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Shared by pastor G. Githiga on June 8, 2021
My son and friend, 
It breaks my heart to write this about you son. I've lived and walked with you for the past 5 years.  I still remember where you stood the first time you came to our house, so nervous yet looking excited.  I didn't know that I had just gotten another son in you.  Our journey together begun that very night.  It turned out that you were going to be a regular visitor and finally became a member of my family. 
I loved you as much as I love my children and you know it.  I gave you everything you needed as long as I was able to.  When things were tough in your campus day,  we would always look for a way out and solve it.  It's hard to imagine that we'll never again visit giraffe centre,  Nairobi safari walk together again. I remember very well the first day I dragged you to the swimming pool. You almost said no and I insisted that you had to outgrow your "ukurinu" behaviour. Sooner it was the norm. It's so bad to imagine we'll never swim together again. 
It is hard to accept the fact that you'll never go with me to the village again and we'll never work on out tomato shamba again. We spent the whole of last year's lockdown together at home,  doing daily fellowships and broadcasting sermons for our online viewers.  
I've watched you fight bravely through challenges,  many of them.  I've watched you go to hospital every now and then and there was always hope that you'll recover. I still remember that morning in January when we went to four different hospitals seeking help. I'd see you looking beaten but you were still willing to go through the process.  The tears you cried are still fresh.  I can't just assume them. 
I will surely miss those lengthy calls... your loving voice calling me DAD . 5 years and you never wronged me,  not even once.  I'm sure you were a nice boy. 
How will I do those Thursday live broadcast interviews without you? . What will I tell our viewers? What will I  tell them? I was hoping that you'll recover and we resume them soon.....
My church youth chairman,  what happens to the young men and the girls you were leading? How will the worship team be complete without you? How will my high school ministry be without you and the way we did it so well together? The crusades, conferences and revival meetings..... God help me. 

The hardest thing for me right now is to convonce Stewart, Whitney and Andy that you'll never come home to visit them again.  They knew they have a brother in you.  This afternoon,  my heart was broken as Whitney and Prince asked me why you can't come from where you are and visit us.  

It will be very hard for us to let you go but we trust God to help us do so. 

Fare thee well my son. Even in death,  I  still love you like my own son

Dance with the angles

Shared by Wambui Mburu on June 8, 2021
I have no Idea how to pay tribute to you right, after all we'd gone through to get to be the people we were. kinyogori alumni has suffered a blow, So long our headboy. I truly looked up to you. 

Four D's of Failure births other 4 of success.

Shared by Nicholas Kiburi on June 7, 2021
So that time Chuaga like we used to call him at Kanunga High School was our prayer coordinator. On one of the teacher students on a Wednesday I remember he was the speaker and was tackling the four D's of failure namely;Discouragement
Denial, Deception and Discontentment. So I was so quick to get the first three but something was just hard about the last one 
.So I am reflecting after some days N I realize I had forgotten the fourth one. What to I do than ran to the Prayer coordinator, I was an usher then n an elderson people from Kanunga CU can remember. 
So our jovial pc is like Nicholas Kiburi, How are you, nikamwambia nipo sawa, uliniambia the four Ds of failure ni gani n the starts with Discontentment n together we mention the others,.....before I said thank you he said n here is something else,.. 

The four Ds of Success 
 Seems like its escaping me again,... That lesson remains with me, memories of how you woke me and Michael (who took the office of prayer coordinator after you) for prayer every Thursday and your consistency in prayer, it remains in me,... 
May the Lord rest your soul in eternal peace, like Paul, you fought the good fight and kept the faith n won the race, 

N one more,.. 

He used to make fun of Ernest Murage who gained so much weight even in intensive periods of fasting,.. 
He said I was smiling when praying 

Shared by Jemo Celia on June 7, 2021
Death is cruel! We hadn't interacted much but the few encounters we had pale Jkuat Tket one would think we've known each other for a lifetime. Your zeal for the gospel was inspiring.

 One true soldier in the Lord's Amy has fallen, rest well Jose
Shared by Esther Njuguna on June 7, 2021
Remember our first moment we met at strong towers in a mission field and team Jkuat was asked to sing I only knew we were 3 of us so you stood up as the 4th person and we were confused we sang a Sunday school song which btw you later teased me about it since you didn't know the song. I tried to teach you the song later but still you couldn't get it.
We came to realize later we leave in Gachororo and after Wednesday fellowship you would always escort me after ensuring everything in ushering was okay. A very principled man who never went past my door all those visits. 
Later after campus you whenever you were in Juja you would pass by my place and even if the house was locked you were always sure am in the house and you would ensure at least I left the house.  

I wish I would take back the clock to 2020 when you at least had a chance to genuinely laugh. 
An introvert who always put others ahead of him listening to everyone's else problems when you were also going through your challenges. 
You brought your manuscripts and we started calling each other co-author. We need to see your dream come true. Wa Kimoney loved you though with our ego we couldn't say it in words but in our actions. Rest easy champion


Shared by Him Of himself on June 7, 2021
Will always remember the first time we met tukipanga chairs jkuatcu, a young dedicated fellow who always served with alot of zeal, and passion for christ.Will never forget the warm welcome you gave me at JkuatCu Ushering, and nika feel home, gone too soon till we meet again.

A great science mind rests

Shared by Colsa maina on June 5, 2021
Before there was COVID19 , the only outbreak(s) most of us ever heard of were the isolated cases of cholera in most parts of our country.  The year was 2017, time for final year research proposal presentations.Joseph Chuaga came up with one of the best research idea any Microbiology could have. We've all heard of the phrase 'pesa ni chafu' , right? So, my friend set about to investigate how Cholera pathogens,If indeed, could be transmitted through 'dirty' money. You were a great scientist , friend and above all a great human being. Rest easy bwana Treasurer. Thank you for impacting our lives.

The Walking funny story

Shared by Jamie Mbugua on June 4, 2021
Once in highschool, you told me i walked funny like I'm trying to bounce all over the place and the way it made you laugh now that i think of it, i would do that funny bouncing walk so you could laugh again but to be honest, i thought if i bounced all over the place i would seem a little bit taller for my midget height. I love u brethren i have shed tears for the troubles that have befell you and that your life is no more. A good man even in his death remains a good man, thank you for a smile so contagious a spirit so welcoming, a love for the souls of men and for that i will never forget you. See you sometime someday on that far distant shore and as Paul said to live is Christ and to die is to gain. In our hearts you live forever, rest peacefully.
Shared by Daniel Sabwengi on June 4, 2021
Dear friend, you truly had a genuine heart,for God and His people.
And you'll truly be missed. 
May you rest well! 

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