Let the memory of Cody be with us forever.
  • 20 years old
  • Born on July 17, 1998 in Arlington, Texas, United States.
  • Passed away on March 27, 2019 in Irving, Texas, United States.

This memorial was created in loving memory of Cody Wayne Neal Brainerd.  He was born July 17, 1998 and passed away March 27, 2019.  In the 20 short years Cody was with us, he made such a huge impact on every single person he ever met.  Whether in person or on You Tube, Cody made an impression.  

Cody was an avid wrestling (& WWE) fan. And because of this, he had made a huge name for himself on and with the wrestling community on You Tube.  Cody was very well admired and respected by everyone.  Which is why he would have been a great lawyer.  Which was his goal in life.  

Cody was a very loyal and honest person. He treasured any and all of his relationships. Whether it was family, friendships, love, it didn't matter. They were all extremely important to Cody. If you ever wanted someone to tell you the honest to God's truth about something, all you had to do was ask Cody. He didn't sugar coat anything either. So, you had better be sure you really wanted to hear the truth before you asked him.

We are all better people for having known Cody. He will be in our hearts forever. Until we meet again.

Posted by Misty Mitchell on April 25, 2019
There is so much that can be said about the amazing person Cody was. He was one of the most real, steadfast and honest people I ever had the honor of knowing. When you met Cody you could clearly see this was a young man who loved his family and if you were considered a friend you had a true friend,one who held dear to his heart those he cared for. I am a friend of his mother and father and the day I met Cody it was as if I found a long lost kid brother. He and his younger brother who he was very close to and loved with all his heart, they would dog sit Fiona my Jack Russell puppy. When I say Fiona was a handful I mean it. Especially if she knew she was going home to visit the boys! One of my favorite memories of Cody is one occasion I had dropped Fiona off with him early morning. She had been there for a good almost day and a half. When something told me to look out the window and up the hill comes Cody with Fiona and the look on his face was like "someone please just take this puppy home I need a nap"!! The closer he got the the door the more ruckus she became. The entire walk up the hill she was doing her best to get loose so she could high tail it back to his house. Cody with leash in hand sets her down knocks on the door tries to hand the leash over to me and fast as lightning off she went fast as she could not back down the hill oh no..she runs her wild self all the way up the hill and takes the long way around the block all the way back down to Cody's house. The look on his face was one I'll never forget. He says I better go get her. I'll be right back but if I'm not, she will be at my house if you want to come get her when you're ready to. All I could do was laugh. I was proud of Cody and I will tell you God had blessed him in that he had all the love one could ever hope for and the most amazing parents we could all be so blessed. His was one of the most loving, close families i've ever known in my life. If you have had the honor of knowing his Family Mom Dad and his Brother, then you know what I'm saying is true. There isn't anything his parents wouldn't do for their children. In return Cody had an endless supply of happiness and love to give to all of us and to his family. We are all blessed for having known this amazing young man. The love, loyalty and all Cody stood for will forever shape the lives of all who knew him. Cody set the example we will forever strive for in hope that one day our light might shine as brightly as his that it might light the way for others as his has for all who knew and loved him. Your life, your love, all you were.. Cody your light will forever shine bright never to be forgotten. Cody my friend, I have never met someone who made such a possitive impression on me to the point I was inspired to make changes in my own life. You were and forever will be an inspiration to me. Thank you for being you. We all miss you and honor you for the way you lived life while you were here. And something tells me Fiona is right there by your side. May your family find peace in knowing you touched so many lives and we're genuinely loved by so many.
Posted by Robert Kenway on April 23, 2019
I never knew him personally,but I raced with him on gta every night. He was a great guy and a good friend of everyone in the racing community that knew him. Whenever I drive my patriot car, I drive it in his honor to represent him. He was apart of my racing family. But I know he's up there racing his patriot car and with wwe greats.
Posted by Rhonda Harvey on April 23, 2019
I only met Cody for the first time at Christmas time last year, but I felt I had known him forever. He was Jack's best friend, "brother", confidante and kindred spirit and for that I loved him. I used to hear them talking on Skype together, Cody's fast-paced voice, always eager, always passionate, coming through the speaker, the pair of them chatting, laughing, debating. So when I finally met him in December, it felt like I already knew him. Dear Cody - a wonderful son and friend to many - your passing has left a huge hole in many people's lives, especially Laurie, Parrish and Clayton's. But you are forever in our hearts and we know your spirit is always around and always will be. With much love, Rhonda
Posted by Anne-Marie Stovall on April 22, 2019
I had the honor of knowing Cody when he was very young. I recall when he first started school.... he was very very very smart in all areas. He was so humble about his intelligence from a young age. He loved that his mother was involved at his school. He loved wrestling and his dogs. He adored his Grandmother. He touch so many lives. I will remember his adorable smile and how lucky Iam to have known him.
Posted by Scott Gale on April 22, 2019
Cody Brainerd was an amazing inspirational best close friend of mine who I always looked up to & considered a brother & son to me he was like a brother & son combined. He was very passionate about what he did & had a heart ❤️ of gold, he always wore his heart on his sleeve, he would help anyone just like that no matter what. He brought a whole new meaning to the YouTube world & more importantly family & friendship & brotherhood, I was proud to have met Cody, he was an angel & one of the nicest guys I have gotten to known & Skype with. Rest In Peace my brother Cody Brainer I love you & will never forget you. & your spirit will always be with us. From Scott Casey Gale.

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