My View Of The Greatest Man That a Ever Lived

My dad the best "Mau Daddy" that lives inside me. He gave to everyone, loved everyone, spoiled his kids grand-kids and most of all he put mom on the most precious throne built by a hard working man. Daddy was a provider that no man on this earth could judge or compare!! Many could try but there's only on Clarence; everyone he met he made a special and precious memory!! Three out of every four people I meet would tell me something my daddy did that was so special to them!! In my time of having my daddy I seen that he was too good for this ungrateful world he reminds me so much of JOB, nothing could stop him sickness, lack of material things, a bill, just nothing he always keep going. His favorite line (if you gone pray don't worry/ if your going to worry don't pray)!! He told me be humble that's the best start!! He trained me to depend on God not man!! His four girls was his life!! His final day he briefly told me take care daddy gone talk to you later!! I know daddy's in a better place I seen he passed a required courses to heaven, he was to smart for human existence so God welcomed him with open arms!!