I fly a starship across the Universe divide.
And when I reach the other side,
I'll find a place to rest my spirit if I can.
Perhaps I may become a highwayman again. Or I may simply be a single drop of rain, but I will remain.
And I'll be back again, and
  • 73 years old
  • Born on February 5, 1945 in Bloomington, Illinois, United States.
  • Passed away on March 16, 2018 in Auburn, California, United States.

This memorial website was created in memory of our much-loved Chuck Rogers who passed away after a courageous battle with cancer. Please use this page to share with us your memories and photos of Chuck throughout his life.

Chucks memorial service was held on:

Friday, April 20, 2018 at 1:00 p.m.
St. Teresa of Avila Catholic Church
11610 Atwood Road
Auburn, CA 95603

At the reception that followed in the Church gymnasium, both family, friends and students spoke of Chucks life & the legacy of strength and devotion he left behind.  We would like to thank everyone who was able to come and share in his memory, along with those that were unable to attend, but whose thoughts and prayers were truly felt.  We know he was proud and so very thankful for all the kind words, loving thoughts and hilarious stories that were shared.  It is these stories, experiences and people that helped make his life truly amazing.  

In lieu of flowers, we asked donations be made in memory to:
or by check to: 
c/o Charles Rogers Memorial Scholarship Fund
589 W. Fremont Avenue Sunnyvale CA 94087

Thank You to everyone that donated.  Because of your generosity, we were able to raise $5,000 to help a FUHSD student achieve their college dream.

We miss you Dad.

Posted by Marilyn Falls on 21st April 2018
chuck, you would have been proud today. a beautiful mass and tribute to you. you had so many people telling stories of you and how they loved you. by the huge crowd that was there says a lot about you dear friend. we were proud to attend. carol had the tears burning in her eyes, and the love for you blazing in her heart. god bless, Marilyn falls
Posted by Dan Sullivan on 16th April 2018
Dear Chuck, Coach, Mentor & Friend, Taking a moment to share how you made a great positive impact on my life, you will be forever missed and always in our thoughts. One of my first memories of Chuck was at 14 years old boy, this scrawny 115 pound and barely five foot freshman football player at Lynbrook High School was standing with my fellow JV teammates about to have our 1st live tackling drill. You were in front of us giving the team a speech on all of the contact sports (basketball, hockey, lacrosse), you built up your message to football that was truly the only “collision” sport. You talked about the safety, of keeping your head up, exploding, and wrapping as you tackled. You also talked about the importance of giving it your all, being fearless, while controlled. At the time, your speech had me so motivated, I would have marched my 115lbs over to the Varsity squad and taken on any of the young men 3x my size. As I somewhat grew in size so did the opportunities for me with LHS football as I became quarterback for the JV and then Varsity. You coached the defense side of the ball however, you made a profound impact on me during those years. You would often pull me aside during games and encourage and challenged me to lead. You gave me great confidence during those moments and while the outcome of many of those LHS football games didn’t go our way, I found leadership from you in those moments that I have carried with me into adulthood. As Joel and I became better friends in high school and of course Joel becoming even better friends with my sister Shannon :) it became clear that our family paths would be more greatly aligned for decades to come. I was fortunate to get to know you as a father, you became a friend to me and my family, and you were an important figure in my family’s life as not just as Chuck, but also as “Papa Chuck..” As Jodie and I moved up to your neck of the woods in 2007, you once again pulled me aside at one of Joel’s family BBQ’s and said how happy you were that we chose to live in the Lincoln area, you said, “I’m really looking forward to watching you guys raise your families..” That meant a lot to me, and it made Jodie and I feel at home in a new area for us. You helped to teach me the importance of spending quality time with your family, friends and tradition. I will never forget the great memories of you in action at the annual Donner Horseshoe Tournament with your megaphone speaker keeping the many tournament games going to ensure the championship games took place before sundown. Chuck, you were always there to tell a good joke, thank you for introducing me to Merle Haggard, and Johnny Cash as they pair so very well with an adult beverage. More importantly, thank you for the positive impacts you made on me and my family and for always making us feel at home. Forever missed indeed. Love, Dan, Jodie, Sydney, Camryn & Paige.
Posted by Debbie Wilding on 11th April 2018
Dear Chuck, I prayed for a Man like you to come into Carol’s life. I asked the Lord for someone special, loving & would treasure her he not only answered my prayer but Bob & I also had the pleasure of you in our lives with your wonderful family we are so blessed to have known you for the short time we had together but is was a pleasure to know you and to also love you. We sure miss you, but hope to see you again in Heaven. God Bless you Chuck. ❤️ Love Debbie & Bob
Posted by Marilyn Falls on 10th April 2018
dear sweet friend, the first time we met you we saw a gentle giant of a man. we were all so lucky carol brought you into our lives. time was way to short. tom wears your shirts often. he thinks so highly of you. we miss you. gone but not forgotten. with love tom and marilyn
Posted by Pip Stout on 6th April 2018
We had many years of horseshoe tournaments at Donner Lake with friends and family !!! Chuck made it all fun. When he moved to Auburn, he became an Auburn Host Lion and shined in all capacities bringing his educational prowess to bear in selection of student scholarship candidates. Becoming president of our club, he led us by participating in all of our activities (leading by example). He will be missed by all of us and we'll always remember the good times we had !!! Pip & Kay & family
Posted by Kevin Casey on 3rd April 2018
I played golf with Chuck last fall in Carson Valley. I know he was in a lot of pain, in fact I helped him put on his "patch", some very strong drug that allowed him to play. Never once did he complain or even mention his condition except that his pain was "manageable". I just hope that I can live my last days the way Chuck did - with a great attitude and strength of spirit. He was truly a fighter and a friend. I will miss him dearly.
Posted by DJ Sullivan on 2nd April 2018
What is it to be a coach? What is it to dedicate your life to seeing the potential in the youth that hasn't yet realized the adult and member of society they are destined to be. At Lynbrook, he pushed us outside of our comfort zone to achieve more than we thought possible. Was a motivator that saw the possibilities in us that we did not yet know existed. I have had the fortune of knowing him on a personal level by becoming a part of his amazing family when my sister married his son. Admittedly, I felt a bit cheeky calling him Chuck when my peers only respectfully addressed him as Coach Rogers. I cherished the time I spent with both Chuck and Coach more than can be expressed in words.
Posted by Jeff Tweddale on 2nd April 2018
Chuck was a class act. With an old-fashioned California attitude, he met life with an adventurous spirit that carried on to the end. He made my mother happy, took his role as step-dad seriously, and was an excellent ‘papa’ to the next generation. I’ll miss outdoor days with you, Chuck, but will keep alive your love in our family.
Posted by Nancy Hanson on 28th March 2018
Dear Chuck, I want you to know how blessed I am to have gotten to know you and your wonderful family. A person leaving family behind like yours lives on forever in our hearts. Most of all, I want to thank you for bringing light and love to my dear friend Carol's life. I will always remember your sense of humor, kindness and super great smile. Thanks for the memories, Nancy Hanson
Posted by Jennifer Tribur on 26th March 2018
I had the pleasure of meeting “coach” at the grocery store where I work. I didn’t know his real name til much later. He was such a wonderful person I looked forward to seeing several times a week. I won’t give away his vices( coffee and doughnut). He was a true testament that customers are really friends in the making. I grew very fond of Chuck and will miss him very much
Posted by Mark Soto on 25th March 2018
From the moment I met Chuck I knew he was special. I met him on the football field while I coached with his son and afterwards it morphed into a business relationship where I assisted him with several mortgage finance needs. Chuck was a great man who had a rugged look like Clint Eastwood, a teaching heart like Vince Lombardi and a way about him that just made you want to be around him to capture wisdom nuggets every time he talked. He will be missed and I pray for grace and strength for the Rogers family during this painful time. ~Coach Soto
Posted by Bob Pace on 25th March 2018
Football, Basketball, Volleyball, Paddle Tennis etc., Chuck could do it all! Great times over the years and a great family to share all the good times with at Donner. In my book, Chuck is a multiple "Hall of Famer. Only wish I could have seen more of him and his family these latter years, but time has a way of distancing the multitude of past friends who will be remembered forever. God Bless you Chuck and God Bless your family. Katie and I will pray for you at Sunday Mass. After all Mater Dei and Bellarmine Pals do have something in common. Bob & Katie
Posted by Helios Hernandez on 24th March 2018
Chuck, On behalf of all of us, we will miss you. You were a good friend in high school. Helios Joe Hernandez Mater Dei, Class of 1963 hjh5@sbcglobal.net
Posted by Judy Prima on 24th March 2018
I see the joy, the love, the depth Chuck brought to my friend Carol's life in the photos, and in the time they had together....a full and beautiful life with children, grandchildren, siblings and friends.....Chuck, your smile and your graciousness will live forever in our hearts.

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