This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Chung Yu, 79 years old, born on October 23, 1941, and passed away on February 2, 2021. We will remember him forever.

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Posted by Virginia Yu on February 2, 2022
Don’t worry ! Ginny, Tolya and I are doing fine. Everything is under control.

By Mei-Lin Yu
Posted by Virginia Yu on February 2, 2022
Miss you, Dad.
Posted by ALLEN ANDERSON on March 15, 2021
To the Family of Dr. Chung Yu, my sincerest condolences. Dr. Yu was a wonderful, kind and thoughtful man. I remember him fondly from my years at North Carolina A&T State University (1979-1983). As a young student totally overwhelmed at time in my Engineering studies, Dr. Yu challenged me to focus and overcome. He will be missed by the Aggie Family. 
Posted by Chee Fong on March 1, 2021
I am fortunate to have had Dr. Yu as my advisor. He was an excellent teacher, as evidenced by how many of his students have gone on to excel in their careers. He taught me how to think critically and creatively when conducting research. Rooted with his teachings, I have often relied on his principles throughout my career as an engineer. I largely credit where I am today and the successes along my career to my learnings from him.

Furthermore, I will never forget how much Dr. Yu supported me beyond the classroom, and this is a testament to his kindness and generosity. As an immigrant graduate student with a young family, he and Mrs. Yu were always thoughtful and willing to help. We still have my daughter's "My First Bear" that the Yus gifted her when she was a newborn, over 30 years ago.

We kept in touch throughout the years, and our relationship evolved from advisor to mentor and true friend. We would often talk on the phone for hours on end. I am humbled to have had the honor of learning under him, and I am proud to be among his students that will continue to carry on his legacy.
Posted by Matei Ndeti on February 27, 2021
Dr. Yu was my Graduate Advisor at NCA&T State University in 1982. I am saddened to learn of his demise and will alway be grateful to him for all he imparted unto me.
Posted by chok yu on February 21, 2021
There was never any rivalry between Chung and I, his twin. I always admired him because he was smarter, more focused, more disciplined, and more driven than I was. That's why he was so successful in his academic pursuits. We went through hard times together in our earlier years, so we had become comrades as well in the struggle. Like steel tempered by fire. He was the light in my life and I shall remember him until we meet again. His journey has ended and mine yet uncertain. May he rest in eternal peace, my dear brother and mentor!
Posted by Meilin Yu on February 20, 2021
Poem by Dr. Zhijian (Cliff ) Xie, In Memory of Dr. Chung Yu. 沁園春 忆余松先生 謝志堅作

伫立窗前,孤木搖曳,冷風颼颼。I stand in front of the window, the lone wood sways and the cold wind blows.
思前塵往事,余音犹存。Thoughts of the past, your voice still lingers.
音容笑貌,湧上心头。In my mind, your face and smile appear often.
飞云無明,日月失光。The clouds have darkened, the sun and moon have grown dim.
世間多少離和愁。So much parting and sorrow in this world.
別師友,Farewell, my mentor and friend,
叹阴阳相隔,A sigh, we are now separated by the worlds of Yin and Yang.
怎堪回首?How can I bear to look back?
有緣無論知否,We were destined to meet, we knew nothing of each other,
談笑間古今天地游。But in our conversation and laughter, we traversed time and space.
看大千世界,Looking at the world,
松柏長青,the pines and cypresses are ever green,
过眼云烟,將相王侯。The wealthy and powerful have disappeared like clouds and smoke.
橫流卓立,Standing strong against the flow,
桃李滿園。Your students, now all at the top of their profession, all over the world.
一朝退去无所求,And one day you retired,seeking nothing more.
莫傷痛,Do not feel bad,
遁另个世界,Dr. Yu has left for another world
笑看春秋!Smiling down on earth through spring and fall.

Posted by Gary Tang on February 20, 2021
Dear Meilin and Ginny,

We were saddened with the passing of Dr. Yu who was a highly respected colleague and very trusted mentor. Please accept our deepest condolences and sympathy for your loss. Dr. Yu was always readily available to cheer people up, share words of wisdom and encouragement, and demonstrate strong advocacy and support to many NCAT students, faculty and staff, especially Chinese students and young faculty on NCAT campus and many people in Greensboro Chinese community. We all benefited significantly from chatting and talking with him and seeking counseling and guidance from him, whether they took place in NCAT dining hall during lunches, in his office during unannounced visits, or during GCA events. His warm and down to earth personality, willingness to land a hand for help and his insight and wisdom helped all of us navigate both professional and personal journeys in our adopted homeland in Greensboro. We are deeply grateful to and cherry his friendship and mentorship, and will forever endeavor to improve the lives we touch and the community we serve by the excellent examples he led. We know the deep loss and sorrow your family is experiencing, and we want to let you know that we share with your sorrow and pain, and that we mourn with you and will continue to hold you close in our thoughts and prayers during this time of bereavement.

Wendy and Guoqing Tang
Posted by Melissa Yu on February 20, 2021
Dear Auntie Meilin and Ginny,

We are so sorry for your loss. We will miss Uncle Chung dearly. We feel so lucky that we were able to spend some time together in 2018 and we will cherish those memories forever. Sending you love and hugs during the difficult time. May he rest in peace. 

Love, Melissa and Michael  
Posted by Joyce and Kimphry Tu on February 20, 2021
Dear Auntie Mei Lin and Ginny,
We are so sorry for your sudden loss. I have learnt so many wonderful things today about Uncle Chung. He has certainly left a legacy of dedication and pursuit of excellence that we will all strive for. We hope to be able to impart this philosophy in our lives and for our children.

Our thoughts are with you during this difficult time.
Joyce and Kimphry
Posted by Robin Coger on February 20, 2021


The faculty, staff, students, and alumni of the College of Engineering at North Carolina A&T State University extend our deepest condolences to you on the passing of your loved one, Dr. Chung Yu, Professor Emeritus, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering.

We honor Dr. Yu’s life for who he was as a person, and the impact he made at North Carolina A&T as a professor, an acting chair, a researcher, a colleague, a mentor and a friend. We understand the deep loss and sorrow your family is experiencing, as his Aggie Engineering family mourns with you. 

Dr. Yu will forever be remembered and missed for the many contributions he made to the College of Engineering and to this University through his leadership and 38 years of service, and for the many lives that he touched. It is our hope that you find comfort in knowing that a part of Dr. Yu’s legacy resides in the hearts of so many here at North Carolina A&T. 

Dean Robin N. Coger
and the
College of Engineering Family
Posted by virginia Burstein on February 18, 2021
I am deeply saddened by the passing of  Chung.  He was not only a wonderful and gifted artist, but his fundamental decency as a human being, as well as his kindness and warmth and sense of humor helped to make our Art
class a genuine family. This is, of course, equally true of Meilin, Chung's wife
and devoted lifelong partner. I send all of my love to Meilin, Virginia and the entire family.                            i 
Posted by Trinh Tran on February 18, 2021
Dear Mrs. Yu and Ginny,
Dr. Yu was my graduate advisor for eight years at NC A&T. He was also my wife advisor for three years. He is one of the BEST Professor that I ever had in ten years of schooling from three different Universities.
We had learned so much from him and we shared so many stories about our cultures, social differences, Western cultures, public opinions, current events, professional ethics, academic difficulty…etc.
Some of the topics that we discussed, they’re still in my head now and I keep saying to my wife “ Dr. Yu said it”. I remembered them in very details just like yesterday. Dr. Yu was truly professional and passionate; he provided a strong guidance to success.
We are deeply saddened by the news of Dr. Yu’s passing. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

Graduate Student Khanh & Trinh Tran
Posted by ulrika nilsson on February 14, 2021
Dear Ginny,

As a good friend of your, I am very sad to hear that your dad passed away.


I wish you and your mom the best in these challenging times.

Posted by Nancy Ye on February 13, 2021
I’ve met Dr. Yu briefly a few times over the years. Though, reading through the tributes and bio from his family and friends, I see where Ginny gets some of her virtues that I greatly admire, such as her love for continuous learning and languages, travel, her amazing skills and patience in planning and research.

My deepest condolences to Mrs. Yu and Ginny.

With love,
Nancy Ye
Posted by Robert Li on February 11, 2021
Our deepest sympathy to Meilin and Ginny. For many years, Dr. Yu has been a mentor and friend for Robert. Chung is witty and generous, very supportive to colleagues and friends. After retirement, he enjoys living in NYC and having the chance to travel internationally to visit relatives and friends. He once said that he did miss lively discussions in the hallway/office with colleagues, such as the “bet” for the OhioState/Michigan football games. We all miss him dearly. 

From Robert & Linyu Li

Posted by Gavin Bruce on February 11, 2021
I had the opportunity to meet Mr. Yu only one time, but I was amused and a bit surprised by how funny he was that evening. He always seemed so serious in the photos! Condolences to everybody who knew him.
Posted by Jenny Chien on February 10, 2021
Dear Meilin,

While mourning for Mr. Chung Yu, a talented painter in our painting class, we recalled what the Russian writer Leo Tolstoy said, "to demise is to join the majority." Now Mr. Chung Yu has merged into the rank of artists such as Claude Monet, Vincent Van Gogh......
Farewell Mr. Chung Yu.

From: Zhang, Nora, Jean, Jenny
Posted by Michelle Hicks on February 9, 2021
Dear Ginny and Family,
   I am so very sorry to learn of the passing of your father. I know how much he meant to you all. Please know that you and your mom are in my and my mom's thoughts and prayers. 
Michelle Wright (Hicks)
Page '96
Posted by jane qiu on February 9, 2021
Dear Meilin: I just got the sad news of your dear husband's passing. Please accept our sincere condolences. I still remember that before the center was shut down because of the covid-19, you came every day to get two meals, one for you and the other for him. Hope that he did not suffer too much and may he rest in peace forever.
Meilin: Please take good of yourself. I will call you soon.
Posted by Tamara Washington on February 7, 2021
One of the BEST professors I've ever had. Dr. Yu was my graduate advisor at North Carolina A&T. I lost touch with him after he retired.

He was a TRUE professional, caring but tough. He always looked out for his students and supported us through everything, (course work, research, thesis, conferences, etc.), and even well after graduation.

I was sad to hear of his transition. My prayers are for strength and comfort for his family and all of those who knew him.
Posted by Alice Berry on February 7, 2021
My mum and her sisters lived with the Yu family when she was young in Hong Kong. Uncle Chung and his siblings treated her like their own. Even though I have not had much chance to see Uncle Chung, I am forever grateful for his kindness to my family. May you rest in peace, Uncle Chung.
Posted by Anthony Kroytor on February 7, 2021
I couldn't have had a better father-in-law than Chung. He was kind, easy to be around, he gave good advice, and he told long, rambling stories which, to my wife's disbelief, I listened to with pleasure. I haven't heard enough--his was a long and eventful life; there was plenty to tell. Rest in peace. 
Posted by Raymond Yu on February 6, 2021

Chung was the eldest brother whom we grew up together mostly in Hong Kong up until the time when he and twin brother Chok left for McGill University in Canada in the late ‘50s.

Sadly, I now realize that we only managed to see each other a few times since 1966 when I moved to Canada. We last met about two years ago at niece’s wedding in Toronto. Future get-together was not meant to be. Chung left too soon!

All these years, I am aware clearly that Chung and Chok excelled in their studies and were always together in the same school class up to their first university degree graduations.

Being the oldest, he was aware of the responsibility to serve as a positive role model for the other siblings to follow and I am grateful for that.

Chung was decent, honest and a person of high integrity and I think his many acquaintances would echo my sentiments. He led a life that’s on God’s good side and he is now in God’s garden.

May God give Chung eternal peace.

Raymond Yu
Posted by Roslyn Schwersenz on February 6, 2021
I know Chung as a true friend as well as neighbor,
from the time Chung and Meilin moved to Flushing from North Carolina. It was my good luck to have this wonderful couple right next door.
I want to recount some things that you may not know about Chung, his decency and humanity. My late husband became very ill with Alzheimer’s and was frequently in a very agitated state. Whenever he was especially upset, he would call for Chung. And Chung would come, no matter the time of day or night, and yes, he brought consolation.
Behind a somewhat gruff exterior, Chung was a person of true values and compassion. I will always cherish his memory.  Roslyn
Posted by Ward Collis on February 6, 2021
I had been acquainted with Dr. Chung Yu since our graduate student days together at The Ohio State University until his retirement from the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at North Carolina A&T State University. He provided a strong guidance for the department, for his graduate students and for all of the students in the program. Dr. Yu's influence is truly missed. My condolences to his family.   
Posted by Shanthi Iyer on February 5, 2021
Fond memories of 25 plus years as colleague. A great mentor and friend with a quick wit, making us all laugh by providing hilarious anecdotes. You will be truly missed. Our deepest sympathy to Mrs. Yu and Virginia and other family members and pray God to give the strength to bear this loss.
Posted by Numan Dogan on February 5, 2021
We will cherish your fond memories Dr You. You were a mentor and true friend to all of us at ECE Department at NC A&T State University

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Posted by Virginia Yu on February 2, 2022
Don’t worry ! Ginny, Tolya and I are doing fine. Everything is under control.

By Mei-Lin Yu
Posted by Virginia Yu on February 2, 2022
Miss you, Dad.
Posted by ALLEN ANDERSON on March 15, 2021
To the Family of Dr. Chung Yu, my sincerest condolences. Dr. Yu was a wonderful, kind and thoughtful man. I remember him fondly from my years at North Carolina A&T State University (1979-1983). As a young student totally overwhelmed at time in my Engineering studies, Dr. Yu challenged me to focus and overcome. He will be missed by the Aggie Family. 
his Life
Chung Yu died peacefully at home in Flushing, NY, at the age of 79. Born in Shanghai, China, to parents from Shantou in Guangdong Province, he then moved with his family to Hong Kong, where he completed high school at Wah Yan College in Kowloon, a Jesuit-run English-language school. He then attended McGill University in Montreal, Canada, and earned a degree in electrical engineering, graduating with distinction. He continued his studies at The Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio, and was awarded MS and PhD degrees in electrical engineering.

He devoted his career to academia and was a professor at North Carolina A&T State University in the department of electrical engineering. He lived by the advice he gave to junior professors, teaching, researching, and publishing with gusto throughout his 38-year career. He enjoyed mentoring graduate students over the years and was instrumental in initiating research in his department. He will be remembered for his vocal, caring, and no-nonsense style.

For over 20 years, as a side project, he translated articles from Russian physics journals into English, using the Russian language skills he gained from one graduate course. In retirement, he continued to translate and self-publish as a hobby. He had just finished translations for “Chinese Poems in English” (2021) and was co-translator of “The Art of War - English Translation with Chinese Script” (2020) and “The Sutra of Hui Neng with Chinese Script” (2019).

He is survived by his wife Mei-Lin, his daughter Virginia (Ginny) and son-in-law Anthony Kroytor, as well as his siblings Sui Hing Yee, Chok Yu, Raymond Yu, Ho Yu, Kay Yu, Nancy Cheng and Percy Yu and their respective spouses, children, and grandchildren.
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Scholarship Funded!

Shared by Virginia Yu on May 29, 2021
Dear Friends and Family,
The Chung Yu Endowed Scholarship has been funded. The first recipients will be selected in Fall 2021.

MANY THANKS for your support!

Shared by ali yekrangian on March 21, 2021
I met Dr Yu in 1983 in his office at N.C. A&T S.U. I was a graduate student looking for a thesis advisor. What started as a teacher and student relationship turned in to a long term friendship . I really do not know where to start from , all I can say is that I enjoyed spending time with Dr Yu , I respected him as an advisor and loved him as a friend . I really miss him

Scholarship Establishment Opportunity for Dr. Chung Yu - Mail-in Donation

Shared by Virginia Yu on March 6, 2021
You can now contribute to the establishment of a scholarship for electrical and computer engineering students at N.C. A&T State University. Please download the form, print out and mail to the address on the form.