Let the memory of Corine be with us forever.

This memorial website was created in loving memory of our beloved Naynay, Corine Sebastian.  Corine passed away February 1, 2019. She was born June 16, 1941 in Santa fe, New Mexico. She was survived by her daughter, sister, grandchildren and great grandchildren. She was a funny and fun loving person. She had passion for romance novels, crime dramas and telenovelas. She was junk food enthusiast. And she loved music and talking on the phone. Her family was her everything. And she will be missed so deeply. 

Posted by Cassandra Amy Alvarez on February 13, 2019
Hey Naynay,
 I hate that you left us, I'll never fully comprehend how or why things had to play out the way that they did. You should still be here.
Everyday I still expect my phone to ring and you to be on the other end asking if I've heard from my mom and if I've eaten anything good...
It pains me, I'll never get to talk to you again, I wish I would have never taken that for granted, I wish I hadn't taken you for granted. Now I'll never get a chance to make that up to you...I'm so sorry. I love you Naynay and I miss you.
Posted by Manny Vanegas on February 9, 2019
Hi NayNay,
Yesterday you said so lovingly “Hi Mi Hijito” and we were holding hands on our way to get food. Today, I only wish I could have at least 30 seconds to hear your voice. There aren’t any words strong enough that can describe the love and pain that I feel. Your grand son misses you and will always LOVE you. I hope we get to take our walks together again one day...
Posted by Cassandra Amy Alvarez on February 2, 2019
I love you Naynay and we miss you so much already.

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