Let the memory of Conrad be with us forever
  • 20 years old
  • Born on June 19, 1996 .
  • Passed away on August 27, 2016 .
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Conrad Iklaki 20 years old , born on June 19, 1996 and passed away on August 27, 2016. We will remember him forever.
Posted by Obla Orim on 10th August 2018
Ashi boo, 2 years ago, you were home. You complained about the Nepa problem same day that year, we talked about how badly we needed to see soon.... anyway I’m not here to whine... I just need you to know that everything still feels like a dream, I think I still believe you’re lost somewhere and you’re yet to find your way home. I miss you udim but I’m okay. I’m in a good place. I’m not as optimistic as I used to be but I’m learning not to chase people away...love you always baby brother....Your Benyin ❤️❤️❤️
Posted by Obla Orim on 19th June 2018
Ashi boo, happy second birthday in heaven darling! Happy 22nd! Days like this prove that you’re truly irreplaceable and no matter how sad I get, I still want June 19th to remain ‘Ashi’s day.’ I love you baby brother, may heaven celebrate you in unimaginable ways today. Happy 22nd baby boy! Love always, Your Benyin ❤️❤️❤️
Posted by Obla Orim on 31st May 2018
Ashi boo, we both know how bad I keep fighting the urge to post anything. I miss you udim and this week has been pretty tough. I got through my second birthday without you and it wasn't half as bad as last year but I still kept waiting for that FaceTime call that never came. Now it's time for the usual countdown to your day brother, I can't stop myself from doing it even though I'm not sure what I'm counting down to anymore... Stay fly udim...your Benyin loves you always ❤️❤️❤️
Posted by Endurance Ojogu on 15th April 2018
Hey darling, been a while we spoke i can't even give the excuse of been busy, i haven't just been okay communicating with you generally. still trying to sort myself out but then i really miss you. today is being really weird, i have tried to stop myself from posting here for so long but i just could't hold it in. i still break down at the most random moments when i least expect. i still pretend to be strong from time to time and i also do feel strong on certain occasions. a lot has happened in my life this past months i really wish i could pour out everything to you but then i have to keep it all in. time keeps going many things and the smallest things happen and bring flashes of memories of you i have tried so hard to forget but i keep failing no matter how hard i try keep you signs coming babe i miss you so much babe. i love you so much Conrad Endurance this form messages was never our thing sorry am not use to writing this letters to you yet.....
Posted by Obla Orim on 29th March 2018
Ashi boo, there’s so much I want to tell you. March turned out to be a pretty good month. I’m super grateful for some people in my life and I think I’m even more grateful for those that have had my back even behind my back (lol..we both would’ve laughed at that) I’ve been making some super scary decisions recently but if there’s one thing I’ve learned from all of this, it’s that when you used to say “YOLO my Benyin” you were absolutely right. So I’m going to live my best life and not keep waiting for the future. I love and miss you udim....Your Benyin ❤️❤️❤️
Posted by Obla Orim on 26th February 2018
Ashi boo, this weekend was one of the tough ones. Last week was such a hard week. I missed you so much udim. You were everywhere I looked. I spoke to someone named Conrad and i don’t think I heard anything he said. I just kept imagining our endless chats and how time is still moving without you. I miss you so much udim...I have so much to tell you...I know you probably know already but we both know that you love getting gossip from your Benyin. I’ll keep holding up and chasing true happiness...love you forever...Your Benyin ❤️❤️❤️
Posted by Obla Orim on 27th January 2018
Ashi boo, today the 27th is coincidentally a Saturday and it makes it 17 months without you. Udim so much has happened...I feel like I’m so different...even my approach to life has changed. I guess I had to grow up at some point, I had to learn that life is not always as rosy. Sometimes the ones we love the most leave us and it hurts everyday but we don’t give up. I had to learn that I’m stronger than I ever imagined and that living in the moment is really important. I had to run away from all but still find solace in the only place true solace is...God’s arms. Udim I miss you everyday...I know you see me and I hope you’re happy with the change so far...would I say I’m completely happy? Probably not...happy is a huge word...but I’m getting there! I love you always....Your Benyin ❤️❤️❤️
Posted by Obla Orim on 31st December 2017
Ashi boo, sitting here at a crossover concert, listening to Don Moen, Kirk Franklin and more perform and I’m beyond grateful because 2017 was quite an eye-opener. I’m glad because I have no doubt in my heart that you’re in a better place. You are so alive in my heart and that’s all that matters now. Just like last year udim, I’m loving and missing you into 2018. Let’s kill this year baby brother. I love you always ❤️❤️❤️
Posted by Endurance Ojogu on 13th December 2017
Hey babes, its coming to the end of another year, my promise to myself is kinda working i do not cry as i usually did no more but i still miss you thats one thing i know will never stop I miss you so much Mr its really crazy that this was one our every day line to each other but is the only line i can use now i really do miss you darling the tears pass but this feeling never does.
Posted by Obla Orim on 2nd December 2017
Ashi boo, it’s december again. Christmas is almost here and unlike last year, it does feel a bit like it. I think a part of me is slowly getting used to not getting any notifications from you...I miss you udim. You have an amazing crew down here and i hope you can see how much we love and miss you. Love you always...Your Benyin ❤️❤️❤️
Posted by Obla Orim on 18th November 2017
Ashi boo, it’s been a while we talked on here but we both know I’ve talked to you every blessed day. Life has been an adventure lately and every passing day, I just wish you were truly one call away. I wish you could help me make certain decisions right now udim, I just keep trying to imagine what you’d have said but I never seem to get it right. I miss you baby brother.... Unimke Agiang’s birthday just passed and I missed you so much that day, I broke down a couple of times and I’m sorry udim. I’m keeping my promise and trying to live my best life. This one’s truly for me and you...here’s to making those dreams come true. Love you always, Your Benyin ❤️❤️❤️
Posted by Endurance Ojogu on 29th October 2017
Every time I get asked “Do you still love him?” My reply is “yes I do and I think I always will” But I never say my reason for that reply I just think to myself in silence “We never quite made it to lovers, we got really close but we never got there and because the flame of our love was never lit there’s nothing to blow out...we were just two matches that never got to set the fire so without the flame there’s no smoke to clear...so how will I possibly stop loving you when I never got the chance to love you” thanks for the best 18months of my life. I really miss you ❤️
Posted by Obla Orim on 9th October 2017
Ashi boo, it's been a while. I'm back in Canada and nothing feels right. I miss home so much and I think I know why....I'm so far away from home that I'm scared that I'm missing out on everyone's lives. I miss our friends because together, we share more memories of you....I miss you udim....but I don't cry as much anymore. The foundation is real now and I still can't believe it. We did this udim...thanks for believing in me..I love and miss you even more everyday....Your Benyin ❤️❤️❤️
Posted by Obla Orim on 21st September 2017
Ashi boo, I know I've been gone for a while. I tried to let myself enjoy life again, I tried not to think of the negative things but to rejoice and be grateful for the many blessings. I miss you udim and there's a piece of you everywhere I look. There's so much that reminds me of you but I smile more than I cry when I see those things. I know you're happy udim, I know you're even more amazing coz you were already aging like fine wine in all aspects of life...you are even more of a super hero to me now. Keep doing amazing things udim...we will meet to part no more. I'll be back here soon....love you always... Your Benyin ❤️❤️❤️
Posted by Ray Animpuye on 28th August 2017
Its been a whole year knowing I won't get to see you again till the after life. I'm certain you're resting peacefully with our big man up in the skies & smiling right down at us. Its difficult to forget your smiling face & those funny ears. I do miss you bro, & you'll forever be remembered. Rest well Ashi.
Posted by Matthew Atambi on 28th August 2017
Really it's a whole year since u left and it just feels like yesterday... I rememhber the last time we met I had just come back from my football academy.U said "Bro go make that money come make we chop"...I'm working very hard to make dat money bro... I miss you man,we all miss you. I love you blood
Posted by Obla Orim on 27th August 2017
Ashi boo, it's been a whole year without you...I guess we made it. We are still here and still fairly sane...you know it hasn't been easy though. This has unarguably been the toughest year of my life but I made it through. Udim, thanks for believing in me, thanks for trusting me enough to share so many memories with me, thanks for giving me so much to look forward to, thanks for bringing so many amazing people into my life...thanks for even those things I cannot whisper....you taught me what it meant for a friend to turn into family in such a short period. Udim, I'm pretty certain I'd never find a love as innocent as yours, but I guess deep down I really don't want to...that's an Ashi and Oby thing...sleep on baby brother....I love you always....Your Benyin ❤️❤️❤️
Posted by Obla Orim on 26th August 2017
Ashi boo, it's technically been a year since you left us. Saturdays have never been the same since then...I'm so scared udim...I could barely sleep last night... you mean I'm still waking up to this? This thing isn't a joke??? Your Benyin needs you udim...❤️❤️❤️
Posted by Obla Orim on 23rd August 2017
Ashi boo, today makes it exactly four years since I saw you last. I cried so much that day, I guess subconsciously I knew that i wasn't gonna see you again. I miss you udim...things have changed so much but you know this already. I really wish this wasn't reality...stay good udim. I love you always...Your Benyin ❤️❤️❤️
Posted by Obla Orim on 12th August 2017
Ashi boo, udim!!!!!!!! I'm home and everything is beginning to seem real. It's been 51 weeks already. I chilled with Mark in Abuja and I know the effort I put in just so I wouldn't kill the mood. I miss you udim. I'm going to see Oz today and God knows I'm scared. How do I see Unimke Agiang without remembering you? Udim you're such a huge part of our lives and it's obvious you're missing...help us here udim. Love always...Your Benyin ❤️❤️❤️
Posted by Obla Orim on 29th July 2017
Ashi boo, it's been 49 weeks without you. You know, with all the bad in this world, I've been kind of relieved knowing that you don't have to worry about all these things anymore. I'd still give anything to have you here though. You make everything better, you had a smile for everyday and knew just the best things to say. I mean, we got close when I was fighting my own demons and to think that I've been fighting this without you is scary. I know you're home brother...I know you're happy and your happiness is my happiness...rest on brother....I love you always...Your Benyin ❤️❤️❤️
Posted by Obla Orim on 27th July 2017
Ashi boo, it's been 11 scary months you know... In a month, people are gonna say this has been a year already. There's really no waking up from this yeah? I'm trying to look on the bright side, you must be an OG in heaven now... typical Ashi who knows everyone or (whom everyone knows...lol) we always talked about that. I know your heart has always been big enough for us all so there's no way you'd ever forget us here. By the way, our big day is coming... I'm more confused than ever but I know you've got me... you won't let me fall... let's do this udim... I love and miss you brother...always...Your Benyin ❤️❤️❤️
Posted by Endurance Ojogu on 24th July 2017
Its your graduation day today Your friends graduated today Ashi You weren't there You couldn't graduate alongside them But congratulations for all the hardwork you put in All the sleepless nights All the times you got mad cause you did an assignment and the lecturer didn't ask for it The times you had impromptum test and complained later The times you go through your test questions to give your self more stress The times i had to give you space cause you had exams to get ready for The times you wished you were in my uni writing just 3 exams a semester instead of 9 Congratulations darling I still celebrate you Congrats Conrad Love Ekam...
Posted by Obla Orim on 21st July 2017
Ashi boo, for the past week I've been having issues logging in and I began to wonder if that was a way of making me stay away but then I was even more depressed, so I'm happy to be back. I miss you so much udim. Tomorrow will make it 48 weeks since our lives changed...udim I don't think I'll ever get used to this. The project's drawing closer though and I've found friends in some amazing people and Ashi boo, it's all because of you. I look around me and I realize that I'm blessed and you are constantly looking out for me. Ashi boo, I know you have found peace and may God bless you with a hundred times the amount of joy you brought to me. We will meet again udim and when we do, there'll be no fear of death, there'll be no fear of never being friends or the time difference. We will still have our mansions next to each other and talk about our spouses from our balconies. We will do all of these....I believe it in my heart. I love you always udim....I'm forever your Benyin ❤️❤️❤️
Posted by Endurance Ojogu on 15th July 2017
Hey darling Its been a while since i wrote on here This weekend made it 5 years since i met you I miss you Its my birthday tomorrow I had a party yesterday Woke up this morning and all i could think of was us last year You started wishing me a happy birthday immediately after yours You did a countdown for me and complained about how i made you apologise for 2weeks on my previous birthday... I miss you I really wish you'll just come around... you'll be around me the whole day I really want to hear you say the words happy birthday again I Love you Conrad...
Posted by Obla Orim on 8th July 2017
Ashi boo, it's been 46 weeks udim. I've decided not to talk about me today. So how are you udim? Which celebrities are you friends with now? How's your mansion? I hope you're saving everything pink for me? Keep doing great things baby brother....love you always....Your Benyin ❤️❤️❤️
Posted by Adaeze Imelda on 5th July 2017
Conrad Iklaki. The words Ild rather express are personal, answers only you can give me, things I wish you knew before you left. I had to clean up a big mess we both created.For a really long time after you left, I felt a bit of guilt. I understand better now but I felt that somehow a little part of this might have been my fault. Maybe if we didn't have to lie to everyone about a wedding to be together, then just maybe you would have lived a while longer. You won't have had to even travel anywhere.And somehow that feeling of I got back to Lagos safely but you never made it home used to sting so much. We both left and you went halfway with me to the airport before we dropped you off at citec. Its scary the conversation we jokingly had that money before we left fo the airport, the conversations we also had a day before about death and the things you told me...didn't even know I was spending your last days with you conrad. This whole thing and those conversations scared me so much when you left. Playing the whole thing in my head gives me chills. Sometimes I don't even know if we were so much in a hurry. We were both coming back on Monday and the plan was to come back to Lagos together. Yunno on my plane back to Lagos the second time I was literally so scared. I barely even stayed long. I was there for just a day and I had to fly back that day cus I was so scared and I used to feel that maybe God was going to punish me too for what we did. Your death threw me into a confusion. The only thing I had to physically hold on to was your zara shirt you gave me and those shorts. But I burnt them . My pain was way too extreme, maybe I was trying to not remember so much? My questions of if those three days never happened, would you still be here haven't been answered, but I know you might have lived a little bit longer. I also still carried alot of guilt because I had this dream but never told you about it, you just told me you lost someone so I didn't want to put you in that position. Twas just this very very deep feeling the morning you called me and I swear I was going to tell you but I just brushed it off and never even prayed about it, and then you were going to call me once you got home but it just never happened. I don't still know if I am totally fine now and no longer upset. I know I am no longer that mad at you but maybe the little part is just the things we should have sorted out yunno, You have a lot of things to tell me. There was too much unresolved things, like you were supposed to call me back, you were supposed to apologize. But its all good. Maybe if I had not come back to Nigeria or delayed my trip? You wont have had to travel for thise days? Idk. Kind of had some nostalgic feeling thats why I am here, remember this was the month we talked alot about meeting in Nigeria and all our plans, going to uk, etc. remember how frustrated you were waiting for your passport to come back . I really just genuinely wish you are okay. I always wish you are doing well there. Life on this end has been okay. Stay awesome C, we all miss you so much.
Posted by Obla Orim on 1st July 2017
Ashi boo, we are in the month of July. The last full month where I last felt happier than I had been in a long while, August 27th stole that. A year ago was when you were still undecided about going home....10 months ago you left and I'm not sure what angers me the most, the fact that you went home at all or the fact that I didn't get to see you...of course top on the list is the accident happening! I miss you brother...stay fly...love always, Your Benyin ❤️❤️❤️
Posted by Obla Orim on 25th June 2017
Ashi boo, your Benyin is a graduate!!! This morning I lay there in disbelief, mainly because we talked about this so many times but I couldn't share this moment with you...44 weeks and I'm still hoping for a miracle. Keep loving your wings baby brother...love you always...Your Benyin ❤️❤️❤️
Posted by Endurance Ojogu on 19th June 2017
Hey darling You turned 21 today The days before this day i went through alot I didnt know how this day was going to go I prayed for strength I made it to the end of the day but without you Ashi i could only imagine the turnup in heaven The 19th of june will never be the same for me Soar... Happy birthday my handsome Angel And for everything and with everything in me i wish you happiness and more smiles I made it through your first birthday without you I will always have that lovely space in my heart reserved for just you darling That space where i cherish every time and every memory you gave me and forever make a continual wish that they never change. You shine so bright even with the time you had. You made it impossible to forget you. You made the simplest of things mean the world. You made the simplest moments this girls happiest. Thank you Happy birthday my shooting star i will always Love you babe.
Posted by Biwom Abu on 19th June 2017
Hey love, I remember one of those birthdays of yours some years back when we would all gather in ur compound and play green red and get to eat cake.. big sister Priscilla baked. I miss you so much and tears drop down each time I get to see ur picture, each time I get to remember u calling me amazing b, each time I listen to Charlie putts one call away... I would call u but u are definitely no longer one call away... Udim, I know you are in a perfect place and you have already mastered your flying with the awesome wings and halo God has given you. I love you and I miss you. Happy bday some boysis. Happy bday Conrad Till we meet again.. Here are a few roses to know I am always thinking about you.
Posted by Voltair Ogon on 19th June 2017
I know your smiling down from heaven.. Happy birthday to you brotherly.. I guess we won't have to ever forget your birthday here on earth would we!! Live on bro
Posted by Acha Gabriel on 19th June 2017
Happy Birthday bro, Wish you could reply all our Birthday shout awd today, I Miss You Man big time, I know that wherever you are now, you're in a good place free from all the hardship that is filled in life...Conrad Iklaki... That name sure rings a Bell and forever will..... I still gat you bro, Today just tend to bring back those mixed memories...But who are We... But just Pencils in the hands of the Creator.... Live on Boss, Live on Sexy ears...that you were fondly called #Smiles... Live on Bro... GABBY says Happy +1
Posted by Obla Orim on 19th June 2017
Ashi boo, happy birthday baby brother... I can't stop thinking about how turnt you would have been today well you probably are making heaven turn up for you right now...Today has been hard and I won't even lie....I've cried so much already but now I just need the strength to get through today and then we can all say we've made it through your first birthday without you here....turn up for us all udim coz we all know no one does birthdays better than you do...love you always brother...Your Benyin ❤️❤️❤️
Posted by Obla Orim on 17th June 2017
Ashi boo, it's been 43 weeks and all I can think of is the fact that you'd have turned 21 on Monday. How is this real udim??? I miss you brother.... Your Benyin ❤️❤️❤️
Posted by Endurance Ojogu on 16th June 2017
Hey b How are you doing love I thought I was doing okay Last week and this week haven't been the best The few okay days gave me the wrong idea My habits are coming back Am starting to cut important people off again It's really hard and am trying not to I just feel really tired and everything gives me aches But it's okay it's life now anyways It's your birthday in a few days darlings So many thoughts are going on in my head What you would have done I guess all I can do now is imagine There's a new song by banky W it's called heaven It gets to me everytime I just miss you so much Pls keep smiling darling I love you always
Posted by Obla Orim on 10th June 2017
Ashi boo, it's been 42 weeks and there's so much I want to tell you but I feel so sick right now. My throat hurts so much and all I wanna do is sleep so I don't feel the pain. I'll be back soon udim. Love always...Your Benyin ❤️❤️❤️
Posted by Obla Orim on 3rd June 2017
Ashi boo, it's been 41 weeks without you. I've been doing a countdown to your birthday as it's a norm, except that now I ask myself why I'm doing it. I'm not sure how the 19th will be, happy or frustrating, but I know that I'll thank God for your life on earth as always. Turn up for two udim...I miss you. Love always, Your Benyin ❤️❤️❤️
Posted by Obla Orim on 27th May 2017
Ashi boo, can you believe it's been 9 months already? I know I can't. You should be fully settled in heaven now and I'm sure you have your true G's. I miss you brother but I trust that you're happy and that's all that counts. No tears today baby boy....just promise to never truly leave our side. Love always, Your Benyin ❤️❤️❤️
Posted by Obla Orim on 24th May 2017
Ashi boo, I'm here to say thank you. I made it through my first birthday without you...we both know it started very rough but it became so beautiful. It would have been a perfect day except that there was nothing from you...I miss you udim. I realized yesterday that so many amazing people are in my life now and that's all because of you...you are still looking out for me...there's no greater love udim...thank you baby brother. I love you always...Your Benyin ❤️❤️❤️
Posted by Endurance Ojogu on 23rd May 2017
Hey baby It's oby's birthday today (your Benyin) I know you already know that but I want to say happy birthday to her for both of us but don't know how to feel about this. I cried today even when I told her not to cry. It's sad babe... It's bad enough your not here to say it yourself. She has gone on and on how you wee meant to do a countdown for her birthday like you promise...it's heartbreaking are we meant to get through our birthdays without you?? We miss you baby...so much... Even though she tries to hide it I know a big part of her wants to hear you say the words happy birthday to her( please do if there's a way). Then again knowing you I am certain yout turning-up up there for her. I miss you saying tell my Benyin I said hi and me frowning caus I found out it means my love but then again you never stopped you kept letting me get jealous lol. Please keep watching us and please look after oby (yout Benyin) I love you always babe. Ekam.
Posted by Obla Orim on 20th May 2017
Ashi boo, it's been 39 weeks. Today, your big sis walked down the aisle and I believe you're there right now smiling from ear to ear. I wish you could send me pictures like every other time...but oh well that's what life has become. My birthday's on Tuesday and I've been crying so much lately, the thought of not getting any form of notification from you is frightening and I don't even get to be mad at you. Same time last year, you were doing a countdown....how did we get here brother? Pop a bottle for me....love always, Your Benyin ❤️❤️❤️
Posted by Obla Orim on 13th May 2017
Ashi boo, it's been 37 weeks. I've been working on our thing and now I remember why we had said we'll wait till we succeed in life. But I'm going to keep pushing though...God will make a way, He always does. Love always, Your Benyin ❤️❤️❤️
Posted by Obla Orim on 6th May 2017
Ashi boo, it's been 36 weeks baby boy. You know with all that's happened this week, I'm surprised i haven't been here already. Thursday was just a nightmare and you know why. I hope you can make her see things our way. I'm really trying baby brother, you know it. I have so much to do but I'll do it all....I promise. Love you baby brother....forever and a day more....Your Benyin ❤️❤️❤️
Posted by Endurance Ojogu on 30th April 2017
A lot is happening recently I really need you to talk to I really need to rant To get it all out of my head Everything is too much for me to take I get more irritated each day Am starting to hate someone I shouldn't Am too sensitive I want to scream but I can't I want to cry really loud but can't I have to hold it all in But then again there's you who has been gone 8months I really miss you babe I really need you here Can't we really just wake up Why does this have to be our reality Why don't we have a say in this I just really wish this wasn't our lives now Conrad I really do miss you Ekam loves you
Posted by Obla Orim on 29th April 2017
Ashi boo, it's been 35 weeks baby brother. My week was alright, I started work, well it's just a summer contract. It's the same place I worked last year but a different position. It brought back memories of last summer, my happiest days and my saddest moments are all there. I talked to and about you there all through the summer and mourned you there towards the end of the summer. It's all good baby brother....that's what they say. But Mama said no one should say that because that's a lie, so no it's not all good but we will keep pushing through. I love you always, Your Benyin ❤️❤️❤️
Posted by Obla Orim on 27th April 2017
Ashi boo, it's been 8 months! 8 months! I'm sitting here in disbelief, not sure if it's been longer or shorter in my head but as usual, it just doesn't feel right. I started my new job on Monday and I'm still trying to get used to the whole new schedule thing but it's been good though...I miss you udim and I'm trying so hard to do great things. I know I've let you down but just give me a bit of time, I'll redeem myself....love always, Your Benyin ❤️❤️❤️
Posted by Obla Orim on 22nd April 2017
Ashi boo, it's been 34 weeks without you. You know I spent the longest time today wondering whether or not time exists in heaven. I was chatting with someone and then it got too late where he was and it reminded me of all the times we missed each other's calls because of the time difference. I also realized that I still do not believe this whole thing but like I know it's true, I don't know if that makes any sense but I know you understand me...enjoy life on the other side baby brother. Save everything pink for me....we miss you udim...we all do. Love always, Your Benyin ❤️❤️❤️
Posted by Ukung Alawa on 21st April 2017
Hey there, Only God knows how much Ive fought laying this flower, but I don't know how to ignore for such a long time. I hope heaven is everything and more, and I hope you are staying Lit, it's not easy down here and I think heaven is the real deal. But you are greatly missed. Just keep praying for us. Too much love Iye!
Posted by Obla Orim on 18th April 2017
Ashi boo, I've made a decision. I know I should've done so a long time ago as you continuously advised but I have made one now. So I'm going to stick to the original plan and do this our way...coz this is what we do best! So watch me make you proud! Love always, Your Benyin ❤️❤️❤️

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