Posted by Michelle Walters on April 28, 2021
Eddie was my cousin..we hadn't seen each other for years. As a child I looked up to him..he was always so sweet & kind. He adored my father..Uncle Gilbert. They were similar. Neither liked to live life in the traditional way! When daddy was dying Eddie readied my car with bedding & everything to keep daddy comfortable as I was bringing him to New Mexico with me to spend his last days. Wherever you are Cuz..the heavens are jamming to a hell of a good time! (Michelle Bluestone Walters)
Posted by stephen bastian on April 23, 2021
I really appreciated your honest opinion about things, even if it caused a disagreement. We spoke about this many times before - once you get on the other side (to my knowledge!?!?!), there is no way to contact this side. I knew u enjoyed ur time on this side (and tried to make it last, as long as you could). I also knew that you were extremely interested about the other side. I'm sure now, ur having the time of your afterlife!!!!
Posted by Kit Galloway on April 17, 2021
I'm so glad and honored that you telephoned me, must have been the night of April Fools Day. We spend an hour reliving so many good time and adventures in Santa Monica, and with Sherrie at the Electronic Cafe International. I'm sure you will find and gather up many wonderful "cosmic debris" out in the actual cosmos. Sherrie is there waiting for you. Earth has lost a treasure, but the cosmos will benefit, and will keep you until we all join you there and all of us will be together again.
Posted by Margaret Kennedy on April 17, 2021
Casey taught me 2 important things. Its ALL ABOUT THE ENERGY... And if you ever go to jail in New Orleans Make sure your friends know your real whole name to get you out or you may just get lost in the system! You will always be with us. miss you already Maggie Mae Kennedy
Posted by Gloria Moncada on April 11, 2021
In honor of Clyde Casey...I remember seeing him for the first time sometime on one of my first bicycle rides through the French Quarter with an x bf sometime in either the fall of 1993 or spring 1994...going to try and track my first picture of him to find the time stamp...but yeah, I first spotted Clyde Casey by the French Market parking lot loaded with percussionist sculpture that he was holding with his body. I had to do a double-take, see what he was up to, and take a photo. I thought he was definitely otherworldly, so unique, unafraid to be himself, and so glad I got to know him a little bit while I enjoyed playing on his mobile percussionist sculpture bicycle for many years through the French Quarter. I remember one year he told me he went to #BurningMan and I wish there were pictures or video of that but sooooo grateful of this recording done by #TedRiederer done while Ted was in Nola in the Fall of 2012 doing his #NeverRecords Project out of the old Jonathan Ferrara art space off Carondolet. Ted had converted the space into a classic record shop, art space, and recording studio and I stumbled upon it from walking around since I used to work in the area and enjoyed walking around the 800 blocks and such because it is the Arts District of New Orleans. I remember meeting Ted, Conor, and Stu and they were the nicest to witness quite a few live recordings and learn of more local musicians that I had no idea of! Thank you Ted for capturing all those performances and Clyde Casey Halloween night performance which I attended on that street of the French Quarter that night. I think it's the best recording of him that I know of. Been losing a lot of people in the last 9 months....Thank you Clyde Casey for being who you were and including everyone who came into your path an opportunity to either participate or just watch a moment of creative freedom done is such in an improvisational, primal, artistic, universal, and magical way. I Will miss seeing you with your etching pen inscribing on the fork sculptures you made and just your presence in general on Frenchmen during Halloween, Mardi Gras, Jazz Fest....or at any unexpected time! Booogaaa Booogaaa! Sending Cosmic Love out in the Universe out to you and will not be forgotten.
Posted by Diana Brownson on April 6, 2021

Casey visits my house 20 years after our last face to face. He and Dickie Haskell had driven out to L.A. on a cattle truck (fueled entirely on vegetable oil) with his huge drum cage--- We were beyond excited to be The Avant Guardian and the Cosmic Cutie once again.

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