Let the memory of Clifford be with us forever
  • 75 years old
  • Born on July 17, 1936 .
  • Passed away on August 6, 2011 .
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Clifford George 75 years old , born on July 17, 1936 and passed away on August 6, 2011. We will remember him forever.
Posted by Beam Miebaka-Agolia on August 7, 2019
PAPA my husband like I fondly called you, I loved calling you this cos every advise and taming from you to me has to do with when you get married, if your husband or when your husband is not left out, constantly reminding me that I will be a wife someday and it indeed came to pass without you there, I wept on the eve of my wedding wishing you will be the one to do the joining like you always professed over my life.
You always told me I will be a Good wife if I reduced my stubborness and true to type it's happening(sobbing), Thank God I'm constantly reminded by my Husband that I am a Good Wife this is as a result of your positive words over my life,Thank you for all the advise, the preaching and the love you showed me, it's an asset I value and hold so dear as long as God lendest unto me breathe,
I Miss you Plenty Papa my Husband.
Posted by Benjamin Avor on August 6, 2019
I have always looked forward to having a mentor in ministry after the Seminary training. I found a good mentor in Rev. Dr C.T.T.George for eleven years (2000 -2011) .These past eight years, I've missed both the direct and indirect mentorship which you gladly provided. In my new responsibility I fondly remember some of your leadership guide. Sleep on father, friend, mentor and leader.
Posted by Elijah O. Ovuema on August 6, 2019
Just getting to know more about you and your mission works, only to be told you retired by official age!
you were never tired helping, teaching admonishing and receiving all with open hands.
Low and behind it was home calling.
you will be forever be missed. good night.
Elijah and Faustina
Posted by Karibi George on August 6, 2019
No one is above counsel. There are matters I would have loved to share with you. I miss you Papa!. Oh, I wish it were possible to have you undertake occasional visits, even if annually. I only hope my general conduct and stand on issues of ethics would be considered as representing the stance you would take. Thank you for the name you have given us your family.
Posted by Ibiba Chidi on August 6, 2019
It’s been 8 years Papa. How I miss calling and telling you about my experiences in my new location. I miss sharing how your grandchildren are doing and the milestones in their lives. I’m comforted that we will all meet again and worship the Lord together, lost in wonder, love and praise!
Posted by Ibiba Chidi on July 17, 2019
It’s your 83rd Birthday Papa! I miss calling you to wish you a Happy Birthday! I’m comforted knowing that you are casting your crowns before the Lord Jesus, lost in wonder, love and praise. I’m comforted knowing that we will meet again. I love and miss you ❤️❤️❤️
Posted by Myne Wilfred on July 17, 2019
Wow' what a lovely time to remember an icon of sweet memories. The first man who didn't judge me. A father who didn't need to compell me to do anything but just pointed scriptures to guide my life journey and steps.
Daddy, many at times I weep hoping you were around for me to rant and cry to. This life indeed is a journey.
Happy gracious posthumous birthday Daddy
Posted by Karibi George on August 6, 2018
Today being *Monday, 6th August 2018* marks the *7th Year Anniversary* of the exit to eternal glory of a Distinguished and Amiable personality who left this world to join his Creator at the age of *75 years.*
The Late *Rev. Dr. C.T.T George* tutored, mentored and fathered a good number of great and successful personalities and professionals in government, private sector and multinational organisations who passed through *Enitonna High School, Borokiri, PH., Baptist High School, PH* and other notable secondary schools in *Rivers State.*
As a student of the famous *Baptist High School, PH.,* the Late *Rev. Dr. C. T. T. GEORGE* was a very brilliant scholar, great leader, sports enthusiast and *Senior Prefect* of his Class Set.
In his life time, the Late *Rev. Dr. C.T.T. George* also excelled as an administrator and made an impeccable mark in his services to God and Humanity.
As a very principled disciplinarian, the Late *Rev. Dr. C.T.T. George* was a detrabilised, unbiased and humble personality who stood firm in the exceptional discharge of his duties irrespective of whose ox is gored.
*Enitonna High School, Borokiri, PH* became extraordinarily unique, exceptionally famous and very popular in the era of the Late *Rev. Dr. C.T.T. George* who committed his best and served meritoriously as the *longest-served Principal* between the *70's* and upto the early *80's* as *Principal* of the *"FIRST SECONDARY SCHOOL"* in *Rivers* and *BAYELSA* States.
As Unique and Great *Enitons,* we are proud to be products of this *"SERVANT-LEADER"* and *"GOD'S GENERAL"* through whose instrumentality and fatherly disposition, a good number of Great *Enitons* achieved greatness in various works of life.
Once more, we join the host of Heavens, his Families, Colleagues, Associates, Friends and Well-wishers of the Late *Rev. C.T.T. George* to say we miss him dearly.
May the gentle soul of our *Late PAPA GEORGE* continue to rest in the Bosom of the *Almighty God* until we meet to part no more.
Fondly remembered by,
*Eniton Arc. Ipalibo West,* MNIA,
*Enitonna High School Old Students Association (EHSOSA),* for and on behalf of the *EHSOSA EXCO,* *Elders* and entire *Enitons.*
Posted by Victoria George on August 26, 2017
Without any inkling when the unexpected suddenly happened six years ago, I just wondered how we would cope. Psalm 146:9 allayed my fears. "The Lord watches over the alien, and sustains the fatherless and the widows, but frustrates the ways of the wicked". And God has been faithful to His word. In times of sickness, difficult and complicated deliveries, God blessed the efforts and skills of medical experts to put Satan to shame. When there was no human being available to help in times of dire and rare emergencies, God worked wonders and delivered miraculously to the astonishment of foes. Humans make promises and fail but God does not. Man may change but God does not change. He is eternal. The same yesterday, today and forever. Heb 13:5. To God be the glory. Sleep on and take your well deserved rest.
Posted by Myne Wilfred on August 6, 2017
You will always remain my spiritual guide regardless of the fact that you have gone to glorious bliss. You never judged me. You didn't tolerate me either. You mentored me to have a voice in chaos. Today in remembrance of your mentorship, I bow in awe of how much I miss you. Thank you Sir for refusing to just being my pastor but also a father to me. Ida! Dein iyonsarabu- sime
Posted by Myne Wilfred on August 6, 2017
You will always remain my spiritual guide regardless of the fact that you have gone to glorious bliss. You never judged me. You didn't tolerate me either. You mentored me to have a voice in chaos. Today in remembrance of your mentorship, I bow in awe of how much I miss you. Thank you Sir for refusing to just being my pastor but also a father to me. Ida! Dein iyonsarabu- sime
Posted by Manny Amachree on August 9, 2016
A lover of Children, a philantrophist, a quintessential paragon of a great leader, a Father who is primus inter pares, your exemplary virtues has blessed the lives of men and women all over the world.
Posted by James Braide on August 9, 2016
He was a colossus of our time, a true philanthropist and indeed God's great general. We missed him greatly, especially in this time when we need real Men of God to direct our thoughts to God..
Posted by Karibi George on August 8, 2016
Extraordinary mentor and servant of d most high God; two term President of d Nigerian Baptist Convention (1991-1997); d only husband of my mother, and my father; a man whose human relations skills built mansions of reputation and goodwill that my children and i cannot exhaust; my first practical Public Relations teacher! Your wife and children - biological, spiritual, social, educational, etc - remember u on this 5th anniversary of your translation.
Posted by Nimisoere Wokoma on August 8, 2016
Some yrs back (the 80's to the early 90's), It was men Like the Rev. Who were in charge of the affairs of the BIAS finance committee, funds were well approbated and together with other well meaning sons of Buguma, the community saw an unprecedented development in infrastructures Like have never been seen since they left office. It was Accountability at its peak. May God in our days bless us with men Like the Rev.
Posted by DAGOGO HART on August 14, 2015
Papa George, as we fondly call you during our days in Enitonna high school, Port Harcourt (1977-1982) when you were our Principal. You moulded us and taught us of the dignity of labour and the fear of God. You were a teacher, friend and father to all of us.We thank God for bringing you our way at that time. Today most of us are accomplished professionals that are contributing to nation building in various ways. May God reward you abundantly and may your gentle soul, rest in peace.
Posted by Karibi George on August 6, 2015
Four years have gone so suddenly but your precepts remain forever in our hearts. Inai - God's General, we thank God for affording us the privilege of knowing you.
Posted by Karibi George on July 22, 2015
I learned modesty from you. Yet it makes me outstanding everywhere I find myself. When I imagine I have effectively hidden myself, men fish me out to lead them. Whether it is precept or gene, thank you.
Posted by Alison Data Phido on July 17, 2015
Rest in peace dear dad and grandpa of my dearest friend Ibiba Chidi and her children. We wish you were still around to see your children and theirs achieve the great things that they are, and serve the Lord as you taught them to. You've left behind a veritable heritage...A godly legacy through the generations following you. All who know you call you blessed. We celebrate you today especially and remember you with love. And we will live knowing we have a wonderful reunion with you and our Saviour one day.
Posted by Tamunoemi Anga George on December 8, 2014
Papa,you are a father and mentor ,your prayers for me when i visit with my father when i want to get marry are still fresh in my memory. Rest in heavenly peace.
Posted by Honourable Abigo-Ogubele ... on August 7, 2014
papa, you were my father. you dedicated me as a baby. RIP
Posted by George Bekinbo on August 7, 2014
Papa, was an exemplary father in the extended family, who show love to all he met.
Posted by Ala Atiegoba on August 6, 2014
God's general, this day remains memorable and the path you chose and showed us, we will always tread as your works here on earth in the King's assembly and vineyard keep expanding. Sleep on Papa
Posted by Obiobraa George on August 6, 2014
Papa you were one of a kind. Very great yet so humble, always looking out for the good of everyone not minding the sacifice. We thank God for giiving you to us. We love you and we miss you. Sleep on Papa.
Posted by Ibiba Chidi on July 17, 2013
Papa, you'd have been 77 today. I'll miss calling you to wish you a Happy Birthday. I miss our early morning talks while drinking coffee and tea together. I'll continually thank the Lord for your legacy and the assurance that you are with Him. I love you.
Posted by Alison Data Phido on August 19, 2011
Papa Ibiba, Rev. George. You lived life fully and in total service of your communities, family, people wherever you lived and to God. There's no better inheritance than the one you left for your children and theirs... a relationship with Christ. Well done Sir. Rest in Peace.
Posted by Chinanu Chidi on August 17, 2011
Grandpa, you were a blessing to all the people you came in contact with. We miss you. Rest in peace papa.
Posted by Ibiba Chidi on August 13, 2011
Papa, you were a father and mentor to hundreds but you were my father in a very special way. Who took me to sch my first day in sec sch? Who took me to sch my first day at the University, stood in line for me and ensured I got registered? Rest in the Lord. I love you.
Posted by Chiamaka Chidi on August 13, 2011
Grandpa, you were a very good father, and a very good grandfather. You are missed dearly, and will never be forgotten. Rest in the Lord's heavenly peace.
Posted by Chimuanya Chidi on August 13, 2011
Grandpa you were a very good person. You touched many peoples life in a positive way. We miss you so much.

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