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Pat my little sister

Shared by Claudette Sinclair on April 24, 2021
Pat, you were 3 years old when I first met you, my little sister. A cute, pretty, sweet little ball of fun.  I had the joy of taking you and Marcia to nursery in the mornings holding you with one hand and Marcia with the other, keeping my 2 little sisters safe but I better pray that it did not rain the night before, because in true Pat's style you would drag me to any little or big puddle that you could see and you would jump in. You enjoyed a splash. I watched you grow up from that little girl to become an adult. Mother of my fantastic nieces and nephews, grand mother, and "auntie Pat" to all of your siblings children. We have shared so much fun, so much laughs and so much love, along the way.  55 years we spent together Pat and with so many stories to tell of our lives together growing up, I could write a best selling novel. As siblings we all talked with our eyes, shoulders and feet and we will continue to do that for you. I know that you will be the secret listener at our conversations and when we laugh, you will laugh too clapping your hands as you laugh along with us, because "those we love don't ever go away".
It seem unreal to ever think that you are not here. I wanted to keep you here but you are needed in heaven. I miss you and my cheeks are wet as I write but each tear is a prayer and my grief is expression of love.
One more step along the world you go little sister. You have moved from the old things to the new and one day we will meet again. Until then sleep well and rest well Pat.
Love you Pat. 
From Peggy 

Our private jokes

Shared by Tina Francis on April 22, 2021
Dearest Claudette,

There are so many 'misses' that will no doubt make my eyes leak. We have shared many a funny joke, I am going to miss that. I will miss your  no nonsense but caring approach. You was so talented and will be a great loss to everyone you touched.

I am so sorry you did not beat the 'trussed up Turkey' and that we did not have another chance to speak.

Just had a chuckle that instead of resting you would be organising! God bless you my lovely.

Tina xxx

I will miss you

Shared by Michelle Mcdougall on April 22, 2021
Thank you Claudette for the time that I was allowed with you. As a dear manager, confident and friend I can say I will sincerely miss you. You taught me so much and always beloved in me. I made you a promise and I promise that I will make sure it happens. You will be missed dearly by all of us in Southwark and your legacy will go on. SIP
Shared by Icyline Howell on April 21, 2021
My condolences to the family and church, my dear Paulette sorry for your lost, but absence from the body is presence with the Lord RIP dear Sister, from Rev Howell Ransom Church Battersea SW11 1B

My Beloved Sister

Shared by Paulette Steeves on April 19, 2021
It has taken me so long to write these words, because I can’t believe you have really gone. Fond memories will live on forever until we meet again! 
Thank you for being part of the good times we shared together:
I will never forget when I first came over from Jamaica, I had to tell you all the 'Folk Tales' and teach you and Marcia how we would dance back home.
As my younger siblings you both tried to get me to eat your 'English' food such as: Spaghetti Bolognese (til this day I still don't eat it!), Baked Beans, Green Peas, Fish Fingers and Sausages.
Pat, you also tried to get me to stroke your pet Guinea Pig 'Terry', which I thought was a big Rat! and couldn't understand why Mummy would have such a thing in the house.
In our youth we sneaked out on many occasions, even if it meant climbing through the window (remember that time we had sneaked out, came home, to find Mummy laying in our bed. How we found such speed to run up the stairs so fast is beyond me!). After realising that we were in serious trouble, we contemplated packing up and leaving home.
We managed to go to so many places: clubs, dance, and boat trips just to name a few, and it’s only the 4 of us who knew (you, me and the two Christie Sisters).
Remember how we pierced our ears and nobody knew, as we concealed it using our head scarfs. We permed our hair with a perm kit that stank through the house, and quick-thinking we told Mummy it was "old bath cubes and some bubble-bath" that we got as Christmas presents, some years before which we found in a drawer in the back room.
You're not around anymore so we can’t speak with our eyes and giggle together like a “Cheshire cat”.
Sorry I told you not to play the piano in Church if you didn't want to, (as I knew you were fed up of it) I took a lot of blame for you, but that’s just sisterly love and will now remain treasured memories.
We shared so many other memorable moments, like the many trips that we made to Jamaica, carrying our ‘Lovers Rock’ records from London so we could “nice up the dance”.  
The fun we had in Uncle Nashie’s shop down there in Country, was the classic! Whilst you selected the tunes I kept the men spending money on liquor!  Those guys would spend any amount of money just to hear the "two foreigners" speak. We didn’t mind as we just wanted to make money for our Uncle. 
Remember the ‘Sleng Teng’ Rhythm, and the record ‘Buddy Bye, Buddy Bye No.1'... We tried for hours to learn the dance and get the right foot movements, whilst laughing ourselves crazy. Boy didn't we have fun!
Thank you for being Aunty Pat for my two girls, whom you watched grow into mature women, with their own children. Also for allowing your home to be their 'Second Home'
The love and support you gave me over the years is simply unexplainable. I am grateful that I've shared and been apart of this journey with you. 
I have so many other stories to tell, but Sis, I’ll live with the treasured memories and keep them dear to my heart. 
Just keep Sleeping in Eternal Peace until we meet on the other side. 
Love from your Sister Paulette x
Shared by Erica Williams on April 17, 2021
You will be forever missed by your loving family and friends, your memories will live on forever and be on the hearts of those you have impacted. Rest in eternal peace! Heaven has gained another angel...

Our Long Chats

Shared by Candice Dixon on April 15, 2021
When I try to think of memories of Pat that are most memorable to me, I always go back to the countless conversations we would have about our shared love for certain TV shows. We could spend so long discussing 90 day fiancé, Tipping Point, and many more. Sometime last year we were talking and I asked her if she had ever watched a show called This Is Us, which she hadn’t. I explained what it was about and she said she would give it a go. After a couple of weeks I asked her if she had had a chance to watch it yet to which she replied “Candice!! What have you done to me, I’m struggling to get any work done” . I laughed as she told me that anytime she tries to stop herself watching it she keeps putting on one more episode. She had managed to get through all 4 seasons in no more than a month. We were both looking forward to the new season 5. I will miss having our long chats about TV shows and other things . Pat always had time for long chats even if it was justabout TV shows

Arklowa African Village

Shared by Charly P Rich on April 13, 2021
Ever since my aunt has passed this one trip keeps playing over and over in my mind. My aunt was working at a nursery in Lambeth at the time and had organised this trip. It had to have been during summer holidays as I was staying at her house. This particular day it was raining cats and dogs the children where all restless on the way to the centre and I could see that my aunt was not sure if the children would have got the cultural experience she was hoping for. However  when we arrived my aunt made this trip special despite the rain, she insisted that the organisers continued with the full experience  clipboard in hand. I'm sure she even roped my cousins and myself into joining the demonstrations. But why I remember this trip so much was how she made a rainy day full of sunshine, fun and laughter. That was my Aunty Pat, full of sunshine and laughter  
I will always miss her!

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