Foh Wake MN
Clement Bongham
  • 38 years old
  • Date of birth: Aug 2, 1976
  • Place of birth:
    Bamenda, Cameroon
  • Date of passing: Oct 30, 2014
  • Place of passing:
    Bamenda, Cameroon
A soldier never dies! You remain our hero forever. RIP!

This memorial website was created in memory of our husband, brother, Uncle, Clement Bongham. Born on August 2, 1976,  died on October 30, 2014. You went home for a visit and never came back to meet your family in the united States of America. Your wife Karine, your kids: Clement Bongham Jr, Braden, and Hope all wish you farewell to your fathers house in heaven.

   Friday November 28, 2014
             -Wake Keeping in Minnesota
                Venue: 1653 Orleans St, Stillwater, MN, 55028
                Time: 8pm
                 Delphine Bonghan - 651 354 1433
                 Elvis Fai Bongan - 651 757 0576
                 Beltran Njofang - 651 404 5626

Funeral & Wake Keeping in Germany
Date: Friday December 5, 2014
Venue: Marie Clair Snack
            Eppinghoferstr. 142 45468
            Mulheim An Der Ruhr. 
            Wara Julius (Nkwen Boy) - 011 4915219226925
            Tanjong Ashuh (Etats) -  011 4915210103220

            Thursday December 18, 2014            
Atangche Munga's Compound

       Time 8:pm
               Atangche Vingalla: 70691767
              Dr. Tandia Vernasius: 50502305


           Friday Dec 19, 2014 - Viewing & Wake at Ndamukong Street Residence
           Saturday Dec 20. 2014 - Requiem Mass  & Reception at Bayelle Church                                                    Nkwen Bamenda
           Sunday Dec 21, 2014 - Thanksgiving Mass at Bayelle Church
                Godwin  Bongham - 011 237 7619801
                Joseph  Bonghan - 011 237  72525665
                Father Marcel Ayuni - 011 237 77161983  



Memorial Tributes
This tribute was added by Karine Bongham on 30th October 2016

"Babe, you are dearly missed...may  your gentle soul continue to Rest In Peace."

This tribute was added by Imma Bongham on 30th October 2016

"Hey Daddy. It's been two years since you left us and we miss you so much. You left us with so much love that will keep us for an entire lifetime which I am truly grateful for. I cants help but remember every time Hope ask about you that When someone you love becomes a memory, that memory becomes a treadure. We tell her amazing stories about you everyday and I know that one day, when she is all grown up she will treasure those little memories of you that we all hold so dearly.

We miss you."

This tribute was added by Valerie West on 30th October 2016

"Wow, time flies. so its been two years already since you slept Soldier. Continue to Sleep in peace Brova. U are missed."

This tribute was added by Berka Bonghan on 3rd August 2016

"Uncle Foh I miss you so much. We all miss you. Happy birthday to you. Hope we all see again. We love you."

This tribute was added by Karine Bongham on 2nd August 2016

"Today is your birthday and the kids and I really don't know what to do babe. All we can do is to look up and hopping you are looking down as you rejoice with the lord. We love and miss very much! RIP"

This tribute was added by Imma Bongham on 30th October 2015

"Every Year its get harder leaving without you in the house. Places are so empty and quite even thou people are around. No country music to keep the party going and its all because god decided to take you from us at such an early stage in your life.

Hope ask about you every time and we don't know what to say. Braden is doing very good in school. Junior your namesake shatters every expectation in both school and at home he can even help out now in the kitchen now so well. And just like Hope they ask about you too all the time.

We wish you were here with us every day to share in our lives because that way it will be more fun to experience everything with you on our side. We all know that even though you are not there with us physically, you are there with us spiritually. and that thought keeps us going every day.

We all miss and love you so much Daddy. Rest in peace!!
Immacu, Noel, Jurnior, Braden and Hope"

This tribute was added by Karine Bongham on 30th October 2015

"Chai!! Papa god, what have I done to deserve this heavy cross you put on my shoulder? I do not know! But I thank you for given me the strength to carry it day by day.

Sweetheart, it has been a year since you left us to join your heavenly father. Tears still run down my eyes whenever I think of the great moment we had together. I thank you dearly for being a part of my life and for making it a better world for me and the kids. The thought of having to do everything every day without you is horrible because I’m not sure of what the future holds for me and the kids.  

Your untimely passing has created a deep hole in my heart that on one will ever fill. You have always brought out the best in us whether it’s just the two of us or with the children, our family and friends, it is always a blast. And in your death,   you are still able to do so much for us. I don’t know how we will move forward without your great BBQ’s and all the delicious dishes you used to prepare for us. Even the kids cannot stop bragging about it when I try to prepare some of them and they never turn out as good as yours.

Babe I will never forget what you used to tell me “A great soldier never dies” you will always be remembered and we will forever love you. May your gentle soul rest in perfect Peace


This tribute was added by Kymi Lozano on 18th September 2015

"Wow!!! I cannot believe this at all....what's going on this is horrible to wake up to you were a great friend all of the time we worked together .... This hurt my heart  when I read this .... R.I.P never forgotten"

This tribute was added by Imma Bongham on 3rd August 2015

"Happy 39th birthday daddy. You are with us in spirit and we will always cherished the moments we had with you. Those memories will keep you alive in our hearts and always in our prayers."

This tribute was added by Alex Jick Neba on 22nd December 2014

"May your soul rest in perfect peace"

This tribute was added by Caroline Lamelas on 9th December 2014

"I am truly sorry for your loss. May God comfort you and your family"

This tribute was added by John Suh Che on 7th December 2014

"It was really a heart breaking moment when I heard of the passing away of "chief Bongham" as I used to call him. We will miss the time we had together. I can remember that it was at his house that my son took his first step when we went visiting. Our brother, father and friend was a good and welcoming person, we will really miss him.
May his soul rest in peace and I pray that God will bless his family through this moment of sorrow.
RIP chief."

This tribute was added by Valerie West on 2nd December 2014

"You left so soon Soldier ! I wish i could tell you I'm not ready to let another friend go but you've already departed and I'm feeling so low. Many will miss the sound of your voice, your laughter and your sighs. I'm filled with sadness and grief. I don't really want to say goodbye so I'll just wish you eternal peace. Sleep In Peace Brova."

This tribute was added by nember ekole on 21st November 2014

"Sub chief.u Will forever be missed.u left too soon.u served ur country, u defended the flag of America.u were a people's person, u left ur kids and love ones so soon.I lack words.we miss u .I thought we were going to meet and eat ur delicious BBQ..RIP chief."

This tribute was added by Nsaidzeka Martin on 21st November 2014

"Small brother, we didn't come to know each other well but from comments around you seem to have touched quite a few lives during your short stay down here. I suppose that is why our Heavenly Father wants to draw you close to Him; so you can reach out to more lives than you could while down here. We bow to His verdict. Fare thee well, Bro."

This tribute was added by Elvis Fai on 20th November 2014

"Elvis Fai As I began to reach out for the right words to express my thoughts about my junior brother Foe, I remembered the valued and meaningful roles that Foe played through out his life. First and foremost I see him as the family man. he loved his family profoundly. He was a devoted husband/ son/ father/ uncle/ brother and friend. Looking back, he was a goodwill ambassador to his family and his community at-large. He is a ruler, a leader and a fighter who fought for our freedom in Irag and Afganistan. Thanks again for your services, you will be forever missed."

This tribute was added by Quincy Mcdonald on 19th November 2014

"Whoever said that loss gets easier !!!!!!!!!!!!! Death leaves memory no one can heal; you will forever be in our hearts. May your gentle soul rest in peace."

This tribute was added by faustina awumee on 19th November 2014

"What shock!!!! Gone too soon  !!!!!we will always remember you.may your soul rest in peace  is hard too say goodbyeeeeeeee hmmmmm  may you have rest in The Lord"

This tribute was added by Atangche Vingalla on 19th November 2014

"I'm sitting here in my room, looking at your picture.
Wondering why you couldn't be a part of this day.
Uncontrollable tears stream down my face,
while my heart beat starts to race.
Asking God why he took you from my life,
it was more painful than stabbing me in the heart with a knife.
I still needed you here
you were the one to make everything so clear.
you are a part of me and I am a part of you
when you died a part of me died too.
I never knew how hard it was to lose someone you love
until the day you went to heaven above.
Even though I can't see,
I know you’re up there watching over me.
I miss you more and more everyday
and all I can do is pray.
In my heart you shall forever remain.

This tribute was added by Atangche Vingalla on 19th November 2014

"Death How Cruel are you?
One more chance, and I will show you that it wasn’t time enough.
Shu fai Why?
Wokissa Number 1 “A” why?
You’re sadly missed along life's way,
You will be quietly remembered every day...
You are no longer in our lives to share,
But you are in our hearts, and you will always be there
We will all celebrate your life.
And the measure of its worth.
And every single life you touched.
While you were on this earth.
We wish to pay our last respects.
That's why we all are here.
To thank you for your friendship.
And all the memories we hold dear.
Its been a privilege to have known you.
We were family not just friends.
We leave you now knowing you are safe in His arms,
No more pain or suffering, away from all harm.
Rest with the angels, until we all will see you once more.
We love and have missed you, things we will always adore.
Watch over us now, for one day it will come.
And we will carry you in spirit.
Until we meet up once again.

This tribute was added by Samson Lamlenn on 19th November 2014

"Dear young valiant cousin, we counted so much on your youthful dynamism in the family yet you have come and gone like a candle in the wind. We will sorely miss you yet we believe strongly that the marks you left on the sands of time will remain to guide all the others. Fare thee well."

This tribute was added by terence mbuyongha on 18th November 2014

"From where do I start?, It is too hard to swallow,I really hate that thing call death,it doesn't even know who and when to take,it lives the evil ones and only comes to collect our love ones especailly  freinds and brodas,but I know u hav conquer it clement..shallom shallom on till we mit again"

This tribute was added by leslie foryoung on 18th November 2014

"Hei Bob, How do I start? What can I say? Why did you have to go. You made the whole world light up with your amazing laugh. I smile when I remember.
Sometimes God picks the flower that is still in full bloom;
Sometimes the rosebud’s chosen,  we feel He’s picked too soon.
Sometimes the flower is fading with petals floating down,
But God knows the perfect time to gather flowers from the ground.
There is a heavenly garden in which God takes great pleasure
Because He’s placed within it the loved ones that we treasure.
He walks among the blossoms giving them eternal rest,
And I know that it must please Him Because He chose our very best.

This tribute was added by Mumbari Ivo on 18th November 2014

""Cosmetic" is what i called you!Life is a stage and we are just actors.You played your part perfectly my brother.Rest in peace cos i trust its in a better place!!!"

This tribute was added by Ernesto Fru on 17th November 2014

"I just stumbled upon this memorial site. I've never met you but your brothers, Franco and Elvis are good friends of mine. 38 is just too young but I guess God has a better plan for each and everyone of us. Sleep well young man and prepare a place for the wonderful family and friends you left behind for some day, we all will be re-united for eternity."

This tribute was added by bobis Auto on 17th November 2014

"Bongham u always said there is no place as sweet as home because home is home and that u will always remember to come back home, u came and did it home.Soldiers don't cry when they say Goodbye.Life is a cycle of hellos and goodbyes. We exchange hi's and hello's when we meet. We bid goodbye when it's time to break up or leave.You fought the battle and  crossed the bar leaving so many hearts empty, though gone too soon, thoughts of you will always culminate to produce memories that will forever last.Once a soldier always a soldier Rip me dear brother."

This tribute was added by soter agbaw-Ebai on 16th November 2014

"You and I developed a special relationship when we met in the beautiful city of Mulheim in Germany. You related to me as if you had known me for almost two decades. You never came to Essen city without asking of your journalist friend!! News of your sudden departed has brought back too many sad memories. Rest in peace my brother and great friend!! Your name like sweet perfume will always remain in our minds and hearts for you tower above them all!! Adieu"

This tribute was added by Prince Pichichi on 16th November 2014

"May the road rise up to meet you, may the wind be ever at your back. May the sun shine warm upon your face and the rain fall softly on your fields. And until we meet again, may God hold you in the hollow of his hand.R.I.P Bro"

This tribute was added by Greatest Jabu on 16th November 2014

"Losing friend is a hard thing and especially if you were close. We need to understand that everything has its time and sometimes God puts certain people in your life for a short time but all the same rest in peace senior brother."

This tribute was added by benita kinyuy on 15th November 2014

"Brother,, writing a tributes to you  is the" saddest" thing ever. Finally I hv accepted that you are no more. Thank u for everything. You were so full of life and very brave. May u fine rest in the lord. Byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee."

This tribute was added by Annastecia Madu on 15th November 2014

"May his gentle soul rest in peace."

This tribute was added by Tony Njah Azeh on 14th November 2014

"my heart bleed .you have touch my family in one way or the other thanks for the help you render to my family .we will for ever appreciate you.your spirit lives on"

This tribute was added by Relindis Rühl on 14th November 2014

"Am short of words is like a dream to me,just waked up from the shock!!! this world is so wicked:I don't know why people of good heart don't last?all de same rest in peace bro"

This tribute was added by Baggio Inter on 13th November 2014

"We will pray much for your departure so that your soul can rest in peace with God, and now we are very sad but God will give us the strength to cope in the best way, I will remember you with great joy, although you should have never left! Farewell my friend and brother. Roberto B as you always all me!"

This tribute was added by v douti on 12th November 2014

"Que le Seigneur Dieu t'accueille dans Sa Maison, que Sa Lumière brille éternellement pour toi. Que Maman Marie apporte le réconfort à toute ta famille; Repose en paix"

This tribute was added by Berka Bonghan on 11th November 2014

"Uncle Foh, till this day we are still not able to fully wrap around our minds that you are gone. Never would we have thought our brave warrior would have left us so soon. Just a few months ago we saw you, and you were as lively as we have ever seen you before. It leaves a bruise and heartache on our hearts to know you left this world too soon. You cared for your family dearly and you continue to do so through your spirit that still lives within us. You've gone to the next life to build a home for your family, we will come, meet again and rejoice once more and forever as one. Family.
          Farewell Uncle. Gone But Never Forgotten.
          Your Nieces&Nephew, Berka, Chelsea, Paris, and Mike Junior."

This tribute was added by wara stephano on 11th November 2014

"Captain Can't still believe you left us so soon,if there really be another world beyond this physical world,i would have loved to be there first,but now nature has decided otherwise.But am now confident enough that when my own time come you will be there to prepare a better place for me.The entire wara's family misses you so much.Once a soldier always a soldier and soldiers never die.You will forever be in our hearts.RIP captain"

This tribute was added by Oluwakemi Adebayo on 9th November 2014

"May your soul and spirit continue to rest in the bossom of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ. What a loving father, brother, uncle,  friend, husband, and son you are. Though you gone too soon, but we believe you've gone to meet with the Lord. Still missing you brother!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!."

This tribute was added by Bobga Zarakapointe on 9th November 2014

"Clement, brother, it is very hard to say goodbye so we will just say so-long. The pages of your book will never be closed. We will remember you through the many people still left behind whose lives you touched so positively. You may not realize it, but you leave an amazing legacy behind, your beautiful and brilliant children. They are your legacy! Through them you leave this world a better place than when you found it and for that you have to be proud. May the lord be with you for ever. RIP,

This tribute was added by Nkwen Boy on 9th November 2014

"Bro the news of your passing away is the greatest shock for me and my family.After just a week of conversation on phone with you and getting the news of your dead makes me to understand that we are just on a journey to erternity.Your memories will forever remain in my family.RIP"

This tribute was added by Shey Kaavi Wo Melim on 9th November 2014

"my heart still bleeds, to me its still like an expensive jock. May you rest with the lord biki and mfo'mi"

This tribute was added by Awah Edwin Asongwe on 9th November 2014

"Gone too soon. Remember the good times we had in Belgium during your holidays. May your gentle soul Rest in Peace."

This tribute was added by Bobga Zarakapointe on 8th November 2014

"It's been over a week since we heard about your passing away Uncle Foe. I'm still in total dismay and shock because I didn't know soldiers like you could go this easily. The whole family is in grief and despondency. If there's any one thing I can remember about you, it's "braveness." If I would have to talk about you, I could go writing novels non-stop. Our memories from Christmas last year are still very fresh like it was yesterday. Uncle Foe, this thing to me is like a phantasmagoria. I've been waiting for family back home to call and say you went for a compendious sleep, but it seems like truly you're sleeping with The Lord. We as family will continue to make relentless efforts to continue from where you stopped. I'm rest assured that you're going to be looking after the family as well. Once a soldier, always a soldier Uncle Foe. All I can say is Rest in peace."

This tribute was added by carl cheo on 8th November 2014

"Rest in peace clement (hassan, sanam enam, johnny cage) the names we would call each other. Sleep well brother. It's hard and at such times we are struggling to cope with your sudden exit. Rest in peace my soldier."

This tribute was added by Honorine bifumoh on 8th November 2014

"Wow.... Can't still believe you left us so soon. You will be forever missed. I know you are in a better place. RIP"

This tribute was added by Thomas Halle on 7th November 2014

"Dear littler brother, you passing have created a vacuum in our hearts and a space full of emptiness or void that can never be filled. You live your life by sacrificing yourself so others can be save. We are are very proud of you. I will always cherish the little time i spend with your especially the first time we meet, will stay in a special place in my heart. Your family and friends will missed you dearly. Thanks for all you did and only god knows where to relocate your spirit from planet Earth to the heavens."

This tribute was added by Frank Bonghan on 2nd November 2014

"You will be forever missed, you remain the light for us all, your wife and Kids will forever cherish you dearly, RIP little brother. A true soldier never dies, a decorated soldier will never give up!  You are our hero for  ever! You found a better place with the lord. RIP!"

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