This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Chuck Bradley 56 years old , born on February 9, 1954 and passed away on January 19, 2011. We will remember him forever.
Posted by Marg Baker on February 9, 2019
Happy Birthday little brother! Miss you! Love you!
Posted by Melissa Bradley on January 19, 2019
Missing you so much dad... can’t believe it has been 8 years. Still so hard.
Posted by Marg Baker on January 19, 2019
Never forgotten, always in my prayers. Love M.
Posted by Marg Baker on January 19, 2018
Still love and miss you brother. R.I.P. ❤️❤️❤️
Posted by Melissa Bradley on January 19, 2018
I love you dad. I still miss you. I can sometimes still hear your voice if I really concentrate on it. Hope your having drinks with Gary today! Wish you were still with us...
Posted by Melissa Bradley on January 19, 2017
6 years has moves on, people get married, go on vacation, buy groceries....seems so unfair. Wish I could better understand the reasons you had to leave us. Such a hard day!!!
Posted by Marg Baker on January 19, 2017
Miss you little brother! Love you.
Posted by Paul Bradley on February 10, 2016
Hey Dad.... happy birthday bud. Wish you were here man. Havin beers and whiskeys.... I cant even have one for you today because Im up working at a dry camp... I know you'll forgive me, but it still sucks that I cant just call you and gargle a drink with you. (Dad and I gargled drinks so we knew the other was drinking lol. Kinda silly but it was one of our things) Got my first moose this year Dad.... miss the call I woulda made to you. It really sucks. So much stuff just doesn't matter as much as it used to when u were here Dad. I miss you terribly buddy. Would trade my soul for one more day with u. I love you Dad
Posted by Melissa Bradley on February 9, 2016
I so wish we were partying with you. I am so sad that you are not here...I I love you and miss you so much dad...
Posted by Marg Baker on February 9, 2016
Happy Birthday Chuck. Cannot believe you would have been 62 today. You are missed so much. Love you with all my heart brother.
Posted by Marg Baker on January 19, 2016
Cannot believe you have been gone five years little brother. Love you and miss you always! ❤️❤️❤️
Posted by Melissa Bradley on January 19, 2016
5 years today dad.....i don't even know wgat to say. It was a hard day and my heart aches just as did that day. Will it ever get easier???
Posted by Melissa Bradley on June 21, 2015
This is the 4th Fathers day with out you. I am really struggling with it today dad. There is no meaning in the world that can explain to me why you are gone. We shoukd have had so many more years to celebrate you. My heart is aching so much today. "They" say it vets easier....but when is that? And who are "they" to proclaim this. Still waiting for that day...i miss you more then words can say daddy and i k ow your looking down on us as you do each day. I just so badly wish you were here. HAPPY FATHERS DAY are forever missed....
Posted by Marg Baker on February 9, 2015
Happy Birthday Chuck! I still remember the day Mom and Dad brought you home from the hospital! You were such a beautiful baby. I miss you my baby brother! Sending you hugs and a kiss on the cheek! Love from Margie!
Posted by Marg Baker on January 19, 2015
It seems impossible that it has been four years since you left us Chuck. We miss you so much! I miss your silly phone calls and teasing that only a brother could do. Love from yous Sister Marg. <3
Posted by Melissa Bradley on January 19, 2015
What is there to say... I am not sure. I only know that my heart still hurts just as did this day 4 years ago. There should have been more time. You had so much more to do. We had so m much more to say. You are always on my mind dad. Xoxo love your baby girl.
Posted by Paul Bradley on January 19, 2015
Dad.... 4 years today..... it seems like an eternity already to me.... every day is like an eternity to me that ur not here. We all miss you so much Dad. I miss your little "visits" since ur passing to let me know ur still around. Its been a while tho so... go say hi to Miss and me soon will ya please. And can ya help out them DAMN leafs at all Dad?? I love you man, I miss you more then words could ever begin to describe
Posted by Melissa Bradley on June 15, 2014
Another fathers day...come and gone....still can't believe your not here dad. The days pass and life goes on but there is a sadness in my heart that never seems to go away. You are on my mind every single day with out fail. I miss you so much daddy.
Posted by Nickey Gould on January 19, 2014
When I was a little girl I always said that I was going to marry Charlie. He will always have a special place in my heart.
Posted by Melissa Bradley on January 19, 2014
Today is such hard day dad. Every time I think of you my eyes well up with tears. I know they say it will get better but I am not sure when that will be? 3 years should seem so long yet to me it feels like yesterday. I still see it all unfold in front of me. I Love you so much and wish you were still here daddy.
Posted by Paul Bradley on January 19, 2014
Today will be three years Dad.... I miss you like crazy u jerk...... I miss our Maple Leafs phone calls and the over the phone beer gargle cheers.... Wish u were here man. Everything is so much harder without you. Just wish I could call u. Something..... something would be better then this.....I love you man
Posted by Melissa Bradley on June 16, 2013
Remembering you is easy, I do it everyday. But missing you is heartache, that never goes away.I hold you tightly within my heart, and there you will remain. Always in our thoughts, Forever in our hearts. Till we meet again..... Happy Fathers Day daddy. I am so sad that your not here... Xoxoxo
Posted by Melissa Bradley on June 8, 2013
Been thinking about you a lot dad. I still think sometimes if I just pick up the phone I will find you on the other end. After 2 years I still find it unreal that I will NEVER be able to talk to you ever again. I have gone through some things lately that I would have like to have you around for. I got cancer too but was lucky enough to have survived.i wonder sometimes why me and not you?
Posted by Melissa Bradley on March 27, 2013
I miss you dad. Been going through some things that I wish you were here to help me through. Still not a day passes that you are not in my mind. So many things I want to say... Will this feeling ever go away? Will I ever be able to think about you and smile or laugh remembering something funny!! Or will the thought of you always bring tears to my eyes? I know your watching over us. ❤❤
Posted by Paul Bradley on March 14, 2013
Been thinking about u lots lately Dad....your never far from my thoughts. I miss you as much today as the day u left us. Would do anything to have u back man. My heart fucking breaks every time I want to call you, or talk to u, or just watch the leafs over the phone with you like we used to sometimes....... Love u forever.... Miss you ALWAYS.....
Posted by Alice- Stevens on February 10, 2013
cant believe it has been 2 years already!!!
Posted by Melissa Bradley on February 9, 2013
Happy Birthday daddy. Still so unreal to me that your gone. I know your having drinks up there with your folks and Meg. I will have one down here for you. Cheers dad! Still so missed...
Posted by Marg Baker on February 9, 2013
Happy Birthday little brother! Miss you so much Chuck.  <3
Posted by Melissa Bradley on January 19, 2013
So very hard to believe its been 2 years today since we lost you dad. I still had so much to tell you and we had so much to make up for. My heart is still broken and I wish more then anything that you were still here and that we could go back and do things differently! I love you so much and will miss you forever!!
Posted by Martin Ellacott on January 19, 2013
One of a kind, a man's man and larger than life. He "did it his way". Chuck was a great guy and a great cousin.....I couldn't have asked for more. He came from one of the best families I know.....proud to have known him. Your loss is my loss.
Posted by Marg Baker on January 19, 2013
My brother, my friend!  Missing you so much Charlie.  Today is your anniversary and it never gets easier.  Your loss has left a huge hole in my heart and the hearts of all who called you husband,dad,son, brother uncle, cousin and friend! R.i.P big your sis!
Posted by Paul Bradley on January 7, 2013
This is the first time I have been on here since my sister Melissa created this site....I couldnt come on here sorrow was too great...STILL IS!!! I just figured it was time to see whats here. I will do my best to post stuff here. I cant talk about Dad or even look at a picture of him. I still cant believe he is gone...DAD, your my BEST FRIEND and I miss you more then life...
Posted by Paul Bradley on January 7, 2013
My heart hurts so fuckin bad that I truly dont think I will ever get over your loss. I hope to get some pictures on here soon and I hope his friends will look them over. Wish you were still here...................
Posted by Melissa Bradley on February 9, 2012
Today would have been your birthday daddy . It's been a year since you left us and it does not hurt any less then it did then. It's your second birthday in heaven. I hope your having drinks with gramma and poppa and Meghan. Always wishing you were still here...
Posted by Melissa Bradley on June 19, 2011
Happy fathers day daddy. I wish so much that We could have had had you here for one more. So much I want to say. I hope your watching over us. I love you so much dad
Posted by June Bradley on June 4, 2011
It is unbelievable what happened to him. I MISS HIM

Love June
Posted by Melissa Bradley on May 30, 2011
I am starting this memorial page in honor of my dad. Being he was not burried in a cemetery and there is no head stone to mark his life I needed a place to go to remember and reflect him. I hope his friends and family will choose to visit and share

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Posted by Marg Baker on February 9, 2019
Happy Birthday little brother! Miss you! Love you!
Posted by Melissa Bradley on January 19, 2019
Missing you so much dad... can’t believe it has been 8 years. Still so hard.
Posted by Marg Baker on January 19, 2019
Never forgotten, always in my prayers. Love M.
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Always an adventure

Shared by Dan Bradley on January 19, 2016

Anybody who knew Charlie would also know that the word "boredom" was not in his vocabulary.
So , I thought maybe I'd share some fond memories.

There was a day when he got a new compound bow for hunting. He called me and I came right out there to check it out and also brought my bow as well.
 We spent some time practicing and as usuall he was tuned right in and placing shots like a pro.
 He handed his bow over to me and said "giver er a try".
It was handing a dog a bone ... I drew back and let that arrow fly !
Well...I missed that target by about 5 feet and the arrow went halfway through the shed wall . I missed it so far off , Charlie thought I did it on purpose .Thunder 'n lightening paled in comparison to what he had to say about it and there was abit of running involved but he forgave me wether he believed me or not.

I've noticed a couple of photos which , of course has a story to tell.

He's posed in one photo with 2 turkey.
 Here's what went down... 
We went into a bush that we frequented and knew quite well .
After a short time , I let out a call and right away gobbles blasted out and fairly close. I called again , this time the gobbles where coming towards us hard . Charlie sat down where he was , I was about 20yd from him and could see 5 or 6 jakes coming up fast on Charlies hard right.
Taking a lefthanded aim with that old Remington shotgun , he let it roar.
All I could see after that was smoke...
 "Did you get him ? " , I asked.
" I think I got 2" he replied
"Whatdoya mean ya think ? "
2 birds , one shot , offhanded,,,he knew exactly what was going down..  

The photo  with him fishing in the boat.  
That was taken at the Darcy McKeough floodway, just off the St.Clair river, on a really nice day.
We fished for a short time with nothing biting and just like that it , was time to go.
I barely had time to reel in my line and he was about to do a quick 360deg turnabout when ..Bang! Whack!
What the "H" was that ?
We didnt see anything and figured it was a piece of wood that was floating nearby , no apparent damage, so we push forward into the river.
Sitting at the bow , I noticed a rope dangling...oh was the anchor rope..and nothing on the end . It was prop cut when we turned to leave . 
Well here comes the thunder 'n lightening again , cause apparently it was all my fault . When I told him that he was the captain of this ship and he did not order the lifting of the anchor ...
I'll let you all use your imagination what was said...and this time I had nowhere to run !
We continued on our way, to a spur off the St.Clair called the Snye river .
We were having a blast , full throttle , doing figure 8's and just hotdogging about  then "Snap! . The steering till broke clean off the motor !
The look on his face..oh , the look on his face !
There we where ,drifting anchor.
He grabbed the oars and began pulling , using his frustation as fuel , with absolutley no avail. The current was too strong . He made way for the shoreline ( which was made up of 12 foot weeds about a 100 yd thick ) and stuck the oars down into the muck to hold us there and wait for a passing boat for help.
I pulled out my fishing pole..thought what the heck , might just as well
"You are not fishing..."
"huh ? how come ?"
"because I'm "p>d off..your not fishing ! "
     All I was allowed to do was sit there . 
Fine, after all he is the captain of this ship...
So , the best thing I figured what to do was toss him a beer ..that helped alot and I was still in no postion for a fast footed escape. 
We eventually got a tow , got back to the launch where finally he began to chuckle..then laugh outloud.
People nearby were watching ..we could care less.
What a day..
Then there was the time fishing out near Kettle Point...but I'll save that for another time.
Miss ya buddie.             



Shared by Paul Bradley on February 10, 2013

ROGER!?!?!?!?!?!?! WTF!!  Are you checkin out my Dads ASS??? Im wonderin if the pliers r on his nose cuz even HE couldn't stand the smell ??

Shared by Paul Bradley on February 10, 2013

WHAT THE F*#@??  Dad and Garvey.... NEVER been accused of bein too bright lol