Her Life

Early Years

Claudette was the 4th born child of Albert and Ruby. She was the first child they had when they moved to England from Jamaica. She grew up in the church where the family built many bonds and her and her siblings spent summers with their cousins the Pennants. As a child she loved to read and she always had a keen interest in her Jamaican heritage.

The life of a Mother

Claudette had her first two children Yvonne and Leroy by the time she was 18. Years later Erron and Sunitta joined the fold and in addition to being a bonus mum to her nieces and nephews, she brought her Goddaughter Nathalee over from Jamaica and went on to adopt her youngest daughters Shanika and Shanae. As a mother she was dedicated to raising her children the right way and continued to support them in their endeavours until the time of her passing

The life of a Grandmother (Nanny)

If she was dedicated as a mother she was even more so as a Grandmother. Insisting that ‘granny or grandma’ were titles beyond her years, all her grandchildren knew her as Nanny. She was blessed to love and be loved by her grandchildren Kyerron, Shana, Joseph, Darrion, Keon, Kamiah, Kaliyah and Zariah. Present at the birth of each of her children’s ‘firsts’ Claudette ensured she helped guide her children to be the best parents they could be and continue to build a close and tightly bonded family


19 years ago whilst on a trip to Great Yarmouth, she met Roy Thomas. Having met someone equally interested in Jamaican heritage, Black African history and culture and most importantly Music, she had found the right companion and they married in 2008. 

Work and friendships

Our mum after working many jobs as young people do, found her career and passion as a social worker. Her name is known in Lambeth and Southwark and there are many families and children who have benefited from the above and beyond approach that she took at work. She developed life long friendships from childhood, through school and then everywhere she worked and her children remain close friends with some of her friends children