Let the memory of Clayton "Chunk" be with us forever
  • 26 years old
  • Born on September 25, 1977 .
  • Passed away on July 8, 2004 .

This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Clayton "Chunk" Richison, 26, born on September 25, 1977 and passed away on July 8, 2004...He always had a smile for everyone. And everyone he touched, he left a memory for them!

Posted by Brenda Richison on 8th February 2018
Chunk, I'm so sorry I haven't been to ur place of rest in awhile. I did go there the other day though. And I felt u there w/me, so I didn't cry so much,but that don't mean I don't lay awake crying. Did u find Alpha. She's out of her pain now. I wish I was there w/all u. ...Mom
Posted by Brenda Richison on 26th July 2016
Just wanted to say "hi" Clayton. Tell u how I miss u, ur smile, sound of ur laugh, touch. I'd give anything in the world just to hold u once more. Just once! Remember u danced w/me that one day? Took a picture w/ur arm around me? Memories...All I got left. Sadie is there w/u I hope by now. Give her a hug for me. She was all I had left of u...Love u son. Hope to see u son...
Posted by Brenda Richison on 26th March 2016
Hi, my son. It's been 13 yrs.son, & still I'm not right! I have lost so many, many people, that I can't even have time to grieve. Ur Aunt Alpha seems pretty bad. I can't get ahold of her & Charles hasn't answered back yet. I'm so afraid she'll die before me! I can't handle no more! No more! Please Lord, I want to come home!Clayton, son, if I pass, I want u to grab my hand & take me w/u, k? Please...Watch for me ...
Posted by Brenda Richison on 12th November 2015
Hi son. Another holiday is coming up, making me miss u even more. I looked at ur daughters pics today, & gosh, they have grown into beautiful young women. It's been since Mom's funeral since I've seen them. I sure miss u, son. Love u just as always, & forever. I'm lighting this candle, to light my way to u. I love u...
Posted by Brenda Richison on 23rd October 2015
Here's a light to see ur way back to me. While I Sleep, filled w/dreams of times we were together.U were the light, the laughter,in my world. u were my clone. I miss u more every day.I cry for u. not out of sadness, but just knowing once again, u are happy. Take care of Grandma & Michael, please...See u soon Love Mom Always Forever. It may of been only a short time-but to me it was forever...
Posted by Brenda Richison on 17th July 2015
Chunk, ur Aunt Retha, Uncle Bobby, and Aunt Kathy, has all passed here lately. But I guess u already know that, huh? U be good and don`t pester Retha to much. Lol Is Michael and Mom doing good? There's not many of us left here on earth. Well, Son, fly with the angels. I send my love to y'all. I will see u again. My heart has a special place for all of u...Mom
Posted by Brenda Richison on 26th September 2013
Happy b'day Chunk. Ur probably having ur best one's there in Heaven. Have u seen Mom yet? She passed Valentie's Day. Then my darling love of my life, passed June 5th. My life will never be the same. I miss ya'll so much, Baby. Wish the angel's would come for me. I have no will to live anymore. But, I love u so very much. Seems like it was only yesterday to me. Love u forever,,,Mom

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