My first love...You're every breath that I take, you're every step I make, and I want to share all my love with you. No one else will do. Your eyes...they tell me how much you care. You will always be my endless love!
  • Born in Claudie: May 9, 1934 & Tommie: January 27, 1935, Texas, United States.
  • Passed away in Claudie: April 9, 2016 & Tommie: April 13, 2016, Maryland, United States.

Welcome to the celebration of Claudie and Tommie Blue's Endless Love! We invite you to share tributes, stories, and photos that reflect the love you shared with them and how they touched your heart!

This love story is about a journey that began with the union of two kindhearted people, who loved each other as they loved God. From that love, Deirdre Blue was born and countless lives were forvever changed -- for the better!

You are cordially invited to join us in celebration of

Claudie & Tommie Blue

Homegoing Service - Thursday April 28, 2016

Viewing – 9:00 a.m.    Service – 11:00 a.m.    Repast - Immediately After Service

Mt. Olive Baptist Church

1601 South 13th Road, Arlington, VA 22204

Rev. Dr. James E. Victor, Jr., Pastor

Interment - Friday April 29, 2016

Procession Departs Mt. Olive Baptist Church - 9:00am

Quantico Interment Service – 11:00am-11:30am

Quantico National Cemetery - 18424 Joplin Rd, Triangle, VA 22172

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The Claudie Blue Veteran Support Fund is your opportunity to strengthen his legacy. Your gifts will improve quality of life for our Veterans, to include public transportation, and access to VA health care facilities and care providers.


Read to the Top, based out of Tommie's hometown, Taylor TX, offers literacy programs that meet the most urgent educational needs for childern in Taylor, Texas.

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Posted by Dee-Dee Blue on April 30, 2016
ALL IS WELL WITH MY SOUL!!! The last piece of business was handled yesterday morning at Quantico for my Dynamic Duo! It felt a little strange dropping them off and us leaving them there....but that's life and we must go on. Mom and Daddy are in a much better place now and I an happy for them--they are watching over us and I feel so much better for it.

God is providing me with the strength that I need to venture out without my "bestest friends" physically at my side but "my cussin angels" are at my side every step of the way! Along with them are the best cousins, aunts, extended family and friends a girl could ever have--thank God for them!

Mommy and Daddy I love you dearly but God loves you best--He called you on home for your rest and reward. Job well done! You touched many a life and you will be missed by all but especially me. I'll see you on that Great Gettin' Up Morning! Love you, your lil Puddle Duck :o)
Posted by Dee-Dee Blue on April 29, 2016
April 29th, 2016
This is just one day before the start of May for most people BUT for me, it is the day that I finally say good bye to “my Dynamic Duo”-Claudie E. and Tommie D. Blue. They were my loving parents and my best friends for 49 years….now that’s awesome. They shall be missed!
It’s not every day that such a couple exhibit an everlasting commitment and love. They touched countless lives and that was seen by the family and friends that came out yesterday to say their final farewell to “Uncle Claudie and Aunt Sweetie Pie”. My pastor, Rev. James E Victor, did an awesomely wonder job of eulogizing them yesterday and I couldn’t be more thankful.
Now it is my turn to take my own advice that I usually provide to friends and loved ones when they experience a loss such as this. My favorite singer, Ms. Patti LaBelle, sings a song, “Love Never Dies”. In that song she take a moment to state, “…Let me tell you somethin’, most of us have family members and friends who have passed on, but you know what? I don’t think that they would want us to see us sittin’ around here mopin’ and looking all pitiful and cryin’ our eyes out so sooner or later you are gonna have to stop that, shuga, you’re gonna have to fluff up baby, I mean, fluff up, beat your face into place, get back into the race and simply say…Love Never Dies”. 
I know this while is gonna hurt to be without their physical presence, I’ll have my personal “Cussin’ Angels” to look after me in the years to come until “that Great Getting’ Up Morning” when I shall see them again. 
I Love you, Mom & Dad
Your Duck,
Deirdre Dihan Blue
Posted by Linda Mack on April 28, 2016
Deedee - take comfort in the love for parents had for each other, you, the family and friends. I met your family through Desyria and Sam many years ago. Being in their company was always a joy. You and the family are in my prayers.
Posted by Joe Howze Sr on April 27, 2016
We are thankful to have met Deacon Claudie and Sister Tommie Blue in the Fort Washington, MD Community and Mount Olive Baptist Church, Arlington, VA. We are going to miss them both; their smiles, hugs and wealth of wisdom to share. The way they both loved each other and lived their lives continue to influence and inspire us; what a marvelous couple to emulate! Dee Dee; may God continues to bless you and Family. We pray that in the years to come, that God will sustain you and give you peace and comfort. We Love You!!! Joe Sr & Gwen Howze
Posted by Samuel Short on April 26, 2016
To DeeDee and the Family,
Our hearts go out to the Blues family as they have been part of our immediate family lives since 1983. Our family had a unique bond with your Mom and Dad and of course with you. Desyria, who has known them since she was 10 years old, and her family (Vernon and Bessie Standard, daughter, Patricia) would meet them in 1963, during their Del Rio, Texas Air Force assignment days and their paths would cross from England to DC. They would later become Godparents to our daughters, Joi and Kim. They epitomized what the term Godparents meant as they were so devoted to this responsibility and were there at every major milestone of their lives including their graduations and weddings. 

When you visited their home, although not intended, you always stayed longer than you had planned and your face would hurt upon leaving as they would have probably had you laughing the whole visit. They never took themselves so serious as to not stop and enjoy the simple joys that God provided in their lives and was always willing to share. 
They both seemed to live precariously through the celebration of every one else’s personal achievements as they simply always wanted the very best for you. Ms. Blue, the ultimate teacher and Mr. Blue, forever encouraging.
Her beautiful mind was like a computerized vault where information, gathered from life, went in, was locked down, but could be unlocked and recalled and shared within minutes as though it happened yesterday. 
People often wonder how, and if, they will be remembered once they leave this earthy life. I don’t think the Blues needed to ever worry about this as the world that they leave is now a much better place because God allowed them to stop by and share the warm rays from the sun that he bestowed within their hearts. Those warm rays have left an indelible impact on so many lives. This endless love that they shared on earth will now be a heavenly love that will last through eternity. We will miss them immensely.

DeeDee, please know that as they were always there for us, we will always be there for you to support you through the difficult days ahead and beyond. We love you.

Lovingly submitted: Sam and Desyria Short
Posted by Vasser Baldwin on April 26, 2016
Tommie and CE, two wonderful people who will be missed. Tommie was our "supervisor". The Ketcham Family will always love Tommie for her many acts of kindness.

Love you both always

Lee & Vasser Baldwin
Posted by Cynthia Posey on April 26, 2016
Coming over here from England in 1966 Sweetie Pie and Uncle Claudie were the two people along with my mother Shirley Beasley meeting me at the airport, from that day they were my aunt and uncle. Being that my parents were the only children in their family I had no aunts and uncles, so imagine how happy I was to have them as my own. I thank God for the time I had them and even though they are gone my memories will live on forever, words cannot explain. My faith in God has me believing they are in a better place. My memories are how loud Sweetie Pie would talk being a school teacher made her that way. Uncle Claudie would cook on the grill and even though the food was all gone you would be still licking your fingers, there are so many other fun times.
it's so bitter sweet that they are gone but truly a love story with an ending that we must believe and understand was God's will.
Posted by Patricia Guidry on April 26, 2016
Mrs. Bessie Standard-Patricia Guidry

DeeDee Blue and family, no one can prepare your for a loss, it comes like a swift wind. However, take comfort in knowing that death didn't separate your mom and dad. Together they'll always be resting in the arms of our Lord.

Our deepest condolences to you and your entire family,

Mrs. Bessie Standard and Patricia Guidry
Austin, Texas
Posted by Willie Shaw on April 24, 2016
Thank you for having my back during my Military career. Thank you for the letter to help me get my Bails bondsman license. Thanks for a world of advice. You"ll be missed. The Shaw's
Posted by Joi Uzoh And Kim Francois... on April 23, 2016
Growing up in Southern Maryland, our home life and church instilled in us a sense of legacy. Uncle Claudie and Aunt Sweetie Pie (who we called 'Pie') especially played a key role in this part of our identities. They showed genuine pride in seeing others do well. We watched them volunteer with laughs, smiles and skills adjacent to a roaring BBQ pit at church cookouts, cheer at the top of their lungs at step shows and wear a chest held high and puffed out when a former student or mentee gave a beautiful dance performance or speech at an area tea for young scholars. We remember that excitement on their faces when they announced that we were going to visit the Fredrick Douglass house or going to see THE Stephanie Mills perform in The Wiz.

We felt a part of something bigger than us, like millions of people we never met and many who had gone on before us would be whispering "of course you can" whenever we faced a new challenge. We knew that we were standing on the shoulders of people capable of so so much and the obligation to do our part didn't feel daunting; it felt right and like we had a place. Every now and then, someone asks us why we helped or why we gave a little extra. We respond "because someone did it for me" and we know those someones were often Pie and Uncle Claudie.

We love you, Pie and Uncle Claudie.
Posted by Myrna Davis-Francois on April 22, 2016
May God Bless you both, RIP. Dee Dee take comfort in their love and I wish you a speedy recovery
Posted by Karen Thomas on April 22, 2016
Wishing you a peace that passes all understanding. Thank God that no matter what the love and sweet memories will always, always remain. With great sympathy, Karen & Michael Thomas
Posted by Winnette Blaylock on April 22, 2016
Our condolences to the Blue /Harrison family . Two wonderful souls have us, leaving us with many fond memories that will last forever. May they R.I.P.Dee Dee ,Beth,LaVern,Ruth,Lindale.and all of the Harrison /Blue families, may God console and bless you all.
Posted by Susan Miller on April 22, 2016
My sympathise for a loving family left behind. Our wonderful Lord gave us a promise in John 5:28,29. Please look forward to that day of happiness.
Posted by Ivory&Daisy Sullivan on April 20, 2016
Our prayers go out to the family,
Deacon Blue & Sister Tommie were very dear to me and my wife.
In loving memory!
Deacon Ivory and minister Daisy Sullivan
Hopkins, South Carolina
Posted by Sandy Baker on April 19, 2016
I extend my heartfelt sympathy to Dee Dee and the Blue/Harrison families. My heart is so heavy as I write this tribute and words cannot truly express how you and family are feeling. Please know it is my prayer that God will give you the strength to continue your life the way HE will have you to. Peace and Blessings to you and the family.
Posted by Ardella Lockett on April 19, 2016
Deacon Blue and Tommie Blue, along with their daughter Dee Dee, were one of the sweetest families I can recall. Deacon Blue had a smile that would like up the whole church. Dee Dee will miss such loving parents, but they will leave forever in Gods kingdom.
Posted by Judy Horton on April 18, 2016
People come in our life for reasons and seasons. They had a reason! They would come and bring joy and happiness to us in Austin,Tx. every year. They would be so much fun. I'm going to miss the midnite emails and jokes from Claudie B. & Sweetie Pie keeping us all together! They were an amazing couple that will truly be missed. My deepest condolences and prayers to the entire family.
Posted by Harrison Turner on April 18, 2016
I really don't have the words to describe the impact that you both have had on my life, but it's been significant...and I'll remember everything both of you ever taught me, from Aunt Sweetie Pie taking me hostage one summer to teach me my multiplication tables, to Uncle Claudie keeping my up all night to teach me the finer points of BBQn' I love you both...and I'm going to miss both of you more than you'll ever know...until I see both of you again...LOVE YOU..
Posted by Jana Manor on April 18, 2016
A tribute: WOW! There's just not enough space to say what these two life/childhood friends meant to me. I loved both of them so much. Tommie, Claudie, R.L. and I shared many things; we lived together for a minute in San Antonio, my children know nothing but "Aunt Sweetie Pie &Uncle Claudie. We would talk until sunrise the next morning; up ALL night long talking and laughing with Claudie & I sipping on the brown stuff and Tommie cursing us and talking bout us so bad. Oh I tell you I love these two and I know they loved us. They were right there for me when R. L. left and Mother. Tommie calling Lynda in Texas telling her to go see bout Noreen. Oh Lord give me the strength at this time and I thank you Lord for the amazing strength you've given this amazing child Dee Dee. Dee Dee is holding all of us up right along bout now. Yes she is but it's just one of many, many testaments to her parents, Claudie and Tommie Blue. It is so like you two to go to the heavenly home together; because when you married from that day forth you were always together.  I love you both and just knowing that you're no longer there in Maryland makes me so sad.  I love you both. Just plain LOVED and LIKE you.  Noreen aka "No"
Posted by Beverly Walker on April 18, 2016
Mr . and Mrs. Blue you both will be truly missed. I knew Mrs . Blue back in the days when I was coming up, she was a sweet and beautiful lady. My prayers are with the family. May God Bless you all.
Posted by Gwendolyn Higgs on April 18, 2016
My condolences to the family. Your gone but not forgotten. Love your cousin Gwen
Posted by Roxanne Miller on April 18, 2016
With love and deepest sympathies we remember Deacon Blue & Sister Tommie Blue. Our hearts are with The Blue & Harrison families. May God who knows
your sorrow bring peace, comfort and healing to your soul. MOBC Doorkeepers for Christ Usher Ministry
Posted by Brendalyn Slaughter on April 17, 2016
Mrs. Blue was my favorite teacher. She wasn't just my teacher, she was also my friend. I would call her every year, for her birthday, and Mr. Blue would answer, and she would be tickled to death, that I remembered her birthday. She had such a beautiful spirit. Mr. Blue was also a kind and loving person. This is truly a love story, of all love stories. I thank God, for putting Mrs. Blue in my life, she taught me so much. R.I.P. lovers and friends, Mr. and Mrs. Claudie Blue. I love you both!!!!!!
Posted by Dee Washington on April 17, 2016
God searched for a beautiful flower in his garden of life and chose Mr. Blue. He pushed backed the leaves and found another and decided they were inseparable. So he picked Mrs. Blue too. 

Whenever I saw Mrs. Blue, as a high school student, she would always tell who I was going to marry. She almost got it right.
Posted by DeNae Reagins on April 17, 2016
There are no words that can concisely describe the world you created and outlined for me (DeNae - "Nae Nae") and your other nephews and nieces. The passion and excellence you both exhibited through your commitment to God, life, and excellence, has left an indelible impression on my life. And, "Aunt Sweetie Pie", Thank you for MY NAME: DeNae. I LOVE YOU BOTH....UNTIL WE MEET AGAIN!
Posted by Constance Mullins on April 17, 2016
My sincere condolences to the Blue and Harrison families. May the peace of God be your source of comfort and strength during this very difficult time. You are all in my prayers. Dee Dee – as you lay your mother and father to rest, keep God close to your heart and He will bring you through this difficult time. Love.  Connie Mullins
Posted by Janet Braxton on April 17, 2016
Thank you for sharing the memories of a beautiful, inseparable couple, Deacon Claudie Blue and Mrs Tommie Blue. May they forever rest in Peace-together! I pray God's love and blessings upon the family.
Posted by Regina Lewis on April 17, 2016
Deepest condolences to the family. God Bless You.
Posted by Vivian Hood-Rowe on April 17, 2016
My sincere condolences. May GOD in his infinite wisdom grant your peace.
Posted by David Shaffer on April 17, 2016
This man really loved Tommie and Deedee. I remember him greatly.

He was a great and a very good friend. May GOD Bless your souls as I'm sure he will.
Posted by Juanita Hicks on April 17, 2016
Deacon Blue and Tommie will surely be missed. The love was shared deeply between them and Deedee. May God bless and keep you during this bereavement time. I know He is holding you all in the palms of his hand. Love you much.
Posted by Dolores Shirley Tate on April 17, 2016
My first remembrance of Tommie was 'way back in 1970 when I was new to MOBC. I'd sit in the middle section of the sanctuary and most times I'd be in the pew just in back of Tommie and baby DeeDee. Admittedly I'd be paying more attention to the smiles and "imaginary hearts" Tommie sent from her eyes toward the toddler. Such love! 

Later, as members of the Ladies' Auxiliary, we had numerous opportunities to work together -- and laugh, and benefit from her no holds barred frank authoritative wisdom! (Think E.F. Hutton. When Tommie spoke, we all listened.)

Memories of Deacon Blue always involve his cooking! As a matter-of-fact, the last time I cooked ribs, I used the rubbing spice and bbq sauce he gave me! His capable, accurate leadership during our Church meetings, was above reproach and most commendable. All that being said..., I loved when it was his turn to pray Sunday mornings! To God be the glory for having this one of a kind, "dynamic duo" in my life. They were truly awesome!
Posted by Ethel Fletcher-Cook on April 16, 2016
You all will be missed at the Blackshear/O.L. Price Reunions and in Taylor, Texas. I didn't get to beat Mr. Blue in Bid Whist but we always talked about it. Two wonderful people missing out of my life. My God keep you all. Much Love.
Posted by Andrea Blakely on April 16, 2016
We will keep the family lifted in prayer. May you find comfort and lean on the Lord. He will see u through..
Posted by Andrea Blakely on April 16, 2016
We will keep the family lifted in prayer. May you find comfort and lean on the Lord. He will see u through..
Posted by Barry Woods on April 16, 2016
You will be missed by the entire family. Especially those that you both have helped along as the years have gone on. Jan and I will always remember the time that we did meet and our Prayers go out to Micheal and Adrienne and Family. I know that there will be a BIG VOID in the lives that were touch. May GOD Bless the Family.

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