Let the memory of my nephew be with us forever
  • 20 years old
  • Born on October 29, 1995 in knoxville, Tennessee, United States.
  • Passed away on August 21, 2016 in bellaire, Michigan, United States.
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Cody Wallace 20 years old , born on October 29, 1995 and passed away on August 21, 2016. We will remember him forever.
Posted by Lisa Wallace on 17th October 2018
Posted by Lisa Wallace on 17th October 2018
hey Cody i know i haven't wrote you but i just been trying to keep myself busy a lot sense Eddie died. how you liking it up there in heaven i bet its beautiful. are you showing Kay and Eddie around, oh lord Cody dont let Eddie drive you batty and talk your ear off like he use to do..you know i miss him a lot will you keep a watch over him and remind him everyday i miss and love him..tell Kay we love and miss her to..and dont you ever forget we love and miss you to..well i guess i better stop bugging you but i will write again in a day or 2 i love ya man......................ALWAYS
Posted by Lisa Wallace on 19th September 2018
i got you on my mind again as always and wanted to drop in and talk to you awhile..i miss ya man and god knows i wish you was still here..i miss our phone calls your jokes and your goofy actions..you was always my favorite nephew and you knew it..i remember when you told me i was the only aunt you had that never snitched you out for smoking or telling dirty jokes i guess its cause i wanted to be the cool aunt that let you get by with everything..Cody remember when you spent the night with me and Lydia and you brought your skate board and Lydia's friends came over to meet you and you was flirting with one of them and fell off your skate board i was so scared that you hit your head cause all you done was just lay there and you wouldn't move you had me in tears till you bust out laughing lol..that was a comical week end and one i will never forget..i got so much on my mind tonight i guess you can say my feelings are hurt cause someone accused me of something that god knows i would never do and the person knows for a fact i did not do what i was accused of doing..oh well i guess if that's how they feel about me than that's their problem you know..well i guess i bugged you long enough so i will get off here and try to lay down..just remember i will love you for ever.................ALWAYS
Posted by Lisa Wallace on 18th September 2018
good morning in heaven Cody i love you and miss you so much..just got you on my mind again..hey man if you meet a little baby boy name tony hes your cousin he was my baby he died at birth so if you see him please tell him i miss him and i love him so much and will you kinda keep an eye on him for me..also tell Kay and my daddy i miss them both and i keep them on my mind all the time..well man i better quit bugging you besides i got a lot on my mind this morning but remember i will keep your memory alive..untill we meet again i will be loving and missing you....i love you Cody..........................ALWAYS
Posted by Lisa Wallace on 11th September 2018
i read a joke on the internet last night and i laughed then it made me think of you and your jokes. you stay on my mind all the time.missing you becomes more hurtful as time passes on by. i hear your name and i turn to see if i can catch a gleams of you..i see different things and i say to myself man i bet Cody would like that. you stay on my mind all the time. i have so many question. it still breaks my heart knowing your never coming back i miss you so much Cody..i come to this little page so i can talk to you its my way of feeling close to you i know a lot of people may say i'm a nut but who cares right..you always were my favorite nephew. you told me a lot of your deep secrets and i never repeated them to no one. i think of all the fun we use to have when i came to see you like with the bull how you snuck up behind it and slapped it on the butt as hard as you could then ran back i never knew i could laugh as hard as i did that day or when i came to mow y'all's yard and you brought me out a tall glass of ice water that turned out to be rubbing alcohol or when you scared the life out of me when i spent the night in that house by the old tracks.we did have a lot of fun didn't we..that's just a couple memories i will cherish for the rest of my days.life sure has a funny way of busting someones heart right out of their chest..you had a special way of making people forget their problems for a while..i hate that i cant see you any more of hug your goofy neck..i loved it every time i came out to see y'all it always ended up with me and you cracking jokes on each other and with each other --we had a ton of laughs didn't we man..oh my gosh do you remember the night i came to y'all's house in that short dress and high heels and your dad handed me a blanket to put around me you gave me grief for a couple weeks over how i was dressed..then the night your dad wanted me to meet that Mexican guy you got so mad at me and kept saying i cant believe you aunt Lisa i never thought you would be like this then i walked him out to his car and he kissed me oh my god you got so mad at me cause you didn't want me being with that guy then you and your mom told me he was into drugs that's when you really laid in to me and i never said thank you i realize you was only trying to protect me..that's one of the things i always loved about you man----you loved your family..i have some really good pictures of you that i'm gonna hang on my memorial wall there's gonna be you my dad your aunt Kay your uncle Eddie my little boy tony..Lydia had another back surgery back in May she had some complications but God pulled her through..i remember coming to y'all's house one day and when Lydia got out of the car some boys who was there with you looked over at her and you turned and TOLD THEM THIS IS MY COUSIN Lydia if y'all say one word about her YOU WILL HAVE TO DEAL WITH ME..that's one thing i can honestly say about you --- you would never go for some one being made fun of or bullied..you was a one of a kind kid no one can ever come close enough to being like you, you was unique with a heart as big as the universe you showed love and respect to every one from family to friends and in some ways it was like you was the peace maker for this family you had a way of turning a sad dark situation into smiles and laughter..you was that one person that every one loved and wanted to be around..you was always special to me and you still are..there is never a day goes by that i don't think of you and there is times i cant wait to get on here just so i can talk to you..oh my gosh lol Cody i remember when you had to have surgery and your dad was laying in the hospital bed playing a game with you and y'all when the nurse brought your happy juice to you before going into surgery and when it kicked in you said you was so hungry you can smell cheese burgers your dad laughed so hard at you and said no its not cheese burgers then he said he farted you said oh god dad that's so wrong lol....JJ has a lot of your spunk he loves to tell jokes and make every one around him laugh just like you..and he has a lot of your quality's..so many things i remember and wish you was here so we could laugh together..like that time you made fun of me cause i ran from you and that little garden snake when i came to mow y'all's yard and how you chased me all over that yard and had me almost crying..and how me and your mom crawled in that crawl space under the porch to get some puppy's and i got covered with fleas and couldn't stop itching you laughed so hard at e and started calling me a flea bag..LOL boy them was some good times that i do miss..well man i'm setting here fixing to doze off i'm tired didn't get much sleep last night so i'm gonna take a short nap but i promise i will be back on here in a later today to talk your head off and bug you some more..LOL.. loving you till the end of the world......................ALWAYS
Posted by Lisa Wallace on 10th September 2018
Posted by Lisa Wallace on 10th September 2018
Posted by Lisa Wallace on 10th September 2018
Good Morning In Heaven Cody, I wanted to drop in and let you know i'm thinking about you again this morning. a lot of times i see a funny picture or hear a cute little joke or hear a certain song and my mind turns right to you. i sure wish you was here cause god knows i'm missing you like crazy. this weather is lopsided here lately its rained a lot this summer now fall is on us and its still hot as ever and still raining a lot. you know Lydia had another back surgery back in may and omg she went through it with this surgery but god pulled her through it. you know aunt Kay is in heaven with you so if you find her let her know we love and miss her.oh before i forget GUESS WHO HAS BEEN GOING TO CHURCH ???? YOUR DAD AND MOM !!!! it makes me happy knowing they are going. i wish i can get Mamaw to go inside and listen to the preaching instead she just set there in her car one day she will regret it. as for me i'm doing ok i guess.Chris sure misses you he went and got a tattoo in your honor its an angel wearing a hoodie its really nice..Cody i miss our phone calls they was what i looked forward to every day and some times late at night how you would call me to tell me a new joke or to ak how every one in tn was doing. i love you Cody and untill we meet again on that Heavenly Shore i promise to think about you every day and i will keep up with our little convos on here cause its how i feel close to you and i will keep your memory alive......LOVE ALWAYS YOUR AUNT LISA.................ALWAYS
Posted by Lydia Keller on 6th September 2018
Hey Code-Man. I sure miss you and wish you were here. I could go for one of our old talks right now. I love you dearly Cody. You were the ONLY cousin who treated me like family. Your always in my heart..
Posted by Lisa Wallace on 5th September 2018
good morning Cody i sure miss you and i still love you..have you seen Kay yet shes there in heaven with you..i talked to your dad the other day he wanted me to come out for a cook out but i didn't really feel like going..life is changing so much down here you wouldn't believe it..are you smiling ? i often think about the way you would smile cause when you would smile it was like your whole face would just glow..you always brightened up a dim or dark room when you walked in and if anyone was feeling down depressed or just mad it was like you knew just how to change their whole day around and put smiles on their faces..i talk to you on here every chance i get cause it makes me feel close to you..yeah i know i'm bugging you but its who i am and this is my way of getting to talk to you..i miss you a lot man..i have this huge empty space in my heart where you belong that no body on this earth can ever fill..you know i have this library of memories i keep tucked away from the world deep in my heart and every night when everybody is fast asleep i set all by myself and close my eyes and think about all the memories i hold near and dear to me your always the first one i think about..you know a lot of times when i think about you i try to remember some of the jokes you use to tell me then i start laughing and Lydia or JJ looks at me like i'm crazy or something lol..but there are a lot of times i cry cause i miss you so much..i think about your first surgery and i smile cause i know you pulled through like a champ..i think about all the times i would come to see you and you would run up to me and flop down on my lap and let out your huge-rotten farts right on my legs then hold me down so i couldn't run away gasping for fresh air while you would just laugh..gosh Cody i miss you and your goofy ways..you was always a blessing to be around like do you remember that time i came and spent the night with you all when you lived by the old tracks and it was so dark in that bedroom and you scared me so bad i almost peed my pants you laughed so hard at me..now them are some fond memories i will never forget and i keep tucked away in my hearts library of memories..would you believe its 6:13 in the morning yeah Lydia wouldn't let me sleep with her big mouth talking all loud waking everybody up then she went on to bed but she better be prepared to crawl out of bed in just a few minutes lol..i guess your getting board with me so i better get off here and get ready to wake JJ up for school but remember i will always love you and untill we meet again i will be on here bugging you lol..I LOVE YOU CODY............ALWAYS
Posted by Lisa Wallace on 2nd September 2018
Hey man got you on my mind and wanted to drop in and tell you I love you. I'm just setting at home watching a goofy movie with Lydia and JJ and being board. I saw this crazy poster today on facebook you would live it I'm telling you man it had these wild eyed wolfs with these weird looking fangs and lightening bolts it was wild. I Miss you man I sure wish you was here but I'm sure your having a blast up there in heaven. You know you was always my big number 1 my all time favorite nephew. I will love you always and for ever... ALWAYS
Posted by Lisa Wallace on 31st August 2018
well here's another night i have you on my mind again i think about you a lot and god knows i miss you like crazy..i bet heaven is beautiful i bet your enjoing your angel wings..i saw a goofy saying on a t-shirt and the first think i said to Lydia is i bet Cody would had loved this..i'm going tomorrow with my phone and having your pictures printed out cause i'm making me a memorial wall for my dad Kay Eddie and You i have some things for the wall to jazz it up and make it look really nice and my friend gave me a real nice picture of a waterfall background that sticks to the wall and makes it look like a painting it's really nice it's gonna be awesome..Cody i do miss you a lot and i wish you was here..me and you had a lot of plans that i have been trying to complete but it's kinda hard to do sense your not here to do them with me i did drive through Cades cove and i drove to the tip top of the mountain park the car got out and look up to heaven and said i love you Cody and i havent been back there..well it's getting late and i gotta put JJ to bed but i promise to write you again tomorrow night stay sweet i love you man................ALWAYS
Posted by Lisa Wallace on 30th August 2018
well cody here i am again with you on my mind as always. i cant call you up on the phone and ask you to tell me some of your famous jokes guess im in need of a few good laughs tonight.. i miss you like crazy cody and i wish you was here with us..i heard this goofy joke joke the other day and i thought of you when i heard it and i thought man i bet cody would like that joke..alot of times i hold your necklace close to my heart and i talk to you and i feel in my heart that you can still hear me and i know the things you would say to what i talk to you about..you always did know how to brighten my day with just a phone call..i was so happy to know you was moving back to tennessee i even thought of so many things we was gonna get to do like i still have your dollywood wrist band that that i stood in line for over 2 hours to get cause i just knew you would be here and i knew you would go just to ride all the roller costers so i kept your wristband its never been used and i have it in my lock box..cody you was always my favorite nephew and i enjoied our talks..i think about our last conversation alot and the plans you told me you had made for when you got back home to tennessee..i even still have the 2 pictures i told you about that you said you loved and wanted them for your bedroom wall..i remember you said you wanted to get a black light for your bedroom so i went and bought you one i have it stored away in my closet never been used and never been open.. it would be awesome with them pictures of lighting bolts across a beautiful night sky under that light remember how we talked about that..you said i was your favorite crazy aunt and you loved me alot and couldnt wait to see me..i love you cody and untill we see each other again i promise i will think of you every day............ALWAYS
Posted by Lisa Wallace on 27th August 2018
i got you on my mind again today. i sure miss you like crazy cody. i could use one of you jokes right now maybe it would get me out of the dumps. i love you man...............ALWAYS
Posted by Lisa Wallace on 21st August 2018
Happy Heavenly 2nd Angelvarsary Cody I Love And Miss You Very Much....
Posted by Lisa Wallace on 1st July 2018
guess what cody ? your mama and daddy was in church tonight it made me happy to see them there when i walked in. wow it blowed my mind to.. anyways i wanted to drop another line to say i love and miss you so much. loveing you always and for ever.......ALWAYS
Posted by Lisa Wallace on 1st July 2018
Loving you is the easy part....missing you is the hardest... I will always love and miss you.....always
Posted by Lisa Wallace on 1st July 2018
Posted by Lisa Wallace on 1st July 2018
Hey Cody I love you man. Guess what your dad has been going to church with Gala you would be so proud of him. I miss you so much you already know you was and will for ever be my number 1 favorite nephew. I think about you everyday and everyday I look up at heaven and I whisper I love you. When they move me into my new apt I'm making a memorial wall for you my daddy and aunt Kay it will have y'alls pictures and some little decorations to jazz it up. Cody man I miss you so much you had such a unique way of making people happy. I know heaven is beautiful and I know you are so happy there but it don't mean I will ever stop missing you like I do. I love you Cody...... Always
Posted by Lisa Wallace on 28th June 2018
Good morning Cody. I wanted to tell you I live you and still miss you like crazy. You stay on my mind all the time. Well today I feel kinda sad and depressed over alot of things and could sure use a joke or two to kinda cheer me up like you use to do. Life here is so different sense you been gone and there's an emptiness that can never be fulfilled it's where you use to be. Cody you was so full of life and love I can never recall one single moment I ever saw you sad or crying I mean you was the kid that made life fun the kid who inspired me in so many ways I mean you went through 3 major brain surgeries and still you came out a winner.you was the one person who never let life drag you down. You was always there when anyone needed to be cheered up.you had so many people in your life that loved you so much.you left your legacy behind-it was a legacy of of love--respect--and--honesty-- you know there is one thing about you that will carry on for many years to come and that darling is your ability to shine brighter than the brightest star in the darkest of places and the way you put a smile on anybody's face. You was a one if a kind gentle person.i know the angels up there in heaven are truly blessed to have you there. I know your in heaven making everybody there laugh.god Cody I sure do miss you man. I know I will see you again but till that day comes watch over your dad he is so hurt--heartbroken and lonely with out you. Go visit him in his dreams and let him know your OK cause I know he misses you so badly. I love you Cody ALWAYS
Posted by Lisa Wallace on 22nd June 2018
i cant believe how much i miss you man.. you was my all time favorite nephew.. i miss your jokes, your smile, your laughter, your pranks, but mostly i miss how much you loved everyone around you.. most days when i feel down and sad i think about you and its like i feel a little better.. i miss you so much cody but i know when you left us heaven gained one the most precious angels.. i know you are adored there in heaven just with your smile.. life sure has changed sense you been gone.. so untill we meet on that heavenly shore i will be loving you and keeping your memory alive....always
Posted by Lisa Wallace on 12th February 2018
good morning in heaven cody i love you..sure could use one of your jokes right about now. i miss you man.
Posted by Lisa Wallace on 17th January 2018
here i am thinking about you and missing you.i bet its beautiful there in heaven.i miss your goofy self like crazy.i miss your jokes and how you would call me up just to tell me a new joke and the way you made me laugh till tears would run down my face.have you met your papaw kenneth yet and have you run into aunt kay shes there in heaven to.i miss you cody and sure wish you was here with us.you may be gone from my sight but never my heart i will keep your memory alive.loving you always aunt lisa
Posted by Lisa Wallace on 12th December 2017
merry christmas in heaven cody. i miss you so much. i miss your jokes your smile your goofy attitude. but mostly i miss how you had such a big heart of gold. you was a one of a kind special kid to me. i miss your phone calls how you would call me just to say HEY AUNT LISA WANNA HEAR A JOKE ... the day you gained your angel wings was so hard on alot of people because you was loved by so many.. missing you is hard to grasp a hold of because you was so full of life and enjoied making people laugh we dont have that no more. but im sure you have made all the angels laugh with your goofy jokes and i just know you have some of the greatest friends there and i bet your all running around heaven just goofing off .. god i miss you cody so until we meet again i will always love you and keep your memory alive............ALWAYS
Posted by Lisa Wallace on 23rd November 2017
Happy heavenly thanksgiving cody we love and miss you very much
Posted by Lisa Wallace on 18th November 2017
Happy holidays in heaven cody you will always be in my heart. I love you man........always
Posted by Lisa Wallace on 17th October 2016
Code-Man you will always be aunt Lisa's BIG #1 I LOVE YOU.....ALWAYS

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