Cody’s life

Shared by Debora Greene on May 21, 2021
Cody was born on March 23rd 1984. What a joy he was such a good baby. I have three sons and they were all good babies Jesse was sick a lot but as he got older grew out of it. Cody was born on Jesse’s birthday what a gift so they shared there birthdays together. Cody was happy when he woke up and happy when it was time for bed always smiling. He was a very good little boy and loved everyone. Cody like all children had his things but he was kind and generous. He had blond hair and green eyes just melt my heart and his voice changed when he was two. Very deep voice. Happy and full of life he loved being outside. No staying in the house for him. He love riding his bike , going to his friends house and eventually Cody got involved with BMX he was amazing! He was number 1 in the state took many trophies for sure , he loved it! He became quite the fisherman and was in Florida Sport Magazine. He loved it. Loved the salt water and the sand . Loved being on a boat. Cody was truly loved by many. He loved regge music and he had a kind , loving warm heart. I can tell you as his mother I have never known such love ! Cody loved deeply and he was very sensitive like his mother. I don’t know how to live without him it’s been one month and it’s moment by moment.  I love you Cody , and a piece of me went with you. Yes your mama loves you more than you could ever know

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