Posted by Sheillah Mundalo on June 11, 2021
I had never met someone so fully inhabited in his spiritual sphere. Spending time with him brought me closer to God and I will always have good memories with him.
I am saddened by the loss of someone so full of life and cheer. He believed and saw the good in everyone and made his mission to bring all those close to him closer to God.
A smart man, he was always ready to share his abundant knowledge. I may not have the privilege to witness the young man he could have been but I will always be grateful for the little time we had together.You were not only a classmate but also a very close friend. I will dearly treasure the Bible marker gift you gave me during my birthday.
Seeing you laying in that cold box was so heartbreaking
In peace may you live this shore in love may you find the next. Safe passage on your travels until our final journey to the ground. May we meet again Jose. Fare thee well my friend
Posted by Ernest Mourage on June 10, 2021
In John 10:10 Jesus came so that we may have life and have it in abundance. Chuaga knew Jesus Chriat and lived his life so abundantly impacting all those that came across him that it feels like no justice when we have to talk and remember about him in only such a summarised way and in a limited time.
Chuaga lived his life so well & fully and although were are devastated by the dimming of a young promising life of our dear brother and friend, we are here to rejoice and be glad in Lord for having given us a chance to encounter and experience Chuaga.

His life was lived so wonderfully such that all you have heard and will hear in this ceremony from different speakers and friends is an underestimation of what his wonderful life was all about. When I was thinking what to say and what to not say, I found it hard since Chuaga lived such a momentous life which makes it hard it impossible to point only a few instances of a life lived so greatly and impactful. I truly feel sorry for those who didn't have the opportunity to meet and encounter Chuaga because his ever contiguous smile couldn't exist next to a sad face, Chuaga's presence would always brighten you up and give you a reason to be happy and continue living.He was always a joy to talk to and listen to his wisdom and the zeal with which he approached life can only be admired and imitated.

All those that encountered Chuaga can attest to this that once you acquainted Chuaga, you would almost immediately become his best friend because he treated everyone equally and with so much respect whether young or old. His positive attitude & mental fortitude appealed to so many and his selflessness made you know that you have a friend that you can call upon and trust. But sadly and very unfortunately, the person that looks out for everybody is always alone when they need someone. In the end, however, only our relationship with God and how we love others matter and Chuaga excelled where it mattered.

Chuaga was so loyal and committed to his friends and you can all confirm to that Chuaga would always come through for you no matter how many sacrifices he had to make. He lived a very proactive life and for those who knew him, you would all agree that if it was homeworks, assignments and any activity, Chuaga was not last timer rusher. And he would

His service to God in truth and spirit is our confidence and solace that we shall meet on that beautiful shore where we will serve and worship God to eternity. For now with heavy hearts we wish to say sweet bye bye and wish you a peaceful rest in that land fairer than the day where there is no sorrow and where our Father and your God awaits you with open arms.
We will offer our tribute of praise to God
For the glorious gift of Chuaga in our lives.
Chuaga, lala salama and msalime Maulana. Rest in peace brother.
Posted by Lilly Muthoni on June 9, 2021
Rest well General Chuaga, your articulate voice is still heard in my ears, your genuine smile, I wish I had one last time with you. That genuine hug that brought the warmth in friendship. You came looking for me to ensure I was in the right track in my campus life. You will forever remain in my heart. Fare thee well dear Joseph Thuo as we always called you
Posted by James Ndung'u on June 9, 2021
I find myself staring at your number(hoping to see you online) and reading your status "when the foundations are being shaken what shall the righteous do?", and try to contemplate deeply what you were really saying. It goes without saying and it was not hard for anyone to notice how awesome you were @ first sight. We've walked through great memories since Baringo house Kanunga high and in Gate B juja.You used to wake me up at 4 whenever I asked you to. I remember there was a time we went to your home in limuru and you came to our home. You never judged us in Juja and you encouraged us to be coming to Wednesday CU evening fellowship which we did with akina Allan, and we could never leave kama hatujakusalimia. Its sad to bid you goodbye and I never thought ungeenda that soon. Chuaga we will live to remember you bro. You had a heart of gold. Heavens are happy to receive you and am sure you are happier there with your maker. We will emulate your ways and follow your Christian virtues. Rest In Eternal Peace Chuaga ❤
Posted by Richard Miruka on June 8, 2021
I would that it was a dream that it was the last time I heard your voice on Thursday, 3rd June at 5:55pm. With a promise to "see us on this other end." I now get it, I know what those words meant. Yes, I'll be sure to meet you on the other end. Your deeds will surely follow you; and you will receive your reward on the other end.
A mentor, a cheerleader, a support system and a brother is gone to rest; but I will am sure we shall meet on the beautiful shore.
As transient as dreams and shadows, as erratic as dew and lightning, such is life. Your life is a great testimony. No one can ever live that life in our lives. It is irreplaceable. As you always told me, our lives are an open letter, to be read out to the world; as such was your few years with us. Everyone learnt something from you, the selfless, harmless and humble human being. Honestly I can't point out a single weakness even after our ten years together as friends. Perfection was your weakness.
"Loosing a loved one is never easy; wether sudden or foreseen. It's always heartbreaking. Grief can wreck havoc on our overall well being. Yet we take heart
Only God can comfort the grieving ones.
Death leaves a heartache no one can heal.
Love leaves a memory no one can steal.

I pen ️ down this tribute with tears flowing like torrents of water in my cheeks. May this hymn give us hope for tomorrow and strength for every other day without your presence in our lives, yet in my heart you remain; and I'll live to honour your legacy and to keep every thing taught and learnt under you.
"While I draw this fleeting breath,
When mine eyes shall close in death,
When I soar to worlds unknown,
See Thee on Thy judgment throne,
Rock of Ages, cleft for me,
Let me hide myself in Thee."
Posted by Wangari Muthoni on June 8, 2021
Shine on your way Joe

Chuaga you are irreplaceable
I don't think I will ever get a friend like you
You made me heal from my grandma's death and taught me to fear God
You made feel worth when everyone else rejected me
I thank God for the short time we had together which was of great impact.
Your kindness, selfless and your love of people and your work will forever be remembered not forgetting your bold smile;it will never fade away from our hearts
Posted by John Mwai on June 7, 2021
I wish we kept in touch after highschool. You were very selfless Chuaga, it was an honor to serve with you in the Christian Union. I pray for God's comfort to your family and friends. Fare the well brother
Posted by Nicholas Kiburi on June 7, 2021
With every passing of time my heart is aching and indeed is unable to come to terms with the news of your passing on. How I have wished it was just a bad and horrible dream for atleast then I would wake up and you were still with me, the jovial friend with a heart of gold and a long tender and loving    embrace . Sadly the reality is the other way that indeed you are no more, you have crossed the abyss and there is no coming back . What have I but the memories of the time we spent together, back in high-school serving the Christian union, back in your days as the prayer coordinator,.. The teacher students you held with all passion and diligent teaching,... I specifically remember you teaching on the four D's of failure,;Discouragement, Deception, Denial, Discontentment. How they remain etched in my mind.
With every photo of you am seeing around, with your broad shining smile, it hurts to see all that gone, your accommodation will remain unequalled. A true and faithful servant you were with utter devotion in your endeavors.
Much as there is sure hope of meeting you again the truth is it's devastating thia way.

However I won't be ignorant of the fact that to God you were devoted and yes there is hope that though you have crossed the abyss, you're not lost, you are more alive than you ever were,.. You are now beholding whom your heart loved and cherished.

And yes that gives me consolation , that yes from this world of corruption you have departed to that of no corruption, and that when Christ appears you too with Him you will appear in glory, oh what a glorious day.

And indeed your sleeping in the Lord is not in vain for your good deeds follow you, and though dead you shall live am reign with Christ forever.

I have much to pen down but the song by Richard Baxter is the best way to end it all,..

Lord, it belongs not to my care
Whether I die or live:
To love and serve Thee is my share,
And this Thy grace must give.

If life be long, I will be glad
That I may long obey;
If short, yet why should I be sad
To welcome endless day?

Christ leads me through no darker rooms
Than He went through before;
He that into God’s kingdom comes
Must enter by this door.

Come, Lord, when grace hath made me meet
Thy blessed face to see;
For if Thy work on earth be sweet,
What will Thy glory be!

My knowledge of that life is small,
The eye of faith is dim;
But ’tis enough that Christ knows all,
And I shall be with Him.

Yes indeed my knowledge of the life you have gone ahead of me to experience is small, of a truth the eye of faith is dim, BUT its enough Christ knows it all and YOU ARE WITH HIM

️️Forever in my Heart brother Joseph Thuo Chuaga️️
Posted by Taquin Mugezi on June 7, 2021
I still can hear your voice, Thuo, during those Family meetings in JKUAT, after preparing venues for the next day's Sunday service. Always reminding us to serve and give it our all, coz we were doing it for the Lord.
You were a dad to many, I saw how you served, how much you were diligent and disciplined in serving. You would not only encourage us to serve God, but you would also encourage us to work hard in class. Those are memories I'll live to treasure.
And you were a good cook, how you would invite us to your house, just to prepare a meal for us during those hard times in campus. You embraced me like a blood brother, you showed me a perfect example to follow.
I wish the story was different, I wish we were coming together maybe for your wedding, or somethin of the sort.
We'll meet in the morning, at the feet of Jesus. That is the confidence I have, that you've found rest, just wish you would have held on a little longer. My friend, we meet in the morning..
Posted by Samson Kamau on June 7, 2021
My heart is broken by your departure my brother. Meeting you in highschool, and serving with you in the Christian Union was one of the best moments of my life. I remember how we'd make jokes and you'd give me a slight slap/pinch on my cheek and we'd laugh. You had a warm and welcoming heart towards everyone around you regardless of their class. You never demanded respect but your principles ensured that you truly earned it, and I still admire you for that. The days I failed to show up for prayers, I would say to myself " Chuaga is praying for me," and that comforted me. Truth is, words are not enough to describe the impact your presence had in my life. Rest in peace brother.
Posted by Stephen Mungai on June 7, 2021
It doesn't take forever to notice a good man. And I think this is why it was so easy to notice Joseph back in 2011 at Kanunga High School. He wore a white turban and so white was his dealings. A man who was a perfectionist, to be admired by students and teachers, I'm sure. He had mastered the balance between leadership, learning, serving God, and living well with everyone he interacted with. He always had a welcoming irresistible that he made friends at first sight. A brother to all: from his class through the four forms. Joseph continued these traits to JKUAT. And Everytime we met, he was very concerned about how I was doing. I was lucky to have shared a school with you, a department, and a true friendship, which I will surely miss. I still will not understand why the good die young. Brother may you sleep well....You will be forever missed.
Posted by Richard Miruka on June 7, 2021
I hate to see your photos everywhere not for a good reason but as people wish you fare well. I wish it was a dream. I'm yet to come to terms with the reality. I wish we can backdate till last sunday just to have that intense talk we never concluded. I wish the darkness waited(or never came) till next Sunday for us to conclude that talk. I wish the darkness gave you more time to realize those dreams you used to share with me. Who will now write the books You used to write? Who will realize those dreams you had? Who will I call Baba Thuo as we used to call each other? Who will I visit just to eat a delicious meal?You have gone too soon.

You were a friend to be emulated if not immitted. Your level of perfection was too high. Your dedication to serving the Lord was on another level. Whatever you found worth doing, you did it with energy and passion and serving God was your passion.

Baba Thuo you were a great leader, a servant of the people. You led by example, always punctual for the meetings. You had a personal touch with your subjects.

To me you were more than a friend, more than a brother. You came through for me whenever I needed your help. Three years of staying together added immense value to my life. You even taught me how to cook. You lend me your morals whenever I lost mine.
Baba Thuo, you were so principled. Your NO was a NO and your YES was a YES. You raised your standards too high that I couldn't even reach them. To be honest, I'm yet to find another man principled like you.

Baba Thuo, you were generous, kind and good-hearted. Always willing to help everyone who came along your way with a need. Words are not enough to tell the world who you were. I even lack suitable words to tell who you were.

Fare the well my friend. Fare the well great leader. Fare the well brother till we meet again in eternity.

A tribute by Justice Mugo
Posted by ruth nyambura on June 6, 2021
I know you're not here to read this Jose but you've left behind memories of you.painfully No other option left but to accept you're no longer with us. You'll be highly missed, you became a friend to everyone you met, a selfless gentleman you were, I'll miss the moments, your calls asking "wakamau, how are you?", Hows everyone at home?, I'll miss your genuine smile, an encourager who encouraged others even when undergoing your own storm. You truly were clothed with strength... saying goodbye to you it's one of my lowest times life has offered.To your creator whom you faithfully served you've returned. Rest well dear...I truly was loaned of you
Posted by vinnie ayot on June 5, 2021
I knew Chwaga in 2010 as we were joining form one at Kanunga high Kanunga High School. He was admission no. 8880 and I was admission no. 8881. We shared a same family in the dining hall table 13(food was served in families). For the four years in high school we served with him in the praise and worship team. I remember how we used to praise and dance during our Friday revival meetings. However, we became closer when we were appointed to serve in Christian union executive committee, I was the chairman and he was the prayer coordinator. He was one of the most punctual guys in the team. He always ensured that he started prayer meeting on time and they ended on time. He was a committed servant of God he always took it upon him to wake us very early in the morning to pray. We also served with him in the prefects body where he served as the languages captain under me as the school Captain. He was one of the peoples who always encouraged me and he contributed alot to the success of our leadership during that time. His love for swahili language drove to encouraging the school every Monday to embrace the language and together with his team they taught us new concepts. Actually in 2013 he was awarded as the prefect of the year. I must say that he was a man of integrity something that I really admired in him. A humble young man who always respected and did any duty assigned to him without questioning. Indeed I have lost a friend and a brother. You would be missed greatly papa. Forever in our hearts. May the Lord rest his soul in eternal peace.
Posted by Samuel Ochieng on June 5, 2021
I am heartbroken by the news. One of the most hard-working and diligent man I've ever worked with. He was very impactful during my undergraduate project. He was a true friend who could bend over backwards to lend a helping hand. A true leader he was, and a wonderful classmate. May he rest in peace.
Posted by Anzugira Perez on June 4, 2021
I am shaken, you were a brother and a friend who minded others. Your wisdom and witty will be missed. I will miss you, the world will miss what you were to become. Rest easy bro...
Posted by Judy Migwi on June 4, 2021
I know you will not read this Jose. I am yet to come to terms with your demise. You were kind, jovial, warm and straightforward. We interacted on so many platforms and you always stood out. May God grant you eternal life
Posted by James Ndung'u on June 4, 2021
We have really lost a great soul. I knew you when you passed by our home on your first midterm break in form 1. I later met you at Kanunga high school where you were a great role model and of great help. I met you again in Jkuat and your virtues were still intact. You were a man after God's heart. We will never forget your name and your legacy. Return If Possible (RIP)Chuaga
Posted by Joseph Odhiambo on June 4, 2021
I saw the life of a true Christian in you. Selfless is the term. A desire and passion for the LORD. Such a warm person to be around.
In our hearts you remain bro. May the disciples for Christ and mark you left in the hearts of friends and family, spur them to live for Christ Jesus all the more. Rest in Peace Joseph
Posted by Ngen John on June 4, 2021
To me,you were a brother not only in Christ Jesus but also by deeds. I will dearly miss your laughter,a golden heart and smile, your love for Christ, your stories, our lengthy phone calls. I pay tribute to a hero,a soldier. Rest in peace Jose
Posted by Jacob Kariuki on June 4, 2021
May your perpetual light continually shinning.

May your Soul RIP .

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