This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Colette Kieren Elwin-Frederick (December 19, 1981 - July 5, 2021).  Loving wife to Gerard "G" Frederick. Doting mother to Caelen Frederick. Dutiful daughter to Clayton Algernon Roland Elwin and Jessica "Susan" Elwin. Sole sister and sibling to Haidee Lai. Daughter-in-law to Theodell Joan Blake. Sister-in-law to Denis Frederick, Blair Frederick, Diana Frederick and Frank Lai.  Aunt to Menelyk Frederick, Sarabi Frederick and Nellie Frederick. Niece to several. Cousin to 30+. Friend to many. We will love, cherish and remember you forever. We miss you!
Posted by Marina Marcano-Alexander on July 16, 2021
God has blessed us to know you. We had our first sons just weeks apart and watching them grow up. I learned a lot from you in my maternal journey. Can't believe that you're no longer here with us. May the angels be with your soul. Bless Caelen and Gerard to be comforted. May Aunty Jessica and Uncle Elwin and Haidee be strong for you!
Posted by Marva Bernard Joseph on July 16, 2021
To Jessica,Roland and the rest of the deepest condolences ,words cannot express the extent of grieve for your loss. To Colette in eternally peace .Heaven could not wait for another angel.
Posted by bernadette claxton on July 15, 2021
My deepest simpathy to Roland and Jessie,i share your grief and my prayer go out to you all in this time of grief on behalf of the passing of your daughter Colette. May she rest in peace. From your friend Molly.
Posted by Bernadine Elcock on July 15, 2021
Smile: Your face always wore a beautiful bright smile, which was bright as a full moon shining in the midnight sky. Dear Colette you have gone home to the Lord and all I have is the memories of you and your awesome smile. Which you have touch many lives with. Dear God please take care and comfort her parents, husband ,sister , son and other family members
Posted by bernadette claxton on July 15, 2021
Our sincere condolences to Roland and Jessie on behalf of your daughter Colette.may she rest in peace. From Clarence and Bernadette Claxton
Posted by bernadette claxton on July 15, 2021
Condolences to mr &mrs roland elwin from mr&mrs claxton
Posted by Davia Edwards on July 15, 2021
May god give the Elwin& Frederick family, everyone whose lives were touched by this beautiful soul. Strength today good lord strength in Jesus name. I am praying for strength today Lord. My heart is with your family Jessica my dearest friend.
Posted by Drew Smith on July 13, 2021
Haidee – the Smith Family is so sorry to hear of the passing your sister Colette. Our hearts go out to you and your family. – Drew, Pam, Bill, and Katie 
Posted by Janice Carr on July 12, 2021
Collette my dear, I am at loss for words. I have known you since birth. You were like family to me. It was a pleasure knowing you. Your life was a blessing. Your memory was a treasure. You are loved beyond words and will be missed beyond measures. Rest in peace my dear Collette.
Posted by Karishma Ramkissoon on July 12, 2021
From Wayne and Charmatee - Eldwin and Susan hearing about Collette was one of the most heartbreaking news. Our hearts melted with such sad news. We've known Collette from a child who grew up in front our eyes. We cannot believe this actually happened and want to think it is all a dream.
She was such a fine young lady with so much energy always there supporting you both. Words cannot express the sadness we feel and I cannot begin to imagine how you both feel. I wish there is something we can do to change this entire situation. RIP Collette, fly high with the angels. Eldwin and Susan remember God gives you only how much you can bear and Collette will give you all the strength and courage you both need to move on . This is a very difficult one to digest but please be strong ,our hearts are with you all. We wish so so much we could be there to see her for the last. We are hear if you both need any support.
Posted by KIZZY WILLIAMS on July 12, 2021
Collety girl we shared a lot of fond memories at HNC Point Fortin and though we both transferred from there we managed to keep in touch. I am still in disbelief by your untimely passing so I am choosing to remember you doing things I think you love, taking pics, entertaining folks and cooking. I will miss watching your food and desserts on fb and liking them. I will miss you girl. RIP Condolences to your family and friends, may God continue to give each of them strength to make it through this difficult time.
Posted by Kirsten Teal on July 12, 2021
Haidee, I’m so sorry to hear of your loss. While I didn’t know her, reading the other tributes shows how much your sister was loved. I hope you can find some comfort and peace in that. You’ll be in my thoughts. Virtual hugs to you and your family.
Posted by Erica George on July 11, 2021
A life well lived is a precious gift, of hope and strength and grace, for someone who has made her loved ones world a brighter place.

We pray that God continue to strengthen you all, please accept our deepest condolences.
Posted by MARIA SARAYDAROVA on July 9, 2021
Dearest Haidee,

We've been there for each other's daily highs and lows for so long, but never for anything of this magnitude. This is heavy. Please accept my deepest condolences to you, your family and her little family on the loss of Colette. I can’t imagine what you must be feeling now. I have a hard time finding the right words to give you strength and courage in this moment of great sorrow, and even though I cannot make the pain go away, I want you to know I am here with a shoulder or an ear or anything else you need. May your sister rest in peace!
Posted by Loretta Atkinson on July 9, 2021
Haidee, I am so so sorry to hear about the tragic passing of your sister. From reading the other tributes, you can tell she was such a vibrant joyful person.  And the bond between sisters goes without saying. What a huge loss for your family. May you all find strength and comfort in the stories told and shared, the memories you have cherished in your heart, and the support and love of your family, friends, and co-workers. 

HUGS Haidee. I am here if you need anything. 
Posted by Terry Vallely on July 9, 2021
My sweet, kind, and quiet friend Haidee, I kept checking on you all week and making sure you keep your spirits up. I know how you and your family are hurting right now and none of this makes any sense to you. Place your trust in God and believe that he will give you all the strength to endure this tragedy. No parent should bury a child. This is  utterly heartbreaking. I am so sorry this is happening. Smile at the memories and know that she is with the angels now.
Posted by Keith Lutgen on July 9, 2021
My deepest condolences to you and your family. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. 
Posted by Rosalind Elwin on July 8, 2021
My neice Colette. Words cannot express how this shock me. I was Collete's first baby sitter. She was such a happy child always smiling and she carried that smile throughout her life. My dear brother Roland and Jessica I share your grief and i am praying for you in this difficult times. May her soul RIEP.❤
Posted by Denzil Gordon on July 8, 2021
It was so good to have known such a friendly , smiling , charming and loving person . She is my daughter's sister and personal friend . Thanks for being the other child in our family . You will be surely missed by us all . Although we know you are now smiling in the arms of the Lord . May yout soul rest in eternal peace .
Posted by Chrissie Elwin on July 8, 2021
My dear cousin, it was a shock to hear of your passing. I always remember sharing rooms with you when I came to Trinidad on holidays as a kid. You have always been full joy and laughter. RIP.
Posted by Sally Lopez-Torres on July 7, 2021
Your daughter carved a niche in many people’s hearts and we feel great loss at her death. We want you to know that we share your grief and our prayers and love with you always! SIP Colette
Posted by Elicia La Borde on July 7, 2021
Colette, Rest In Peace. Still in shock & cannot believe it but God knows best. Will always remember your laughter, your smile & your kindest towards others.❤️
Posted by Adanna Frederick on July 7, 2021
Wow Colette wat can I say... my heart broke When I got the news of your passing... you're are kind hearted, cheerful, loves cooking and baking, always smiling and willing to help anyway you can.. I have lost a friend and my daughter her god mother but God needed you home... Fly high with the Angel's my friend. You will always be remembered... R.I.P Colette..
Posted by Myra Durham Alfred on July 7, 2021
Cols, I cannot believe and accept your passing. Your friendship, support, smile, thoughfulness and yummy delights will be missed . You never missed a birthday, an event, .. you would be one of the first to share love, that signature smile and " girl/ darling...". I will always remember.

You are a blessing . I will NEVER forget you, our conversations and your dreams. No words can fill the void. Time too cannot fill the void.

Rest in His divine care my friend. I love you and will miss you.

Your family here will not be alone .

Helen Steiner Rice wrote

"There is no night without a dawning
No winter without a spring
And beyond the dark horizon
Our hearts will once more sing…
For those who leave us for a while
Have only gone away
Out of a restless, care worn world
Into a brighter day."

Rest with the angels, my dear friend ...until we meet again .
Posted by Sylvia Elwin on July 7, 2021
Collette words cannot express the emotions your passing have made on me. I remember meeting you as a little girl then was able to see you on my visits how you blossomed. You were always kind to your aunty and I will always remember that. May you find peace with the Lord. I also pray that your family will find the strength to go through this difficult time. All my love.
Posted by Tahira Ahmad on July 7, 2021
It’s surreal as I sit here trying to find the words , to come to terms with this loss. Colette you were my little sister from another mother . We grew up together and we were so close . I’ll always remember when Roland and Susan would drop you and Haidee off for the carnival weekend and we’d always have a blast. I’ll always remember your amazing smile , your delectable dishes and your unwavering love for Caelen and Gerad. I’ll always remember how your friends welcomed me into the fold . You were the glue that held us together and will continue to do so. We will provide that pillar of strength for Gerad , Caelen , Roland and Susan. You will forever live in our hearts. I’ll also wish extend condolences on behalf of Eulin ,Aaron and Barry .You’ll be truly missed . Sleep in eternal peace my dear dear Colette .
Posted by Kerwyn Curt Turnbull on July 7, 2021
Seeing this today allowed the reality to hit the ground. My young friend to whom I fondly ascribe the name pronounced Coletteeeeeeeee has lived and loved her dash. She has done so with a kind of fervour in a very simple but impactful way.
As a teacher she tried with her students, as a mother she loved, as a daughter she cared, as a sibling she reached out, as a friend she did just that, and that was to be a friend. She recently asked me to take care of her friend at HNCPF, and that is the extent to which her devotion to her friends stretched.
I will remember you as being very concerned, as caring, baking, dancing, having fun, smiling, laughing and all the attributes others know and would share here; strangely I never remember you angry (but im sure you did get angry at times), that is indicative of a young woman who posessed a maturity that many older than you cannot attest too.
So today Coletteeeeeeeeee I salute you, my mature, impactful, caring, friend for life, courageous, full of life, always smiling, happy go lucky friend and I thank you for being my friend.
May choirs of angels welcome you into paradise;
and lead you to the bossom of Abraham;
and where Lazarus is poor no longer may you find eternal rest. Amen
To those you loved and those who love you ..... may all experience perfect peace knowing you left behind good memories while living your dash.
Colette 1981 dash 2021
Posted by David Coker on July 7, 2021
My condolenses to you and your family Uncle Roland
Posted by Roland Crawford on July 7, 2021
My condolences @this time, As we trudge this road of happy destiny, May God bless and keep you Jessica and family forever.
Posted by Ivanne Elwin on July 7, 2021
To my dear brother and his wife my sympathy goes out to you it is not easy to loose anyone through death no matter what age. I ask God to bless you through this time and keep you strong. May her soul rest in peace amen
Posted by Ria Bailey on July 7, 2021
I still can’t believe you’re gone!!!! Colette and I were friends from HFC Penal but became much closer in UWI, St. Augustine. Colette was a genuine, dedicated and generous soul. Her modus operandi was sharing, giving and laughing. Colette didn’t let anyone or anything get her down. She was a good soul to be around.I could always bet on Colette for a bellyful of laughter and food in UWI because she always made something tasting good and had enough left over to share. Colette’s home in Dow was her friends home and open to us all since HFCP for their annual Christmas limes that many of us would have attended at one time or the other. She got her affability from her parents who always made you feel welcomed. After Ieaving UWI St. Augustine we didn’t keep the link as best as we should but we always touched base with each other over the years and shared many laughs as recent as last month. Catching up was so easy with Colette!!. I would always praise her culinary postings on FB and promise to pass to which she always agreed. This loss is heartbreaking!!!! So young, so full of life, such a devoted wife and mother, loving daughter, sister, niece, friend. Colette was so cautious about staying indoors during the Covid pandemic I knew she was looking forward to long life but we just never know the time appointed for our departure from this earth. Colette you touched so so many of us in the short time you were loaned. Wherever you went you greeted everyone with your signature grin and impacted the people around you in a positive manner. You could always be seen sharing moments with your beloved Caelen or celebrating occasions with your family where you enjoyed being the chief cook. Your devotion to your husband, son, family and friends was truly admirable and will surely be missed. Sleep In Perfect Peace my dear. Fly high with the angels until we meet again.
Posted by Geraldine Leslie Coker on July 7, 2021
As a Mom sitting here writing my heart is heavy I believe this is one of the hardest thing parents have to do Uncle and Aunty My prayers go out to an your Family Colette you will be greatly Miss Rip Cuz
Posted by Aisha Donaldson on July 7, 2021
My heart is overwhelmed..Colette Anna Kieren Elwin (Frederick), my CAKE was a generous soul and that is how I will remember her.From letting us eat her lunch of our favourite Aunty Susan pelau and chicken sandwiches in Naps to her own cooking and baking especially that cherry sponge cake...Colette will be missed but we lift up in Prayer Parents, Caelen, G, Haidee, Nigel, Ayana, Blair, Dennis, Joan, Mich, Jo and all her dear family and friends.RIP CAKE.
Posted by Jessica Elwin on July 7, 2021
Colette….The giver of self as I used to call her, spent her 391/2 years here on this earth doing Her Master’s Will. Her work here is done and she’s back home where she truly belongs, resting… my fondest memory….. back in January 1984, I received my drivers license on my birthday, next day I decided that I’m taking the girls out for a drive… lo and behold on our way back home a heavy shower of rain came down, back then me being a novice, couldn’t find the lever for the windshield wipers, in desperation I turned to 3 year old Collete and told her mommy can’t find the wipers. She looked at me and said” e ting to wipe e rain , the woosh wiper?” While reaching forward and pulled a lever, wipers came on… I let go steering wheel and reached over and hugged her so tightly and from that day onward she had become my Navigator in this maze called life.. even prepared for this void she left… six years ago she came from the hospital and placed a tiny bundle of joy in my arms…. MasterCaelen/ King Caelen/ Caelypooh. As Caelen would say: Good job
Posted by Afiya Gordon on July 7, 2021
No words can describe how I feel since I heard the news of your passing. It’s hard to process…… so many questions in mind but I’m holding on to God for strength. Colette and I were roommates while we shared a room in an off campus accommodation, we went from roomies to besties and over the years our bond grew stronger. I also looked forward to our catch ups, we would laugh till our stomach hurts. We’ve been planning our next catch up then the pandemic came. Although we’ve been miles away we were still close at heart.
I thank God we have crossed paths, now this emptiness I’m feeling I’m trying to fill with our lovely memories. I’ll certainly miss that bubbly spirit, her smiles, her baking / cooking post in her busy kitchen. I will always cherish every bit of her. My heart out to her husband Gerard, her son Caelen, her parents Mr & Mrs Elwin , sister Haidee and all her families, friends and loved ones, only God knows let’s take courage and we shall be strengthen in Christ Jesus.
May her soul rest in perfect peace
Posted by Jameel Diljohn on July 7, 2021
To my dearest friend Jessi, my heart hurts for the loss of your beloved daughter Colette, cherish the memories that you and Your family had with her, may your faith keep you strong , sleep in peace Colette
Posted by Bernadet Brown on July 6, 2021
I have known Colette from such a tender age and I am honored to have been a part of her early childhood years. May you sleep in peace Angel. Blessings and Love to the family always.
Posted by Adanna Peña on July 6, 2021
Colette attended HFC Penal during the time that I was there. Although we were not in the same year, I've known her to be a young lady of quiet resolve.

Please accept my sincere condolences and may her family always find comfort in the joy that she brought. 

May God hold them close in His unfailing arms.
Posted by Judy Jadoonanan on July 6, 2021
My heartfelt condolences to Roland, Susan, Haidee, Gerard and little Caelen.
You're in my heart, prayers and thoughts at this time. I hope you always hold on to the warm and wonderful memories you all shared together with Colette and that they continue to bring you all comfort and peace. I know that she is safe in the arms of the Lord now. Rest in Peace dear Colette.
Posted by DON RAMBARRAN on July 6, 2021
Condolences to the Elwin family for your loss.
May God gives you the strength to go on and to live the lives that would make her proud.
Job 14:14
Posted by Jevene Christom on July 6, 2021
Colette, my big godsister... this all still seems so very unreal.
You're in heaven now but I'll forever appreciate all your advice and pep talks about teaching. You have played a HUGE part in my professional life as it is today. I will forever be grateful. I pray for God's comfort and strength and peace for all of us who loved and cared for you, especially for your immediate family.
Laugh as heartily with the angels as you did while you were here with us dear.
Posted by Alicia Elwin on July 6, 2021
My deepest condolences to you Uncle Roland, Auntie Jessica, Haidee also to Gérard and Caelen... From Patricia, Alicia & Stephen. We are still in so much shock and I really don't know what to say and I cannot begin to imagine how you all feel right now. I will definitely miss your laughter Colette... I am happy to know that every memory I have of us meeting we must buss out laughing at some point. Sleep in peace Colette... We all are so sad here, it has not stopped raining since yesterday when we heard the news. Our heart is breaking for you all and more so... your unborn baby. So sorry for your loss ❤️
Posted by Anastasia Jackie on July 6, 2021
A beautiful soul put to rest but not gone. Your loving nature will forever live on and the path you walked will remain on this earth for others the follow and remember.
Posted by Giselle Blair on July 6, 2021
Our heartfelt condolences to Susan, Roland, Heidi, Colette’s son, husband and the rest of her family and friends. Even though it was ages ago that we were neighbors, Colette’s infectious laughter and sweet spirit is unforgettable. A truly beautiful person and family. We can’t imagine the depth of your grief right now but we are trusting God to be your source of strength and comfort. Know that we love you and that our prayers and thoughts are with you all.
Merle, Simone, Kim & Giselle
Posted by Carla Cardwell on July 6, 2021
Colette I’m so sorry to hear about your passing and your unborn child. My condolences to your parents and your husband and son and sister.I had the pleasure of meeting you through your Uncle George and Aunt Debbie my best friend in the world. I always looked forward to you coming for the summer and just hanging out with your family. The parties in their backyard. Gone to soon RIH Angeles.
Posted by Asha Phillander on July 6, 2021
In this time of grief of the passing of Colette and her unborn child, my sympathy to her entire family. Based on interacting with Colette, We will always remember her smile and laughter when she would assist with cooking at her parents home at the yearly get together for family and friends. Also, her sweethand will be missed and she made sure the guest were comfortable and always served the treats and delicacies with a smile. She will be dearly missed. Sleep in peace mother and child may the light of God guide them to the Lord's House. 

Tribute by Christine and Asha.
Posted by Shameeka Atkinson on July 6, 2021
I have been at a loss for words since we got the sad news. This really rocked us. I'll always remember your chuckle and your many sumptuous dishes even though you didn't eat many of the things you made. We'll keep your family- Gerard and Caelen, mummy and daddy, Haidee and your brother-in-law in our prayers. I know you will be looking from heaven. Rest in eternal peace my dear cousin, Colette. That statement still sounds so unreal.
Posted by Dennis Phillander on July 6, 2021
Colette,our Princess,your daughter sister,wife,mother and friend has transcend with her celestial form into eternity.God together with Ou Ancestors are elated. Bouita!!
Posted by Davia Edwards on July 6, 2021
Dear Colette, to see the lives you have touched is a blessing to witness. I didn’t know you as indepth as I know your mommy because we only recently met. Yet it was such a nice experience those times. Your bubbly personality and smile is what I would remember. Heaven has paved the way for you to walk my dearest angelMay you smile as you walk with Jesus you beautiful soulMay god grant the Elwin& Frederick family strength as you walk this path. I am praying for you all through this time. May god look over each and everyone in the family.
Posted by Anika Mason on July 6, 2021
the sound of your laughter was so contagious we will find ourselves smiling whenever we will hear your laughter to me it was your most identifiable characteristic. It is hard to imagine that we will no longer hear that identifiable laugh anymore. Rest easy Colette as your laughter remains alive in the hearts of those who have ever heard it. Heartfelt condolences to the Elwin family on behalf of your next-door neighbors, the Mason family. God be with you .
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Posted by Marina Marcano-Alexander on July 16, 2021
God has blessed us to know you. We had our first sons just weeks apart and watching them grow up. I learned a lot from you in my maternal journey. Can't believe that you're no longer here with us. May the angels be with your soul. Bless Caelen and Gerard to be comforted. May Aunty Jessica and Uncle Elwin and Haidee be strong for you!
Posted by Marva Bernard Joseph on July 16, 2021
To Jessica,Roland and the rest of the deepest condolences ,words cannot express the extent of grieve for your loss. To Colette in eternally peace .Heaven could not wait for another angel.
Posted by bernadette claxton on July 15, 2021
My deepest simpathy to Roland and Jessie,i share your grief and my prayer go out to you all in this time of grief on behalf of the passing of your daughter Colette. May she rest in peace. From your friend Molly.
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Shared by Elyssa Chauharjasingh Kha... on July 7, 2021
Upon hearing the news of a classmate brought sadness in my life, still unbelievable and hard to accept. I’ve lived at La Romaine and Colette being from Dow used to have her dad stop for me if they saw me waiting for a taxi, they would pick me up and drop us off to Duncan Village to wait for transport to go HFCP. Like in previous tributes Colette was always a happy go lucky girl. May her soul find peace! May her Husband and son, Parents, sister and all others who were close and dear to her be comforted by God’s grace. ❤️
Shared by Anthony Mills on July 6, 2021
This is a really hard one never believe that I would ever get this news I am heartbroken I lost a really good friend my mind knows that you are in a better place where there is no pain you are at peace I understand that, I just wish I could explain it to my heart. There is an empty space in it that nothing will ever fill. I GRIEVE,but i know my tears are for me. We will be together again until then, my love goes out to you and your family. R.I.P MY FRIEND

Shared by allison almorales on July 6, 2021
to Collette  continue to S.I.P you where always pleasant every time I see you. To  Roland and Susan be strong  I know I am writing be strong but I also know it's hard. I pray almighty  God give you the strengths to cope with this one. It's hard looking at your grandson knowing that his mom is no more and have to give him answers he may never understand. Stay blessed