Dad love jogging

Shared by Claudia Price on November 20, 2011

Dad had started jogging when he turned 50, while he was still living in Woomera, South Australia.  We met in Waikiki in 1991 for a vacation trip.  He wanted to enter a 1mi. fun run to benefit the Waikiki Zoo and talked me into it.  We did, it was a first race for both of us, it was so much fun.  We went on to do some 5k races after that.  He continued to jog until his early 60s.  He said it just didn't feel good any more.

Our Galapegos Vacation 1992

Shared by Claudia Price on November 20, 2011

In 1992 Dad and I went on a trip to the Galapegos Islands.  We were on a yacht for an entire week.  He loved to travel.  We celebrated his 52nd birthday there on the boat.  In this picture they purchased a bottle of champange on one of the islands to celebrade his Birthday, they made the cake on the boat... It was amazing.  The champagne was flat and the cork fell flat on the table.  Dad, not wanting to dissapoint, quickly picked up the cork and flung it up in the air with his thumbs.

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