Shared by Femi Deru on January 27, 2020
My darling wife, Christianah Oni Deru (nee Ogunkoya) has been my golden jewel and unwavering rock of Gibraltar. She was a most dependable partner and adviser and was extraordinarily supportive in all my endeavours, through thick and thin. 

I thank God for the provision of Christianah Oni as my beloved darling. Since I met her in 1955 in Isonyin, Ijebu, it has been joyous times which metamorphosed to a happy marriage in London in 1967 (53 years ago). 

Oni, my “Dear mi”, was a loving, caring and highly helpful and hardworking wife. She portrayed love and kindness in all her dealings with me and was always a pillar of support for me and worked very hard to take care of friends and family. She contributed to all my interests and was a workaholic. 

In our 53 years of marriage, she took very good care of me in sickness and in health. We never had a disagreement or misunderstanding that had to be settled by anyone. We shared our happiness and sorrow in good faith such that people emulated our loving attributes. We lived our lives with great joy, happiness and thankfulness. 

Dear mi was a great giver. She was very compassionate, highly loving and cheerful to all.

She was a great wife, mother and great disciplinarian. She cooperated with me to bring our children up in good spirit. She was a superb home maker. 

If I ever come back to this world in another life, I would love to be with her as my sweetheart. 

Adieu, my sweet and loving darling and beautiful partner. Till we meet and part no more. I miss you my caring wife and lovely, unforgettable Dear mi. Adieu. 

Oni ore sasa njo
Ko si lajo ajo ope
Omo E. J. Aya Fisan
Sunre Sunre Sunre
Ipade wa lodo Jesu
Oni mi. Aya mi
A opade l’ese Jesu

A Mother.... Full of Passion...

Shared by Tolu And Bisi Deru on January 27, 2020
My mum, Christianah Oni Deru (COD), is loving , caring and hospitable. She is a get-it-done woman and mother, full of passion and zeal in the area of getting things done. She fondly called me "Tolu boy" and later " Toluman "and a few months ago, she started calling me "Tolulope mi".

Mum is a disciplinarian and one of her hobbies is reading. Because of this, she reads newspapers a lot. She keeps reminding us of where we are coming from and to have a drive for where we are going, to be determined in achieving our set goals and be focused. She values relationships, especially marriage. She is of the school of thought of having a sustainable marriage and also to equally share, deliberate and carry your wife along no matter how trivial the issue is.

I cannot but express my joy about the legacy she gave me in keeping a peaceful home,which my sister can testify to when she came to stay with my family in UK. She never heard us quarrel for once. This is to show the upbringing she gave in the area of marriage and testifies to my never seeing my parents quarrel when growing up.

My mum (COD) is not just a mother but a teacher to the core. She made sure all her children both biological and otherwise excelled academically and in all spheres of life  Her loving side is touching when you meet and get closer to her.

Mum I want to thank God for making you my caretaker and for the family values, norms and the culinary skills you imparted in me, to the extent that my lovely wife can proudly tell her friends that I can cook very well; I also taught a friend in UK how to cook when his wife travelled to USA. Mum calls my daughter Tamilore the "great" and daughter Tumininu the "mighty" .

My lovely and darling wife Bisi fondly adores her simplicity. When we were courting and in marriage she was receptive  and she cannot forget the advise my mum gave that all issues should be resolved between us as a couple; no outsiders should come in or interfere in settling marital issues. We are highly grateful for your advice that we should not spoil our children but let them understand the values of Christian life and education.

Mum we all love you and will miss your hospitality that is second to none. My dear mother, strong, courageous and loving. You were never afraid to speak your mind. You were my first teacher and an incredible one at that; you taught me so many things: driving, cooking and much more. Mum you were modest in your dressing yet with good taste. You never compromised your taste for quality. I guess that is where I got mine from. You gave so much care, love and affection to us all.
Always by my dad's side giving him support and love. COD, you will be truly missed. You have gone to glory and now in peace.
You have finished your race and fulfilled the words in the Bible by getting to 4 scores and seeing your children's children. You have indeed lived a good life. We shall meet at the feet of Jesus Christ.

Love from,
Tolu and Bisi Deru

My Dear Mother...

Shared by Akinwale And Adebukunola ... on January 28, 2020
It is your son Akinwale Adebayo as you so fondly call my two names in full. It is with heavy yet memory rich heart that I write a tribute to celebrate you as we surrender to the will of our Almighty God.

You have been the best mother any son could ever pray for and as they say you don't choose your parents but if we ever had the choice to do so, I would choose you over and over again. Honestly, I don't even know where to start. You lived your life for Dad, us your children, your grandchildren and then everyone that you came into contact with. Your hospitality, generosity and goodwill shone for all to see. You taught me to be responsible, honest, humble, respectful, work hard......i t goes on and sweet mother and I thank you. You were the best chef I ever met and you made sure we all could cook irrespective of our gender. You taught me how to drive a car a skill that you freely taught so many others that crossed your path. You gave us freedom but without losing the sense of responsibility...your famous words "Ranti omo eniti iwo se" rang and still rings so loud in our ears day and night. I watched with huge admiration how much you loved and cared for Dad, your "Dear mi". You remain his ever faithful best friend and able "sergeant at arms" in our hearts and we thank you.

You were always interested in the well-being and studies of your grandsons, Sopefoluwa, Fopefoluwa and Fiyinfoluwa, who you adored so greatly. Thanks especially for the fried meat we all eagerly awaited on youmany visits to London.

You loved the simple things of life, modesty in jewellery, and dressing, and you carried yourself with poise and elegance.....very rare traits. lye mi, omo Ogunko (short for Ogunkoya your maiden name) as I fondly called you, you were indeed "Simplicity elegantly edified" and I thank you Ma.

Thanks for your unrelentless prayers all through the years and most especially during difficult times. I'm truly thankful to God for seeing you happy again for me just recently when I got married to your Adebukunola. We indeed serve a faithful God.

I say my bye byes thanking you for all you have done and find comfort in knowing you are sitting at the right hand of God in heaven. Sun re o....iye mi, Omo Meji lsonyin.

Love you loads
- Akinwale and Adebukunola Deru


Shared by Tunde (Babs) Deru on January 28, 2020
I never thought I would write a final tribute in the new year. I looked forward to paying homage to you on your 80th birthday, but now I find myself having to do so under a cloud of mixed emotions and great pain, but here we are.

Mommy, you are the first woman I have ever loved. I didn't pick you, but God divinely chose you to birth me into this world, and for this,I am forever grateful.

Your love and care for daddy, my siblings and I, was beyond exception. You emptied every ounce of your being to nurture and raise our family and did so with great love and sacrifice. You expressed your passion regardless of our age, time and distance. It was consistent and equally offered to us as little children   and  adults.  You  were  a   true   mother, always affectionate no matter the time or circumstance.           

Success for you meant children who were God-fearing, and home trained. You demonstrated your commitment to this goal when you gave up your career, financial independence and even your social life to raise us. You would casually say- I am going to make sure you grow up to be all-rounders". Being top of the class was never enough for you, we also had to be top at home- after all, 'ile la ti ko eso ro de". We had to cook, sweep,wash our clothes and there was no exception, even for the boys. It didn't matter that we had help to assist with chores at home. Knowing how to manage a home was a must for all your kids.

Cooking and driving were your passion and our love for good food, and different cuisine sprang from hours in the kitchen with you making pancakes, swiss rolls, meat pies, cream caramel, braised rice etc. You loved driving and I remember urging and hoping you would establish a driving school. You made driving pleasurable and shared your knowledge and skill in this area with many. All your kids, our cousins, uncles, friends and even girlfriends learnt how to drive from you. Today, we love and enjoy driving,all because of you.

I will miss you dearly, but your great legacy and words of wisdom will remain with your grandchildren and I forever. As I write this eulogy, a few of your cherished sayings come to mind:

"life is not a bed of roses"; "as you lay your bed, so you lie on it"; "empty vessels make the most noise"; "show me your friends, and I will tell you who you are"; "Iya mi na ra won ra mi"; "make hay while the sun shines"; "Eyin ti aja fi ba omo re sere lofin nbu je"; "Eniyan kii fi itiju k'arun.

I love you, Mommy, and I look forward to seeing you again.

A pa de le se Jesu.

Your son,
Tunde (Babs) Deru

Our Super Mummy, the Hospitality Queen Who Gave All of Herself

Shared by Kunle And Tomi Deru on January 28, 2020
Mummy had so many great qualities, but the one that defined her the most to those that came across her was her warm, caring, welcoming and hospitable nature. In this, she was second to none. Since her passing, it’s been the recurring theme in the many touching condolence messages I’ve received from my friends that knew her. It’s the indelible impression that all and sundry inevitably took away from encounters with her – the five-star hospitality treatment, the sumptuous dishes and the yummy treats. She just loved to entertain people, to make them feel completely at home, and her passion for cooking and baking highly complemented that love. If she treated guests so majestically, you can only imagine how much she cared for our Dad and us. It was heavenly. She fulfilled her role as wife and mother in the deepest and most meaningful ways. And yet, over many years, she still had much love and care to spare as she cared for so many members of her extended family on both Daddy’s side and hers. 

But beyond this most conspicuous quality of hers that the “public” inescapably experienced were many more gems that defined Mummy – too many to recount in this tribute.

Mummy always thought of others first before herself. Her humility was endearing. She seemed to deliberately step into the background with the spotlight being on her husband and children. In hindsight, it occurred to me that she did that because her true pleasure came from sitting back and watching her husband and children shine. Her thoughtfulness was always marked by how considerate she was. For example, in my last conversation with her, as I raised the topic of our party plans to celebrate her forthcoming 80th birthday, she quickly mentioned that, while she appreciated the gesture and honor, she wanted us to be mindful of keeping the costs low, especially given the costs we had incurred for Daddy’s 80th birthday last year.

Mummy was very particular about one being well-dressed. She loved one being smartly dressed at all times. In my childhood, I didn’t care much for that; I would often have my shirt half tucked-in and half tucked-out, and she would always be on my case. She did not relent, however, until I finally succumbed. And I will be forever grateful to her for the dressing etiquette she bestowed on all of us her children. As you probably guessed, Mummy did not pay lip service to being well-dressed; she practiced what she preached. She abhorred flamboyant dressing, and instead epitomized the elegance and beauty of a fashion that is simple and modest. 

She was a woman of first-class taste. She loved only the best quality (not necessarily always the most expensive) of any item, be it a dress, necklace, shoe or kitchen utensil, and wouldn’t compromise on quality. She had such a good eye for everything. That did pose its challenges though. Because of Mummy’s unique taste, it was always difficult to predict whether she would like a gift that any of us or Daddy bought for her. Whenever I or my wife, Tomi, bought her something she really liked, it literally felt like winning a jackpot! It was always a relief to have her present to shop herself for what she wanted!

Mummy cared a lot about honesty. Her Christian faith, upbringing and teaching background made her uncompromising with honesty. She espoused telling the truth at all times, even when the consequences were unpleasant. She took pride in following rules. Her steadfastness in this regard was one of the things that inspired me to be a lawyer. But long before I even thought of studying law, I learnt from Mummy one of a lawyer’s important duties: keeping a client’s confidences. Since as early as my pre-teen years, Mummy would tell me one thing or the other and say that it must be kept a secret (even to my grave if needed) and would explain the importance of the trust that is gained in keeping the confidences of others. 

Since she was a former teacher, she loved learning and passing on knowledge. Anytime she discovered an interesting article or story in a newspaper or a book (typically one with an important life lesson) she made it a practice to set it aside for each of us her children to read and would interrogate us later for our opinion on it. 

Mummy toiled tirelessly for all of us. In addition to her many domestic responsibilities, she worked so hard on running her supermarket, the boxer shorts business and the party rentals business. 

But probably one of her greatest strengths was the emotional strength she had. That strength was the backbone on which Daddy and us always rested securely during challenging times. And it is that strength that we still draw upon at this time of her passing. 

I am just grateful to God that I listened to the still soft voice in my heart that urged me to call you on December 23rd, instead of waiting for Christmas day. You were so thrilled to hear from me. Your warm “Adekunle Adetutu a tutu lawo bi eja” greeting to me that day still rings on in my heart. We had such a great conversation which you ended with a prayer for all of us your children and our spouses. It’s a memory I will cherish forever. 

Mummy, you gave us everything one could ask for in a mother (including teaching all of us how to cook). Your Adekunle Adetutu a tutu lawo bi eja, will miss you greatly. Tomi will miss entertaining you and serving you with different dishes as you always loved tasting something new. Tise and Ife will miss joking around and having fun with you. And Tise will miss helping you put on your shoes!

You’ll continue to live on in the good memories of the times we shared. And your legacy will continue in the virtues you’ve ingrained in us. 

We’ll always love you. 
Kunle and Tomi Deru

Tribute to our Mum (COD)

Shared by Bisola And Adedayo Sanda on January 28, 2020
Our dearest mother. Our jewel of inestimable value that lived a life worthy of emulation. Even in our pain we still have to thank God that you are finally with your maker.

In your modesty we found prestige, in your calmness we found strength, in your fairness we found equality, in your firmness we found respect and above all we got to experience the true love of a mother and confidant. In the past years, we have shared such lovely memories that will forever linger in my heart. From childhood to adulthood, your principles will forever be a part and parcel of us all.

Thank you for loving each and every one of us unconditionally (Mummy never had a favourite child). Thank you for all your words of encouragement in which I always drew strength. Because when Mummy says it is well, I always knew and believed all will be well. Thank you for always giving me a shoulder to lean on and a listening ear at all times (Mummy would never be in a hurry to drop the phone and would always call back when her phone credit finished). Thank you for training me to be the baker I have now become, a skill that will live with me forever. And most especially thank you for caring for me, my hubby (Adedayo) and our boys, and for all your support through the years; we never took it for granted.

Thank you, thank you, and thank you for all you did. It is at an appointed time for everyone to return to their maker just as a day is like a 1000 years and a 1000 years is like a day in the eyes of God. May Almighty God accept your good deeds (and keep them in remembrance till eternity) in multiples of thousands and forgive any shortcomings as a measurement of day (just like the waves continually washes away our footprints at the beach side).

(Adedayo speaking): Through you, I have inherited another jewel of inestimable value in your daughter and day by day we bring your teachings and remembrance to the fore and thank God for bringing you into our lives. Mummy you will be greatly missed, but we take solace knowing that you are resting in the bosom of your creator and knowing we have another angel watching over us all.

May God accept your glorious transition from this world and into His bosom. Amen!

Iya wa owon, sun re ooo ….Till we meet again.
Bisola & Adedayo Sanda

Sun re o Mama mi

Shared by Toyin And Olubukola Onasa... on January 28, 2020
Mama mi, death has no power over you because you are Mama mi, death has no power over you because you are now singing with the angels in heaven. No more pains, you now live an everlasting life. Halelluyah.

Mama mi, memories of the time spent with you from Jos, through my education to my adulthood is unparalleled to any gift I have ever received. Mama mi, you were affectionate,hospitable and very caring from my childhood to adulthood and encouraged me through my journey of life. You lived a worthy and Godly life with Christian discipline and teachings.My dearest Mama mi, you were truly more than a Mother to me. You were a precious gift from God. You touched my heart in so many ways. You are the kind of soul that improves the lives of others.

Mama mi is love and very loving and will always cook for me so that it will be well cooked. Your culinary skills were outstanding and stood out.

Your love for me was inestimable and I enjoyed every moment spent with you. What can I compare you with? Is it Ruby, Emerald, Gold, Platinum, Diamond or any precious stone? Nothing compares with your love. I will miss your advice,mentoring and support always.

Mama mi, you are truly loved and adored. A rare gem among all sweet mothers. Rest In perfect peace because you slept In the lord.

Although you are gone, you will never be forgotten as your legacy lives on in my heart. Goodnight Mama mi until resurrection morning.

Rest peacefully in the bosom of the Almighty. 

Sister Oni lives on, Sun re o Mama mi.

- My own Toyin & Olubukola Onasanya.


Shared by Gbemisola Deru on January 28, 2020
You were a mother in a million. We will miss you greatly but are consoled that you have gone to a better place. You have fought the good fight and have finished your race. You have left behind a great legacy and your children and children's children will rise and call you blessed. E sun re o Iya rere.

- Mrs. Gbemisola Deru (daughter-in-law) 

Poem For Grandma

Shared by Tolu And Bisi Deru on January 28, 2020
G- Grandma Deru, you are as good as gold!
R- Resting perfectly with God. 
A- Always greet us with a hug. 
N- No one can take your place.
D- Delighting in the words we soy.
M- Many love you gave us.
A- Always special to us all.
We will see you at the feet of Jesus!
Love from, Tumininu & Tamilore Deru

We love you Grandma

Shared by Akinwale And Adebukunola ... on January 28, 2020
Still in shock Grandma to hear that you are gone to be with the Lord. We shall miss your gentle caring nature, the chin-chin, fried meat that was a guarantee (smile) and most especially you asking how our studies were going. We love you grandma and you shall remain in our hearts forever.

Your Grandchildren,
Fopefoluwa, Sopefoluwa Fiyinfoluwa Deru

Shared by Gbemisola Deru on January 29, 2020
Thank you Grandma for always giving me eba and eba soup and for motivating me to success. Your gift of cooking you passed down to my father, is now passed down to me. I am happy there is one more person looking after me in Heaven.

Love you and I will miss you.

Your granddaughter,
Dara Deru
Shared by Gbemisola Deru on January 29, 2020
I love you grandma, and I'll see you in Heaven. I'm sure that you are right now having a great time. Thank you for teaching daddy how to make pancakes, he makes them for me too. I hope you are okay. 
I thank the Lord for His grace and taking you to heaven.

Your grandson,
Tobi Deru

My Dear Grandma

Shared by Tomi Deru on January 28, 2020
Dear Grandma,

I know you are with The Lord now. I miss you Grandma. I will miss helping you put on your shoes. I will miss playing with you.

I remember when you and Grandpa came for a visit last year January. I will remember you forever. I love you Grandma.

Your Grandson, 
Oluwatise Deru

I Love You Grandma

Shared by Tomi Deru on January 28, 2020
Dear Grandma,

I love you, Grandma. I will miss you, Grandma. I will miss clearing your plates for you. I will miss getting things for you from your bedroom. I will always remember you.

Your Granddaughter,
Ifeoluwani Deru

Tribute To Grandma

Shared by Bisola And Adedayo Sanda on January 28, 2020
Grandma was the best. She was always ready to help me and my brothers. I remember a time when my Mum was teaching me the Yoruba alphabet and she got stuck. We decided to call Grandma and she was able to put us back on the right track. Thank you for always calling to check up on us every day and always giving us a smile which shone even through your voice.

We love you Grandma and we will miss you dearly but God loves you most. Continue to rest in peace. Amen.

- Love from: Adedoroluwa, Adedaseoluwa and Adeditanoluwa Sanda

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