deserved much better than you received.

Forever loved, MOM    


Time Does Not Heal

Shared by janice malone on April 12, 2012

Many times since your death people have said to me "It will get better, you will see, time heals all wounds."  Well, I suppose at some point in my life I have said the same senseless sentence to someone else encompassed in grief.  I never stopped to realize how empty those few words can be until we lost you our "butterfly." 

My grief has not changed & time has not healed anything for me.  The hurt, pain, disbelief, & sadness have gotten worse instead of better for me.  Ever the true "Aries" personality  and loving mother I have always been I cannot get past the loss of you from our lives. 

Had you died from your illness it would have been difficult & we would have grieved for our loss.  But, to know the emotional pain & sadness you were experiencing from 2 who should have loved you more than anything let you down.  You died from a selfish, foolish act & I am sure you are in pain knowing what really transpired the night you died!!!   There is no way to prepare for a sudden loss of a loved one and the loss aided by another or others is such a tremendous shock.  The hope, the prayers, the denial, the anger & the final acceptance you are gone from us forever  in such brief seconds.  I know you are in a much better place with the "loving GOD". the angels, and surrounded by beauty beyond our imagination.  What joy & love you must feel there!!!!  I love you our angel butterfly!!!

GOD has work for you to do & you will be ready to do whatever HE has in mind to help those of us left behind & so many others.  Fly high & free!!!!

I love & miss so many things about you daughter but I know you can see Dad, Wendy, her family & I love you more than ever & miss you everyday.

Until we meet again~~~always on my mind, forever in my heart!!!!! Gone too soon.   I love you, Mom        

Christy The Daughter

Shared by janice malone on October 1, 2011
Christy loved her family more than anything in the world.  She was so happy when she had Casey.  She wanted a house full  of little ones but that wasn't to be due to her  illness, Crohn's & Addison's.  She did her best to not let it get the best of her. When she had surgery I would be there at her bedside & to care for Casey.  She would always say "Mommy please help me make it until I can see Casey graduate." I would smile & say I will do my best "sis".  Anytime she could help one of us when we were ill she was right here.  The last time was in 2010 when her dad had a motorcycle wreck.  It was a bad wreck with severe injuries.  I told her things would be ok and not to come home.  BUT, home she came and I wanted her to stay.  She was so much help to me in so many ways I couldn't begin to list them.  That was the kind of daughter she was--her mom, dad, sister & son was her life.  I so hated to see her go back to Mass. but her husband, son & jobs were there.  She was looking forward to being in GA with us when her sister had her baby and were were looking forward to us all being together.  Little did we know that would not happen. But, she was there in spirit & we knew it.  Bittersweet memories of a beautiful, caring, intelligent daughter loved so much. Definitely missed so much, & Gone Too Soon.  Always on our minds & forever in our hearts dear daughter, "our beautiful butterfly."     MOM & DAD

The Tin Man

Shared by janice malone on September 28, 2011

One of the funniest memories I have of you and Wendy was when you decided to cover Wendy with aluminun paint, I was painting outside and went into the house to get the two of you a snack. When I came back you had painted Wendy from head to toe with the paint.  When I asked why you would do that and you said "Make her the Tin Man Mommy."  They had watched the Wizard of OZ the day before and your favorite character was the Tin Man.  After Wendy was cleaned off with MUCH work I had  to laugh and think how this was you!!  I still have the shoes with all the paint on them in my cedar chest.  Just one good memory of you and your antics.  I miss you and your sense of humor so much my beautiful butterfly.  Why did you have to Go Too Soon?  Always on my mind, forever in my heart.  Mom

Til we meet again....

Shared by Jen Sands on September 24, 2011

Christy ....I met you in Wilmington, NC while we were both young Coastie wives.  We lost touch with all the moving between North Carolina and Hawaii...but sure were close by :)

I'll never forget that day at Tripler Medical Center while I was in the early stages of labor with Zach, my husband at the time Aaron was kind enough to drag me to the food court to get himself something to eat :)  I of course was not in a great mood feeling like I was gonna explode and was certainly not expecting to hear a female voice call out "Dunn" while looking at my husband.  Oh no...I was not in the mood for that!  After a couple of minutes it became obvious this outspoken, chatty person was none other than the Christy Brammer!  It had been close to four years and you looked great! 

We had recently moved to Coast Guard housing due to the pending arrival of Zach and I only knew one or two people.  We'd been there a month or so and come to find out you were right down the hill with your family.  Casey had been a newborn the last time I'd seen him and here he was ...four years old!

You instantly bonded with Zach as did Casey and we spent many days together while Tim and Aaron were working.  You introduced him to the "silkie" made him this amazing blanket that was satin on one side and flannel on the other that he carried around with him everywhere for years.  I had to remake it a few times for him over the years.  We recently moved and when I found it and asked what he wanted to do with it...he made sure it went with us. 

Casey was your baby though!  He was gentle and caring at four!  He would climb in the playpen with Zach and they would just sit and hang out :)  You were a great Momma and friend.  I'm thankful I had you for that year in Hawaii. 

My favorite memory of the two of us was April Fool's Day 1997!  You were always up for a practical joke!  You helped me for two weeks set it up :)  Zach was only 6-7 months old and we decided to set his dad up to think I might be pregnant again.  I had an "appointment" that April 1st at Tripler to get the blood test done to find out...(we went shopping if I remember correctly).  Prior to leaving, you called my answering machine from your house and in your best official voice, you left the message that you were from the lab at Tripler and that the test had come back positive.  My next step was to call in and make my first prenatal appointment.  It was perfect.  There was no way Aaron would catch on too quickly...he was a blonde :)  A couple hours later, we came back in the rain to the house.  The door was LOCKED and we knew he had fallen for it.  After fumbling to find the keys...the door swings open and there is Aaron just grinning.  In his hand was the darn video camera!  We both just cracked up!  We fell into the house laughing...we could barely stand up.  Then Aaron looks at us and says to me...I wanted to capture your face on camera when I tell you your pregnant again!  He was just so proud of himself!  You lost it and we ended up laughing sitting on the floor just looking at him ... waiting for it to click.  Well it finally did and he cocked his head to the side and flipped the camera around on himself and commented that he was an idiot and fell for it.  He then joined us laughing :)  I think it went on for an hour!  You were fabulous!

I only saw you one other time after Hawaii...while you were stationed in Yorktown.  I remember being shocked how much Casey had grown!  Well the moving around kept us in different states over the years, but one way or another you always found a way to keep in touch!  You were so much better at that than I was.  I always would find a card and picture in the mail or a funny joke in email.  Thank you for always being there even if we didn't talk all that much!  You are missed!!!!

Little Baby Sitter

Shared by Mike Davis on September 24, 2011

We met her wonderful parents in 1975. Our "oldest" (at the time, our ONLY) son was but a month old. Christy instantly took a "leadership role" and determined Jeremy would become her "little brother." It was an easy transition for both of them: we loved her parents and together with her little sister Wendy (then but a year old herself) our family instantly grew.

There came a time when little sister Wendy needed some surgery. The hosptial was a long way from home (Children's Hospital, Columbus, OH.) and so Christy stayed with Uncle Mike and Aunt Nancy -- obviously to "baby sit" little brother Jeremy. Though we got alone just fine, Christy missed her sister after a few days. So, Aunt Nancy and Uncle Mike determined to take a bunch of well wishes to Wendy and allow Christy some time with her little sister -- the one she loved so much!

However, when we reached the hospital and prepared to visit with Wendy and Christy's dad and mom, Christy said, "I'll have to take care of Jeremy so he won't get upset." By this time Christy was about six years old, Wendy about four and Jeremy about three. What a hoot to watch them "baby sitting one another."

The years since haven't changed our love for Christy, Wendy or their dad and mom! They remain very special people! Thanks for sharing this wonderful "little baby sitter." She's still much loved!!!

Fly Away Butterfly

Shared by janice malone on September 4, 2011

Our beautiful butterfly has flown to a better life & loving home

Though we miss her so very much we know she is not alone

She is surrounded by loved ones in heaven

She is pain free, happy, & loved.

Isn't that what we all want & need?

Though we selfishly wanted you to stay

Share yourself with us for so many days

It was not to be, God had other plans for you our beautiful butterfly

So fly high& free , see all the things & places you wanted to see

And know you will always be

Always on our minds, & Forever in our hearts!


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