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Collon Brayce, N.D.
  • 64 years old
  • Date of birth: Sep 16, 1947
  • Place of birth:
    Phoenix, Arizona, United States
  • Date of passing: Mar 15, 2012
  • Place of passing:
    Kahului, Hawaii, United States
I found these quotes jotted down in his papers: "Your next breath is the ecstatic culmination of your existence." "Death is certain, life is not"

Collon Brayce passed away on March 15, 2012 at home. Collon was born in 1947 in Arizona and grew up in California prior to moving to Hawai'i Island in 1979 and Maui in 1980. He was an accomplished Naturopathic Doctor and Acupuncturist, fitness enthusiast, loved quality food and music, and was a teacher to many in all aspects of life. He had many long-term devoted patients who also called him friend. His colleagues admired his breadth of knowledge and continued quest to improve and excel as a doctor.

He is survived by his three children: Gavin (Alice) Brayce, Raadha (Adam) Brayce Jacobstein, and Malu (Leina) Brayce; and seven grandchildren: Taylor Raylene Brayce, Amaya Rayne Brayce, and soon to be Baby Girl Brayce; Elijah Kauakaniko'o Brayce Jacobstein and Jonah Kalikolehua Brayce Jacobstein; and Isaac Makana'okalani Kamaka Brayce and Nolan Kamakani Kamaka Brayce. The light in his eyes shone bright every time he was with them. He was the most wonderful father and grandfather, and we will miss him dearly...

A memorial service and celebration of life will be held on Sunday, June 3 at 1 pm at the Hui No'eau Visual Arts Center - 2841 Baldwin Avenue, Makawao, HI 96768. For information email,, or call 808-255-2796.


Memorial Tributes
This tribute was added by rosemary stark on 23rd September 2017

"I think of you every day and the love that you shared with all of us. Whenever I think That I have reached a place of making a decision I always ask myself "what would Collon say". I had my first acupuncture w/ someone new this month...It was certainly a strange experience and never compared to the times w/ Collon. In gratitude for your wise heart, happy birthday."

This tribute was added by Susi Oak-Welter on 22nd September 2017

"Another birthday remembrance for our beloved Collon. I can visualize him smiling, blue eyes twinkling, wearing his favorite purple shirt. He will never be forgotten, and is now part of me. There is no one who even comes close to giving the level of care and compassion he showed to all. God bless Collon!"

This tribute was added by zoee crowley on 16th September 2017

"It is hard to believe it has been 5 years since you passing..Many a days I think of you especially when traveling by your past office on market st.I have a lamp that I bought from you ? 15 years ago before you left the island, next to my bed that has dimmer switch.The wind knocked it over thought it was destroyed forever.Went out and bought another that I didn't like ended up bringing it back..Played with the switch and found it still have the table away from the window and wind and think of you every night when playing with the dimmer switch..Such a nice memory I have..Miss you light up my life for many years with your knowledge and skills."

This tribute was added by Deborah Pozin on 21st March 2017

"Yes, I agree, no other ND comes close to Collon's knowledge, understanding, compassion, and generosity in Health care.  He was a master of accumpuncture and a master of research in all areas of health and nutrition."

This tribute was added by Susi Oak-Welter on 20th March 2017

"Hard to believe we have been without our dear Collon for 5 years. I now have other resources, but none even come close to the same compassion, love, knowledge and skill that Collon had. "Forever Missed" is an understatement. I am learning to cope with the loss, but doubt if I will ever get over it. He was and still is a blessing to us all."

This tribute was added by Deborah Pozin on 15th March 2017

"I continue to feel Collon and to speak about him with others, as we continue to share our deep loss and missing him as if it were only yesterday.  There is no distance or time from my Heart to His Heart. He continues to make a meaningful impact on so many lives."

This tribute was added by Marsha McGuire on 15th March 2017

"I love Collon and I miss Collon's smile and wit."

This tribute was added by Stephenie karony on 15th March 2017

"Just yesterday I told a client looking for a good acupuncturist about Collon and how I wished he were still around. Such is life and death"

This tribute was added by Jonathan Light on 15th March 2017

"Will always love and miss him dearly!!
He has such a beautiful soul!!"

This tribute was added by Susi Oak-Welter on 27th September 2016

"Thank you, Collon, for visiting me in my dreams. I always have been, and aways will be most grateful for your blessed presence in my life. I will miss you and love you for all my days."

This tribute was added by Joyanna Cotter on 16th September 2016

"The candle that forever flickers is in the heart of your family! You can see that we all continue, in the love, remembering you, and knowing you are always a part of us!  I'm grateful for all the moments you arrive into our life. Walking to Wailea point with flowers the grandchildren gathered, to that ocean edge we're we offered you our hearts our love. We love you...and by the way, since you've got the upper view...please be that whisper of love and inspiration for all that goes on down here in this crazy earth dance!"

This tribute was added by Susi Oak-Welter on 5th May 2016

"Hard to believe it has been 4 years. It is as if Collon is still sitting at his desk on Market St. He will never be "gone" from my life. He lives on in my heart of hearts and in his children and grandchildren. He is not a person who can ever be forgotten."

This tribute was added by rosemary stark on 18th March 2016

"Collon, your smiling eyes and listening heart will always be with us. Love to your family that you loved so much.

This tribute was added by zoee crowley on 17th March 2016

"it's hard to believe Collon left his body 4 years ago..His love and knowledge carries you dear brother.."

This tribute was added by Susi Oak-Welter on 29th September 2015

"If birthdays are celebrated in the spirit world, I hope that Collon had a big bash! I celebrate him everyday. He will always be remembered by the many who loved him."

This tribute was added by Deborah Pozin on 17th September 2015

"It is difficult to believe that Collon has been gone since 2012 when his life is still fresh in my heart.  I was asked to do a eulogy for Charles Gardner last week,  and I spoke about the three of us sharing a home in Sand Hills together with Collon's small kids. That roomate experience was to be the foundation setting a deep bond for the three of us for the next 20 years.  I have not met an ND as passionate and dedicated and knowledgable as Collon.  I remember calling his office about a health matter we were discussing, and his son Malu answered the phone.  I thought that was odd for his son to answer.  Malu told me that Collon had died that morning.  For the next periond of time I had  spiritual unspoken messages from Collon.  Collon lives on forever."

This tribute was added by zoee crowley on 16th September 2015

"Oh time goes on and still miss Collon, never go by his old office on South Market street with out having feelings and thoughts wishing he was still there to drop in and have a visit with him. he was such a beautiful talented person giving so openly to all..miss you so dearly.."

This tribute was added by Susi Oak-Welter on 16th March 2015

"Life goes on, and life is very different without Collon physically with us. He is part of me forever and I am grateful for every moment we shared.  He gave us so much and always with his whole heart. Many mahalos to Gavin for keeping forever missed going. Sending out aloha to the ohana."

This tribute was added by Rosemary Stark on 24th September 2014

"I think of Collon every day with humble gratitude for the privilege of knowing him.I see his smile and his sparkling eyes.. So wise,so self contained , empathetic yet openly honest. I trusted him as my doctor and loved him as my friend."

This tribute was added by Deborah Pozin on 18th September 2014

"It is hard to believe it has been two years!  I continue to think and feel Collon as if it were yesterday.  His name and energy comes up often in casual conversation with others.  There is no ND like Collon. He set a very high bar and example of integrity  for other NDs.    I miss him so very much. I will never forget Collon, and he remains in my heart and soul."

This tribute was added by Susi Oak-Welter on 17th September 2014

"Today I light a candle for Collon. I know that we are always connected and not even death can change that. He is with me always and visits me in dreams. Sending love to the ohana."

This tribute was added by Susi Oak-Welter on 24th March 2014

"There is not a day that goes by that I do not think of Collon. He will forever be in my heart. My husband, Joe, and I send out our love to his children and grandchildren. We are honored with their presence in our lives and are happy to keep in touch."

This tribute was added by Raadha Jacobstein on 15th March 2014

"Two years has felt like an eternity, and yet sometimes it still feels like he never left."

This tribute was added by Marsha McGuire on 15th March 2014

"I was just thinking of you last week. You helped me so much. Love to your children and grand children."

This tribute was added by Joyanna Cotter on 15th March 2014

"Timeless time! Seeing Collon's presence, as I look into our children, and their children, those little facial gestures( all 3 & 7 grandchildren), the way they plan their meals(Raadha), the sincerity & love with their children, the strength and will to be the single dad that Collon did so amazingly,(Malu), the hard working diligence, that persevered through the challenges(Gavin).  They all have the self respect to make time for themselves! And give fully with great love to family and friends!
Collon's lives on in the hearts of the grandchildren, when Nolan still asks to go see grandpa Collon, when Makana says he really misses him...
Collon is remembered and loved! And we know he is a whisper away...
"Collon we love and appreciate all that you've been in our lives, and welcome what inspirations you have for us now...we welcome your whisper back...""

This tribute was added by Deborah Pozin on 15th March 2014

"I relate to the previous comment.  I too went with an ND whom knew Collon, thinking he would be my link to Collon. which in my heart he is.  It is hard to believe that it has been 2 years, for I miss him as if it were only yesterday.  Whenever I have a medical issue, I think to myself, "Collon would know what to do, and that I wish he were here with all of us whom miss him and benefited so greatly from his knowledge and expertise."  He is never going to be replaced as there are no ND's like him anywhere."

This tribute was added by Aiko Oka Jonas on 15th March 2014

"Wow, it's been two years.... My quest of finding a new Naturopathic Doctor and Acupuncturist finally came to an end a few weeks ago. When I told him I was a patient of Dr. Brayce, he looked at my eyes, nodded and said "I knew Collon very well".  Right there and then I decided that he would be my doctor for years to come."

This tribute was added by carmie spellman on 21st September 2013

"I think of you often and miss you so very much Collon as you were such a bright shinning light of compassion and knowledge. I think your grandson Eli is correct you are the "master of the universe" now and forever as your presence is everywhere. it is another beautiful day in paradise and you are still cherished and missed beyond measure. Love and Light Star Brother, Blessings, Carmie"

This tribute was added by Deborah Pozin on 21st September 2013

"Time has slipped by since Collon's left us, and it seems like only yesterday.  Collon was a master of acupuncture and to this day I have not found anyone whom can replace his skill.  He also had a memory for detail like no one else.  We still speak about Collon with deep appreciation."

This tribute was added by Jonathan Light on 20th September 2013

"I still miss Colon dearly.  He was my best friend as I know he was to many others too.  What a fantastic person he was.  He was kind and compassionate to all his patient's and everyone he came in contact with.  He meditated twice a day for 40 years.  He had a brilliant mind and a memory like an elephant. He was a superb athlete.  The good die young.  I will always love and miss him."

This tribute was added by Robert Neal on 16th March 2013

"Collon was the first Acupuncturist I had ever visited.  I had 6 sessions with him and we (he) talked story endlessly to me, telling me about playing football in high school, being into Vegan foods early in his life and he recommended many Gluten free foods to me (first time I heard about Gluten) and to this day I still use the tooth paste he said was his favorite "Power Smile"."

This tribute was added by Deborah Pozin on 16th March 2013

"I will always remember and always miss Collon."

This tribute was added by Deborah Pozin on 16th March 2013

"I think about Collon regularly, wondering what he would say or do, wanting to discuss something with him as we did for so many years.  A couple of days after Collon died, I awoke from a sound sleep and heard his voice say "I will still guide you but in new and different ways." I continue asking and receiving from Collon;  no one has yet been able to replace his knowledge and generosity."

This tribute was added by Marsha McGuire on 16th March 2013

"I haven't forgotten how wonderful Collon is and how his ideas are alive in me."

This tribute was added by Zaira Blasini on 16th March 2013

"I have been getting reminders that Collon's aniversary was near. Like thinking of him for no particular reason;  his name coming up in  conversation to bring awareness on what a great doctor and person he was and how he is missed; and at work I did a double take as I saw someone that looked just like him. I lit a candle in his memory grateful for the times he shone his light on our path."

This tribute was added by Deborah Pozin on 17th September 2012

"Happy Birthday Collon!  I miss you very much!  At least once a week you come up in a conversation with those of us whom miss and appreciate you.  You continue to guide me.  Often I hear myself say "this is what Collon recommended" or "this is what Collon said" with regards to health questions.  Thank you for your continued guidance which so many of us feel."

This tribute was added by Raadha Jacobstein on 17th September 2012

"Yesterday was my dad's birthday. Every year, my brothers and I had such a hard time remembering it, and would always call each other as a reminder. This year, none of us forgot, though we still called each other to remember together."

This tribute was added by Myron Berney on 16th September 2012

"Aloha Brother Collon
Your Display of Loving Kindness, Compassion, and Caring Concern will follow you like a sweet bouquet of Wisdom and Good Fortune.    May you quickly connect in all your experiences with that Kindness."

This tribute was added by Victor Amor on 9th September 2012

"At the start of 2011 I spoke with Collon (after many years without communication) and got some sage medical advice that I seemed not to be able to get elsewhere. I first met Collon at Valley Isle Fitness Center back in the 80’s and soon became a patient.  He was a great help to me.  It’s hard for me to reconcile the loss of a man who was strong as an ox and so healthy! I will miss Collon."

This tribute was added by Jacque Waters on 2nd June 2012

"I met Collon over 30 years ago when we were both parents of young children.  I always hold a special appreciation for him as a health practitioner. His skill at helping my daughter overcome chronic ear infections made me a lifelong fan.   I didn't know him personally but certainly saw the light in his being and loved him for following his truth."

This tribute was added by Jason Schwartz on 29th May 2012

"I met Colin over the years, but more recently the gym was our common ground. He was always a gentle, caring & giving soul. May those of us who still live & breathe emulate the grace and style and caring we so always enjoyedd from our dear brother. Blessings to the family."

This tribute was added by Ann Valentine on 28th May 2012

"I rented office space from Collon in 1993 in Wailuku on lower Main.  In that time I learned a lot and enjoyed our many conversations.I was absent from Maui many years upon my return I went to see Collon for a treatment and was pleased to hear how his wonderful family had grown and see the joy in his eyes as he spoke of them.  Maui will miss you, Collon."

This tribute was added by Robert Neal on 18th May 2012

"Dear Lord, I just found out today May 18th, that my dear new friend and Acupuncture Dr. has passed...I am in shock!  The VA sent me for 5 sessions with Collon in Sept. 2011 as I was a Vietnam Vet.  Collon told me so much about good foods to eat, his favorite tooth paste, etc. and he was one who walked his talk.  He knew so much about Health, I cannot believe this has happened!"

This tribute was added by Kenneth Redstone on 22nd April 2012

"I knew Collon from the time he first arrived on Maui. We'd hang out together along with Jonathan Light in Wailuku and shared some great times. Back then he had a slightly formal exterior but was all heart on the inside. I am so glad to have been his friend. He was a skilled practitioner and a fine human being."

This tribute was added by rosemary stark on 20th April 2012

"I have known Collon for 24 years but it seems like we have been friends forever. I decorated his office and played receptionist for a whille.He was my doctor and also my friend. We had so many conversations about everything.He was a great listener from the heart. His love,his smile were wonderful."

This tribute was added by Christie Russell on 11th April 2012

"I worked for Collon for 10 years+, but he was my Dr & my friend for 30.  I saw how he cared about his patients, most of whom would call him friend as much as Dr.  His children & grandchildren were the joy of his life.  I will miss Collon’s warmth & kindness, intelligence, generosity, knowledge & skill, & great hugs. Need more space to tell how much Collon means to me & how much I miss him."

This tribute was added by mitch skaggerberg on 9th April 2012

"My deepest Healthfelt Sympathy to Gavin, Raaha,  Malu and grandkids. Collon was my Acupuncturist this last year. He gave me his complete Love and caring to help heal my injury while in NAM. ME and his fellow Veteran patients  will miss his Wide Smile and complete attention to uor health needs. I will miss him dearly and will keep Collon in our Prayers at St. Anthony Church in Wailuku. He w"

This tribute was added by Susi Oak-Welter on 7th April 2012

"Collon was and always will be a super hero. He was a brilliant, talented, compassionate healer who enlightened everyone who was fortunate enough to cross paths with him. I was one of those lucky ones for over 20 years. There are no adequate words to express how much I will miss him... and yet I rejoice for his release.  Love and blessings to his precious family."

This tribute was added by Lu Rizzo on 5th April 2012

"It was nice looking at the beautiful loving photos of Collon. I did not know him but knowing his sons and daughter, seeing in them his gentle and loving self.
I know his family will miss him.
So sorry for your loss. May your memories and knowing he is at peace comfort you all"

This tribute was added by Judy Athans on 3rd April 2012

"We're sorry to hear of Collon's passing.   Know we are thinking of you and wishing you quiet times when your feeling overwhelmed and peaceful feelings in the days ahead and the soothing comfort of those who care.  We care… Our hearts are with you...  Judy & Todd"

This tribute was added by Zaira Blasini on 3rd April 2012

"Who is to know how many lives Collon saved through his gifted practice. I do know he saved my life a number of times and in a miryad of ways; and for that I love him and am forever grateful. He contributed greatly to the welfare of my children and my mother who is approaching 90 and has vibrant health by following his trusted guidance.Deep sympathy to Rhadha, Malu, Gavin and family.. Love."

This tribute was added by Polly Timms on 1st April 2012

"My dear friend Collon I know the angels are with you.  I have known you for 15 years.  I have cancer and when I had pain you would come to my home-no matter what time it was. We always talked about your grandchildren, never how you were feeling. As I drove by your office I would say I must stop and see Collon, I never did I will forever be sorry."

This tribute was added by Aiko Oka Jonas on 31st March 2012

"I met Dr. Brayce when my 10-yr old son was still one. I have lower back problem and he taught me how to hold and carry (if I had to) a 30 pound baby without further hurting my back and helped me through my 2nd pregnancy on Maui. He's been the one who got me going (literally, going) for the past decade. I loved the stories of his parenting days he shared with me. Dr, you are greatly missed!"

This tribute was added by judy wagner on 31st March 2012

"Thank you Collon for your beautiful 3 children and 7 grandchildren, I am blessed to be their Auntie. My first impression of Collon, was his love him and my Sister shared, which was deep and true. & we always thought he should be the Jeopardy champion.  May you rest in PEACE!! Blessings to my dear family with love!oooxxx"

This tribute was added by Stephenie karony on 31st March 2012

"Collon you were my doctor and my friend.  I hadn't seen you in a long time, but no matter because you were in my heart. It's so strange that someone who was just part of the maui landscape will no longer be around. Aloha old friend."

This tribute was added by Deborah Pozin on 30th March 2012

"I met Collon over 30 yrs ago, and feel the loss of a dear friend and gifted ND.  Collon is  a master of Chinese acupuncture, with passionate, genuine, heartfelt care for his patients.  Blessing to his children & little Brayces whom he deeply adored and felt such pride.  My tears are over flowing, yet I know that Collon continues to guide me in new and different ways. Heart to Heart Always!"

This tribute was added by kamila rosado on 30th March 2012

"I met Collon in 1982,Johnthan Light and him had an office in Wailuku next to Down-To-Earth,they both help me a lot with treatment,I was expecting my first child Nadira,Collon,Johnthan,and Kenny Redstone help me,thank you Collon!! I remember when you and Johnthan would have lunch at Down-To -Earth.May the angels wrap you in they beautiful arms and may you rest in eternal peace."

This tribute was added by Bonnie Marsh on 30th March 2012

"I say a sweet aloha to a fellow Naturopath.  I did not know Collon well but my heart goes out to his family and patients.  from what I do know was that his healing way will remain in the hearts of many.  peace be with you as you transition over..."

This tribute was added by zoee crowley on 30th March 2012

"Such a dear friend and brother for the past 30 years will certainly miss him.It's sad and shocking to know he is not in his body any longer.He was a very honest beautiful person full of knowledge willing to share with anyone that asked.He love his family and grandchildren so much. sending loving condolences to the family.I will be there to celebrate his life.."

This tribute was added by Mark Jacobstein on 29th March 2012

"I'm so terribly sorry for Collon's passing, but his wonderful legacy is visible in his amazing children and grandchildren. I didn't know Collon well, but his joyful approach to life was evident from the moment you met him."

This tribute was added by Destin Cummings on 29th March 2012

"Collon was a good man and a great father, I had the pleasure to witness the latter personally growing up with the kids, he will be missed. All my love to the O'hana. Aloha Nui Loa"

This tribute was added by Tulsi Greenlee on 29th March 2012

"I knew Collon since I was 10 years old. I remember him to be a kind wonderful man. Many blessings on his journey!! Sending lots of love to his ohana! xoxoxox"

This tribute was added by bodhi be on 29th March 2012

"it must have been in the early 80's that i met collon. he had a good smile. he always seemed grounded, honest and real, with a good heart, and somewhere in our conversations he'd speak of his kids with a great sense of love and connection.  a fine human, i'd say."

This tribute was added by Summer Richardson on 28th March 2012

"Over the years, whenever I saw Collon, he always spoke about his family…. with a big smile on his face.   He was one of the first people I met when I moved to Maui 25 years ago.  He made me feel welcome in my new home.  May he be warmly welcomed to HIS new home."

This tribute was added by Raadha Jacobstein on 28th March 2012

"When we told my 6 year old son Eli that Grandpa is no longer with us, and he is with the angels, he smiled and said, "so, now he is Master of the Universe, right?"

I like to picture him that way."

This tribute was added by Joyanna Cotter on 28th March 2012

"In the early years when we were young and passioned about the 'depth of life'...when our dreams turned into life passages...that felt real and powerful...causing change, making a difference...with that ...What I hold as one of the greater forces in Collon's life was his deeply rooted path in meditation. Witnessing his way with self inquiry,  leads me to know he is at PEACE!!! Blessings>>>"

This tribute was added by Punk Haole on 27th March 2012

"Collon raised 3 awesome kids on Maui and was a loved Maui healer. He was the most ripped and buff and healthy dude I knew as a kid and I am so sad for my friends Gavin, Alice, Malu and Raadha. His passing is so sad and I hope to be there with you guys when you celebrate his life."

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