Posted by Christina Hoye on February 17, 2016
Your class of '90 friends are keeping you close. It is still hard to believe you are gone. What a bright, shining light you were to our class. Thanks you for all that laughter! We all miss you Christy.
Posted by Whammy Lewis on January 29, 2016
Your mother has kept your memory alive for all to remember. Few have had a mother's love like you had/have. Fly among the butterflies.
Posted by janice malone on January 29, 2016
Dearest Christy;
I don't know how to get this hole in my heart to get smaller from the loss of you "our sunshine." You could always make us laugh and we knew we could deal with anything as long as we were together.. This Malone family. I still cannot believe you are gone. I still feel and remember how happy we were to find out we were pregnant with you beloved daughter. I never dreamed I would feel more pain when you were taken away than the pain of bringing you into this world. I love and miss you in so many ways. And, yes you were needlessly taken by those who deceived always knew your "true" family loved you beyond words. Sadly, you are gone too soon, from the actions of others. I will love you until I die and beyond. Gone too soon, loved so much!!!
Posted by janice malone on May 9, 2015
Dear Christy,
It has been a while since I have written and you know why. That does not mean I don't think of you each day with a heavy heart and such a sense of loss. I still do not understand why this terrible thing happened to you. You deserved so much better from the two people who were supposed to love you , protect, and cherish you. I miss you so much sometimes I would like to bury my head in the covers in the hopes it is all a terrible dream. I love you my darling daughter..until we are together again I love and miss you so very much!!!!
Posted by Christina Hoye on February 9, 2015
Our 25th High School Reunion is around the corner and I thought of Christy. Her bright smile and fun, loving attitude will be missed dearly but she is never forgotten. 
Chrissy Marra Hoye
Posted by Matt Hogsett on February 17, 2014
Thinking of you today Christy, you are often thought of and always missed. I hope that the butterfly I see hanging around me many times over the summers is you :) Miss you!
Posted by janice malone on February 17, 2014
Darling daughter & butterfly. Today is the 3rd anniversary of your death. How can that be when it feels just like yesterday. Those devastating news of your horrific death causes my body to react much the same as we did that fatal day. We miss your beautiful eyes & smile. Our family is now a broken chain but one day we will be connected again. How I love & miss you so much my older daughter. No words can express how much. I miss you so..........until we are together again you will remain, always on my mind & forever in my heart!!!!
Posted by janice malone on April 26, 2013
Our darlinbg daughter today is your 41st birthday & we can't share it with you. I can remember the pain & the hours spent to bring you into this world. That pain does not begin to touch the pain in my heart today as I miss you & think of what we are all missing since your death. Such lies, deceit, & disrespect you endured. Why?? You deserved so much more. We love you, Mom,Dad & Wendy.
Posted by janice malone on February 20, 2013
Well our special & much loved daughter the time has rolled around again & it is now 2 years since your spirit flew to GOD. We miss you so very much. The tears still flow, heartache remains, we have such special memories of you to  keep us going. Wendy misses you so very much but you already know that don't you? How we wish GOD would have let you stay with us longer. Gone 2 Soon.
Posted by janice malone on July 25, 2012
Christy there are so many things I wish I had known & we would have helped you with what you were dealing with at the time you passed. I wish I had said I Love You another time, said I miss you one more time, & I am proud of you just one more time, "If I had only known, " as the song says I would have done & said so many things. I miss you so very much. Until we meet again, MoM
Posted by Patty Dowdy on July 14, 2012
Christy, I only know you from your Mother's beautiful, loving words. She has done a wonderful job of keeping your memory alive. I can feel the love your family had for one another. Beautiful tributes filled with love.
Posted by Sabrina Malone Brothers on July 14, 2012
Just know that even though you left this earth too soon many people still think of you everyday. Everytime I see a butterfly I think of you.  Keeping your family in my thoughts and prayers always and knowing you are in a place like no other!
Posted by janice malone on July 14, 2012
Our beautiful daughter. Another 4th of July has passed leaving memories of you & the joy you had at the annual yard sales at home. You enjoyed seeing lots of old friends. I enjoyed having you home again. I miss you so much my sweet girl. The pain has not gotten better; our family is changed forever. Always on my mind, forever in my heart. I love you. MOM
Posted by janice malone on April 26, 2012
My darling daughter today is your birthday & I miss you so very much. I don't know why you are gone, I don't know what happened. I only know you are with GOD & the angels. The pain of labor to bring you into the world was not anything compared to the pain I feel since you died. We all love & miss you so very much darling girl. Until we meet again, fly high & free!! We love & miss you!!
Posted by Matt Hogsett on April 26, 2012
Thinking of you today Christy....Sending you a big hug and a birthday wish!
Posted by Mike Davis on April 26, 2012
Happy Birthday, Christy! What a great "big sister" you were to our Jeremy and how pleased we were to have you and Wendy as our "adopted daughters." You were the best! Love you and miss you! Uncle Mike and Aunt Nancy
Posted by janice malone on March 22, 2012
Today I am thinking of you so much "Sis". The past few weeks have been so very hard. You know all that has happened & it is so sad & disrespectful to you. You loved your husband & especially your son so much. It breaks my heart to know it wasn't returned as it should have been. You deserved so much better. Dad, Wendy & I love & miss you so very much. Forever in our hearts & minds.
Posted by janice malone on February 17, 2012
Today is the day I have been dreading for so long. You have been gone 1 year today. Our hearts are still broken. We love & miss you as much if not more than after you passed. 
"The last page of your life book was written that day, then God ushered you into His glorious presence." Our butterfly angel you are missed each day. We love you!
Posted by Mike Davis on February 17, 2012
How I well remember our last visit. Just "in the neighborhood" during a gospel meeting and stopped to see you and Terry and there was Christy. She was as big as the life she lived and full of the fun life she enjoyed. From what once was "Uncle Mike and Aunt Nancy's little girl" to a grown woman with wonder dreams and loving life -- what a great lady she was and in our minds remains!
Posted by janice malone on January 29, 2012
We are approaching 1 yr. next month since you were taken away. It seems like yesterday. We miss you more & more each day. Alex says you are her guardian angel & sleeps with your picture under her pillow each night. She kisses it every night then puts in under her pillow. She said you won't let anything bad happen to her. Gone
too soon, we love & miss you so much!!!!
Posted by janice malone on January 29, 2012
Well Sis we made it through the holidays thanks to many prayers, much love, & lots of fun with your niece & nephew. We laughed with
Wendy & David about things thewere doing. Zane was like
Alex & Casey, more interested in the paper than the gift inside. How sweet they are but you know that already.
Posted by janice malone on November 2, 2011
Thanksgiving is quickly approaching and I am thinking of you. I will miss spending it with you!!! I miss hearing your voice & seeing your beautiful face. You are missed & thought about so much by so many beautiful daughter. Always on my mind, forever in my heart. MOM
Posted by janice malone on October 22, 2011
Thank you for being the wonderful & loving daughter who made us so proud of everything you accomplished.
The greatest was being a wonderful mother & giving us our first grandchild. You shared him with us to love & enjoy, thank you!!! Always on my mind, forever in my heart!
Posted by janice malone on October 12, 2011
Tomorrow is another Thursday dear daughter. How do I find words to express the loss I feel since you are gone? I guess I can just thank God for blessing us with you and the happiness & joy you gave us. We will never be the same. Always on my mind, forever in our hearts!!! 143
Posted by janice malone on October 12, 2011
I visit this site EVERY day and listen to this beautiful song; it was truly meant to remember you and that you are "Gone too soon". I miss you sweet daughter more than words can say. Always on my mind & forever in my heart!!!!!!!! I love & miss you, "Sis." MOM
Posted by janice malone on October 10, 2011
As I sit here unable to sleep; overcome by sadness & memories of you I am thankful for the memories we have of you sweet daughter. You were one of the most precious gifts God gave us. The second precious gift was Wendy. Both wonderful women, wives, & mothers. I love & miss you
Posted by janice malone on September 28, 2011
A beautiful daughter touched my life, became a mother & wife. I can't believe you had such a short life. Our loss is heaven's gift. I know you are happy & free but I wish you were still here with me. Always on my mind, forever in my heart. I love you GONE TOO SOON!!!
Posted by Jen Sands on September 24, 2011
Missing someone gets easier every day because even though it's one day further from the last time you saw each other, it's one day closer to the next time you will. ~Author Unknown
Posted by janice malone on September 24, 2011
How can I begin to say how much you are missed our beautiful daughter? You are there surrounded by beauty and love from so many. I don't know how long it will be until I see you again, I pray it isn't long. I haven't been the same nor will I since you've gone. I love you!!!!
Posted by janice malone on September 5, 2011
If I had only known it would be the last time I would talk to you I would have talked longer, listened longer, and told you over & over how very proud I was of you and how much I loved you. I did say I loved you.If I had only known......I love & miss you so very much. Mom
Posted by kathy fuenty on September 3, 2011
Christy...always full of laughter and a person of her own will..I remember for one prom you wore a tux and I thought that was was so were not afraid to be who you were..thats what made you Christy ..a women of her own in God's loving arms now...sadly missed by all <3
Posted by janice malone on September 2, 2011
A special tribute to our beautiful much loved daughter. We miss you so much. You were beautiful, talented, intelligent, creative. Most of all you were caring & loving, always willing to help someone else. You were a wonderful daughter, sister, mother, & aunt. "Gone to Soon"

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