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Pen Pals

Shared by Cassie Jarvis on January 4, 2010

I was about 13 and Cliff was 11. My family and I were planning a trip down to California to visit John, Cindy and Cliff. A few weeks before we arrived, Cliff wrote me the sweetest letter. He said he was looking forward to us coming and couldn't wait for us to get there. I always remembered that! 11 years old and already beaming with love and kindness. Thanks for the letter, Cliff. XO


Shared by John Benson on December 31, 2009

Hey Cliff, Happy New Year son, I remember when your Mom was pregnant I was thinking maybe you might be born on my birthday January 20th, we were close you were born on the 18th. What a great day and the 49ers won the superbowl that year, we watched the game together, you had your little 49er shirt on and I had to prop you up on the couch because you kept falling over. You were my little 49er buddy .  you were all I ever needed. Life seemed so simple that day.I will think of you with fondness and love all the days of my life...Dad



Shared by Cheryl Neumann on December 21, 2009


This is nice that you created this site for Cliff and those who loved him and still love you.  I know your heart aches and the unanswered questions just make it that much more painful.  Just remember that what we see, understand and feel is temporary, the unseen is eternal.  That means that you and I respond to what we can get our minds around, but the unseen is really the relaity.  God is love and full of mercy and in time, the right time, He will let you in on his eternal plan and purpose for all the sorrow and longing you have encountered.

In the meantime, enjoy His love.  Walk with Him and follow Him.  He knows where the road bends and turns.  Remember, he'll never leave you, he'll always guide, guard and protect you and lead you to that peace that passes all understanding.  Keep and your eyes on Jesus, He has his eye on you.  It won't be too long....and you suddenly understand.

Always, Cheryl

When Cliff was born

Shared by John Benson on December 20, 2009

When Cliff was born he had chubby cheeks and his hair was curly. I laughed when I first saw him and then he cried. He was a good baby. He didnt cry a lot and only woke up once a night, around 2:00 Am.  I would sit in a rocking chair and feed him his bottle. Sometimes he would throw up on me, he thought that was funny. I cant remember ever being so happy as I was then, I had big plans for him. I thank God for Cliff. he was my precious gift from God but God decided to take him so here I am writing about him now, Life is funny , sometimes it just doesnt make any sense to me but I guess thats why there is God, he makes sense of things that seem senseless to us. I just havent figured out yet what the sense was in all this. I guess God will let me know when he is ready. I am not very patient so I hope he hurrys up and lets me know. In the meantime I will try and stay strong, I know that is what Cliff would want from me.

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