Posted by Irma Silva on July 24, 2020
Mi corazón te abraza querida amiga. Besos hasta el cielo para tu mami!
Posted by Irma Silva on July 26, 2019
Recordando con mucho cariño a tu admirable y querida mami Susi. Reciban un amoroso abrazo toda la familia.
Posted by Lucy Gaubeca on July 24, 2017
Aunt Sally will always be remembered for the cordial atmosphere she was able to create around her and that reached everyone who knew her.
All my love to my cousins Lisa, Mike, Val, Vicki, Susi and their great families.

Lucy Gaubeca
Posted by Chance Chanc.e on September 1, 2016
Dear Ayala Family please accept my heartfelt condolences..May you throw all your anxiety upon the true God because he cares for you.1 Peter 5:7.I hope the love and support from our Heavenly Father comforts you.
Posted by Jack McGarvey on August 26, 2016
Sally’s passing saddens me more than I could ever express. But it also brings back so many wonderful memories.

The first time I met Sally happened shortly after I’d emigrated from Connecticut to Rio Rico. I’d become a bit lonely after settling in, and I printed up a flyer to invite neighbors to my home for a potluck supper. 

I then took a very long hike to distrubute the flyers to about 30 or so homes in this sparsely populated town. Mostly, I just laid the flyers on porches underneath a good-sized then sort of slink away.

But when I reached Sally’s house, I heard a Mozart concerto blasting out from its open windows. I remember thinking that someone who’s also a fan of my favorite composer is someone I’d really like to meet. And so, I decided to open her front gate to knock at her door.

As I did, a very large, fiercely tail-wagging German Shepherd came tearing around from a corner of her house to put its paws up on the gate. I backed off, while managing, miraculously, to attach the flyer to Sally’s gate.

The potluck supper was a success, especially because the first guest to appear was Sally. She came in, grasped my hand, to say, “So sorry that Max scared you off the other day.”

And so, that was the beginning of a deep friendship that lasted almost two decades.

My memories include those sunny mornings when I’d stop by Sally’s house for a cup of coffee, when we’d talk about nearly everything under the sun.

What I soon discovered was a wonderful, compassionate, and idealistic woman.

But Sally, maybe because she had 13 years on me, also became my mentor.

She told me that the best way to live in Rio Rico was to brush up on my high school Spanish. Which she emphasized by speaking to me during some of those morning visits only in her flawless Spanish. She also approved of my feeble attempts to help migrants who kept appearing in the valley below our homes: “We’re all migrants here, aren't we?”

Indeed we are, Sally, and I will forever be grateful for your reminding me of this.

To me, it’s likely that Sally Ayala will remain as the most loving, cosmopolitan, most open-minded woman I have ever met.





Posted by Jo Oliver on August 13, 2016
My heart goes out to the family for the loss of your loved one. Draw close to the God of all comfort and receive the strength to endure this trial. 2 Corinthians 1:3, 4
Posted by John Kimball on August 11, 2016
After 68 years of separation, I feel so fortunate to have finally found Sally in time to get to know both her and her wonderful family.
Posted by Carmen Gómez Ayala on August 8, 2016
This has been for us a sad but also sweet news,
As Isabel, my sister, says in her tribute, it was only a few days ago, when our mother (Juan Antonio's Sister) suddenly thought about Sally and asked herself what would be about her. Thanks to that fact, we have contacted this page.
For sure it was Sally's energy an her soul who was telling us "Hey! I'm here!!"
So, we send to all of you, Sally's family and all her friends, our best wishes an our condolences.
Remember that you will always have a small family in Spain, who enjoyed and will enjoy forever the memory of so many sweets and charming moments that we shared with Sally and Juan Antonio.
Posted by Isabel Gomez Ayala on August 6, 2016
I´d like send a special sympathy from my mother Isabel. It was she who, one week ago, reminding Sally was asked about her and me, that had my laptop in hand, by putting her name came to this page. It was very casual and very exciting for my Mum. It seems as if Sally was who wanted her goodbye.
Posted by Isabel Gomez Ayala on August 6, 2016
From Spain, the Ayala family makes them reach their deepest condolences for the passing of our dear Sally. She was the light that lit some years the life of Juan Antonio. It was always a great pleasure for us to share trips, Christmas and long talks with her. Rest in peace.
Posted by Amanda Irwin on August 3, 2016
Sally made me feel at home in her, Susana's and Vicki's apartment in Mexico City when we were in college and would come there to study and get together with friends. I felt like a member of the family, and will always remember her loving smile and caring words.
Posted by Veronica Irvine on August 3, 2016
As I watched your daughter
Tenderly and attentively loving you
I could always imagine what you gave as a mother
Posted by Liz Panchuk on August 1, 2016
I remember Sally as a very warm and loving person with an open mind that allowed her to live such an interesting life. Great smile also!
Posted by Luis Flores on August 1, 2016
Always was a pleasure to be with Sally, she was always very sweet and kind with everybody.
Posted by Solange Alford on July 31, 2016
Sally, I met you late in life, and yet I could feel and see the treasure you held in your heart! You added joy to our life! I will always remember you!
Posted by Inna Kogan on July 31, 2016
Extraordinary woman ,intelligent, optimistic,loved the life and everything live can give. I loved her smile...
Posted by John Wise on July 30, 2016
What an interesting life she had!
Posted by Lucy Gaubeca on July 29, 2016
She always had interesting conversations, recommended great books, birthday parties at her home were awsome. She had a lovely smile!!

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