This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Comfort Ayeni. We will remember her forever.
Posted by Stephanie Dixon on August 31, 2021
Today I thought about you ma, it’s not been long you left us but I think of you a lot ma.
Thank you for raising the amazing kids you did & thank you for raising me too ma.
We hope to make you proud forever
We love you
Our hero
Your name will never die or dry up on our lips.
Your love will never be taken out of our hearts.
Your memory lives on forever ma.
Posted by Nelson Hambolu on August 4, 2021
Remi, aburo mi otito. Gone to us so soon. I am sure you are resting with God right now. Never doubted because of you dedicated works to God and humanity. I remember our last meeting: Dec 14th 2019. We discussed health challenges we both shared. I see your faith and the reassurance. At this point we thank God for His blessings. Rest on Remi until that time we shall meet to part no more.
Posted by Veronica Komolafe on May 6, 2021
Mummy Comfort RIP! It is hard to say goodnight. Your love and sacrifice to all was awesome!.Sunre o! See you on the resurrection morning.
Posted by Adefunke Oyinloye on April 30, 2021
Dear Comfort,
We met some 44 years ago at St. Clare's Anglican Girls' Grammar School Offa, and we were able to sustain the relationship over the years.

I was there at your wedding, was amongst the first to see Olamide when you had her, and named her ADESEWA (she was such a bundle of beauty).

Your movement to Abuja created some gaps in communication, and thereafter we linked up again.

We had spoken about 2 months ago and there was no inclination that you were going to die so soon. Our discussion centered around your daily posts and passion to spread the Gospel. Death was definitely not on our minds.

Your gentle, though assertive nature; your love for God, your extended hand of love to the needy; and importantly your love for your immediate family are all legacies that will speak after you.

Rest on dearly beloved FrienSis. You will forever be remembered for good.

Posted by Awojulu Abigail on April 29, 2021
I still find it difficult to believe that you are no more. I wished tears can bring you back. I wished I came to see you in April as I promised you when you called me on 20th February 2021. You will for ever remain in my heart. You made me the strong woman I am today. Oh big mumy. Words cannot express the role played in the lives of those you crossed path witj Continue to rest in peace till we meet to part no more. Adieu! Adieu!! Adieu!!!
Posted by Eze Choice on April 29, 2021
Big mummy comfort
it hurt me so much that you left.
indeed we can't question God.
You practically made me what i am today.
Your love and advices your motherly counsel and prayers.
Your types are rare to come by.
mummy fountain and hope and restoration center misses you so much.
if only tears could bring you back.
one thing am sure about is you made heaven.
Ada (cultass ) as you fondly call you misses you so much my mentor.

Keep resting still we meet to part no more
Posted by Kehinde Adekunle on April 29, 2021
Dear aunty,
The news of your passing on to glory met me with much shock and tears. It was unbelievable. I kept asking myself, just like that??? I wish I saw you the day I came to the house 2days before you passed on ,at least I would have heard you call my name again, Kenny omo Baba.
I remember you for giving me a shoulder to lean on and express my fears when we just moved to Abuja.
Always giving a listening ear and encouragement to move on in life despite challenges one should face.
I may see you no more for now but we shall definitely meet someday at Jesus' feet.
God will give me grace to be a big sister to my aburos you left behind.
I miss you, aunty my! Rest in peace.
Posted by Noah Oladipo on April 29, 2021
Aunty, as we always called you. I never knew the conversation I had with you on March 25th will be the last.
You lived a selfless and sacrificial life, those that knew you can testify to it.
When it comes to caring you are there.
Hospitality you never get tried. Your door is always open to others
Your passion for God and His kingdom is evidence, which translate to love for the brethren.
I have met many people in life but something are exceptional about you.
When I read about Dorcas in the book of Acts of the Apostles your thought cut across my mind
My consolation is that you triumphed, death is swallowed in victory.
Rest Beloved in the blossom of our Lord and Saviour till resurrection morning.
-Noah & Remi
Posted by Nkechi Nwazota on April 29, 2021

I received the news of the demise of this lover of God with great shock. We met during my days in Federal Housing Authority ( FHA)
Comfort Ayeni was different. Always cheerful, results-oriented, a go-getter, Respectful ( to both old and young, rich and not so rich ) very detailed and ever ready to go the extra mile. You were special. Our Co-operative Housing guru. If we wanted any tasks to be handled conclusively and without stories , it was you.
Your loss is a huge loss to the agency and to the body of Christ. Our loss is indeed Heaven's gain. God always takes the best.
May those of us you left behind receive the grace to continue this heavenly race and end it at the feet of our master and saviour Jesus Christ.
To your beautiful family, I pray grace. May the Lord give you the fortitude to bear this irreplaceable loss.
Adieu Woman of God!!!
Posted by Victor Ochu on April 26, 2021
For my Wife and I, we have not come to terms with "Aunty" 's death.I cannot forget how she reached out to us,3 years into our marriage:she had insisted we come to her house for a discussion.The few hours spent with her that day was mind blowing.

She talked about "little grudges" and how it could ruin marriages.She asked that we forgive ourselves if we want out prayers to be answered as couples.She held our hands and prayed with us.I remember calling her a few months later to give her the news of my wife conceiving(after 3 years of waiting).Her excitement and love was genuine.Aunty loved,aunty prayed...God moved through her.Rest in power Aunty!!!

Posted by Adewumi Adeyemi on April 26, 2021
You will forever be missed. You're such a great sister and a friend that anyone will wish to have. We take solace in the Lord knowing very well that you loved him with your whole heart. Good night Remi till we meet in the morning.
Posted by Adewumi Adeyemi on April 26, 2021
Remi, as i used to call you and you will respond with aunty bawo ni uncle nko, i find it difficult to write this, you are such a beautiful soul a woman with a heart of gold, there's nothing too big or small that you can't share with anyone in need, i remembered our long talks whenever we have the opportunity to
Posted by Afolabi Oludoyi on April 26, 2021
Tribute To My Dear Sister, “OluRem”
Olu Rem,
I cannot believe that you're gone. Whenever I saw you and called you “Olu Rem”, your immediate response was always “Uncle, Se Ewa?” You were my sister from a different mother in it’s realest definition. Everyone called you Remi but I chose to call you “Olu Rem”.
You were such a wonderful woman. I know that my “chance meeting” with you in Uncle Tunde Ipinmisho’s office was nothing but a divine arrangement. As a prayer warrior you dedicated your time and resources to God’s work, intercession, mission and humanitarian activities.
Thank you for teaching me to smile even in the most difficult situations. Thank you for your love for my family and me. I appreciate your prayers and support when I was far away in the war zone. Thank you also for being comfortable enough and happy to share your joys and achievements with my family and me. Thank you for the confidence you had in me regarding your precious children.
I am so grateful to God that I met such a wonderful person who has been a blessing to humanity. You were a blessing to my family and every one that came in contact with you.
I cannot forget when you came for a rescue mission to my house by 3:00am with Mrs. Joseph to help with an emergency situation, what a selfless service that can never forgotten. Little wonder why you were always a rallying point for everyone around you.
I am glad for one sure thing that you are with our Lord Jesus Christ; free from the troubles, worries and battles that this world brings. As some intelligent children once said "To live in the hearts of those you love is to never die".
Remi, I still have not been able to come to the reality that you are no more with us. Please be rest assured that Lamide, Tunbo and Bobo are in the very safe hands of God and you have nothing to worry about. 
We love you, but God loves you the most.
Rest in perfect peace Olu Rem.
- Afolabi Oludoyi –
Posted by Vera Okubajo on April 24, 2021
Oluremilekun Comfort Ayeni(nee Owolabi)
The news of your demise came as a great shock but you know what? I took solace from the fact that you wouldn't have gone if the Almighty wanted you here ,guess you had finished your race...
Thank God for the life you lived and I sure do know that God will forever be a shield to the lovely kids you left behind in Jesus name.
Sleep on REMAI and good night.
Posted by Uyoyou Ovi on April 24, 2021
I had to wait days to write this, I hate the fact that this is goodbye.
This hit us real Hard.
I Loved you and You Loved me too. I was your Baby at the office, everyone knew that. You nicknamed me "Agbani" because of the High heels I wore to work daily. When you found out about my music career, you would play my song in the office and tell me to perform. You were such a light. I remember the time you were transferred to Head office and I had to visit you because I missed you so much. The other staff members couldn't understand why I sat on your laps and they kept telling me to stand up. "She is my Baby" You said and would always say. I got so used to your prayer messages every morning, now that it has stopped, I go back and read them. We spoke recently and that gladdens my heart.

I talk about you anytime I have to gist about my days serving at FHA. You made such a huge impact in my life and it's so Beautiful to remember and very easy to express. I was always in Awe of how you were such a strong woman of God, very spiritual and yet accepted everyone without judgement. You were so cool ehhh! Flawlessly Beautiful without makeup. Beautiful inside out, very strong and with such Principles and strong values. I have an endless list of the Woman you are and the extremely meaningful life you lived. This hurts, I still feel your presence here in my heart and you will always be a part of me. I LOVE YOU FOREVER MADAM COMFORT AYENI. You loved God with all your heart and you made such a huge impact. EVERYONE'S MUMMY❤❤❤
Sing with the Angels now. Praying for your Children and family at this difficult time. RIP MA❤
Posted by Taofik Ibikunle on April 24, 2021
Heavens gain️, our own loss
I received the very sad news of your departure through Gabriel's WhatsApp status and my heart became shattered. I broke into deep tears at that instance, I couldn't understand how God works by taking a beautiful soul at this time. You were a caring mother, a wonderful sister and a woman of virtue. My first encounter with you was in 2012 when I came to abuja for my COREN exam, you welcomed me whole heartedly and gisted with me like we have known over years, prayed for my success and advised me on many things, with emphasis that the will of God will be done. I observed how you guided your children and trained them to be upright. I thank God for crossing your path and pray your beautiful soul rest in peace.
Adieu Dear Aunt
Posted by Angela Izegbune on April 24, 2021
News of your death was a rude shock and was so devastating that I cried uncontrollable. To think that I spoke with you 5 days before your demise and as usual you were in high spirit with your usual scriptural reassuring words that all will end in praise.
I think you were right after all with all the angels praising God and heralding the arrival and entrance of a true christian and an ambassador of Christ. TRULY HEAVENS GAIN.
You were an embodiment of love, hospitality and warmth. Your house was my families Abuja house where anyone of us can barge into and spend up to a week without prior notice to you and will not only be at peace but will be fed physically and spiritually cheerfully. Your content was very very rich. The Dorcas of our time!!!
A mother hen to us and to your children, a prayer warrior, a philanthropist, a soldier of Christ with immense love for God, passion for souls and Kingdom advancement who was forever recruiting new members to Christ army through prayers, evangelism and fellowship.
You equally practiced your profession spotlessly & excellently. Our Surveyor extraordinary.
I have no choice but to bow to the will of God.
Sister Comfort, nevermind, God will surely guide and take care of your children because you took care of other peoples children. They will surely fulfill destiny.
I will miss your shoulders where I often lean on. I will equally miss your warmth and soothing words.
My beloved friend and sister, rest in perfect peace in the bossom of our Lord whom you served so diligently and faithfully.

Adieu Sis Comfort till we meet again to part no more.

Pharm (Mrs) Angela Izegbune
Posted by Mercy Edu on April 23, 2021

It is so difficult to pen down a tribute for Remi. Remi was a senior sister and a very good family friend.

I was her Chief Bridesmaid and her daughter Lamide, was my little bride. Remi was all about love and kindness. She was a powerful force to reckon with. 'Growing up then, I felt that her worth was worth more than 10 men put together. She was a very strong woman physically and mentally.

Remi's dictionary did not have a NO then, with her everything was possible. So waking up one morning and hearing/reading that Remi was no more, was SHOCKING and PAINFUL!

Remi Ayeni, the love and kindness you exhibited with so many will not go unnoticed by God. The children you left behind will not deviate from the things of God and they will also find FAVOUR with GOD and HUMANS.

My sister and friend, the heavens are glad to welcome you.
May your beautiful soul continue to rest in perfect peace.


Posted by Ori Ogorry on April 22, 2021
My boss at FHA , your smile and gentle nature will be missed. As an IT student in your department , you encouraged us and made us feel at home. Your humility and gentle nature will also be remembered. Rest on till the resurrection morning..... adieu ma!
Posted by Afolabi Samuel Oluwole on April 22, 2021
Your light will continue to shine as you strived so hard to make life meaningful to people around you. Your seeds shall continue to flourish ma and may you find eternal rest in the Lord Christ Jesus
Posted by Aniedi Akpabio on April 22, 2021
I had the privilege to work with Late Mrs Comfort Ayeni, and I can vouch for her humility, honesty and dedication to duty. Her death is shocking and very devastating.
I knew Comfort to be very committed to the ideals of the Kingdom of God. She strived to win people over to that Kingdom. I pray she will be adequately compensated.
May her family be strengthened and consoled.

Adieu Comfort !!
Posted by Victoria Saliu on April 22, 2021
Mummy,so sad u had to leave so early but we cannot question God,ur death was so shocking but we take solace in God who gives and takes.You were such a jovial person never a dull moment with you, your house was a place where everyone was welcomed.You were instrumental in my husband career and so much more.I pray the almighty God will continue to bless and keep the kids u left behind as u have touch different lives in different beautiful ways in Jesus name amen.Continue to rest in peace ma till we meet to part no more.
Posted by Ramat Somuyiwa on April 22, 2021
I received the news of Comfort's demise with a ride shock! The Lord giveth and The Lord taketh,it has pleased The Lord to call you back to Himself, knowing that is what is best for you at this period.
Comfort was such a cheerful, jovial and fun loving lady who cared a lot for her siblings to a fault!
May The Lord give the family the fortitude to bear the great loss, up-hold her children and guide them aright.
This is a reminder to us all, that one day we shall all go back to our Creator when we list expect! Let's be prepared by up-holding the teachings of The Lord, doing His bidding and forsaking His don'ts.
Let's be good and forgive one-another,do unto others as you want to be done by.

Posted by Elisha Baba Eko on April 22, 2021
Mummy Ayeni as I used to call you You lived an examplary life as one who had been thought by The Holy Spirit the Book of Psalms 90:12 That says So Teach us to number our days that we may gain a heart of wisdom Truly you gained a heart of wisdom that made you to do all you did within such a limited time You ran the raise You fought the fight and You have laid the sword at The Feet Of Christ Rest in Perfect Peace
Posted by Risikat Bello on April 22, 2021
Comfort Yeeh my person. It's so sad I’m saying Goodbye to you this early, this wasn’t part of the plan at all. You have lead a very good life and you have been so wonderful, caring, loving and an unshakable prayer warrior ever since we met in Kwara State Polytechnic in 1983 till d day of your departure. Comfort, I believe you are comfortable in the hands of Almighty God and you will surely guide and see your children through their successes from above because this has always been your ultimate goal. You are such a caring mother, a lovely sister and u have been a wonderful friend to me since we met.
We love you but God Almighty loves you most. Sun re ooo. *TPL (MRS) BELLO RISIKAT BUKOLA, LAGOS*
Posted by Awojulu Abigail on April 21, 2021
Big mumy, it's hard to believe that you are no more. You gave me hope when my world crumble. You stood by me and my young family and you made me see reason to live again. You were one in a million. You called me in February to encouraged me as usual, you sends daily prayers to me. You told me to be a strong woman and ready to face what ever life throws at me that God will always see me through. I greatly missed you. I'm pained, I'm devastated but I'm consoled because I know you have gone to rest with the Lord.
Posted by Flourish Atoju on April 21, 2021
It's a so disheartening hearing about the demise of this great God's choice vessel, I got to know her when my cousin introduced her to me, unknown to me she has Been following me on Facebook. Once we met I need not introduced myself. Easy going, caring and great servant of God she was.
We will miss her and most especially those to whom she was sent to, but in it all we give God all the glory for a great life filled with influence that she lived. I sympathies with her family, children that she left behind. May the lord rest her soul in Jesus name.
Posted by helen Ilogu on April 21, 2021
What a shocker I got this afternoon when I opened a WhatsApp message from your phone. I saw the message come in and I immediately opened it thinking it was a message from you. Ah Comfort! I called your phone and alas, Olamide gave me this rude shock.
Commy, from when we met when you got employed into FHA, we remained friends. From your wedding, to you having your wonderful children. You were such a focused person. You were a great daughter to your mum and step father, a sister and burden bearer to your brothers. Your children were your life. Commy, you fought so many battles. I had believed that you would live to see your children all established and have some rest. God knows best.
Jesus was all and all to you. I don't know how far you went in the Ministry God had called you into. We hadn't spoken in a while. Ah! Commy, rest in the bossom of our Lord whom you loved so much.
I pray for Olamide, Tubosun, Bobo and I forget the other boys name, the Lord will uphold you all. He would be your shield and buckler. He will establish each of you and give you rest, Amen.
God bless you all.
Posted by Life Alegbemi on April 21, 2021
Mrs Comfort Ayeni, though your exit came with a shock but our consolation is the fact that you did your best to promote the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ before your departure and
we believe that God will sustain your efforts and crown you with the crown of glory.  May the good Lord console your household and give them strength to run the race to the end.  

Dr. and Pst. Mrs Life Alegbemi.
Posted by Ambrosia Ekhosuehi on April 21, 2021
I met you 10 years ago, when you approached me, I felt the presence of God in you, you gave me a book you wrote and we became friends. I feel so sad that I couldn't make an opportunity to see you before you left us so sudden. I felt at home anytime I visited your family, you are a rare gem. May God take care of those you left behind and grant you eternal rest forever. Amen
Posted by Funmi Olasoju on April 21, 2021
Comfort, the news of your passing shocked me to my bone. My only consolation is that you are in heaven with your maker. May the Lord console your children and grant them the fortitude to bear your passing. May the Lord keep, guide and protect them. Your legacy will leave on in them and they will fulfil their destiny unhindered in Jesus Name. Amen. Rest on sweet sister, till we meet to part no more. Adieu.
Posted by Folabimpe Olakojo on April 21, 2021
Remi dear,your demise came to me as a serious shock. You had promised to stay with me next time you were in ibadan. I can't still fathom that you have gone. I will miss your daily devotional prayers and messages you consistently sent for the past 2years. They kept us close. You loved God and I have no doubt that he has gladly welcomed you into his loving arms. I will surely miss your beautiful face,gentle and caring disposition. Your cousins Yomi,Bimpe, Iyabo,Asiko etc will miss you dearly. The lord will uphold your loved ones and your entire family. Rest in perfect peace darling cousin.  
Posted by Olufunke Anuwe on April 21, 2021

Dearest Comfort Oluremi Ayeni (née Owolabi),

The news of your sudden death hit me like a bombshell, having received your usual devotional message just a day or two prior. The news left me in shock....too intense to recover from. Comfort you were an enigma, a phenomenal personality, too impactful to ignore. You lived a life of service to God and to mankind. Your sudden departure has left behind huge shoes...too large to be worn by any other.
Many questions plague me now....who will take care of your babies Olamide, Tubosun and Bobo; and the numerous adopted children you left behind? What about the widows? What about family and friends who always drew inspiration from your wealth of divine wisdom? Unfortunately these questions may never be answered.
I draw consolation from your names....Comfort ... Remilekun. And from the fact that undoubtedly you are resting in the bosom of the Lord who alone can bring succour. May God grant us the fortitude to bear this irreparable loss.
No doubt you have run your race and you are victorious.
Rest In Peace Comfort Oluremi Ayeni (née Owolabi). Till we meet again at Jesus’ feet.

Your cousin,
Funke Anuwe
Posted by Anu-oluwa Adedeji on April 21, 2021
Tribute to Mummy Yinka

Mummy Yinka.......
I received the news of your demise on my birthday and I was devastated.

I was Olayinka's teacher when I met you and you touched my life in an amazing way.
Your sisterly love, kindness, hospitality and generosity cannot be overemphasized.
You get really uncomfortable seeing anyone in any difficulty. You do not only support physically or financially. You became my prayer partner.
We might not have done much talking in recent times, but you were always in touch.
You refused to call me by my name. You always call me 'Mummy Yinka' like I fondly call you.
Oh death! Where is thy sting?
I pray that all that you left behind shall be secured by God and all your children will fulfill purpose and destiny.
I have no doubt that you are in a better place, where there's no pain or death.
May His peace be with you, till we meet again.
May the good Lord comfort and console everyone and may your beautiful soul find eternal rest.
Posted by Elelu Femi on April 21, 2021
Sister Remilekun rest on am yet to recover from the shock,the last time we spoke telling you of my transfer and Promotion exactly some weeks ago you sounded so strong I didn't know you were in pains
Posted by N J on April 21, 2021
I never got to meet you!! Wish I did!!
My daughter Hephzibah is a good friend of your pretty daughter Tumbosun. She told me a lot about you. Very commendable!!
Whenever she meets you, you’ve the kindest words for her! You advise her so well, pray for her.... she said to me recently, “If I were to have two mums, I’ll choose Tumbosun’s Mum”!! That’s how highly She regarded you! (She’s so traumatized since we heard of this!)!
And that made me want to meet you so much but fate never allowed our paths to cross!
Rest on Sunshine, we know that you fought and prevailed! That the good Lord has already welcomed you home.
Rest assured, your legacy,your children, your friends, will make you proud and keep your light shining on!!
Rest on beloved, till we meet to part no more!
Nonye Okorie.
Posted by Kate Abiola on April 21, 2021
Remi my Lovely Sister and friend.

Hearing of your demise, came as a great shock to me. When I spoke to you two weeks ago, you sounded very strong, vibrant and as loving as ever, despite the fact that you were in pains.

Sis, you were such a wonderful woman of God, that stood for the truth at all times, you were transparent and spoke what's on your mind without Fear or Favour.

Since we met about 32 years ago through Vera, you have done nothing but shower me with love, your house and kitchen was always open to me. Thank you for special pounded yam and big big meat you treat me to, anytime I visit Abuja. Thank you for being a wonderful Role Model, for all the great impact in the kingdom of God, Selfless lifestyle and Service to humanity. Thank you for believing in me and for encouraging me to pursue my dreams.

I can imagine how big your Mansion is in Heaven and all the medals you will receive. Adieu beautiful sister. Continually rest in the bosom of our Lord and Saviour till the resurrection morning, when we will all meet to part no more.

We Love you dearly, but God Loves you More.

Kate Abiola.
Posted by Temitope Adebayo on April 21, 2021
Beautiful Aunty Comfort
I knew you as my Daddy's student at Kwara Polytechnic, I was in primary school but I will always go around with you pending when he will be done with lectures. The whole family got to know and loved you to the extent that Daddy, Mummy and I attended your wedding. I loved you so much because your were so beautiful and had the loveliest of smiles. Unfortunately, I never got around to seeing you again in a very long while because I took for granted that this life is fleeting, you left before I could hug you again and introduce my kids to you. I have read a lot about you since Daddy called to give me that heart wrenching news, I am not surprised, you didn't change, you just got better. May heaven be your abode, Rest in Peace my Beautiful Aunty Comfort.
Posted by Temitope Adebayo on April 21, 2021
Comfort Olunike Oluremi Ayeni (nee Owolabi), you have gone to rest for ever. You had lost so much weight when I saw you last in Abuja last October. You said that you were already a lot better than before. Rest in peace. You were a rare type of student. You have finished your own race. Rest in peace. I shall always miss you. Yes. I shall. Sleep in peace till we meet again at the feet of the Lord. Rest; woman of character, rest.
From Tpl(Sir, Chief) R Femi Olaifa
Posted by Mopelola Lawani on April 21, 2021
Is still a shock to me that you have gone to be with the Lord so soon. May the Almighty God comfort the family you left behind in Jesus name.
Posted by Chima-ijeoma Okeke on April 21, 2021
I only got to meet you once in boarding school and I'll have to regard that as a privilege. I thank God for giving you Tubosun, praise as I'd like to call her. My days in Anglican girls grammar school were colourful and memorable because of the beautiful soul that she has, those memories are forever with me. This shows how much effort and love you have instilled in your children. I pray that the God whom you served while on earth will honour your passing through your children. Sing with joy with the angels of heaven and rest well in the Lord's Bossom. You will be missed dearly ❤️

Ijeoma Okeke
Posted by Dipo Owojori on April 21, 2021
Your life was a blessing to many especially me who you took as a blood brother several years ago.

You were full of love, kind, and sacrificial. Your life was impactful and you cannot be soon forgotten.

The news of your pass to glory is so shocking but who can query the Almighty?

May your rest be peaceful till resurrection morning.

Indeed, the fall of a dead leaf is a warning to the green ones.

Rip dear sister.
Posted by ISIOMA IZEGBUNE on April 21, 2021
You were indeed a faithful friend and a sister in all meaning of it. Right from when we were young as youths in NRBC to when we became close neighbours in Festac and you left for Abuja you never ceased being a beloved sister. I remember my visits to Abuja and how you always spoilt me with your unconditional love and care. I truly lack words to speak about you and it really pains me and still remains in shock that you have gone for ever. May the Lord grant you eternal rest and comfort your young family you left behind. I will never forget you and your manner of kindness which is unusual. May your gentle soul continue to rest in perfect peace till we meet again Adieu my most beloved sister because I will be wrong to call you just a friend. Your labour of love will ever be appreciated and remembered and your seeds will never beg for bread. They will never lack any good thing because the Lord will keep them provide for them and sustain them through out their lifetime. Amen. I and my family will truly miss you. Adieu our beloved Comfort..
Posted by Anuwe Charles on April 21, 2021
You have lived to be remembered by all the souls you met during your beautiful life time. This is to acknowledge how beautiful you are both body and soul.
I can boldly say that you came and you conquered. You would be missed greatly by all.
I pray that the good Lord rest you peacefully in his bosom and grant your family the fortitude to bear this irreparable loss. Adieu good mother, adieu great sister, adieu lovely friend.
Posted by Nneka Nwachukwu on April 21, 2021
My Sister and friend. The first time we met was striking to me as you had a beautiful smile that radiates life , hope and love. Little did I know that we will not meet again in this world. This world is full of mystery, the beautiful soul does not last long. Omfort dear, Please rest on in the bosom of the father, where there is no pain but peace, light and rejoicing. May Almighty God grant your family the fortitude to bear the loss. Amen. Adieu, my friend.
Posted by Babafemi Adefisoye on April 21, 2021
Tribute Mrs Comfort Ayeni

Life is big, the biggest mystery of the universe. Life has made all thing possible in the first place. God, through Life, releases human beings into existence & offers us the opportunity to see unique human beings born. Like we have seen Comfort Oluremi Ayeni ( Pst Mrs). An immortal life in our hearts.

Comfort, you live, forever in out hearts. People after our order do not die, you conquered death [1Ti 1:10] so long ago before you dropped your earthly body to wear the glorified heavenly body. Such victory.

You conquered and conquered and conquered. Even now your immortal spirit & works are still conquering daily in the good example you left behind.

Speaking about you without speaking about the One you so much love, honor & serve is injury to Tribute. You loved Jesus, Jesus Christ our Lord. You served Him, and now serving Him in glorified capacity.

You loved your family, served them. You loved the Church of God, and served His people unreservedly. You loved your nation and loved the earth God created. You loved & served all. THANK YOU.

Greater Works Ministry love you, Fountain of Hope love you, the family of Iyabo . . . Omokri love you, we all love you. We all see you soon in glorified capacity. No farewell Sister Comfort, for we live together even now in our God, in whom we live, move & have our being.

Posted by jadesola kareem on April 21, 2021
I remember back in 100 level when you and your eldest daughter stopped by our school, we had escorted tubo to see you and I remember how much of a positive soul you were and how beautiful you were. Thank you ma, for being an amazing mother to my friend and her siblings. The news of your passing was a shock to me and I pray that God in his infinite mercy grants eternal rest to your soul and Perpetual light shines upon it. RIP ma.
Posted by Bernard Salako on April 21, 2021
Remi, your death came to me as a shock because I received your usual morning prayer and devotional guide a day before you passed on. I didn't quite understand when I saw your photograph on my sisters dp on WhatsApp. I had to call and ask if you're celebrating your birthday?
Bimbo broke the news that devastated me. Then I was left to look back on how You, Utinii and Bimbo used to visit my senior sister in Ilorin then you were all students of kwara polytechnic, Ilorin. You are always calm, highly cerebral and ever smiling at every situations.
You shall be missed greatly by the salako family both home and abroad.
I prayer that God would grant you sweet repose and console your husband and the lovely children you left behind. Adieu Remi and rest peacefully in the bosom of our Lord Jesus Christ.
Posted by Tasalla Jiya on April 21, 2021
Aunty Remi my beautiful aunty, you always wore a smile and were always there for everyone.
I never thought I would get news of your death even in the next 50years. God knows and He sees all things and He will comfort the entire family like only He knows how.
Good night strong woman, till we meet on the resurrection morning where there shall be no more pain.
Heaven has gained an angel while earth has lost a rare gem.
Posted by Ayodele Adigun on April 21, 2021
I am deeply touched each time I remembeed our discussion barely few days before your call to glory,you have finished your race,you fought a good fight,your Jesus wives will not quickly forget how you reassured us,your faith in Christ gave us hope.R est on sister Remi,till we meet to part no more.
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Posted by Stephanie Dixon on August 31, 2021
Today I thought about you ma, it’s not been long you left us but I think of you a lot ma.
Thank you for raising the amazing kids you did & thank you for raising me too ma.
We hope to make you proud forever
We love you
Our hero
Your name will never die or dry up on our lips.
Your love will never be taken out of our hearts.
Your memory lives on forever ma.
Posted by Nelson Hambolu on August 4, 2021
Remi, aburo mi otito. Gone to us so soon. I am sure you are resting with God right now. Never doubted because of you dedicated works to God and humanity. I remember our last meeting: Dec 14th 2019. We discussed health challenges we both shared. I see your faith and the reassurance. At this point we thank God for His blessings. Rest on Remi until that time we shall meet to part no more.
Posted by Veronica Komolafe on May 6, 2021
Mummy Comfort RIP! It is hard to say goodnight. Your love and sacrifice to all was awesome!.Sunre o! See you on the resurrection morning.
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Shared by ENE AMEH on April 17, 2021
24 Crescent was my first stop when I arrived Abuja, on my way to or from the airport. And each time, it felt like home because that was what it was. It was same for my sisters, brothers and even our folks.
Then I got a place, my sisters and I, after staying at yours for months. This place, was just off 24 Crescent. Where else would we call home if not just a block from home, your home.
The visits started, you would take strolls to ours just to say hello and chat. We will see you off right to the other home on 24Cresecent, yours-cos that was home too.
Gisting with you was a delight. We would talk about everything in English and sprinkles of Yoruba. We were loved and we knew it. These memories are ours to treasure forever.....