Posted by Ana Ortiz on April 8, 2021
It’s been hard since u left us and u couldn't say why all we know is that it was hard to let u go,The tears in our eyes we can wipe away but the pain in our hearts will always stay,we know we can't be selfish n we have to let u go ur dream of being with Mom finally came true tell her we love her and we miss her so much it breaks our heart to lose u but ur not going alone a part of us is going with u now that God has called u home,We promise to take care of each other and and all ur 30 nieces n nephew's the way u always did,Thank u for always listening,supporting us n encouraging us thank u for being an amazing sister,aunt,2nd mom and friend we will cherish every moment we spend with u ur smile ur laugh,ur kindness ur humbleness n ur bravery this is not a goodbye but I'll see u later so save a spot for us in heaven intill we meet again give us the STRENGHT to live without u here we love u sister

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