Cindy, one of God's special children, taken too soon...
  • 60 years old
  • Born on November 22, 1952 .
  • Passed away on December 5, 2012 .
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Cindy Hays 60 years old , born on November 22, 1952 and passed away on December 5, 2012. We will remember her forever.
Posted by Murray Hays on 22nd June 2017
Cindy, I've been thinking about you lately. I miss being able to grow old with you and being able to get your feedback on things happening in life. I could always count on you to be curious about everything. Love you...
Posted by Murray Hays on 22nd November 2016
Cindy, thinking of you today, as I do many times throughout the year. I have such fond memories of you and the times that we had together. I miss you! Rest in peace...
Posted by Helen Mayhew on 22nd November 2016
Strangely, girl, I thought of you yesterday. I wished I had called you instead of emailing you that Saturday. I feel like I let you down. But I do believe you woke up in heaven, and saw the face of Jesus, and you recognized him from all the Love you got down here. So I know you are OK. Miss you, friend.
Posted by Murray Hays on 3rd September 2015
Cindy, thinking of you. I miss being able to talk with you. Love, Murray
Posted by Richard Gardner on 7th September 2014
Valerie I just now learned of Cindy ' s passing, My deepest sympathizes to you and your family. I have fond memories, of Cindy. Ricky
Posted by Frank W. Hays on 5th December 2013
Sister Cindy, It's been a year since you left us. Still think about ya,...guess I always will. Miss your friendship. Hope you believed John 3:16, as I would really like to see you again.
Posted by Valerie McElroy on 22nd November 2013
A year ago today, Cindy was here in Colorado celebrating her 60th birthday on Thanksgiving Day. We miss her deeply still, and thank God for her life and the time we had to laugh with her and the time we had to love her. Thank you to friends and family who took the time today to remember my big sister.
Posted by Murray Hays on 22nd November 2013
Happy 60th Birthday, Cindy! I love you. You were a special and unique person in this world. I wish that you could have found a more comfortable place in it. I miss your always-curious mind, which found something interesting in everything.
Posted by Glenda Wheeler on 22nd November 2013
Today is your Birthday Sweet Cindy, I know that you are celebrating it well in Heaven. We all love and miss you down here. So happy that you made that last class reunion so we could be together one last time. Always missed..R.I.P.
Posted by Helen Mayhew on 22nd November 2013
Happy birthday, Hon. Been thinking of you lots lately. We're about to pull Rudy out and put new antlers on him for Christmas time, as we've done every year since you gave him to us. WE MISS YOU.
Posted by Robert B. Leonard on 12th July 2013
Valerie: Hope you get this message and it finds you well. I'm so saddened to hear of Cindy's passing. Though we've been out of touch for many years, you are both special people to me and memories of growing up together are ours forever. Who would have ever thought memories of riding to school together in my old Ford would be remembered so fondly.
Posted by Amanda Parker on 11th December 2012
My cousin Cindy was the best. She was smart and funny and strange. She bought me the most amazing "one piece" bathing suit when I was 12. (it covered very little!) She and I took Austin by storm as I got older, later she opened her home to me and let my girls move into her cat's houses when we would come disrupt her life. Cindy was much deeper than me and I love her for not minding that.
Posted by Steffie Two Eagles on 11th December 2012
I last saw Cindy just over a year ago at Val and John's home. In spite of her struggles, Cindy was interested, interesting, engaged, and funny -- a great conversationalist! We all had a lovely visit, and I thank my dear friend Val for that.... My heart is with Valerie and John and Murray and Frank....
Posted by Gale Klein on 11th December 2012
Cindy was my almost sister as we grew up.When my sister Jo, 18 years older than me, came to visit with my nieces and nephews, I was just overjoyed! Over the years, I wanted to just hug her every day, but she was just too far away. Now, the family has gathered and I am far away, but my tears fall free and mix with those in Austin.Cindy sent all the family photos to me this year,Thanks, Kid!
Posted by Murray Hays on 10th December 2012
I am hoping that attendees will publicly share memories of their interactions with Cindy. Why, so that we all can celebrate the diversity of the life that she lived, more fully. Think about telling: Who you are... When, where and how you knew Cindy... What experiences you had with her that convey the blessing that she was...
Posted by Murray Hays on 10th December 2012
Mandy's address is: 7204 John Blocker Dr., Austin, TX 78749 Please feel free to bring a dish, drink and stories to share.
Posted by Murray Hays on 10th December 2012
Friends of Cindy, If you are in the Austin, TX area, Mandy Smith has graciously offered to host an informal memorial gathering for Cindy. It will be held at: 6 pm on Tuesday, December 11th
Posted by Frank W. Hays on 9th December 2012
Will always remember Cindy as my Older little sister. We had a heck of a wild time in the mid 70's. Cindy loved adventure and absorb everything she came in contact with. Cindy's life was a book, and now there are so many pages left to fill but only with memories. My Hope is that I get to see her again. May God Bless all that gave her Joy.
Posted by Janice Hill on 8th December 2012
"So so sad. She was such a great roommate while at Milligan College,and a good friend during our high school years. From the Class of MDHS '70 and me we will all miss you . Thanks for making the world a better place for us all.
Posted by Helen Mayhew on 8th December 2012
****Please join us for an informal gathering to celebrate Cindy's life and friendship on Tuesday, December 11 at 6:00 p.m. at 7204 John Blocker Dr., Austin, TX 78749.****
Posted by Kerry Carr on 7th December 2012
I'm sorry for this loss to so many, and especially Valerie, Murray and Frank. I remember you as "little kids" and am so thankful for the many wonderful memories of spending timet in your home and having so much fun with Cindy. She and I were able to connect throughout the years with some very special visits which I cherish. She sure loved her "Mad" magazines! I love remembering.
Posted by Phyllis Kennedy on 7th December 2012
I have so many fun memories of Cindy growing up, all the way back to jumping rope in 6th grade at Roseborough Elementary School in Mount Dora. Our High School years were the best with so many fun/silly things we did to intertain ourselves in a small town. So happy she made it to some of our reunions where our small, close class could pick back up with no problem. So very sorry.
Posted by Murray Hays on 6th December 2012
As I keep thinking about Cindy, I think about her insatiable curiosity about almost EVERYTHING. One never knew what unique thought or view she might express. I am also impressed with the perseverance with which she approached her life. She had her struggles, but never let them affect her interest in so many things. I miss her.
Posted by Christi Deitz on 6th December 2012
Very sad. I always enjoyed being around her. It has been several years since I have seen her but we were communicating on fb. She was sharing more of the pictures and family history with me. I can always remember being at Aunt Jo and Uncle Gordon's house and she always made it special.
Posted by LaDonna Ishida on 6th December 2012
I only met Cindy once, this Thanksgiving, at her sister's (and brother in law' John's) house...I was so glad to meet her as Val and John had spoken of her often...they loved her so much! I wish she would of been able to move here so she could be closer to Val and John. I would of enjoyed getting to know her!
Posted by Rebecca Hall on 6th December 2012
I am shocked and very sad to hear that Cindy passed away yesterday. She was such a great friend to me when I was new to Mount Dora. I will never forget all the fun driving around Lake County, the garlic melba toast, and her wonderful, dry sense of humor.
Posted by Helen Mayhew on 6th December 2012
Cindy gave us something every time she saw us: books she'd liked, an Egyptian bottle, a Shrek candy dispenser, art supplies, little cat figures, "cloud" cookies. Once, she'd gotten a gift card to a restaurant, and she saved it until I was free (which is rare), because she wanted to have dinner, just us girls. My generous, loving friend, you were a witness to us all in your quiet way.
Posted by Connie Johnson on 6th December 2012
So sorry to hear about Cindy.I had not seen Cindy since high school until we met again at our .40th class reunion.She was so supportive of what I had done with my life , and so proud of her family.We kept in touch then on f.b.and chatted from time to time.I am thankful that I had this opportunity to get to know her again .Rest in Peace,sweet Cindy.
Posted by Valerie McElroy on 6th December 2012
Cindy and I forged a special sister bond over the last few years and I miss her incredibly already. She made me laugh and always reminded me of the childhood memories that I forgot long ago. We were thankful to bring her out to Colorado to celebrate her 60th birthday on Thanksgiving Day, just 2 weeks ago. I'll be forever grateful for that time with her.
Posted by Ernie Vincent on 6th December 2012
SO sad and sorry to hear of Cindy's passing - I was very fortunate to have dated her in 1972 and we had a special bond. I recently spoke to her and I'm glad we had a special time to reflect on our youthful days in Bradenton, Fl. Those were fun times... She will always have a special place in my heart and will never be forgotten. Rest in Peace girl friend...
Posted by Kathy McWhorter on 6th December 2012
I waited too long; I hope she knows I was trying to get in touch with her. Cindy lived life to its fullest, and in her own way. She was a powerful athlete and knew well the great outdoors. I hope her final travel will be kind to her.

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