Papa's approval

Shared by Stephanie Burridge on September 6, 2015

This picture means more to me than I'll probably be able to express in words. One thing I know is that something had to be going terribly wrong if Papa was disappointed and having his approval, even if you didn't know you needed it, meant more than can be imagined. It was in that rocking chair that Papa told me he'd seen lots of parenting in his day and he liked what he saw in me. He complimented little situations he'd witnessed, he complimented my abilities and best of all, he complemented my kids. Knowing that I'm not perfect and that I didn't do things the same way as everyone else seemed to mean so little and he made me believe my special little family stood a good chance at being just fine. Having the approval of Papa on something as important as parenting is just as important as having my own parents approval. I know I wouldn't be who I am, surprises and all, without the family I have. I appreciate the guidance and morals I was taught and can only hope to keep passing them on to my kids. 

The Denniston Reunion

Shared by Becky Driscoll on April 30, 2015

Denniston Reunions at Papa's house are unforgettable. They are memories I will cherish for the rest of my life. When Nana and Papa moved to Las Vegas, they put a pool in the backyard. Best idea ever. Once a year in August the Denniston clan meets in Las Vegas at Nana & Papa's house for a family reunion.

Highlights of the reunions include: pushing anyone and everyone into the pool, swimsuit or not, BBQing in the backyard, Fremont Street, and pool volleyball.

This picture captures the joy of these reunions perfectly. The grand finale for us grandkids was always having Papa join us in the pool. As you can tell by the expressions on our faces, these truly were the best family get togethers.

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