Shared by JANE BLAIS (ENRIGHT) on November 21, 2011

OH this can't be true. . but it is and we all have to be grateful for the years, months, days or even for the one minute that we might have had the priviledge of knowing this extraordinary woman named CYNITHA.

One lovely Sunday afternoon, my husband and I, with our four children in tow, drove home from church in Short Hills, NJ and right behind us, into our driveway and into our lives, were Dag, Cynitha and their three small children, this was in 1974.  The explanation for this was simply explained by Cynitha, "I told Dag to follow you because I wanted to know who the new people were"  Now anyone who ever got to know this crazy lady, would know this is a true story.  We became fast friends and then they went their way, we went our way, but in all those years, we remained true friends through good times and bad times.  The humor, you see, was what got us through.  Oh, I will miss her.

It was always about the humor. . she hit the bulls eye every time. . I will miss her voice, her laugh, her getting the job done, like driving all the way from Cortland to New Jersey to read at my son's funeral and, then again, to read at  my daughter's wedding.  I will love her forever because she drove my daughter and I tob look at a college in upstate NY and wanted to drive back that night to get her because she didn't particularly like her hostess, because she welcomed me and my new husband into she and Mel's home(s) many times  and we always had a wonderful time. It won't be only me that will miss her, everyone will miss her, how could you not.  Love to all the family, Jane (Enright) Blais



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Shared by Joseph Papini on November 6, 2011

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Cynthia was sophisticated and classy, but very down to earth. She was a wonderful host who welcomed you into her home with a genuine loving nature. Her home always decorated with her great taste and creative flare.  She was always generous and gracious and had a great sense of humor. Her dry sense of humor and quick wit, especially when targeting one of her children always broke everyone up. I can picture her now delivering a little zinger looking over her glasses with a deadpan expression. She was also a great sport when on the receiving end of the humor that I am sure her children had inherited from her.  It only took a moment of talking to her to see how much she loved and cared for her children. She was a wonderful caring person who was always very kind to my family and me. My children love hanging up the Christmas ornaments that she had given them with their names on it. Although it has been some time since my family and I have been in contact with her, we think of her often with fondness and love. We will cherish the memories of her and count ourselves blessed to have known her.

Shared by Ann Messer on November 5, 2011

"Cindy" and the Messers go back to the early days, (mid 1960's) in Syracuse.when Cindy and Dag were newly married. We were the "older couple" with two little girls.I don't think we had ever met anyone quite as vivacious, inquisitive, funny or smart. She was a whirlwind and oh what good times we had! Our most precious memories are the times she, the boys and Jenny spent with us on Cape Cod. Never to be forgotten were her pain-inflicted manicures she insisted on giving us. She became an ardent observer of our neighbors and dubbed them with appropriate nicknames. One memorable afternoon, she went out on our deck in the middle of a horrific rainstorm to smoke--a cigarette in one hand and an umbrella in the other while we all watched her through the sliding glass door lest lightnining should strike. Eventually, we were all transferred from New York, the Nordby's to New Jersey and the Messers to Massachusetts.  Visits still took place, but as our families grew it became more difficult. Cindy, however, was ever faithful writing wonderful letters which always included family photos. More photos enabled us to admire her gorgeous gardens from afar. Chris, Eric and Jenny I miss that unique laughter hers. She was one in a million, talented, lovely, caring, and all-round great gal! How fortunate you are to have had such an exceptional mother.

.My love to you all and my deepest sympathy.

Shared by Marcy Rosen on November 5, 2011

Hello to Jenny, Eric and Chris,

I was so sorry to hear of your Mom's passing. She was a very special lady,whom I feel blessed to have had in my life. I remember babysitting for you a VERY long time ago! It was sometimes challenging (haha) but I always enjoyed spending time with you and your mom and dad. She a way wonderful way about her, always found the good in people and always had something nice to say to me.

It is nice to see the pictures of "Mrs Nordby"  and you then and now. I will keep you all in my thoughts.


Marcy McIntyre Rosen

Shared by Dan McIntyre on November 5, 2011

Chris, Jenny and Eric:  

I was so sorry to learn of your Mom's passing.

I remember how much fun she showed everyone at  your house on Wellington Avenue.  Her spirit was contagious and everyone could join in.  She was also adventurous in looking out for others.   She took your cousin Tollef and me to a show at the NJ arts center which was probably the first rock concert I ever saw. 

Its been great to see so many pictures.



Shared by Tollef Bredal on November 5, 2011

Dear Jenny, Eric and Chris!

I am so sorry to hear that aunt Cindy passed away so sudden. I have so many good memories of her, especially from the summer of '72 when I lived with you in Short Hills. One of my best summers ever.

Aunt Cindy was a lovely lady, kind and always concerned that I would enjoy and have a good time with you. I remember a beautiful woman, with great humor, smiling a lot, very efficient, with temper and determined. A woman I had great respect for. 

From time to time I've been thinking of her, of the good times I had with her and you, wondering how she was doing today. The last time I saw Aunt Cindy was some years ago, in Chris's wedding, somewhere outside Washington DC. Still beautiful and smiling.

Aunt Cindy is a woman to remember. I miss her.
My thoughts are with you - Jenny, Eric and Chris.


Under the Dome

Shared by Janet Matcheck on November 5, 2011


Cynthia hired me to be her Administrative Assistant in 1986, shortly after she began her role as Director of Administration for the College of Architecture, Art & Planning at Cornell. I spent the next four years (under Sibley Dome) sharing an office, and sharing my life, with one of the most amazing people I will ever know. Not only did she befriend me, but she also took my grad-student husband, Dale, under her wing. She invited us home for family holidays, she took me clothes shopping, she pushed me and promoted me. She should have given “Boss Lessons”, as she was by far the best supervisor I have known. She taught me the importance of getting up each day and “putting on my Mary Jane’s”, no matter how hard. She had such good instincts for people, knowing how to use their strengths to the fullest. She would move heaven and earth for those dear to her.

What color would best describe Cynthia…certainly not beige! Everything about her was like one big exclamation point: her energy, her handwriting, her decorating style, her hearty laugh, her humor, her walk, her stories, her renovations, her car, her gardens, her precious Mel, her children, her generosity, her heart. I loved the way she wore those glasses down at the end of her nose, and her shoulder pads and flowing skirts. I loved how I could count on her near-daily lunch order from Hal’s Deli of egg-and-olive-on-white. I loved stealing away to the Bullock room with her to TRAF, etc.   When our son John was born, she creatively adjusted my position so that I could job-share with new mom, Liz Walker; and it worked beautifully. As I said before, she would move heaven and earth. 

It’s hard to believe that 25 years have passed since I first came to know our dear Cynthia. How I treasure those four years spent by her side!  She had a huge influence on my life, and will forever remain in my heart. 

I send my love to you Mel, Jenny, Eric, and Chris. I am mourning with you.

Janet Matcheck

Shared by David Howe on November 4, 2011

Joby and I first met Cynthia when we were invited to a surprise 30th birthday party for Eric put on by Cynthia and Mel, at their house in Cortland. We arrived an hour or so early to see if we could help her get ready. Of course she was ready, with every tiny detail completed and scheduled to occur with military precision. 

Cynthia opened the door, welcomed us to her home and immediately challenged Joby to arm wrestle. Hours later, after an afternoon filled with laughter and fun, we ageed that we had made a wonderful new friend who was like no other. A visit with Cynthia, no matter how brief, was always an adventure. She is, and will continue to be, sadly missed.

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